EASY and almost FREE... Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Ideas   It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  Out of desperation, I created some cute kitchen cabinet organizers for almost free using common items from around the house.     Chaos may seem like a strong word to describe my kitchen cabinets. You know the feeling.  You're cooking dinner and need one more herb or spice and before you know it, you've pulled out half of the little bottles looking for the RIGHT one!  The counter is covered in seasoning containers while you hurry … [Read more...]

  Need a coffee table but don't have one? This DIY modern farmhouse tray is a cheap and easy solution with style.   In my home, I'm the beneficiary of a nightly ritual that will make most wives jealous...     My husband prepares a cup of cocoa or chai for me every evening before bedtime. He's been doing this for most of our married life and I love it.  It's a very special way to end the evening. Since we've been living in this postage stamp of an apartment my choice is to sit at the table or on my little loveseat.  Usually, I choose the loveseat.  But, it's risky for … [Read more...]

  You'll never guess my accidental discovery for cleaning the tarnish off silver.     It all started after a trip to a thrift store. This particular thrift store is notorious for using wide packaging tape to tape sets of things together... glass, pottery, metal, plastic... they use it on everything. Have you ever tried to get that tape gunk off from items?  It can be a real challenge.  On plastic... you can just about forget it. This week I picked up a set of tiny bowls, the kind you use to hold pre-measured spices and such for baking and cooking, for a dollar.  I also picked … [Read more...]

  Today I want to show you a fun and Inexpensive Winter Vignette that evokes a soft and cozy feeling and can be put together for just pennies.     Once we had our little Valentine's Day celebration with our neighbor kids, I was so ready to switch up the wall and side table in my living room. When I first put it together I absolutely loved it and it made me smile every time I walked in the door. But, once Valentine's Day was over... I was ready to get my creativity on and have fun making over that spot.     One of my favorite color combinations is really not … [Read more...]

  Tell me I'm not alone... there's nothing better than coming home to a clean and well-organized home!  Yes? That's why I'm excited to share some fantastic home organization ideas that will make your day... maybe year... run smoother.  And we all need that! Take a few minutes to check out all the inspiration...  and don't forget to pin this and your favorites, too.    8 Tips & Tricks to Organize Almost Every Area of Your Home   Easy Closet Space Solutions on a Budget from Paint Yourself A Smile Hanging DIY Hidden Jewelry Organizer from H2O … [Read more...]

   Here we are... on the brink of a New Year.  Are you ready?  There's something about the fresh start we feel as we clean up from Christmas and prepare for the turn of the calendar. Lots of resolutions are being made... shed a few pounds, work on fitness, set goals and priorities for ourselves personally and at work, and getting organized.  If you could use a few terrific organizational ideas... you are in for a treat!  This week's Project Inspire{d} had several organizing ideas that you'll want to check out!   With these helpful ideas, you'll be able to address a few areas and feel good about … [Read more...]

2016. Here we are stepping into the New Year filled with so much possibility. Have you made some New Year's resolutions? Getting organized seems to be high on the list for many.  If that's you... you are in for a treat.  We've got several ways to get organized after the holidays.... including how to pack up all those Christmas decorations.  Of course... you probably already have yours taken down, the house swept clean, and your decor all neatly stored away for next year.  If not... be sure the check out these tips. 12 Ways to Get Organized After the Holidays How to Nest for Less :: Craft Room … [Read more...]

  You might roll your eyes at this super easy tip.  It's like, Duh! Ah... but don't be so quick. I didn't learn this tip until I'd been keeping house for close to ten years. One day I was in the office and a volunteer popped in.  She said she was off to clean someone's house.  It wasn't something she usually did, but the pay was amazing and the job was easy.  She went on to say that the lady of the house evidently wiped down her bathroom sinks every day, so they were quick to clean. I'm sure you wipe down your bathroom sinks every day.  Right? Well, that wasn't the case at my house. My … [Read more...]

Our #InspiredFallNesting series is coming to a close. And though I usually focus on the "pretty" of life...today we'll wrap things up with some practical Fall Nesting tips. It's great to pull out the colors of Fall and add pumpkins and gourds to the mix.  But, if things fall on our heads when we open closet and cabinet doors, oh my!   With Fall upon us, along with longer nights, shorter days, and cooler weather....now is the time to get things organized.     Last Fall, as part of my 31 Extraordinary Days series, I shared some organizational ideas I used in my kitchen that helped me in a really … [Read more...]

  One of the things I was taught when I was little was to keep all the best things to myself.  Haha!  You might have thought that since I am an only.  But, it really is more fun to share.   So with that, I have for you... And because I said it waaaaay before Martha ever did.  It's a Good Thing!   1. Coconut Extract is made for Banana Bread. You may remember when I shared my Best Banana Bread Recipe during my blogiversary celebration.  The other day I was in the midst of making more banana bread, when I realized I was out of vanilla extract.  I surveyed the options in my cupboard.  My … [Read more...]

  Don't you love these Snowball Viburnum blossoms? My neighbor has a huge bush of them and I was able to clip a few stems to make some floral arrangements for the house. You might remember last week I shared about Snowball blossoms in the post, Look what the wind blew in. This time, I wanted to do something that was more traditional, dressy even, for the chest in my great room.     The Snowball bush's stems are not very orderly in nature and I was trying to figure out how I could arrange them in a compact, as opposed to floppy, manner.  So, I went scouting through the cabinets … [Read more...]

Lovely Lunaria as a Cut Flower     A corner of our backyard has the popular dried flower, Honesty.  Sometimes it is also referred to as the Money Plant.  It often has a weedy appearance in the garden.  But, this year the color was especially stunning.  You might describe it as a deep magenta purple.  On a whim I decided to cut two stems and bring them inside. A small cut-crystal vintage bud vase was the chosen vessel for this loveliness.  There are lots of side stems on this regal-colored plant.  I cut the side shoots off the main stem and had many pretty … [Read more...]

Day 8   This post contains affiliate links.  When you click on these links I may receive compensation at no extra cost to you.   Fall is about nesting.   It's a time when we fluff and make our homes cozy for the cooler weather ahead.  Some of us even change-up our decor and bring in the season's harvest of pumpkins and gourds and Indian corn. It's also a good time to do a little reorganizing.  Most of us like to spend as much time outside as possible in the summer.  (Unless you live where it was unbearably hot this summer, that is.)  In our haste to get out the door, we may let the little … [Read more...]