Day 9 | Day 9 {31 Extraordinary Days} Fall Fluffing


Wow!  I can’t believe that I am already nine whole days into 31 Extraordinary Days!  Are you having fun wondering what I’ll have up my sleeve every day?  Me too.  😀


Whatever in the world is Fall Fluffing?

It’s my term for taking what we have and making it a bit more, well….extraordinary.  Kind of like when you walk over to the sofa after guests leave and pick up the pillows and fluff them….nestle them against the sofa back…just right…and smile.  Fluffing.

Recently I acquired a buffet or sideboard.  Is it the same thing?  Does anyone know?  Anyhow….I’ve never had a sideboard or buffet and I’m having fun experimenting with decorating the top of it.  Lots of fun. - Day 9 {31 Extraordinary Days} Fall Fluffing


Before Fall arrived, I started out with a silvery theme: a pair of pewter candlesticks I gave my mom a long time ago, a pair of silverplate candlesticks and sugar bowl my parents received as a wedding gift, another pair of glass candlesticks which were passed down from my grandparents, and a mercury glass pedestal plate my dear friend gave me for Christmas.  And… just so things were juxtaposed a bit….I placed a strip of burlap I cut from a coffee bag, complete with black stamped numbers, to serve as the foundation of all this goodness.

As the pages turned on the calender, I changed things up a bit.  Well maybe more than a bit.  I thought it might be fun for you to see the progression of change from sea glass on the pedestal…  {31 Extraordinary Days} Fall Fluffing with Branches of Leaves


to a branch of fall leaves… {31 Extraordinary Days} Fall Fluffing with Pinecones


to a pair of pinecones… |  Day 9 {31 Extraordinary Days} Fall Fluffing Pinecones in the candlesticks


and then some more pinecones… - Day 9 {31 Extraordinary Days} Fall Fluffing with Pinecones & Mason Jars


to the very old blue Mason jars I love… - Day 9 {31 Extraordinary Days} Fall Fluffing with Pinecones & Mason Jars


and finally,  the addition of an old needlework picture my mom made.


Living an extraordinary life is about experimenting.  It’s not about pressuring ourselves to create the perfect sideboard vignette.  But to have fun, seeing how different pieces with their shapes and textures play against one another and create a pleasing combination.  It’s about creating a sanctuary of beauty for our families.   And it’s about enjoying and remembering the people in our lives today, or those who loved on us in the past, by incorporating a few of “their” things in our everyday vignettes.


Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!


So tell me…which vignette was your favorite?

What lovelies with memories have you added to your decor?

And….what’s the difference between a buffet and a sideboard?



Will you join me each day in October for… | 31 Extraordinary Days | October 2012


Have fun fluffing!



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  1. oh my, i love each of them!
    but the last was the sweetest kiss of all
    …very, very fluffy;)
    yours is a beautiful heart.

    • Diane says

      Jennifer, your words are such sweet encouragement. I almost didn’t write this post and share these photos… Second guessing myself and doubting that anyone would think they were worthy of their time. {hugs} Jennifer!!!

  2. Lavender Cottage says

    Fluffing has been in my vocabulary for quite some time and when done, does make a home look more presentable.
    I can’t decide which design I like best on your new sideboard, I am partial to the blue mason jars though. After looking them all over again, I like the last photo and maybe because of the artwork added that your mom made. (and the jars)

    • Diane says

      What is it about blue mason jars that makes our hearts sing?
      Happy Fall Fluffing!

  3. Rochelle VanDam says

    As usual you showed the bloggers your heart and all the things you enjoyed doing. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with in the next few days!!

    • Diane says

      You are the best encourager ever!! My thank you isn’t big enough. {hugs}

  4. what lovely ideas. i like the jars setting.

    • Diane says

      Awww….thanks! My friend also mentioned she like the vignettes with jars…maybe it’s the color? We couldn’t decide.

  5. Diane,
    The last fall vignette is perfect! Everything complements and surprises . It is a treat to come home to bits of beauty. I am curious about the large blue mason jar…. since blue mason jars are also a part of my fall fluffing :)… is it burlap or string around the jar. and the sweet flower is that felt or burlap. I am into a bit of a flower making stage here and curious minds just might want to add a flower or two to my mason jars : ) Thank you. Janita

    • Diane says

      Thank you Janita! Here’s a link to a previous post where those jars first made their appearance: I think you will be able to see them just a little bit better there But, to quickly answer..the large jar has a strip of burlap pinned around it and the flower that is attached is made of felt, also pinned in place. Sooo easy to do. Let me know you fluff your jars too!

  6. I do change my decorations throughout September thru November but not in the same way you do. When fall goes out I put out fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. As Halloween passes I put that away and move the other a round a little. Much easier process! I love the house full of festive decorations! Dianntha

    • Diane says

      Dianntha…I have never thought to decorate that way.
      You know…that’s efficient….and lovely as well.
      I’m so glad we aren’t all alike and we can learn from each other. 🙂
      Blessings, my friend!

  7. I like them all, but my favorites would be #2- then #3 then #4!

    • Diane says

      Thanks for taking the time to share your favorites, Liz!! You probably have guessed my favorite….it’s the first one, which is actually also #2 or #3 depending upon whether or not you count the title photo. 😉
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!


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