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Getting together with friends is one of the most challenging things about long distance moves.

Living five to nine hours away from each other means we stay connected via Facebook, email, and of course, by phone.

But, there’s nothing better than being face-to-face, is there?


Love You More Home Decor Vignette at Canterbury Cottage ::


Recently I was able to spend some time with a dear long-time friend.

After getting into town, I joined her and her family for breakfast.  After a delicious breakfast of baked stuffed raisin bread french toast, we covered three coastal towns and visited some of her favorite thrift shops, enjoyed lunch at a sidewalk cafe, and finished off our day with supper from our favorite orchard’s downtown pie shop.

But, before we had pie for supper (Yes we did!) in downtown Holland, Michigan, my friend was excited to show me a shop she adores, Canterbury Cottage.


Room Display at Canterbury Cottage Home Decor ::


Now I need to tell you that home decor stores are our absolute favorite places to browse and shop.  You won’t find us shopping for clothes together unless it’s a must.  Home decor shops are an entirely different story.   We can’t get enough.


Vintage Style Glass Cabinet  at Canterbury Cottage ::


When we walked in the door of Canterbury Cottage, my friend said, “You should share this place on your blog.”

What a great idea!

There’s always a camera in my binocular basket turned purse, so I asked if I could snap some photos and you already know the answer. 🙂


Better than Pinterest Home Decor


Service-oriented home decor stores are the best.   They are a great place not only for inspiration and ideas, and of course products for our homes, but they are also a great place to get decorating advice.

Most of us are not entirely confident in our home decorating.  Often we think we know what we like, but it can be challenging to pull it off.  That’s where a good home decor shop comes into the picture.  There we find people who can help us take what we see online, on Pinterest, and in magazines, and help us create a look we like for our homes.


Better than Pinterest :: Industrial Trolley Coffee Table at Canterbury Cottage ::


As beautiful as the vignettes or rooms are in the store, online, or in magazines, duplicating those spaces will not make us or our homes happier.


Better than Pinterest  Home Decor Ideas


Life isn’t about creating picture perfect looks.

Maxing out our credit cards, or draining the checkbook to get a look we think we need will in fact cause us to dislike the very thing we thought would bring us happiness.


Thoughts on Home Decor.


The goal of home decor should be to create a warm and comforting sanctuary for ourselves, our family members, and guests.

When we know our goal, it changes everything.


Better than Pinterest ::  Philosophy of Home Decor.


Sure we may still peruse Pinterest and blogs and magazines.  I sure do!  But our motives are different.

When we concentrate on the people who will be living in our spaces, we can more easily step away from being concerned about how our decor will measure up, and more towards creating spaces that bless.


Vintage Camera and Film Display at Canterbury Cottage ::


I know many women love decorating their homes and do it naturally and with a certain ease.  Others of us struggle, second-guessing every decision, a hundred times over.


Wrought Iron Lamp and Floral Wall Basket at Canterbury Cottage ::


If you have a favorite shop, like Canterbury Cottage, develop a relationship with the staff there.  And, take your time dressing your home, creating a new look, or giving rooms seasonal face lifts.

You’ve heard it said, “time is our friend.”

By allowing your spaces to evolve, and by getting to know a shop’s staff,  you will be in the home decor sweet spot.  And you will then be kept up to date with what’s new, both in product and design.  Plus, they will buy with you in mind when they make their buying trips and decisions.  Plus you won’t feel so alone in your decision-making.


Coffee Table Tray Vignette at Canterbury Cottage ::


I was impressed to learn that the owner of Canterbury Cottage designs the amazing wreaths and floral arrangements you see here.

A few well-placed faux arrangements, that are different from the norm, can be a great investment in bringing life to a room or setting the tone for a new season.  How much better is it when we get to know the person who creates that bit of loveliness for our homes.


Home Decor at Canterbury Cottage ::


Sometimes we spend so much time out-of-doors in the summer we forget about the comfort of our home.  Now might be the time to start to get things updated for that change of season which will be here before we know it.

  • Have you found some inspiration here to freshen up one of your rooms?
  • Are you loving what you’re seeing?
  • I can’t wait to hear what caught your eye?
  • What’s the one thing about your home decor that you most enjoy.  What scares you?
  • This blog travels the world….but, if you live in Holland….let me know that too.


