I understand…


Some days you feel overwhelmed the minute you open the door to your home.


You want your home to be that beautiful place of peace you’ve always hoped it would be, but it feels so elusive.


When you look at your Instagram feed or blogs or Pinterest you feel like giving up because everything looks so perfect and you don’t have the time, money, or creativity to change things.


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Hi! I’m Diane.


I believe you can have the confidence to create spaces of peace and beauty in your home, regardless of budget or size, where you love to be.






Even if your home is tiny, you can create the spaces of peace and beauty you crave and I can show you how.


“What you say seems to come from your heart.  You are not trying to impress readers with pictures of a million dollar house or a perfect life without challenges.  You give me things to think about and ideas for change. I am always happier and more at peace after reading your post.” ~Jennifer


Imagine coming home after being away for the day, unlocking your door and walking into a special place YOU created.  A sanctuary filled with beauty and peace for you and those you love. A place where you feel true contentment. Free from having to measure up to some impossible standard.


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When you become a part of the An Extraordinary Day community you will learn the simple secrets to creating a home you’ll fall in love with while finding freedom from the burden of perfection.


Creating a beautiful and peaceful home doesn’t have to be hard.
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Reflection of the bed pillows and mirror in my summer bedroom - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Having my own beautiful new house was a dream come true, but it didn’t fulfill me.

With every move, I still kept striving for some unattainable level of beauty and perfection in my homes.

Unwittingly, I found peace and contentment in a life turned unexpectedly upside down by a huge job loss we weren’t able to recover from no matter how hard we tried. We had no choice but to begin a new life without all our worldly belongings… just an inflatable mattress and a borrowed card table and chairs to outfit a small shabby apartment.

I discovered that I can make a beautiful home with little… there’s freedom in living small… perfection is highly overrated… and I don’t need all the stuff to be fulfilled.

And, I believe even the smallest spaces can give you the peace and beauty you crave.

Please Join Me in My Small Balcony Garden

How to Decorate a Small Space with Christmas Charm

I Love My Cozy and Warm Buffalo Check Christmas Bedroom

How I Brought the Warm Simple Coziness of Hygge to My Small Home


You can create a sweet spot like this in any small patio or deck space you have


You don’t have to feel alone in this journey… we’re in this together.

“Your blog is one to which I am able to relate! When I read your blog I know I will come away having learned something useful! Thanks!”  ~Karen

Join me in the journey of creating HOME. 
A place of beauty and peace without the burden of perfection.
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I look forward to hearing YOUR story and cheering you on! Don’t hesitate to reach me via email or Facebook. I’m here for you and can’t wait for you to create the home you’ve always wanted AND celebrate it with you.  For more encouragement and inspiration, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest, too





  1. Rose Franco says

    I love beauty! I enjoy decor blogs…but I love Jesus more! I found you while blog-hopping. I’m glad I stopped long enough to read about you and discover we love the same things. I stopped trying to impress others years ago and found freedom in being…me! Since my liberation I found I can live a simple life while I strive to follow God’s direction whether it’s on-the-moutaintop or deep-valley walking. I decorate and try to make our house a home of beauty for myself and for my family. But, most of all it is the outward expression of what He has done in me and with my heart. He gave me a new beginning and has lovingly transformed me…..I am forever grateful! I love your blog!!!

    • Diane says

      Oh Rose! Thank you soooo much for sharing *your* story!! I am blessed to have you pop by and hope you’ll return and leave more of your thoughtful insights.
      Thanks too for your kind words about my blog. [smiling] It too is an expression of my heart.

      May you and yours have a JOYful CHRISTmas. 🙂

  2. Lucy Beliveau says

    Dear Diane!
    Having you in my life has increased my joyful experiences tenfold, my friend! Your delightful ideas are always such fun to try and I have had such pleasure adding even more comfort and beauty to my home since I met you. You are lovely, thoughtful and so incredibly considerate! You understand what its like to have lost the moon I once held in my hands. I loved my charming, big ole, comfortable, single family home where there was enough space for everyone and I was so sad to have to sell it. But, the time had come for us to retire and scaling down was a must. It was then God gave me the good fortune of meeting you and you quickly and wisely taught me how to turn an ordinary apartment into a splendid, cozy retreat for me and my dear husband. I had such a wonderful time decorating with your new, delightfully simple ideas and I am forever beholding to you because you taught me the irrefutable importance of changing the way I FELT about my disagreeable situation rather than continually feeling the constant dread of realizing I could not CHANGE it! You were so right; not just about our move but about most everything in life; especially growing old. I am much more patient and understanding now and I have you to thank, Diane. Thank you for your genuine friendship and for your efforts to put out a perfectly charming blog! You are wonderful, Diane!!

    • I’m blushing, Lucy! You are so sweet. I love that God introduced us to each other, too. And I’m so blessed that my posts have truly helped you make this HUGE life change with a little more grace. Isn’t God good to us?

      Thank you for being such a wonderful encourager. It means the world to me, Lucy!!!

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