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The clock is ticking down on 2014…  and what a year it was!

For the most part… I don’t share what’s going on in my personal life.  But, if you’re a faithful reader, you are aware that this year has been filled with challenges.  One thing I have been so grateful for, is this blog.  And considering my year, I pushed forward through it all.  The reward has been new relationships with other bloggers, considerable growth, the blessing of working with brands, and YOU.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness!  I love reading your comments, your emails, and chatting with you on Facebook.  You have been so kind and encouraging.  An Extraordinary Day readers are truly Extraordinary!!

Let’s  take a look at your favorite top 10 posts for 2014!


Antique Washstand Chalk Paint Makeover is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Antique Washstand with a FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint Makeover

It’s interesting that my top read posts for two years in a row are chalk paint furniture projects.   I really do enjoy painting and see myself doing more of that in the future.  In fact, this week I’ve been using the same paint and color as I used for the washstand to makeover a pair of white farmhouse end tables for a friend.



Birch Branch Winter Woodland Tablescape is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Birch Branch Winter Woodland Tablescape

I have Mother Nature to thank for this popular post.  After a horrendous windstorm that blew out our power, there was a lot of debris, including birch branches.  I had fun playing with power tools to create some whimsical table decor with the white birch.  This is probably one of my favorite tablescapes so I’m honored that it has been read and pinned thousands of times over.



Book page snowflakes tutorial is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Book Page Decorating | Snowflake Cutting Tutorial

You know how much I love creating with paper and especially book pages.  That makes it even more fun to have this post be so well received.  Last winter was the winter to top all for snow and cold.  I’m all about embracing the seasons, and using snowflakes and pine cones is a wonderful way to transition from Christmas with a bit of whimsy.  It was fun cutting out my own snowflakes.  So much so I even wrote a tutorial so you could make your own too.



Better than Pinterest is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Better than Pinterest Home Decor

This post began as a testament of a wonderful memory made with a dear friend.  As I was uploading all these wonderful vignettes from this lovely shop, I realized that everyone seems to be saying they saw “this” or “this” on Pinterest and want to replicate it.  Pinterest is great!  I love it!  But, ultimately, the goal of home decor should be to create a warm and comforting sanctuary for ourselves, our family members, and guests.



Pine cones and snowflakes winter docor is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Pine Cones and Snowflakes ~ Winter Decor :: The Week at a Glance 1/4

Sometimes a post is popular simply because it has a good title.  I think this just might be the case as this post has a teaser to a post from the archives in addition to the weekly wrap up.  All that being said… I am still in love with my “homemade” cloche.



Feeling fall-ish jewel tone dining room is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Home Tour :: Jewel Tones of Fall :: Dining Room

Finally, I got together again with the same friend whom I mentioned in the earlier post, Better than Pinterest…  She has a creative touch and uses color wonderfully in her home’s decor, so I was excited to quickly snap a few photos when I was with her to share with you.  And I’m thrilled that so many others enjoyed the post too.



A box disguised as a stack of letters is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: A Box Disguised as a Stack of Letters ~ Filled with Words of Affirmation

This is one of my favorite projects.  Though, I’ll admit that creating this box was just a bit tedious.  Then again, maybe it was tedious because I had to stop and write down all the directions for the tutorial, as well as snap photos, as I was creating the box.  Fellow bloggers, you know how an easy project can take forever because you want to share it and get every detail.   I write a fair amount of tutorials… but I’m slow at getting them up on the blog.  This one is a prime example.  A reader pestered me to put up the tutorial so he could make a box for his girlfriend for her birthday… in the summer.  Yes… the tutorial did not get published until then.  Oh well… it’s done now and for those of you who love a little paper crafting… check here for it and have fun creating your own version.



Easy-to-Make Snow Ice Cream is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Easy to Make Snow Ice Cream ~ Here’s How!

After having snow up to the roof tops last winter, finding creative things to do with snow was something everyone seemed to have an interest in.  I know we made a few “science” experiments.  For me, making snow ice cream for the first time was the best of all.



Creating Christmas Memories with Vignettes is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Creating Christmas Memories with Vignettes

If you’ve been following here for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that I like creating vignettes… or “moments” as I often call them.  As I was looking through some old Christmas photos I realized that I created lots of vignettes that had special meaning to me because of the items with which they were created.  That led to the crazy idea this fall to invite some of my blogging friends to join me in sharing their Christmas memories with vignettes that they created.  If you missed it… be sure to check out the different vignettes and read their stories.



