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Do you find it difficult to tell your story?  I do.  Why?  Probably because I’m concerned that you might not like me.  Will I measure up to some perceived standard?  Silly stuff isn’t it?  But really, isn’t that something we are all concerned with?  We want people to like us.  We want to be loved.  Sure, I’ll make every attempt to put my best foot forward here.  But, my foot might or might not have mud on it sometimes.  And if my foot is sporting sandals, my toes may or may not be polished.  Generally, though, my foot will be sporting a comfy and well-worn pair of Borns.  Why?  Because I’m going to be real.  Real snuggles cross-legged on the sofa with a cuppa and has a good listen and chat with a friend.  Real is celebrating joys and sorrows.  And real isn’t always pretty.  Real is discovering…the good, the not so good, and the stuff we’d rather put out of mind.  Real is fun, flirty, and joyful.

When you come to An Extraordinary Day, I want you to feel like you’ve come to a well-lived, beautiful place.  A place where there is joy, regardless of the circumstance.  A place where there is hope.  A place to find inspiration for creating a garden, making your table and home more beautiful, for getting healthy, and most of all…living life to the full.  I’m done being ordinary.  My desire each day is to live an extraordinary life.  I want that for you too.  Stay around, as we’ll be chatting more about just what that means here.

Oh…my story?

So you want to know about me?  I’m a mitten girl.  I love being from the state where we can hold up our hand to show people where we live.  The Lake Michigan shores are one of my most favorite places to be.  But, God had other plans several years ago and so my husband and I sold our forever home and started moving.  He went back to school in Indiana, then we had a brief stint back in Lower Michigan, then on to Western New York and now we live in the so-called mountains of Western Pennsylvania.

I am blessed to be married to a handsome, kind, godly man with a great head of hair that women will stop us on the street and comment about.  God didn’t choose to bless us with offspring, but he has had us working with teens and children since we met.  And Tim actually left a career in business to become a children’s pastor, which brought us to PA.

We’ve had some tough roads to travel on this journey.  Moves, death of parents and siblings, job loss, shattered friendships, financial devastation, and illness.  The ONE thing that has sustained us is knowing Jesus. He is our redeemer, our strength, our shield, our joy spring, and the center of our marriage.

At this stage in our journey, we have come to the point of living a more purposeful and simpler lifestyle, which includes renting a small home.  I’ll be sharing how I make it work, and how we can decide to make wherever we lay our head extraordinary.

You might be seeing a few furry felines gracing the pages of An Extraordinary Day.  We have 2 Tabbies and a gold and white “Sylvester.”

Over the years I have dabbled in all kinds of things.  Life is much more interesting that way.  I’ve built furniture, woven baskets, created gardens a few times over, discovered what it means to be healthy and live naturally without traditional medicine.  I’ve collected Droste’s Cocoa tins and Longaberger Baskets, and I never use paper plates, even for a picnic.   Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!  Farm fresh eggs and grass fed beef make my stomach sing as does a plate of just-picked vegetables. My favorite food is strawberry shortcake. I enjoy making my own greeting cards, but I don’t consider myself a crafter.  I prefer to think of myself as a creator. My career path began in retail management for Meijer and I’ve taught high school, been a church secretary, office manager, ministry assistant, and through all of this I’ve shared my passion for Longaberger Baskets and Pottery.  And one last thing.  Several years ago my husband blessed me with a Nikon pocket camera.  I LOVE it!!  Capturing nature moments makes me happy.  I don’t go on a walk without it.  Maybe someday, I’ll be blessed with a ‘big girl’ camera.

So now that I’ve prattled on forever…you’re getting to know ME.

Now, it’s your turn.  I want to get to know YOU, too.
Please share your story in the comment section below.  I love a good chat.

Make yourself at home and be sure to come back often.

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  1. Hello!
    My friend, Susan (a vintage farmwife) sent me!
    I am a fifty year old mom to three teenaged boys and have a hard working husband.
    We love God and have spent a lot of time with teenagers/camp, etc.
    We live on the border of Ky/Tn near Nashville on a tree farm.
    Come see me 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Auntie Bliss! How sweet of Susan to send you my way! Your life sounds full and blessed. I’ll pop over your way to a visit too.
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

  2. margaret says:

    Hi, Diane, I like your attitude! Funny, the so called mountains of PA.. Are they not big enough? I am born and raised in Philadelphia, so they are the really deal to me. LOL…. I am a wife and mom, trying to raise a family in faith, and live a simple, happy and healthy live. I look forward to your posts!

    • Haha! “Those s-called mountains” are just beautiful giant green hills to me. I guess a mountain in my mind is supposed to look rocky and craggy and snow capped. It’s a childhood thing, I’m sure. Regardless….I do like them and I feel blessed to drive down Route 30 with the low cloud of mist in the morning.
      Thanks for popping by Margaret! And for taking time to chat about you.
      Hope your day is truly extraordinary!!

      P.S. I just realized that I didn’t ‘reply” to your comment, instead I replied to my page back on the day you left a comment. Sorry. 🙁

  3. Glenda Kremer says:

    Oh my! you wrote you prattled on—ummm! all my stories are long so guess I’ll just say right now—
    Glenda loves Jesus, people, purple and lace! that is the short about me! I have a wonderful husband , Allen–celebrated our 45th anniversary June 17, 2012, have 3 great kids–Kristi and her husband Paul and our four grandsons, Jake, Nick, Zach, and Nate, a son Craig and his wife Tiffany expecting our 5th grandson due Christmas Day 2012, and daughter Katie and her boyfriend Robert. my last day working at Chick fil A was yesterday as my hubby and I retire. I will so miss all my people there–I was the one out on the floor that they paid to talk to people and refresh drinks and a few other things. so there is my prattle!

    • Oh Glenda! What a lovely birthday present I’ve just received. You made my day!!! I LOVE learning more about YOU!! Jesus, people, purple, and lace!!! You are one very fun gal!! Congratulations on this new chapter you’re beginning with your dear husband. I have no doubt that you will be a blessing to all around you, wherever you days and travels take you. God bless!
      Wishing you An Extraordinary new chapter!!!
      ~ Diane

      • Glenda Kremer says:

        aww! thanks! think I sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! on your FB wall! Yes I pretty much have fun whatever I’m doing! as yesterday was my last day out on the floor with my people at Chick Fil A so many of my guests from the last 1 1/2 years came to tell me Bye! I’m so blessed and really do love people!

        • Thanks for the sweet wishes.
          I’m pretty sure the CF customers are going to miss you. A lot!!!

