Day 10


Recently I put together a little luncheon tablescape on my sun porch and wrote about it here.   In the busyness of the week, I left the place setting on the table.  One morning I walked out there and discovered my little Poppy laying right in the middle of the tablescape soaking up the sun.  She relaxed to the point where she was just a little puddle of gray and tan fur. {Day 10} 31 Extraordinary Days | Breathe


In our house, cats generally aren’t allowed up on the counters or the tables.  But, she was definitely in her happy spot, so I let her stay.   And like any good pet owner, I took her picture.  You can see by her slightly opened eyes and the tilt of her ear that she was mildly bothered by the buzz and whir of the camera.


Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!


When we think about being extraordinary, we often think about excelling.  About going above and beyond. Continuously striving, reaching toward perfection.  I have been guilty of all those things.   It’s not always good to be so driven.  Certainly not for one’s health or relationships.  Living life at that extreme is NOT being extraordinary.  I’ve learned the hard way.

If we back off from the striving, we are not giving in to the ordinary.  Quite the contrary.  We are being extraordinary.

Our lives are richer and more meaningful when we take time to breathe.  When we seize the brief but glorious moments in our days, and embrace them, we are experiencing the extraordinary life.

Maybe we are like Poppy and we sit for a few minutes and soak in the sun.  Maybe we meet a friend, whom we rarely see, for coffee at that sweet out-of-the way cafe’.  Or, maybe we take a walk and purposely notice the beauty of the world all around us.

Taking time to breathe…

Nurturing our spirits and our relationships…

That’s being extraordinary.


Any of us can get on the proverbial treadmill of life and strive for excellence without stopping.  But, it is in the stopping that our spirits are refreshed, our creative juices are replenished, and our bodies relax and breathe.



How about it my friend….

Would you like to be like Poppy….a puddle of fur melting in the sunshine?

What little things can you do to breathe each day?

Will you make the time to refresh and renew your body and spirit?



Let’s take a deep breath…
and breathe!



Will you join me each day in October for… | 31 Extraordinary Days | October 2012


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  1. “If we back off from the striving, we are not giving in to the ordinary. Quite the contrary. We are being extraordinary.” and i would add, allowing Him to be extraordinary in us.
    great post.

    • Diane says

      Always Denise. He IS our foundation. We are nothing without HIM!
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. May your day be extraordinary because of HIM!!

  2. Jean says

    Your Poppy looks just like our older cat! This is a nice reminder to slow down and soak up those sunny spots in life.

    • Diane says

      Jean…our Poppy is 13 years old…she lookd and, most of the time, acts like a kitten. Aren’t our feline friends such good company?
      Hope your day is filled with sunshine and moments to breathe.

  3. What an inspiring and wonderful post! I love it!! By the way, be sure to visit my blog tomorrow – you might see a familiar face 🙂 tee-hee!! 😉

  4. Diane says

    Now that’s a tease!!! 😀 See you tomorrow!

  5. Jennifer {StudioJRU} says

    “Our lives are richer and more meaningful when we take time to breathe.” Oh yes! A reminder I need daily. Thank you!

    • Diane says

      Jennifer….Even though I wrote this….I need the reminder too!
      May your day be extraordinary in every way!

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