Have you heard?

There’s a new home decorating book that’s in the number one spot on Amazon.

The Nesting Place :: It Doesn't have to be Perfect to be Beautiful
I’ve been reading rave reviews and I can’t wait to put my hands on Myquillyn (The Nester) Smith‘s new book… The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful.   It’s pure down-to-earth decorating inspiration.


Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.

Here’s to better than Pinterest home decor!

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  1. “Better than Pinterest.” I love that! What a beautiful shop, and I know you especially enjoyed perusing it with your friend! I haven’t been to Holland, MI in 16 years; this makes me want to go back!

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

    • Diane says

      Richella, Holland has a charming downtown and it was so fun to see it with my dear sweet friend. I’m sorry Michigan isn’t a day trip for you. It really is a special place in the summer, hope you get the chance to visit sometime soon.

      Best wishes for an extraordinary week!

  2. Kim says

    What a stunning shop, thank you so much for sharing, Diane! I am hooked. I think that I could get myself in a lot of shopping trouble there! I really do wish I lived closer though…I would like the have the chance to poke around!

  3. Sheryl says

    LOVE your blog this a.m. Visit Holland often as our daughter and family live there. Can’t say I have been to Canterberry Cottage-is it on main street downtown. Sometimes you can be so close to a great shop and miss it. I too have a friend that we do antique and housewares shopping. We also do challenges at times which makes us dig hard for a “find”. (example-find something with your name on it, or initials..something French and so on.~LOVE these days when we score:)). I have read and returned to The Nesting Place a few times this summer as I am also trying to reduce some of the clutter in my home. thanks for sharing

  4. Fabulous shop! Lovely photos. Great idea to share them on your blog… 🙂

  5. What a charming shop to visit, and so many fun decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  6. I love shopping in home decor stores too and I can spend all day just looking around. I’m constantly changing my style, so it’s kind of hard for me to stick to just one look. I saw a lot of things in your pictures that I love.

  7. The VERY first thing I noticed in the 1st photo was how the shop looked as if perhaps you were walking in the door of someone’s home. Not “shop-y” at all. Very welcoming with the living room vignette set up right as you come in. THAT’S the way to get people in the door and get them moving throughout!!! I love so many of the pieces and vignettes set up in this shop. Very nice!!! I got a couple of ideas for decorating here at home just by taking this virtual tour!

    I had a shop here in our little downtown that I liked, but it closed this past Spring. There is another a little further over into town that is very welcoming and chock full of fantastic ideas that I like, too. We don’t spend a lot of time outdoors in summer (too hot & humid for me!), so I’m always having to figure out ways to make the indoors just as much fun sans the heat! I love the opportunity for constant change in our home. HATE the living room furniture (sofa to be exact) and wish I could just throw it out the window!

    This was a neat post, Diane! Thanks for sharing, and have a great week!

  8. Mel says

    You’re right–I spend so much time outdoors in the summer that I don’t look twice to the indoors. It’s a good time to sit on the patio and just BE, but I could multi task with the tablet! LOL Not quite the same…but….. What caught my eye was the ‘love you more’ canvas that was sprinkled in rooms here and there. I don’t think you can say that often enough……why limit yourself to one when you could have multiple sizes here and there. THAT’S the idea I’m taking away from this one. Oh, and what a lovely way to spend the afternoon. And how gracious to allow photos! (some places don’t you know!) It’s a great place that I could spend hours in (which could prove to be dangerous! LOL)
    Yup–gonna look for or ask the sister to create some canvas prints. She’s such a creative soul. And I can blame you for the project. LOLOL 😉

  9. Cindy says

    I love this shop! I would be there for days browsing! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. Linda says

    What a fun store!! I would love to visit but I’m far away in Connecticut, the little tiny state. 🙂 But Rhode Island is smaller… just came back from the Rhode Island coast, too. Big waves. Have fun. Linda Crafts a la Mode

  11. Cindy says

    Such a wonderful shop! So much inspiration, the decor is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…

  12. Bobbi says

    Too bad I don’t live in Michigan…love that store! So many cute things that were my style. Definitely better than pinterest.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Diane says

      You just might need to make a trip Bobbi!!
      It’s just a few miles from Lake Michigan and white sandy beaches. I hear the waves calling your name! 😉

      Best wishes for an extraordinary day!