          • Hi Diane, so nice to meet you! I found your blog through your link on Brenda’s Tweak it Tuesday post. I am looking forward to getting to know you better through your blog. It looks wonderful! I’m Melanie…married to Brian for 28+ years. We have two sons – Phil (who left this world on 9-25-09 at the too-young age of 21), and Tim, who is now 22 and a college student, majoring in art and photography. We live in northern IL with our 3 fur babies (cats). I recently left a stressful office job and am so glad and blessed to be home FT right now. I hope that you come to my blog and look through it and get to know me better as well! God bless you.

          • Melaine…thank you for taking the time to come by and introduce yourself. You are so sweet. It’s a pleasure meeting you. Glad you are enjoying your time home now. What a blessing!! {hugs}

  4. Hi. I’m 50 years young. Love photography & haveLongaberger baskets too!! I love flowers; vintage things; yard sales • a good deal! GOD.IS MY HOPE & STRENGTH! without him I am nothing…so.glad he’s in my life!! Love my family & friends; work fulltime at city hall/utility Dept. In Florence. AL…a southern gal;) God bless you! <3

    • It’s a pleasure to ‘meet’ you Malinda!! Isn’t it fun to discover we have a lot of common interests – though I’m more of a northerner – LOL? 🙂
      May God overwhelm you with His goodness and blessing.

  5. I just love reading and connecting with like-minded blogs, and your bio did the trick for me.

  6. 54 year old, married, Christian, dabbler in paper crafts, humane society cat volunteer, certified lay speaker
    No particularly discern-able talents, but I chip in and help wherever I see a need.

    • I love all your varied interests. Being available and willing is probably the best talent around. Certainly the most useful. 😀 Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself! 😀

  7. Glenda Kremer says:

    have been saving this for more time to write–think you want to know about me? hope I’m remembering right! so I’ll start with our retirement back in August, then 2 weeks in Hawaii where we celebrated my 63rd birthday in Honolulu, our 45th anniversary and our retirement! we have a 42 year old daughter who is married with 4 sons, a 37 year old son who is married and whose first baby was born Dec. 15. check out the Man in the red bandana youtube and know why they named their son Wells. have your tissue ready as you hear Welles’ parents talk about their son. we have another daughter who is 24 and getting married March 2 in Kansas! I so wish I were a writer as I have so many stories and I love Jesus, people, purple and lace! I could go on and on but that is probably enough! have a very MERRY CHRIST-CENTERED CHRISTMAS!!!!!
    Glenda Kremer

    • Glenda, you are living the most blessed life. I love your energetic faith-filled outlook. How exciting to have such wonderful children and grandchildren and so many more special memories in the making ahead for you. You may not be a “writer” but you are a terrific encourager…and we all need it!
      May you Christmas be filled with Jesus’ JOY!!

  8. Dianne thank you for your visit and sweet comment, I really appreciate that you took the time. You can find out about me (more than you probably want to know 🙂 by visiting my blog “about me” but the most important thing about me is I am God’s most very favorite me ! He just loves me soooo much it makes me happier than I can put in words and I know you are his most favorite you, so aren’t we blessed !

  9. Sherry Johnson says:

    Love your blog – and the fact that you know and love Jesus. Also, you are very creative – hope the job comes
    soon and it is the very best .

  10. Love your passion and inspiration! I’m new to the blogging world and excited to find other believers sharing Jesus in the cyber-world! :0)

    • Vickie…you just put a big smile on my face.
      I’ve been at this 9 months to the day. It’s been a challenge and a blessing, and I’m so glad I took the plunge.
      Welcome to this big beautiful cyber world. What a joy to meet YOU! 🙂

  11. Diane, I knew I would like you from your short sidebar intro, the name of your blog, and your beautiful tables, but now I know why I really like you. I so enjoyed getting to know about your story and your life, that your joy comes from Christ, that you have a happy marriage and you have had an adventure in obedience to God. I am excited to get to know you more!

  12. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I want you to know that we also had two tabby cats, one passed away and the other one (her sister) is still living with us and will be 15 years old soon. When her sister died, she started to be very downhearted and the vet said that we had to find a way to cheer her up or she will die also, we try everything and finally (after nine months or so) we adopted a new kitty as a last option. Know what? this worked and now they are happy living together. Love your blog I will follow you by e-mail

    • Oh I wish I had known that….I know my Ditto died of a broken heart. She loved me intensely….but I was not her sister. I’m so glad that you learned that and had a happy outcome. Thank you Zena! Welcome!! 🙂

  13. I do love your page. I can see myself keep coming back to have a read.

    Scudds x

  14. Donna K. says:

    Hi Diane,
    I just found you thru Brenda at Cozy Little House and am so glad that I did! I don’t have a blog of my own, but follow many (will be adding yours) and feel like I have ‘met’ so many that I would love to meet up with for a cup of tea.
    My story is that I’m a military spouse who has been married to my sweet husband for 33yrs. We are currently in the midst of a two year separation and are marking off each day until we are together again. We have two wonderful daughters who are both grown and embarking on their own lives. My ‘kids’ now are my three doggies who I love to death. They definately help pass the time and keep me smiling during our separation.
    My husband has family in PA and it is one of my favorite states. They are up in the NE section, Leheigh Valley, and I always tell people that they need to drive thru PA in the fall to enjoy the beauty. High praise from a New England girl, as we have people flock here for our fall foliage. I always say that I could easily live there….who knows where retirement will find us?
    Oh, we have one other thing we share, an appreciation and collection of Longaberger. First heard of them when we were stationed in Ft. Riley, KS and the collection has grown and blossomed since. Love that they are made here in the US.
    Enough rambling from me, but I truly felt like I met an old friend here.
    Hugs to you.

    • Sweet Donna…your words were just like the biggest hug today. 🙂 And one I dearly needed. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and introduce yourself. I’m so sorry that you and your husband have such a long separation. I can only imagine how you must be counting the days until he returns. A military family serves both from home and in the ‘field.’ Thank you for your sacrifice for our country, too.
      May your day be Extraordinary!

  15. Wow! You are a very interesting lady : )

    I really like your writing style and frankness. I’m actually visiting from JRU Studio Sneak Peak Friday and I’m supposed to be reading something else on your blog but I was drawn to this. I’m also a believer in Christ and I use paper plates whenever possible! I’m a mixed media artist and I live in Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Michigan. Used to live in Michigan like you : )

    I have three grown children, 4 grandchildren and another on the way, 3 dogs, a community cat and a ton of fish. I’m retired(sorta) and spend my time creating art and with family. A very simple life indeed. Oh and we rent our home also : )

    Glad to meet you and I’ll be reading your posts every Friday for sure!

