Who knew a visit to a Country Market would be so much fun?  


Locals have been telling us all about their “wonderful” version of a farmers’/crafters’ market.  Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone, but I was a bit skeptical.  After all, I grew up in a town where we had one of the biggest farmers’ markets in the country.  I was spoiled.  Every kind of fresh produce and plant was available every Wednesday and Saturday.

This morning the Country Market opened at 8 AM.  We arrived at 7:58.  Lines of cars were turning in to the parking area.  The crowd had already begun to assemble.  Anticipation filled the air.  As we devised a plan to visit the nearly 100 vendors, we walked past a gorgeous array of perennials.  People seemed to be standing around everywhere.  And then, plants were being carried off as quick as you could blink.  We continued walking.  Cooking aromas wafted past our noses.  I wish I had paid better attention, but I noticed lots of Italian foods, and Pierogies, Gyros, pizza, and breakfast foods, too.  Maybe next time we should go with an empty stomach.

There were artisan breads, wines, cheeses, meats, all kinds of fresh veggies, fruits, annual flowers, hanging baskets, perennials, cute handmade hats, hand carved bowls, handmade furniture, jewelry, handmade soaps, and so much more.  It really was all that people had told us and so much more.


Moving to a new area and starting over can be a challenge.

One of the things I prayed for was to have access to farms and fresh produce, grass-fed meats, cheese, butter, and raw milk.  God answered my prayer.  Not just a little.  We walked away from the Country Market with fresh asparagus, baby romaine, pretty pink and white radishes, swiss chard, ox meat, delicious raw milk smoked gouda, mushroom cheddar, and bruchetta cheddar, homemade lamb sausage with feta, two unusual orange begonia plants, and juicy strawberries from an Amish gentleman, with the cutest kids, sporting the biggest smile.  And then there was the man who baked cranberry, raisin, walnut pumpernickel bread in a brick oven, which he also made, who remembered us the second time through and introduced us to his side kick.   It was a blast meeting the vendors, hearing some of their stories, and running into some new friends.

As we walked to our car, I told my husband that I had soooo much fun.  He agreed.  I felt blessed.  We both felt blessed.  My joy cup runneth over.

I had asked God to provide access to quality, locally grown food.  God is NOT ordinary.  When we ask according to his will, he gives us extraordinary answers.  Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.”  Remember the fresh from the farm foods we purchased.  Extraordinary!  “Exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.”  How could I NOT be overcome with JOY?

On JOY DAY!  let’s celebrate our joys…

What ONE THING happened this week that made your joy cup overflow?

Can you identify one for each day?  Here are mine to get you started.

  • Old baskets turned new with young flowers.
  • Peonies bending under the weight of full blossoms.
  • Vases and vases filled with pink and rose colored peonies.
  • My choice for bathroom flooring was special order only.
  • Painting mountain alone, dripping with perspiration in the heat.
  • Alternative bathroom flooring transformed the bathroom.
  • Hosting my friend’s daughter overnight.

You may notice that my joys are not necessarily things one would think to be grateful for.  I’m learning.  Slowly.  To find joy in all things.  Baby steps.

Count it all JOY my friend!



Take the Joy Dare at: One Thousand Gifts.   Or find ONE THING to be thankful for each day and write it down.  Then, come back next week and share your joys here.

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  1. tim says

    It takes an extraordinary person to be able to find something extraordinary everywhere she looks.
    I see “food” she sees, “a thousand different tasty treats.” I see flowers, she sees a garden or ten. I see a farm stand, she sees a country market. I am blessed to know that extraordinary lady.

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