  13. Thanks for sharing this charming shop with all of us.


  14. What a lovely shop. My hubby is from the UP and we hope to retire in Traverse City. A trip to Holland and to this shop is now on my to do list. I am happy you enjoyed the company of a good friend while you explored this wonderful shop. xo

  15. Beautiful place and nice photography!

    • Diane says

      Thanks Tina! It’s truly a home shopping treat!
      Best wishes for an extraordinary day!

  16. What a fun store. I feel like kicking off my shoes and relaxing in a chair for a while! So inviting….. 🙂
    xox, Crystelle

  17. Kathy says

    This is truly a lovely shop – so glad you had a wonderful time with your friend – I will be featuring your post in this week’s Home and Garden Thursday,

  18. Nici says

    So many beautiful things in one place! I can see why it’s your friend’s favorite! Love that you were able to spend some fun friend time together. Thanks for sharing with us at the Creative Ways Link Party! Hope to see you again soon!

  19. Oh what a beautiful store, and a fun place to visit. If I’m ever down that way I’ll have to stop in. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  20. You two sound like me and my friends. It’s home décor all the way! Forget the clothes. lol! Lots of pretties here. I love hound’s-tooth, so that b&w chair caught my eye! Glad you could spend time together. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. What a fabulous shop! I love all the accessories but was really drawn to the vintage cameras. I’ve never mastered the art of decorating shelves and tables, the perfect placement of a collection of items that all look good together. When I try, it looks like I just got home fro the store and piled all my purchases in one spot… Visiting from SITS Sharefest.

  22. Oh I loved everything! So much eye candy and inspiration to see. It was so great to see all the decor look special but not so fancy you didn’t want to sit down.

    Pinning! Thanks so much for sharing on Show-Licious!
    ~ Ashley

    • Diane says

      Awww…thanks so much Ashley. 🙂 Isn’t it fun to find special places like this?

  23. Kim says

    Diane, I was out of town when you published this post, and I just found it! Thanks for all this lovely inspiration. Visiting these types of shops inspires me so! I always see things that give me ideas of how to transform something I currently have or just use it in a different way. We all could stand to be a little more efficient with things we have in our homes now rather than collecting more! 🙂

    • Diane says

      Oh Kim, I agree, we need new eyes to see the things we already have and enjoy using them or recreating them in new and fresh ways.
      Happy Sunday!

  24. Diane, it’s me again your fellow Longaberger blogger. This just reminded me of the Bee with my best friend, Cindy. We cannot get enough of these type shops and eating in quaint restaurants. It’s all about the food and shops. She doesn’t like antique stores, her only downfall I guess:) My question of the day is, what little camera, make and model, do you use for your blog pics. I bought a new DSL but still have a hard time and would like something smaller. Thanks for sharing.

    • Diane says

      You are so sweet Kay!! 🙂
      My little camera is a Nikon. I’ve had it for 6 years. There is an updated version of it available. If you look over on my sidebar… it’s in an Amazon ad at the very bottom right on the blog. Hope that helps. I love the small size and it takes excellent photos. Let me know if you have any questions.

  25. What a beautiful shop, made even better by the chance to shop with your close friend. I have a shop like that that I love in my area but it is a mix of new and used furniture and home decor so there are some really great buys to be had! Like you, I’d rather shop for home decor than clothes any day.
    Thanks for sharing and blessings to you,

    • I’m so glad you have a spot that you love too. Yours sounds like a treasure trove… maybe even a place to get into lots of trouble. 😉
      We are alike in many ways… I too would rather skip clothes shopping for home decor. [[hugs]]

  26. Maha says

    Most of us are not entirely confident in our home decorating. Often we think we know what we like, but it can be challenging to pull it off. That’s where a good home decor shop comes into the picture. There we find people who can help us take what we see online, on Pinterest, and in magazines, and help us create a look we like for our homes.

    • Maha, you are absolutely right and I love how you said it so perfectly!!
      Thanks for popping by! Hope your day is truly extraordinary!


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