Welcome to Day 18 of 31 Extraordinary Days to Be...  Or...simply: Be... Together, we will learn to Be… to live fully and beautifully in our “skin” and in our homes and beyond.  If you missed The Introduction or you'd like to follow the entire series, you can find each post listed here.   When you think about being strong, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Physical strength? Mental strength? Emotional strength? Spiritual strength? Something else?   All those are important.  Really important. All of those areas need to be supported by a healthy … [Read more...]

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Day 10   Recently I put together a little luncheon tablescape on my sun porch and wrote about it here.   In the busyness of the week, I left the place setting on the table.  One morning I walked out there and discovered my little Poppy laying right in the middle of the tablescape soaking up the sun.  She relaxed to the point where she was just a little puddle of gray and tan fur.     In our house, cats generally aren't allowed up on the counters or the tables.  But, she was definitely in her happy spot, so I let her stay.   And like any good pet owner, I took her picture.  You can … [Read more...]

Not long ago I was walking in my neighborhood when I noticed a ground cover plant that has been a favorite of mine for using in container gardens.  I love its variegated leaf and that it fills out nicely, as well as growing long cascading vines, over the summer.  When I lived in Michigan I would over-winter it in my garden to have for my containers from year to year.  One year it grew like crazy over the winter and I discovered that my container vine was also a fabulous ground cover.    Lamiastrum g. 'Variegatum'  This spring I had been looking for it in all the local greenhouses and garden shops.  I … [Read more...]

When you have a busy day of projects around the house and you don't want to fuss in the kitchen...what do you cook?     My favorite go-to meal is Ridiculously Easy Roasted Chicken! Served up with yams or sweet potatoes and a veggie....nothing could be simpler and more perfect for a hearty appetite.  Longaberger Woven Traditions Pottery is the key ingredient for a sumptuous yet easy meal. Longaberger has been an important part of my life for a long time. I love the baskets and pottery so much that I became a Longaberger Consultant.  But, don't worry...I'm not pushy, or selly, or annoying.  At least … [Read more...]

  Who knew a visit to a Country Market would be so much fun?     Locals have been telling us all about their "wonderful" version of a farmers'/crafters' market.  Shhhh... Don't tell anyone, but I was a bit skeptical.  After all, I grew up in a town where we had one of the biggest farmers' markets in the country.  I was spoiled.  Every kind of fresh produce and plant was available every Wednesday and Saturday. This morning the Country Market opened at 8 AM.  We arrived at 7:58.  Lines of cars were turning in to the parking area.  The crowd had already begun to assemble.  Anticipation filled the … [Read more...]

Sleep.  Is your pillow calling your name? Do you get enough sleep each night?  Be honest.  What time does your head actually hit the pillow? Confession time. Recently, it was nearly 2 AM when I went to bed.  Yes.  {Head hanging}  That's right. Since this is an issue for me, I thought maybe there might be one or two other people who also struggle with getting to bed on time and getting a full night's sleep. Seriously I should know better.  I have struggled with Adrenal Fatigue or Low Adrenal Function on several occasions.  My problem is that once I'm feeling better, I start to abuse my body again. … [Read more...]

There seems to be two views on sweets: "I love a sweet treat now and then."  OR  "I must have a sweet treat. Now!" On which side do you fall? Me? Pretty much, "I love a sweet treat now and then."   Recently, I found myself wanting a sweet treat after supper.  Then, after lunch.  And yes, it's true, after breakfast. And then, I'm being really real here, I found myself wanting sweets for supper, lunch, and breakfast. Sweet treats were doing more than calling my name, they were downright accosting me at every corner. They even went so far as to open a candy shop and an ice cream … [Read more...]