This birch branch winter woodland tablescape just might be my most favorite table setting ever.

What is it about natural elements that make my heart sing?


I love the frosty look of my birch branch winter woodland tablescape. Especially with a bit of whimsy at each table setting. Winter and snow comes whether we like it or not... so let's embrace the beauty of the season with a lovely table setting.


This winter we’ve been having fun decorating with birch branches.  You may have seen some of it here and here and here.

We had a few longer birch branches that hadn’t been used over Christmas, so I thought creating a birch branch winter woodland tablescape would be fun.  Actually, creating a centerpiece of the branches for the table would set the stage and theme.


Birch, Pine Cones, and Book Pages :: Birch BranchWinter Woodland Tablescape :: Centerpiece ::


Birch branches are perfect for winter woodland decor.  Their white, silvery paper bark sings winter.  And the bits of gray and brown that emerge give the branches dramatic character.

I had some more fun with power tools when I trimmed my birch branches to size and used the power nail gun to help me create a nice box.

There is one problem.  My box doesn’t have a bottom.  If you make one…I suggest you start with a bottom.  Visually, you don’t want to see the bottom, but it really helps to have a bottom when you want to move your centerpiece.  Duh!!


Birch Branches Winter Woodland Tablescape :: Centerpiece ::


I also decided that the tablescape needed to include pine cones.  You know I love pine cones in winter decor.  Last year they played a starring role on my vintage sideboard.  Pine cones pick up subtle browns in the birch branches and help to give the centerpiece and table a unified look.

And because it’s winter….we need some snow.  Well maybe not.  We received nearly two feet last week, which has melted down to just four or five inches, but I digress.  We need faux snow.  Snowflakes made from book pages, to be exact.  Oh how I love book pages in decor.

To the birch, pine cones, and faux flakes, I added a mercury glass candle holder and some pillar candles.  That was it for creating a birch branch winter woodland centerpiece.

Decorating with birch, pine cones, and book pages is simple to do….whether creating a birch branch winter woodland tablescape or feathering your winter nest.


Birch Pine Sapling Favors :: Birch Branch Winter Woodland Tablescape ::


Of course, I found one more way to use some of the birch.

We could call these little birch tree holders favors.  But, really, if you come to my house I don’t want you taking these home.  I want to use them again. [wink]  So…I guess I need some help in knowing what to call cute table decor that’s set at each place setting for no useful purpose other than whimsy.

To create these fun little things, I cut a birch branch into fat slices on the mitre saw, then pierced their centers with the drill, to which a small sprig of pine was inserted.  Quite easy to do, I think. Then the pine needles were trimmed, and a simple book page flag added to make the sweetest little bit of whimsy for each place setting.


Birch Branch Winter Woodland Tablescape :: Simple Woodland Table Setting ::


You’ll notice that a pure white quilt is covering the white tablecloth.  I love the texture it gives to the table.  It feels very snow-like to me.  And it gives substance to this birch branch winter woodland tablescape.

And for the last bit of woodland whimsy….birch napkin rings.  Again….the result of playing with power tools!   Do you love them?  I’ll be back with a quick tutorial for making your own napkin rings.  [Edited: the tutorial has been posted, click here.]


Birch Napkin Rings :: Birch Branch Winter Woodland Tablescape ::


Now it’s confession time.  I LOVE living where there are four distinct seasons.

It seems that my southern friends enjoy two seasons….Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall and some of you who live deep in the south, I think, actually only have something akin to spring and summer.  Really I have no idea.  Haha!  I base that entirely on my quick little jaunts to Florida in the winter to visit my elderly aunt or for a little Disney time.


 Page Snowflakes :: Birch Branch Winter Woodland Tablescape ::


What I do know.  I love to walk.  And snow and ice cramps my style, even with those grippy things pulled over my boots. And I dislike, with a capital “D,” driving in snow and ice.  My husband will also hear how much I dislike the cold and how I mention that there are no green leaves on the trees for 6 months, and winter seems forever, and the other three seasons are just a flash in time.

And that my friends, is why I purposefully decorate for winter.  It’s one way for me to enjoy the tones of the season and embrace snow in a more faux form.  And for the record….I’m not interested in living somewhere where I would melt as many days as the trees are without leaves.  I have thick northerner blood.  And melting is not a pretty thing.  Just look at the mess we have when we have a winter thaw.  [wink]  Oh I do hope you are laughing with me.


Winter White with Red Accent Table Setting :: Birch Branch Winter Woodland Tablescape ::


I’ll be sharing more winter woodland decorating ideas in the days ahead.  Stay around for more inspiration.


Celebrate winter with a birch branch winter woodland tablescape from


How do you decorate for winter….or do you?

Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.

Wishing you a day filled with extraordinary goodness,


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  1. Dona says

    Your table is really lovely! But I want you to try this……say “birch branch winter woodland” 3 times as fast as you can! Don’t know why I even tried it, but I got a chuckle out of it, so thank you! Dona

    • Diane says

      Haha! Dona…I can’t even get winter woodland out… it turns into winter wonderland. An old throwback to my state’s slogan when I was a little girl. Michigan… winter water wonderland… or something similar. 😉

  2. Shirlene Weber says

    Beautiful !

    • Diane says

      Thanks Shirlene!! 🙂 It was a super fun to put together.

  3. Rhondi says

    I love all the ways you used the birchbark, especially the ones with the little flag flying from the stem of the pine branch. Too cute!

    • Diane says

      Thanks so much Rhondi. I think those little trees with pennants are my fave too!
      All the best for an extraordinary day!

  4. Betty Brown says

    I seem to have trouble decorating after I take all my Christmas decorations down.I have stuff everywhere during Christmas and then I am at a loss when it is over.Maybe I am trying to be too careful where I sit things and during the holidays it’s the more the merrier.:)

    • Diane says

      Everything does look so bare after the decorations are down. I hope this year it’s better!

  5. Hi Diane. Your winter table is so pretty! I love the creative use of the white quilt. Love the centerpiece and all the use of birch too! Looking forward to the tutorial on making the napkin rings.

    • Diane says

      Thanks so much Suzy!! And thanks for noticing the quilt. I felt like it gave the table a more wintry look.
      All the best for an extraordinary day!

  6. Gwen says

    I truly love the birch box. It looks wonderful. Birch trees do not do well here so there is not many to prune and make but any small log would look fabulous!!!

    • Diane says

      Oh Gwen… I do think there are plenty of other thin logs that would do the trick quite well, too.
      Thanks for your kind words. Thinking of you and Curt and hoping he’s seeing improvement this week. [hugs]

  7. Mel says

    Ya know…that’s one of the huge reasons I adore midwest life. We really DO have seasons. There’s no mistaking them…they’re experienced as they come, celebrated and grieved. Though I don’t grieve the loss of winter so much as I’m in the hurry for spring. LOL.
    I can see that letting you near the powertools could be a risky proposition. LOL. And that poor birch tree is gonna be naked if you keep this up. Oh, but you’ve created just the right mix with the whites and browns with a splash of red. Absolutely awesome with the whimsical touches. Love the bookpage snowflakes and the wee placcard flags. And thank you…I thought I was the oddball for tossing a quilt on the table. You’s looks cozy and warm, even in white. I love the whole tablescape.

    • Diane says

      Mel… just like usual… you made my day! Thank you for noticing all the little details. I had so much fun putting this tablescape together. It only could have been better if we had shared a meal together at that table.

  8. Diane, I knew you were going to make something really neat with all that birch and you did not disappoint! 🙂 I love the four seasons, each one is glorious in its own way. I have to say though, that after Christmas, I am kind of done with winter…a four day season of snow and ice is fine with me! I would rather have a protracted fall and looong summer!

    • Diane says

      Thanks Kim!!
      Sorry to be so late in replying… better late than never??
      I’m with you on the winter. Last year the winter never ended. I’m hoping for something much better this year… at least without the snow and not such vicious cold temps. Our fall was cut short with snow this year. I’m hoping spring comes early and it’s just the beginning of December!! LOL

  9. Jenna says

    so pretty Diane, I love your paper snowflakes and all the special little details~the texture of the birch wood is wonderful on your winter table!

    • Diane says

      Jenna… thank you so much for enjoying all the little details with me. You are always so sweet!

  10. Sue says

    Found you on kathewithane. I love your tablescape and especially because of the birch as we had a tree for years and do still have some logs left stacked up in the yard.

  11. Diane! This is stunning! You make the most beautiful things out of birch and I love it! Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Beautiful. xox Melissa @ Two It Yourself.

  12. Very pretty! I adore birch logs and they are perfect in your lovely tablescape. We recently had a horrible ice storm with so many trees in our town and area devastated. I will be keeping my eye out for birch limbs at the curb once more of our snow melts.

  13. Nici says

    Your table is just lovely! I think my favorite element is the birch cutting with the pine needle and book page flag tucked into it. Such attention to detail! Have a wonderful week!

  14. Sandi says

    Diane, your birch bark is wonderful for decorating with and I’m a very big fan of pinecones. Love everything you’ve done here. Thanks for sharing at my HOME.