    • Hi Cindi! It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance too! You are so kind to take time to read and introduce yourself too. Yay! for mitten state gals! And Yay! for living on Lake Michigan. I can’t believe I’ve never been any farther north on that “other side” of the Lake than Chicagoland.
      Wishing you a joyous resurrection celebration!

  16. Hey Diane,so happy to read your “about”,it is a pleasure getting to know you.Saw you @ Creative Cain Cabin.
    Come see me if ya get the time,I love blogging and meeting folks from all over,fair warning(teehehehe)I’m southern from top of head to bottom of my feet.South east Georgia is home to me and sweet husband,we never were blessed with any children either.But we are so very blessed in every way,happy and living out the retirement years,and loving every minute on Loblolly Lane.

    • How nice of you to stop by and share a bit of yourself Jo!! I love your chatty way…I bet you have friends all over blogland!

  17. Loblolly Lane blog

  18. Glenda Kremer says:

    Diane did you actually write something about fearing sharing your story as someone might not like you????? are you kidding??????? I just read your story and I love you–I wish you were my next door neighbor!!!! amazing how I love my web friends and I’m pretty sure I did share my story another time when you asked–married 46 years this June to the best lookin guy I’d ever seen in 1964 when I was 14 1/2–yes the 1/2 were still important at that age! 3 adult married kids –the baby girl just married March 2,2013! oldest daughter and hubby have our 4 oldest grandsons, our prodigal son and wife (Craig and Tiffany) just had our 5th grandson Dec. 15, 2012. Please pray for them to come back to Jesus. I have so many stories–all of them long! ha! so wish I were gifted to be a writer or a speaker! I love Jesus and praise Him for rescuing me out of the dark pit I lived in over 30 years ago and bringing me into His light!
    by the way I love your husband’s hair too–I have matching hair! ha! it was great seeing the picture of both of you.

    • Awwww…Glenda…you just put the biggest smile on my face!! You are such a warm and loving gal! I am so enjoying getting to know you. 🙂 We have actually been walking down the road and women have stopped to comment on my husband’s hair. I’m not quite so crazy about it…but that’s because I cut it. 😉 It’s rare to find anyone who can do it. I learned from watching my hairdresser long ago. She was expensive and we were saving money to build a house so I watched closely and said to my husband…if you’re willing to let me try…I’ll give it a shot. And here we are all these years later! LOL!
      I will pray for your kids to renew their love for Jesus. [hugs] Nothing is more important to a mom. Yes?

  19. Glenda Kremer says:

    aww! the hair thing! when I was 18 I got my first white streaks and now almost solid and like your hubby–what is his name????–strangers stop me on the street and compliment my hair–this after having colored my hair for 2 years–this after my oldest went on her honeymoon and my mom said I should color my hair. as a new mom–yes Katie was 5 months old at her sister’s wedding and still all the baby fat I was ready for a change and said yes to my mom! so we colored my hair–another long story as all mine are so I will quit with that but my daughter got home and hated my new hair color as did everyone else in my life and I never got a compliment in 2 years so I let it go natural and now get constant compliments! I hope your husband knows we do not have grey hair we have white hair–according to my agent!–Yes another part of my story that I still have a hard time believing! ummm! My baby daughter Katie who was 5 months old at Kristi’s wedding just got married March 2 and Kristi was her Matron of Honor! Katie cuts her husband’s hair too. If interested you can see their wedding pics on my wall. I need to get off this computer and get busy. have a blessed day!

    • You do have beautiful hair Glenda! I have a few friends with gorgeous hair like you. It is truly a crown. And stunning too!

  20. Glenda Kremer says:

    Thanks Diane–wasn’t looking for compliments just realizing with your hubby how strangers come up and say something!

  21. Judy Witt says:

    I found your blog by clicking on a link. You know how one blog can lead to another. I honestly don’t remember which blog I was on when I clicked on your link. You do lead an interesting life. I was originally from Indiana, PA which is near Pittsburgh. I still have lots of family there in that area. What area are you in? I am currently living in south Florida and have been here for many years. I am married for 41 years and have four grown children. I have four grandchildren and one on the way. I worked for years with young children in various preschools. One of my girls watches children in her home and I help her when I can. I am taking care of my mother who has recently been diagnosed with early dementia. My youngest son is living with her so she is not alone. I spend as much time with her as possible. I try to cook and eat organic as much as possible. I also like to use natural cleaning products and really enjoy making body scrubs and butters etc. for others. I love scrapbooking and am really into genealogy. Working on my mother’s family has helped her with her memory a lot. Hubby and I have three dogs and mother has a cat. I am very lucky to have all four children living nearby. I am looking forward to all the great things on your blog.

    • Oh my goodness Judy…I’m not far from where you were…Ligonier. How blessed you are to have grand children and to be available as well to care for your mother. Thank you for taking the time to share about yourself and your blessed life. I’ll look forward to your future comments. Isn’t fun how we get to meet so many lovely people via blogs? Cheers! 🙂

      • Judy Witt says:

        Yes, Ligonier is only about 30 miles away. I see you are finally getting some decent weather up there. The last time I was up there was in 2009. I wish I could take a trip up there again but I don’t see it happening for a while. My mother has to be watched constantly. She can hurt herself easily and also falls way too much. She is currently using a walker which does help a lot.

        I will enjoy reading your blog and am so glad I was able to find yours.

        • Caring for an aging parent is a lot of responsibility. I’m so sorry that you are unable to travel.
          Thanks for choosing to follow along here….I look forward to getting to know you more as time goes by.

  22. This Glenda can say also, Glenda loves Jesus, people, purple and lace! that is the short about me! I have a wonderful husband , Geoff whom I have been married to since Dec 5th 1970. We live in Melbourne, Australia at the moment but are Kiwis, God bought us over here 7 years ago. We have two adult children Tanya (single) and Jared (has a partner) back in New Zealand. We have custody of two of Jared’s children 6 & 5 for a story that is too long to share here, and an 18month old still in NZ that we are in a custody battle with mothers sister over. Even tho the parents want her here with us and her siblings. Prayer always welcome. 🙂 Anyway, I found your blog from Where Bloggers create . So now i will head back to look at your space:-)

    • Awww…two Glendas!! Yay God!
      Thank you for taking time to share about yourself. What a blessing you must be to be so actively caring and loving your grandchildren. May God strengthen you and give you wisdom in your battle. [hugs]

  23. Glenda Kremer says:

    did the other Glenda see my description of Glenda loves Jesus, people, purple and lace somewhere? I wonder where? I thought it was only on my facebook! interesting!
    glenda kremer

    • Hi Glenda Kremer, no it was on this post that I saw it. But I love Jesus, Purple and Lace too 🙂 especially old fashioned lace.