Farmhouse Christmas vignette from Stone Gable is a Top 10 Posts for 2014 at

Pin it :: Farmhouse Christmas Vignette :: Creating Christmas Memories with Vignettes No. 6

What a treat it was to have six bloggers guest posting their Christmas memory vignettes on the blog this year!  Yvonne of Stone Gable is the queen of vignettes, so I was so blessed with she said “Yes!” to joining in on our little series.  And today, I’m thrilled that post made it in the top 10 most popular posts for 2014.  If you haven’t read it… take a minute and learn from the best!


Did you have a favorite post from the year that didn’t make it in the Top 10?   Let me know!


As I look back on the year… the success of An Extraordinary Day is in large part due to you.  Yes, YOU!

Thank you so much for subscribing (if you haven’t done it yet… please do so here), reading, and sharing posts with your friends and family.  Writing and publishing here is something I love and I love being able to share it with you, too.   Thanks… extraordinary YOU… for being a part of the An Extraordinary Day family!!

If there’s a favorite topic that I write on here that you love, let me know.

Actually… I’d love to hear which of these areas you like most or would like to see more of:

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All the best for an Extraordinary New Year!


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  1. janet says

    I recently found your blog and just love visiting. I’m always inspired with either something you write or your beautiful photos. I couldn’t pick just one thing I’d like to see more of…I enjoy it all!

    • Diane says

      Awww… Janet… you just made my day! I’m so glad you’re here and thank you for your kind words.
      All the best for a Happy and Blessed New Year!

  2. Emilou says

    Hi Diana, I too just found you and so happy to see all your postings, inspirational and creative. Looking forward to following you in our new year. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

    • Diane says

      Oh Emilou… I’m so blessed to have you here. 🙂 I hope you stop by often for a little chat. I always love to know what YOU’RE thinking!
      All the best for a Joy-filled New Year!

  3. Gwen says

    I say Congratulations!! Your blog flourishes!!! I’d missed the stacking letter box post so I’m checking that one out. You asked for my list. I like Joy Day. Then I like DIY to go with the season so that can include paper cutting, a craft, arranging things—anything that I do myself to make my space look better.
    Yes on painting.
    (Furniture before and afters and type of paint and specifics of what went well and not)
    Not so much just occasionally a recipe but that’s beca I struggle cooking.
    Tablescapes? Yes! They are fun. I’ve been inspired to continue to make guests feel special with that touch of decor around!!!
    Home decor? I like to see what’s new! I don’t get out much so that’s fun. How to mix or update my old with new
    Inspirationals seem to go with the Joy Day.
    Gardening. Yes. Especially flowers and pot arrangements for the yard.
    So I guess I’d say I like it all

    • Diane says

      You are too kind, Gwen!
      Thanks so much for your input… and for your always loving and encouraging words!
      [[big hugs]]

  4. Mel says

    You’ve had an extraordinary year, no matter how you look at it. And I congratulate you on your perseverance. You’ve flourished as a result, in many ways.
    What do I want more of? Oh goodness, you’re so accommodating–but in keeping with your nonresolution, more of what you feel called to do here of course.
    I know the purpose of this website is extraordinary in every way and you’ve endevoured to make it all about US, but don’t doubt the power of inspiration through authenticity…..including your own.
    I have always embraced the seemingly least popular of your posts. And I respect you deeply for holding true to your decision to continue it. Sunday is the day that I come to know you, your life….and your heart. I might fall behind on the rest, I might not get to all the parties, I might even skim and just enjoy the awesome photos on others….but I will always read, without fail, Joy Day. It’s through those that I came to WANT to be here, that I came to know this as a safe place, a haven of sorts.
    Yes, I like the crafty stuff. I adore watching how you transform small places. And what you can do to a table just blows me away.
    Frankly, I can peruse the world wide web and find thousands of places that serve that up in some form or another.
    Those things are not what bring me back here.
    What brings me back is the human-ness, the honesty, the integrity and the authenticity of YOU.
    Just sayin….
    (((( Diane ))))

    • Diane says

      And it’s YOUR authenticity that makes me love you even more!!!
      Thanks Mel for being YOU and speaking into my life. [[hugs]]

  5. Congrats on number 100 Diane! You make partying a JOY! I enjoyed your review of 2014, especially the box made to look like letters. So clever! I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for you, on the blog and in REAL life! Blessings dear friend,

    • Diane says

      You are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words about the letters “box” Patti. It makes me smile every time I see it. I’m looking forward to some good things in 2015 for both of us. Trusting a BIG God to do some big things!!! [[hugs]]

  6. Looks like it was a great year of posts!! I so agree with you about the better-than-pinterest decor. 😉 xo!

  7. Cindy says

    You are one talented lady and it’s always a treat seeing what you come up with next.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.


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