  15. JaneEllen says

    Everything is so gorgeous on your table. Noticed the white quilt texture right away, very pretty. Do you leave it on the table when you eat? I’d be worried sick of staining it in some way. I’d be the clumsy one to knock over or spill something on it. It’s so pretty for photos, love that look. Don’t think I have a white quilt cause I know how clumsy I am, lol. Are those chargers under your plates? They are so different and very pretty, perfect base for awesome plates. We don’t have a dining table or place to put it in our house, I miss having one.
    Our house in KY had a nice sized dining room with room for my table/buffet hutch and couple other pieces on walls. I miss our KY house so much. Anyway our present house does limit some of my favorite kind of decorating. It was buy this place or not get to buy one as real estate is terribly high here. (Grand Junction, CO area.)
    Your table is so pretty, the kind of table people would want to sit and chat at. Your centerpiece is awesome. Wish I could find some birch branches. Really like the more rustic kind of decorating, would love to live in a log cabin but then I’d want to paint the walls. Great post Diane. Happy days

  16. So creative! Love it.

    Great to have you at Favorite Things Thursday.

    – The Tablescaper

  17. Barb says

    My fav part of your lovely birch inspired table decor is how you subtly incorporate pages from old books. Love that. In fact I love all things to do with paper, and words on paper that I actually blog about it over at http://www.ritewhileucan.con. You might enjoy

  18. I love the little tree. Pinned to next Christmas. So cute.

  19. So cute….love the napkin rings and the birch tree!

  20. Zenda says

    This is a beautiful wintry table! I love natural elements, too!

  21. What a pretty table. I’m all for embracing winter too. Love it.

  22. This is such a gorgeous setting. I am so happy to have you link up at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Big Hugs ♥ P.S. I featured you on facebook and google plus 🙂

  23. How cute is this….I love it? Fun and creative. I also love the name of your blog!! Thanks for participating in our blog hop today!

  24. I do love that birch centerpiece. The pinecones look perfect with it and I like the touch of grape vine on it. It may have been hard to attach a bottom to it since the branches aren’t perfectly straight. Your little birch napkin rings are adorable! Love the little pine branch on the birch piece- too cute!
    I too love the distinct 4 seasons. I live in northern Michigan and we get it all. Perhaps a bit too much of winter- but hey no one has it perfect!

  25. What a lovely, cozy winter table! I really enjoyed seeing all the birch elements you added — the little mini trees are darling!

  26. deb says


  27. Zuni says

    Very, very, very cute!! Love all your ideas with birch! I have a birch that’s been calling my name for several weeks now, but the snow/rain/sleet/hail–you name it–has kept me from following through. I would never have come up with your cute ideas, though! ~Zuni

  28. Whimsy is a good word!! Those little pine trees are adorable! I really like the use of the white textured quilt, I agree with you, it adds a Wintery feel. Your whole table looks great, the birch is what caught my eye, but your other details really drew me in!!

  29. it looks so pretty

  30. This is a beautiful table. i love all the wonderful ideas you shared with us at TTF!

  31. I love the natural element the birch logs give. Such a pretty project!

  32. It is absolutely beautiful!

  33. Hi–I’m visiting via TTF and I love all your birch projects. Especially the little “favor;” I promise, if I visit I won’t take it home!

  34. What a beautiful table and wonderful idea! We have lots of birches behind our house and I know what I will be doing very soon! Thank you for a wonderful tutorial!

  35. Ahhh this is amazing! I’m OBSESSED with birch. All of the little details in this really are so thought-out and perfect. Great project!

  36. Your tablescape is just lovely, Diane, and I thought the same thing about your white quilt looking just like snow. Makes me wish we had birch branches — and snow! — around here! 🙂

  37. How cute! Now if I only had birch branches!

  38. Julie says

    I love everything you’ve done here, can’t possibly choose a favourite. I saw a birch wrapped candle holder in the shops before Christmas that was similar and really lovely but £20, I was tempted but not £20 tempted.
    Here in the UK we have definite seasons (despite what people think we do actually get summer – with sunshine – but usually a few days at a time so we all run out quick in our shorts & t-shirts making the most of it!) And we also love to talk about the weather, because it’s so changeable there is always something new to say, and it’s a safe small talk topic!
    Thank you for your lovely ideas.

  39. Diane, Such a great tablescape. I love all of the details. Thanks for linking up to BOTW party!!

  40. Yana says

    Extremely cool! Can´t say which part of decor I like best. All three are awesome!

  41. Super cute… Featuring you this week 🙂

  42. Suzan says

    Sheer winter perfection – LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!

  43. Maria says

    I love how you used the birch branches here! What a great idea! Looks beautiful!!!