    • Glenda….she was referring to your comment that you left on the blog on my ‘about’ page.
      Here’s what you wrote: ” Glenda Kremer says:
      August 30, 2012 at 8:56 AM (Edit)
      Oh my! you wrote you prattled on—ummm! all my stories are long so guess I’ll just say right now—
      Glenda loves Jesus, people, purple and lace! that is the short about me! I have a wonderful husband , Allen–celebrated our 45th anniversary June 17, 2012, have 3 great kids–Kristi and her husband Paul and our four grandsons, Jake, Nick, Zach, and Nate, a son Craig and his wife Tiffany expecting our 5th grandson due Christmas Day 2012, and daughter Katie and her boyfriend Robert. my last day working at Chick fil A was yesterday as my hubby and I retire. I will so miss all my people there–I was the one out on the floor that they paid to talk to people and refresh drinks and a few other things. so there is my prattle!”
      Glenda I think it’s fabulous that there is another lovely Glenda who shares your interests ‘down under.’ Isn’t that just like God? So cool!!!

  24. Marcia @Gathering at the Table says:

    So great to meet you, Diane. This is my favorite part of blogging, connecting with kindred hearts. Your page is bursting with joy and grace. I did not hesitate to subscribe and I look forward to visiting.
    Love and blessings.

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a gathering of kindred spirits? That would be amazing. Can you imagine the creativity, the impact on the world, and the love and encouragement of such a gathering? (It would be like the perfect Haven conference.)
      It is a pleasure to meet you Marcia! I look forward to stopping by your ‘table’ too!!

  25. Hi Diane…I’m Rosie from Kansas…followed some links and ended up here. So nice to be connected to a fellow sister in Christ! I’m 63, have 3 grown sons two daughter-in-laws and one almost dil, 3 ahhhhdorable grandkids, one girl and two boys all under the age of two. My hubby is a Nam vet and we work with a military ministry called Point Man and Home Front…I am a contributing author to Faith Deployed Again and Military Wives New Testament Psalms and Proverbs Devotional Bible. Several of my hubby’s stories are in Battlefields and Blessings, Stories of Faith and Courage from the Viet Nam war. I have an antique booth and am so enjoying working from home part time. Just started a blog…getting off the runway at http://pointmankansas.org. Hope your day was extraordinary!

    • Rosie…I’m delighted to meet you!!
      Isn’t it fun how the net really is a fun network for meeting like-minded people?
      Thank you so much for sharing a snippet of your life’s story here.
      What a blessing the two of you must be. And such an important ministry too.
      May your day overflow with JOY!!

  26. Esther Campana says:

    Hallo Diana,
    Ich wohne in der Schweiz und bin per Zufall auf deiner Seite gelandet und ich muss sagen dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut, deine kreativen Ideen finde ich super, nur leider hast Du kein Google Translator in dem ich alles auch Deutsch übersetzen kann, um die ganzen Zusammenhänge zuverstehen kann ich leider zu wenig Englisch. Weisst Du es gibt viele Blogs mit Translator, so kann ich immer mit den coolen Frauen im Amerika komunizieren, was ich super toll finde.
    Ich sende Dir ganz herzliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz
    Hi Diana, I live in Switzerland and I landed on your page by chance and I must say I really like your blog, I find your creative ideas great, but unfortunately you do not have Google Translator in which I can translate German, I can zuverstehen to all the relationships unfortunately little English. You know there are many blogs with Translator, so I can always communicate with the cool women in America, which I think is super great. I send you all warm greetings from Switzerland

    • Welcome Esther! Thank you so much for taking the time to overcome the language difference here. And thank you for commenting and suggesting I add Google Translate….which I have just done. I hope you stop by again and leave your lovely thoughts.
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!

  27. Diane- You are an “extraordinary” artist. I’m absolutely in LOVE with your first holiday picture with all the gold and the year 2013. I’m an internet jewelry designer and want to announce my collection with an animated gif with an inspiration picture for the theme of GILT-Y pleasures (gold and silver, ha ha). I would love to use this picture just once for my gif and I’d either credit you or pay you a small fee. There’s a site called Dreamstime that sells all kinds of royalty-free pictures for a nominal fee but I haven’t found anything that evokes my theme and the holidays as much as your fabulous picture. My website is http://www.bessheitner.com. I need to know by Tuesday the latest because it’s already mid-September and fall is definitely here. I hope we can work something out.
    Thanks so much. Bess

  28. Hi Diane – It’s Sunday and you were my treat to look forward to after my errands were completed as I told you in an earlier email. I’m giving myself an hour of just visiting on your site. Instead of a pot of tea – I opted for hot cocoa using my first attempt at making my own almond milk (pretty tasty). Anyway – my name is Debbie and I live in Tempe, AZ (so I’m drinking my hot chocolate in my air conditioned house 🙂 I am blessed to be a child of God and I depend on my Jesus and the Helper (holy spirit) to see me through each day. My husband, Jeff, and I have been married (wait I have to do the math – seriously I needed to grab a paper and pen) 35 years and we have two adult children (a daughter and a son), a child of our heart (our son-in-law) and the most precious grand baby. I work as an Events Coordinator at Arizona State University and in my spare time I enjoy working on my blog – Deliciously Inspired (my other child). Before my job, I was privileged to be a stay at home mom and filled my time with children, teaching women at community churches, crafting and learning to build a home out of a house. Money was tight but God could still bring a $24.00 a yard fabric into my visibility that had just been discounted to $1.18 and in exactly the colors I was after. We have been through many seasons of transition in our marriage (job loss, chronic health, unexpected loss of a sibling and health issues regarding ourselves and one of our children). We have been stretched beyond our human breaking points and it is only because of His great love and provision for us that we were able to find joy in most days so I understand and commend the way you are choosing to live you life. thanks for keeping it real. Hope that wasn’t too much info. Now on to explore 🙂 🙂

    • Oh Debbie….it’s perfect that you decided on a cup of cocoa to enjoy as you perused the blog. It’s comfort food and my favorite beverage. Truth be told…I’m actually a bit of a cocoa snob….but my friends love me anyway….and some even help me indulge my cocoa passion. 😉
      Thank you for sharing about your life! You have truly been blessed. And I know some of those difficult days have grown you too. We would rather the easy than the hard….but looking back…I know that I am grateful for how my life has been enriched beyond measure through those experiences.
      Thank you so much for taking time to ‘explore.’ Blessings!!!

