How to Decorate for Fall in 4 Easy Steps | Not sure how to decorate for fall? I've put together four easy steps for transforming your home into a place of serene comfort. A place where you can cozy in on those cool blustery days, a place that warmly welcomes family and guests, a place where you can breathe and relax. A place that's your sanctuary from the world.| Fall Home Decor


Who flipped the switch?

Every morning I’m up by 6 am… starting the day’s race in the kitchen by making lunch and breakfast.

It’s early… but the only light I turn on is over the kitchen sink.  It’s plenty of light.

Or at least it WAS!

What happened?

Fall doesn’t officially arrive until September 27th.


Fall arrived… with her entourage of heavy gray clouds, cool temperatures, brisk wind, dark early mornings, and early sunsets.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you no doubt know my thoughts.

Several gals overwhelmingly responded that they are so ready for a change…

So ready to be done with hot weather.

So ready for crisp air and cozy throws and every one of Fall’s delights.

And a fresh look around the house!

 How to decorated for fall in 4 easy stepsVibeke Design


There’s no need to jump in the car and run to the store to shop the “it’s fall” department.  

Instead, I’ve put together some easy steps for transforming your home into a place of serene comfort.  A place where you can cozy in on those cool blustery days, a place that warmly welcomes family and guests, a place where you can breathe and relax.  A place that’s your sanctuary from the world.

Sound great?  Let’s begin…


madrid-home - - fall decorating feature at anextraordinaryday.netElmueble


How to Decorate for Fall in 4 Easy Steps:


First.  Take a large basket and scoop up all the things that say, “summer!”  It’s time to put away the seashells and the daisies.  Look around your space and take out anything that makes your room feel summery, cluttered, or busy.

Two.  Step back and look at your blank decor canvas.   What do you like… JUST the way it is?  Maybe in the past, you always had that space filled.  Maybe now that bit of space just needs to breathe.  Sometimes we end up cluttering our spaces with lovely decor.  Less IS more.  Now, give your space one more look.  Is there something else that can be put away?

Three.  Assess your room’s temperature.  What areas are asking for you to give them a little color, warmth, or texture punch?  Gently add a few colors of fall to your decor.  Give your room warmth with glorious dusky greens, rusty reds, deep garnet reds, golden wheat, gilded golds, burnt or blush oranges, bronzes, rich browns, and creamy ivory.  If your decorating palette is normally on the cool side, the addition of wood, natural leaves, and a touch of the aforementioned colors will give your space some coziness and warmth.

Four. Use nature’s elements to give life and visual interest to your room.  Fresh flowers are always great… but choosing nature’s elements that have been preserved, bronzed, embroidered, or printed in fabrics is wonderful too.


Fall at the Inspired RoomThe Inspired Room


Pick a few of these tips to give your home decor the perfect touch of fall: 
  • Make a simple stack of books in any combination of fall colors, or cover some with kraft paper, or scrapbooking paper.
  • Include a piece of pottery or a vase or two in a lovely shade of fall for a bright spot in your room.
  • Decorate or organize with the addition of warm brown or rich brown baskets.
  • Add something fun you’ve spray painted bronze or gold – just for fun.
  • Visit the feed store and purchase some gauzy burlap for a no sew table runner for your coffee table.
  • Beautiful glowing lanterns and candles in yummy scents and luscious tones add homey ambiance.
  • Add something vintage or worn or chippy to give a well-loved and aged look to your decor, so in keeping with the fall season.
  • Create a vignette on your coffee table.  Keep it simple.  A collection of old brown bottles on a silver tray, a bowl of pine cones, and a stack of books is visually interesting.
  • Pillows and more pillows bring color and coziness.  I love the idea of pillow covers so that storage isn’t an issue.  Keep in mind texture, too.
  • Consider adding a few plates in fall colors on plate stands for color.  Or hang a collection on the wall instead of your standard painting.
  • Change out your artwork.  For years I had a beautiful beach scene in my entry way that I pulled out and replaced with a mirror.  Mirrors are wonderful for the fall as they reflect light and make spaces feel brighter.
  • Area rugs ground your space and can add just the right touch of color or textural contrast while pulling your room together.
  • A comfy warm throw not only is fabulous for cuddling up with in the evening when it gets chilly, but it adds warmth and color and texture to your space.


Cozy Throws and Lanterns for FallLiving


These are a few ideas to stimulate your creativity.

Most of these items are staples of your decor, albeit seasonal staples.  You may need to pick up a few new “staples,”  but you’ll be able to use them over and over again in different ways.  Just think of all the warmth and color and feeling of fall you get without ever picking up a pumpkin.


brown and white transferware soup tureen with a candle and nutsBHG


Now, having said that, I do embrace pumpkins and gourds and fall leaves and nuts and pine cones.  They are like the earrings or necklace to an outfit.  The little bit of glitz that makes your outfit sparkle.

Turn on your creativity.  Don’t hesitate to add some unexpected whimsy to your decor.  Something old and cast off can be just the touch needed.


How to decorate for FALL | Neutral room with sage and blush orange accents says FALL!BHG


This lovely space shows a simple way to transform your room from summer to fall.  
  • Notice the green pillows pick up the green in the lamps along with a few green books on the shelves.
  • The blush orange pillows replicate the color in the flowers, pottery and books in the bookcase, and in the area rug.
  • Baskets provide great texture, earthiness, and color.
  • There are small pops of yellow and golds scattered around too.
  • And the area rug pulls the room together.

You definitely get that autumn feeling
and there are no pumpkins or gourds, yet!  As the leaves drop from the trees, you’ll want to add more “jewelry” to your rooms and the addition of pumpkins and gourds and such in October will help you sail through Thanksgiving with the perfect seasonally decorated home.


Dear Lillie side table decorated for fallDear Lillie


So, tell me….

Do you decorate for fall?  If so, when do you start?

What is it that makes your home feel fallish and fun?


I hope you’ve been inspired to decorate for fall with these 4 easy steps.

Thanks for stopping by today… I can’t wait to hear your lovely thoughts!

Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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  1. I love the post…puts me in the mood to go find some acorns and pinecones, but I guess it’s still a little early for that, huh? I’m bookmarking this for later in the month!

    • Diane says

      Oh Michelle….if you want to put out acorns and pinecones…..go for it!!!! Sometimes we have to pull things together when we’re feeling inspired. And thank you!!!! 😀

  2. BETTY Brown says

    Diane,I do decorate for fall,even tho I’m still settling in from moving.I’m trying to wait till next month in hopes that Michael will be with his family in their own home.Fall is my favorite time of year and I felt energy today that I’ve not felt.:)

    • Betty… I am so excited for you to have renewed energy today!! Yay God!!!!!!
      I know sharing this post is a little ahead of schedule as most of us change up in September… but thought it would be good to help the transition of seasons. When you can… update me on your son. [[hugs]]

  3. We are on the same page! I packed away my beachy summer things last week. I’ve really simplified my decorating so only put out some rustic vintage buckets, bowls etc. and filled with natural things. I just bought some pillow covers on eBay and put them on my existing pillows, added a few fall throws, candles with just a few pops of color here and there. Love the less cluttered look! Thanks for so many inspiring ideas!

    • Your decor sounds perfect! I’m so glad you were inspired (albeit after the fact). Rustic items are so perfectly fall.
      Happy Fall, Lauren!!


  1. […] How to Decorate for Fall in 4 Easy Steps […]

  2. […] How to Decorate for Fall in 4 Easy Steps […]

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