  44. Diane, I love this! Love the white! Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the features today at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  45. Kim says

    Diane, you have loaded this post full of inspiration!! I love everything, especially the book page snowflakes. We have no birch trees, but I sure wish we did! Your tablescape details are perfection, my friend. 🙂

  46. The tiny trees are my favorites!

  47. This is so pretty! I am doing a giveaway today and would love if you would stop by and check it out!

  48. Very nice…great ideas for using wood on the table!

  49. Wonderful wintery table with beautiful birch! I l love it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at the DIY Sunday Showcase!

  50. Too, too cute! I absolutely LOVE this idea! I just pinned. The mix of paper and rustic wood and pinecones is just so pretty!

  51. LOOOVE this! The napkin rings are my favorite. I was going to feature you this week, but I can’t grab a picture. Still wanted you to know how much I love this tablescape!
    Kim @ Too Much Time on My Hands

    • Diane says

      Kim…do you think I need to change my Pinterest plug-in? I really don’t know another to use. I tried a couple and they made my blog wonky.
      I have discovered that when I come across that same issue elsewhere this works:
      “Pin” the photo and then I can save it. OR Hoover above the “Pin-it” button and the photo doesn’t become shaded and it can easily be saved.
      Or…I can send you a photo if you wish.
      Regardless….thanks for the kind words….I really had fun with this project and hoped that everyone wouldn’t think it was a little odd. Don’t we second guess ourselves like that all the time? 🙂

  52. Everything is SO pretty, but my absolute favorite thing is the little “favors” you aren’t giving away! : )

  53. Delia says

    I love all the details of your tablescape – you have made some really sweet little things!

  54. I love birch trees, they’re definitely perfect for winter decorating! Pinning this, and thanks so much for sharing at Creativity Unleashed!

  55. Kathi says

    I love them all! Those birch branches are so beautiful, I wish we had them here. Thank you for sharing this at the HomeAcre Hop; I hope you’ll join us again this Thursday.
    Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead

    • Diane says

      Thanks Kathi!! I guess I never realized that birch grew in such a narrow area.

  56. I love the look! I wish I could do the white with 5 kids.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely tablescape at Motivation Monday!

  57. So pretty! I love all the birch bark. Thanks so much for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  58. Love that beautiful white quilt! It makes a perfect snowy background for the lovely colors of the birch. The little bookpage snowflakes are darling. What time is the dinner party?? I promise to be a good guest and not take all the table decor after 🙂 — as tempting as that would be. Gorgeous table setting!

  59. Your tablescape is wonderful, nothing like birch branches to create a woodsy theme. Love how you’ve used all the elements!

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much Debra! I love your style and eye for decor and so your compliment means a lot….thanks!!
      Hope your week is extraordinary!!

  60. Beautiful table, love those chargers and it is so neat with all the natural elements.
    Really like it.

    Blessings for a Merry Christmas Season

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much Nellie! I love working with gifts from Mother Nature. 😉
      Merry Christmas to you and yours as well! 😉

  61. Lucy Beautiful says

    How beautiful! The Birch tree limbs have always intrigued me! Yours are fantastic, Diane! I too like pinecones! I have them on my shelves on top of greenery and it’s a wonderful look! I love your view on seasons! Having come from Dallas, I can truly say it’s much more fun to have 4 seasons!! We haven’t had as much snow as you but I’m sure it’s coming!!! Great blog today!!! Merry Christmas Dear Friend!!?☃️❄️

    • Your shelves topped with greenery sounds beautiful. Snow is coming here overnight. We’ll see if we get what they say. Maybe you’ll get more, soon.
      Thanks for all your kind words, Lucy! {{hugs}}

  62. Marie says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tablescape! Thank you so much for sharing! I don’t see any nail marks on your log centeripiece. Could you please explain how you put it together? I would love to make some for our church’s holiday bazaar (plus for myself, of course!) Again, all your ideas speak my tastes. Thank You!

    • Thank you so much Marie!
      As I stated in the article, “I had some more fun with power tools when I trimmed my birch branches to size and used the power nail gun to help me create a nice box.
      There is one problem. My box doesn’t have a bottom. If you make one…I suggest you start with a bottom. Visually, you don’t want to see the bottom, but it really helps to have a bottom when you want to move your centerpiece. Duh!!”
      I’m sure that you probably don’t have a power nail gun at hand, but you could use a power drill to make the necessary holes and insert nails through those holes with a dab of glue to make them hold. OR you could simply put the sticks together with some E6000 glue like this from Amazon:
      Hope that helps!

  63. Brenda says

    I’ve had the birch box saved for over a year now and will be making one. What did you use to hold the birch branches together? My nail gun doesn’t have nails long enough so I was wondering what you used?

    Thanks, cute stuff


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