  29. Mason Jars… That is how I found you. A simple search for “Mason Jar” took me to a picture, which led me to a site, which led me to your story. A beautiful, extraordinary story. It happened to be my ray of sunshine for today, not the sun shine from my window, but more of a “Son Shine”, a heartfelt bright spot where my heart for a moment felt at home. I do not have those moments often these days. I live in the sunshine state next to the ocean. It is our latest stop. We are nomads, going where we are led for a time such as this. It has been 7 city moves, cross country and back, 19 total moves in the 20 years of marriage. All for a reason, all good and all God ordained. But moving that much sets life full of extraordinary. Life looks different through those eyes, the eyes of my husband, my daughter and my son, and of course, my own eyes. And to stop an see a beautiful mason jar, then to read a beautiful real story of love, loss, joy and peace, that is truly a gift. So thank you. And thanksing God for the mason jar. Sometimes a search for one thing will lead us to where we needed to be, as is the case today.

    • My heart was touch by your words, Michelle. And my eyes moistened with the realization that our loving God would choose to encourage your heart today with my words and photos and of all things…a mason jar. Isn’t that just like HIM? Welcome, Michelle to my little corner of the web. I look forward to getting to know you and learning more of your story as I share mine here. And thank you for taking time to say, “Hi!”
      May your days be filled with HIS extraordinary joy!!

  30. Jozie Mader says:

    I followed you from a comment you made on “Denise in Bloom.”
    It was your blog name that intrigued me and now after reading a couple posts I’m subscribing ^-^
    So about me, I am so happy to say I am a daughter of the Most High King and so if I do not meet you here on earth I’m excited for the day we meet in heaven face to face under the rays of His glory.
    I turned 1/4 of a century old this year! I have been married to my college sweetheart now for 3.5 years. We have a 2.5 year old daughter and a 4 month old son. I was born in Texas, grew up in Iowa, Indiana and lived in Jones, MI (where my husband is from) and quite a few other places but we are settling in small town Montana. (Now we have those mountains you are referring to 😉 ) we can actually see 4 mountain ranges from our 20 acres but the biggest one being the Beartooth mountain range.
    I would love to start my own blog and am pursuing a simplified, beautified, loving, giving, land living, all natural, God Glorifying, life. ^-^
    Not… necessarily in that order.

    • I am pleased to make your acquaintance Jozie!! Happy (belated) Birthday!!!
      Montana and big sky country! Wow! That’s a big move from the midwest. 🙂 How blessed you are to have land and a magnificent view.
      I love your spirit and your hopes and your commitment to living a beautiful love for God. 🙂
      I do hope that you’ll comment when you pop by, so we can get to know each other a little bit more. This blog this is a bit one-sided. 😉
      May your days overflow with HIS joy!!

  31. Hi Diane, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I found you through Between Naps on the Porch. I noticed your comment about how chilly it is in Michigan today. I live in Saginaw and I’m trying my best not to turn on the heater. There’ll be enough of that as the days tick by. I look forward to getting to know you

    • You know it!! Those cold days and snow will be here too soon. I too resist putting on the heat as long as possible. [wink]
      Thanks for stopping to say ‘Hi’ Sandra! It’s so nice to meet another mitten state girl. 😉
      Hope your week is Extraordinary!

  32. Hi Diane ! Just found your blog through Thrifty Thursday link party ! It’s a pleasure to know you and your blog. Great to know that you and your husband love the Lord Jesus Christ. And serving HIM. Your story about the offspring is really touch my heart. We are in the process trying, hoping and praying. We have been married for more than 5 years. We both are in mid-late 30 ish. And white hair starting to show 🙂 Sometime I’m joking with my husband and told him : ” I have the most stylist and trendiest highlight ever ”
    Your story is really a blessing to me. Reminding me of having Jesus in our marriage is the most important things. If one day He bless us with baby Praise HIM if not Praise HIM as well.

    • Marlin…thank YOU for your introduction. It’s a blessing to ‘meet’ you.
      Right now I am lifting you to the Father…may he hear your deep heart cry.

      Giving thanks in all things really does change our hearts/attitudes.
      He has amazing ways of helping us navigate the waters we never thought we’d see.
      Big HUGS, my friend!

  33. Hello, Diane! I just discovered your website on this, mine and my husband’s, 14th anniversary. We, too, were not blessed with children. (I was married for 15 years before with no kids). This marriage has been a blessing as my husband is a Christian (something my first was not). He loves me and tells me so daily. I am very blessed. We, too have been through job loss, financial devastation (which we are trying to take care of now) and health problems (I just finished my second round of radiation for cancer with no new cancer found – ALLELUJAH!). We live on a tiny budget with my husband having to return to work part-time after retiring in order for me not to have to return to work again due to my health. We are both trying very hard to rid ourselves of medication. We have lost 17 pounds each and I am in the process of taking myself off an insulin pen at night. I worked in the medical field for 31 years so am weaning myself off slowly of all diabetic meds through exercise and weight loss. God is great and helps me each and every day! We are 58 and 61 and life seems harder now due to poor choices made while we were young (mainly not remaining debt-free!!!). If there is one thing I could emphasize to young people just starting out it would be just that – DO NOT GET INTO CREDIT CARD DEBT!! It is a hard process but we are looking forward to being debt-free in 27 months.

    Well, so much of my rambling. I am grateful I found your website and look forward to visiting it often.

    God bless you and thank you for your post!

    Cate <

    • I rejoice with you in your blessing of a Christian husband, making strides towards healthy wellness, your healing from cancer, and being nearly debt free. God is good. He definitely is our redeemer, restorer, rebuilder. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time Cate to introduce yourself. Welcome to An Extraordinary Day! 🙂 Please be sure to comment often. I look forward to seeing and ‘chatting’ with your here.

  34. I am SO THRILLED to announce the launching of Recommendation Saturday as a new weekly link-up!

    Please join me each Saturday to share a recommendation that
    keeps people full of hope, faith and love!

    We are best when we are community.
    I would love to share in some of that community
    right from my website.

    You can join in, too!

  35. Betty Brown says:

    Glad to meet you and read your story.MY story is less than adventurous but there has been some.I am married since I was 14 years old to a guy like yours with great hair that gets attention when he goes out.He is a DISABLE veteran and stays in most of the time but likes to see our kids and GRANDKIDS come.We have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.We have seen Christ work in our kids lives as well as ours.This season of my life holds many challenges but Jesus helps me with them all!He is 67 and I am 63 and sad the saying goes. Getting old is not for sissies.:) Have a blessed evening

    • Awww…Betty…I have a hunch that you are no sissy!!! 😉
      Thanks for taking time to share a little of your story. Adventures can be fun and interesting…but believe me…they are full of challenges. 😉
      How blessed you are to have a guy with great hair and a house full of kids and grandkids. You are extraordinarily blessed!!!

  36. Diane Lindstrom says:

    Hi Diane,

    I landed on your blog this evening, when I was reading up on pine cone popping! What an interesting way to meet! Anyways, I just felt like we should get to know each other, especially since we share the same awesome name!
    Check out my blog as well – overflowdl.com
    Looking forward to “meeting” you!


    • I’ve never been in contact with many Diane’s until I had this blog. 😉
      It’s great to ‘meet’ you Diane. And over pine cones….who would guess!!?
      Thanks for taking the time to pop by and introduce yourself.

  37. I found you through Kathy’s blog A Delightsom Life. I look forward to being inspired more as I go through your blog.

    I lost my dear husband and best friend a year ago 9 Dec. We were married 43 years. We lived a simple life and I miss him dearly. I know he is with Jesus and that is a blessing and a joy. Each day is new and I pray to live each one in faith and graciously.


    • Oh dear Lorraine…I cannot even imagine the emptiness you feel. I so want to give you a big hug and hear about those memories you are treasuring in your heart. You sound like you are exactly the person you pray to be each day.
      Thanks for popping by and introducing yourself. I hope you will leave a comment from time to time.

  38. Betty Brown says:

    I just went to your open house from last year and loved it. Your home is warm and inviting.I have to admit I find myself wanting to craft something.:)I did order the joy vinyl letters so I will make those on the plates I saw.I think I will leave them out all year and not just use them at Christmas.:)

    • I hope that wanting to craft something is a good thing, Betty. [wink]
      I’m excited for you to be getting the letters and making your own plates and yes…they would be wonderful ALL year long. 🙂
      Thanks for your sweet kind words. [hugs]

  39. Rose Franco says:

    I love beauty! I enjoy decor blogs…but I love Jesus more! I found you while blog-hopping. I’m glad I stopped long enough to read about you and discover we love the same things. I stopped trying to impress others years ago and found freedom in being…me! Since my liberation I found I can live a simple life while I strive to follow God’s direction whether it’s on-the-moutaintop or deep-valley walking. I decorate and try to make our house a home of beauty for myself and for my family. But, most of all it is the outward expression of what He has done in me and with my heart. He gave me a new beginning and has lovingly transformed me…..I am forever grateful! I love your blog!!!

    • Oh Rose! Thank you soooo much for sharing *your* story!! I am blessed to have you pop by and hope you’ll return and leave more of your thoughtful insights.
      Thanks too for your kind words about my blog. [smiling] It too is an expression of my heart.

      May you and yours have a JOYful CHRISTmas. 🙂

  40. Hello Diane. I only had to read the first two lines of your most recent post before I felt at home here at your blog. I can easily relate to what you said about how difficult it is to write about yourself, I always find that tough but here goes.
    My husband and I love doing DIY projects around the house and we are in the process of redoing our third home. We always have at least one project going if not two or three. We love working together on our projects. We have one child out of the nest and one on the edge of the nest.
    I started blogging in 2009 after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and pseudo-dementia. Basically that means that I am in pain much of the time and I can’t remember a darn thing from one moment to the next. Blogging is my therapy and it keeps me both sane and in touch with other people.
    So that is enough about me, I am off to explore your blog.
    Thanks for inviting me in.

    • Traci…I love that you and your husband work together on DIY projects. What a great thing.
      Fibro is difficult…I have friends who are living with it so I have just a bit of understanding. I am so sorry.
      Blogging is a wonderful practice and I can’t believe the benefits on so many levels and it is therapeutic for sure.
      Thanks for taking the time to pop over and introduce yourself. I’m off to check out your blog now.
      Wishing you Christmas JOY!

  41. Karen Holderman says:

    Hi Diane,
    Just seeing the words An Extraordinary Day reminds me to celebrate each day! I live near the coast in Virginia. Our weather can change from day to day, 50s one day or teens the next! I so enjoy you blog. My husband and I work with the youth at our church. We are retired. I am not a talented crafter but love trying creative activities and no longer worry about being a perfectionist. I love to go hiking and camping. I have a 1964 Shasta soon will be making curtains for them-a new creative adventure for me. I have 2 hens in my suburban backyard-new since April. They are so cute and funny. We have 4 dogs we rescued and love the energy they bring to our empty nest. Visiting our granddaughters in the mountains is my greatest joy. Happy New Year!

    • It’s a joy to meet you Karen!! Wow! You really know how to pack your days with meaning and adventure!!

      I know you’ll have fun making your new curtains.

      Best wishes for an Extraordinary New Year!

  42. Hi Diane
    Your laundry room makeover looked so inspiring (live laugh linky party)I had to check it out, which then lead me to scroll through your blog — Love it! As a fairly new blogger I am excited to receive your posts in my inbox, I subscribed! Look forward to connecting!

    • Awww…thanks so much!! Welcome to my little corner of the world. Hope you feel at home here and very blessed!!!
      Thanks for stopping by, leaving your sweet words, and subscribing. [happy dance]

  43. Hello Diane, You have a lovely blog. I know it is going to support me during days of self doubt. I had a difficult childhood, however my Quaker great aunts have always been an inspiration. I follow no specific religion although much of the Quaker ways are reflected in the way I live my life. I treasure the beauty and goodness in this world while recognising that all is not well within it. I try to do my best to stand up for that which is good. Sincerely, Susan.

    • You are so kind, Susan. Any goodness here comes by Grace and for that we are both blessed. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. Here, we don’t care about religion….we care about the Giver and HE has so generously showered us with HIS love. Our best response is to love HIM in return.
      Bless you!!

  44. Hi Diane – I’ve been drawn to your blog time and time again so I’m not sure why I’ve never become a follower before now. I have a “long and convoluted” story that I won’t share here but perhaps some time you’ll pop on over to my about page and watch the Vimeo. Short story, in between our day jobs, hubby and I minister in our church in hopes of giving back to others what we’ve been given by God.

    I’m so happy to finally meet you (by reading your story) and look forward to getting to know you even more. I love all of the Jesus followers I’ve found across blogland. Wouldn’t it be great to have a blogging convention together, with worship, inspirational speakers and blogging advice from experts? Hmmm . . .

    God’s richest blessings to you dear Diane 🙂

    • Patti….I’m so glad you took the time to introduce yourself. Thank you for subscribing too. 🙂

      I agree…it would be great to enjoy a blogging convention as you mentioned. Have you heard of Allume? Check it out…http://allume.com/ It might be just what you’ve been looking for. Someday I hope to go.

      May your days be filled with God’s extraordinary blessings!

  45. I can’t believe I never read your about page before! Maybe because so many don’t really tell me much about the author so thank you, very much, for being transparent and thorough about who you are and what you like to do! Also, it is extraordinary (that was not an intended pun but actually the word I thought of) that you ask your readers for a nice little visit sharing about themselves! So, hello Diane, I’m Suzi who lives in sunny south FL. My husband and I grew up here and met in high school and we both have salt water running through our veins :-). We have two children and two granluvs. We’ve enjoyed being the hub for four decades to a big extended family. God has blessed us to be able to provide countless get togethers, events and celebrations. For twelve of those years we were a homeschooling family and have always been a family who enjoys the great outdoors, home improvement projects, gardening, boating and junkin’. Our son became a T1 diabetic his first year in college which permanently redirected our family’s path. After graduation he returned home to find employment and have help with his health needs so we downsized our home by a couple of rooms to create an efficiency apt for him. We are active in our church and have many longtime friends. I enjoy painting, sewing, needlework and decorating. Several years back I damaged a nerve resulting in chronic, debilitating pain which slowed many activities and require that I rest in the afternoons for a couple of hours (which I find quite boring) So my husband bought an iPad to entertain me and that is when I discovered Christian decorating/lifestyle blogs and on-line Bible studies! What an enormous blessing they are to me! And that’s how i met you 🙂

  46. Kay Jenne says:

    I would love to feature some of your photos on my blog if that is okay, giving you full credit of course. You are also a preferred blog on my blog. I love connecting with fellow Longaberger collectors and love the way you use your Longaberger, especially the 4th of July decor. Thank you for sharing yourself and photos with all of us.

    • Kay Jenne…thank you for your kind words. You truly blessed me. 🙂
      Yes…you may use some photos…but no more than two per post with attribution, please. I’ll look forward to the “pingbacks” so I can enjoy what you are doing. Please let me know the name of your blog so I can pop by.

      Best wishes for an extraordinary week!

      • Kay Jenne says:

        My blog is Americanbaskethouse.wordpress.com. It features my Longaberger baskets and how I use them. I started it because I was not able to find an active blog using Longaberger. I love baskets, decorating and entertaining . I have been a Longaberger consultant for 16+ years and love when I stumble across a blog like yours with such great photos and recipes. Feel free to stop by, after seeing your photos I will be redoing some of mine. I have trouble getting the right lighting but am happy I can repost from Longaberger’s Pinterest boards and places like yours. Thanks again for sharing.

        • Thanks for your kind words Kay Jenne! I did stop by your blog and left a few words there, too.
          Best wishes for An Extraordinary Day!

  47. Hi, found you through Cozy Little House. I am a retired United Methodist pastor, recently widowed on Good Friday morning and a new quilting enthusiast. I have recently purchased a small cottage type condo and trying to build a new life alone. I live close to the beach in Florida, enjoy simplicity and creating in many forms. I am so excited to visit other areas of your blog for inspiration in my new life.

    • Debbie, welcome to An Extraordinary Day!
      I’m so sorry to learn that you are now walking your journey alone. My sincere sympathies.
      Creating a new life, home, and new hobbies in a beautiful area is a blessing. I pray you find joy through the midst of heartache and blessing in your new beginnings.
      I look forward to getting to know you through your comments here, Debbie. [hugs]

  48. Your coastal vintage window is lovely. The story of your broken arm and the sweet way your father handled it is very touching.

  49. Today I have shared your beautiful daffodil image (with William Wordsworth quote) on my Facebook page.
    I hope it’s OK with you Diane, because a friend and his family have his funeral today, and here in Australia it is the annual Daffodil Day.
    Some 15+ years ago, we held each of our mother’s funerals on this day, one year apart. They each had the family flower arrangement sitting on their coffins – until the moment when each mourner takes a flower to lay down in tribute – and then we had baskets full of long-stemmed daffodils – and the coffins were transformed into that precious symbol of hope and new life – the first flower of Spring, the daffodil.
    Thank you Diane.

    • Christine, my heart hurts for you on this oh-so-difficult day. The loss of your friend and the reliving of such difficult and recent memories of others well-loved…must be overwhelming. Thank you for sharing your story with me and letting me know that I have been privileged in a small way to help you celebrate the life of your friend today.

      Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers. They evoke a ready smile and fill our hearts with joy and hope. May you and yours be warmed with the hope of God and his comfort as you walk through these days of remembrance. [hugs]

  50. I am so happy to be blogging with you and I’ve enjoyed reading.

  51. your photos are SPECTACULAR ♥ I adore EMPOWERING bible verses

  52. Question about Folk Art Clear Wax; Should you stir the wax? I didn’t, and my small project (two vintage wood mushroom salt and pepper shakers) have been drying for four hours and are still not dry. Temp in my house is 72 degrees. Did I maybe apply too thick? Thanks for your help.

    • Maureen, if they aren’t dry yet, go ahead and buff them down, let them dry overnight and then lightly re-apply. I have no idea…you may have applied too thickly as that is so easy to do. Hope everything comes together for you. 🙂

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  54. Dear Dianne,
    I am a teenager from India. Currently pursuing my degree. i found a pin on pinterest.com as to how make a faux love letters box. I found it very interesting. I would like to request if you could make a video of the same and post it on YouTube. It would have been a great help if you could do it. I find it the most appropriate gift to anyone on their special days. I always admire at the creativity you bring in every little things you make. I’d love to hear from you (on my personal id mentioned above).

  55. My dad was from western Pennsylvania. He passed away when I was 10 years old. I am so grateful that my mom, even though we lived in Texas, always kept in contact with his family.
    That area of PA is beautiful!!

    • Darlene… that is a wonderful thing your mom did for you. 🙂 I agree… it is beautiful there… especially in the mountains.
      All the best for an extraordinary day!

  56. Dear Diane,
    I love your varied interests. I was definitely a crafter, and tried everything at least once. Just this year, I decided to set aside crafts and focus on my writing and reading goals. I am VERY happily married to the man I met through match.com. We did not get married early in life, but once we found each other, all signs were GO, and we got married 5 months after we met for the first time. We now have an adorable and talkative 2-year-old girl. Once she masters English, I’m going to start teaching her Japanese, since I grew up as a Baptist missionary kid in Japan. I am REALLY looking forward to the day I can start officially homeschooling our daughter. I’ve been reading to her since she was two weeks old, and she knows the alphabet and numbers 1-10 to read or recite. My parents now live in the next town over, and it’s great for us as a family to share and help and encourage each other. I’m an only child, so my parents have always been my best friends, as well as mentors. That’s about it!

  57. I love ur blog am a devout child of God too and love God with all my heart and soul

  58. Diane, I came across the How to Make Pinecones Pop post and had to look. I stumbled into your your website, blog and extraordinary energy that flows from the positiveness and Godliness. Over the next several days I am learning about loading and launching my website as I want to share the beauty of nature, especially sugar pine cones. I’ve reached a point in my life that it is time for my bucket list so I’m attempting to do all those things I only could briefly touch on throughout my life- i.e., paint rocks, repurpose furniture, painting acorns. The kids are raised, the parents were lovingly cared for and now buried. I need to find me again. Sometimes you come across people, posts or images that shape a project or decision you must make. I feel this was the case here, reminding me of the focus during this exciting time. I’m a born & raised So Cal girl, and now spend my summers in Lake Tahoe, where I hike (for exercise) and collect the sugar pine cones, clean & bake ’em and decorate them. On to the day’s challenge attending to website creation 101. Bless you.

    • Sharon… I am so excited for you and your new life’s chapter. Creating and launching a new website is a challenge I know too well. Pray like crazy and be patient with yourself and you will find success. 🙂 Let me know when you’re launched… I’d love to see your creations.
      Thanks taking the time to leave your kind words today. It’s a pleasure to meet another pine cone lover and collector.
      All the best for an extraordinary day!

  59. Morning Diane, I’m a late 40’s educator from the east coast of Canada. I came across your site while searching the word encouragement. What a joyful and encouraging page you have. I’ve bookmarked it and will be back to visit. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Wendy, I’m delighted that you found this space. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I hope that you can settle in with us here. I’ve been up to St. John’s NB if that counts. What a lovely area… wish I could have spent more time there.

  60. Hi Diane, After you asked if I lived in the GR area, I had to come over and read about you. I’m sorry you’re no longer living in Michigan. We love Lake Michigan and get there quite frequently to see our youngest grandson (almost 5 yrs old). They live south of the city of Grand Haven, on Lakeshore Dr. I also wove baskets and did art shows around the country for almost 10 years. Later, I became a Longaberger consultant and before all of the above, I was a home economics teacher. Whew! I started my blog over 4 years ago as an art blog and this past summer had it reformatted and I’ve changed it to a decorating, diy, lifestyle blog. I’ve been trying to get myself out THERE, but it’s hard work and I’m not getting any younger,but I’m enjoying what I do, regardless.

  61. Diane your blog always speaks to my heart mainly because I too have Jesus first and foremost in my heart. I am single (after 40 of marriage now divorced) I live in Seattle and I too have two felines aka my kids.I love to create also and tablescaping is my best creative outlet.your stories and pics always move me sometimes to tears and I love JOY Day.Because of you I have JOY hanging on my wall so I can enjoy something Joyful everyday.God Bless you sister.Love Susie

    • Sweet Susie… I am so sorry for your major life change but so glad that you have Jesus to hold you and walk with you every day.
      Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. I love that I had a part in adding a little JOY to your world. Sending love and hugs your way!!

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  66. Barbara Mullinax says:

    Hi Duane,
    I found your blog when searching fir DIY Christmas decor. Not only did I find what I was looking for but a sister in Christ as well! How blessed can a woman be? I love the rectangular birch wreath. I live in South Carolina and there are no white birch trees here, or at least I’ve never seen one. I’m just going to use what I can find and spray paint it white. We recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. We have two children, eight grands and two great-grands. Since we’re retired, we’re constantly looking for home projects to keep busy. I love your blog, keep up the good work, especially your work for for Jesus.✝️


    • Spraying your branch white and then rubbing your paint and adding a few black touch judiciously should make for a beautiful faux birch branch look. Great idea Barbara! Congratulations on celebrating your 50th! And best wish for many, many more!! Thanks for you kind words about my blog. You just made my day.
      BTW… We know a Salina Mullinax Wheeler in NC… is Mullinax a common Southern name… or family?
      Wish you a blessed weeekend!

      • Barbara Mullinax says:

        Oops, sorry Diane, I just noticed I called you Duane on my first post – a typo I didn’t catch. We made the rectangular faux birch wreaths and they actually look great. If I make any more I will try rubbing the paint before it dries. We made 12 vine wreaths using wild muscadine vines we found in the woods behind our house. They will go on the 12 windows in our newly built sunroom at Christmas. I’m excited about our DIY decor. Can’t wait for Christmas. Oh, and yes, Mullinax is a relatively common name in our area. It is a French name with several variations in spelling. I know of a few in Ohio and Florida (they must have been the ones who escaped, lol).

        • Oh Barbara, I LOVE how you are making vine wreaths for your sunroom… it sounds perfect!! You know Christmas will be here in a flash. 😉 I’m so glad that your rectangular faux birch wreaths turned out so well. That is really exciting and thank you so much for letting me know, too!! BTW… I have actually made that same typo with my own name. LOL Be blessed!!

  67. Hi,
    I use to work very unsociable hours whilst working for a tourism company abroad. Due to I’ll health followed by a stoke I have now semi retired. I have found your site relaxing and comforting in my hours of loneliness and much pain. Keep up the fresh ideas that you promote, I find them rather fulfilling and encouragingly simple to do and then sit back awhile and take in the final piece of art as an individual trophy.
    I actually live in the UK, and look forward to more of your treasured ideas.
    Kind Regard,

    Mr Chris H..

  68. Rita M. Signore says:

    Hi Joyce!
    How nice of you to invite us to get acquainted with you! I live in Pittsburgh,Pa in the Suburbs. I was 88 years old on December23rd. My husband passed in March this year. We were married 67 years ago! God’s hand was in my life and I became a new creature in Christ! I never would of made it without Him! My new word is : Beginning.
    My son and son-in-law, two daughters are going to build a house for us all to live together! I am excited. We will be in our new place in May,2018 and we choose to stay in Pa.Isn’t God wonderful ! I am excited for our new Beginnings! Looking forward to hearing from you! I will keep you posted! Love, Rita Signore.

    • Thinking of you Rita as we begin this month that marks the remembrance of what I’m guessing might have been the most difficult day of your life. Praying for you to experience God’s comfort in a tangible way.
      I LOVE your word for this year. It sounds like you are looking forward to your new home (not too many months off, now!) and the wonderful beginning in it with your amazing family. What a blessing for you.
      BIG BIG Hugs!!

  69. Do you have an email address? Because I have a journal of the difficulties in my life for the last 8 years. Too long to post on here. Difficulties still continue with no end in sight and prayers still not being answered. I am too afraid to commit suicide. I will let God do that for me one day.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you have been struggling so long. It IS hard to trust God and keep trusting sometimes, but don’t give up. We have gone through great challenges and understand despair, but God has been faithful, even though it was more than we ever thought we could bear. After 9 years, we are in a better place, but several obstacles still remain… yet… we trust. Leaning hard on God is the best place we can be. Praying you find comfort and peace in the Lord.

  70. Hi, I would love to know how you made those adorable wreaths with the buffalo check? Perhaps you sell them?

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