Today we’re making another stop at my friend’s home to see her lovely living room dressed for fall.

Earlier in the season I showed you her jewel-toned dining room, her stunning entryway, and I showed off my book page pumpkins on her screen porch.


A pretty mantel vignette and tips for dressing a living room for fall.


This past weekend I was at her home and finally the sun came out so I could get some good shots of her living room.   In between a trip to the farmers’ market and breezing out for a stop at the hob lob, I grabbed my camera and shot a few photos.  I didn’t take a lot of photos… this is pretty much everything.  This was not a photo shoot by any means.  There was no adjusting or tweaking.   Rochelle has an amazing eye for decor and I’m so glad I get to share it with you here.


A striking mantel and tips for dressing a living room for fall.


Tips for Dressing a Living Room for Fall


The fireplace and mantel are stunning in their simplicity.

One thing Rochelle has done so well is repeat a theme.  Leaves.

It’s helpful that her fireplace screen is festooned with copper leaves.  But here, it goes from being an accent in the room to being the anchor piece that sets the theme.

You’ll notice the huge leaf bowl on the vintage coffee table.  As a singular piece it makes a dramatic statement and echos the theme well.  It’s also a great way to store a large piece that will be used for entertaining later.


A mantel vignette and tips for dressing a living room for fall.


The orange candles (in the first photo) punctuate the warm tarnish of the plate and the two matching orange jardinieres on the mantel.  The jardinieres also have leaf designs and serve to bring a bright warm seasonal tone into the living room which Rochelle painted in Benjamin Moore’s raisin plum.  (The color here is a bit rusty… the sunshine warmed it considerably.)  The treasure box also has a leaf design and more warm fall colors.   Together these repeat the warm tones of the copper leaves in the fireplace screen.

Rochelle has beautifully used a mix of metals in the room.  It’s interesting how polished silver, slightly tarnishing silver, and very tarnished silver and brass, along with the copper leaves, give the room an additional warmth, with their lightly reflective qualities.


Tips for dressing a living room for fall.


The sun was shining brightly on Saturday.  I didn’t have the heart to scooch kitty from her sun spot.

Again, the leaf theme has been repeated on the sofa pillows in such lovely warm colors.  On the credenza against the wall, there is a tall amber vase glowing in the sun with some lovely sunflowers.  The warmth of those colors give the room additional warmth and are eye-catching as well.


A sweetly styled side table and tips for dressing a living room for fall.


Rochelle  has such an easy touch with adding metallics into her living room.  She painted the top of her vintage hex table and accented it with Martha Stewart gold paint.   Notice the mirror with the fruit frame is also a burnished metallic.


A majolica basket filled with faux leaves and tips for dressing a living room for fall.


I love the vintage green cloche and the majolica pot filled with faux leaves.  Again… the leaf theme continues.


Tips for dressing a living room for fall and a lovely styled end table vignette.


A decorated side table and tips for dressing a living room for fall.


This vintage round side table has a splash of orange to repeat the candles and jardinieres on the mantel as well as a leaf plate which is a nod to the large leaf dish on the coffee table.


A beautifully decorated living room and tips for dressing a living room for fall.


All the accessories are added with a light touch and carefully chosen for repetition of color, theme, and finish.

Don’t you agree?  Rochelle’s living room sings fall in a most delightful way.


I hope you picked up a few tips for dressing a living room for fall. 

What caught your eye?
What look do you want to duplicate?


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  1. Shirlene says

    Very pretty home and awesome photography!

    • Diane says

      Awww…you are so sweet!
      Thank you Shirlene! 🙂

  2. Beautiful room and I love her pops of Fall leaves! Can you ask her what brand and color are her walls? In some shots it looks maroon and others it looks russet. I really like it alot!

    • Diane says

      Thanks so much Pinky! She has great taste and flair for sure!
      Her paint color is Benjamin Moore, Plum Raisin. It is a deep rich color as the name suggests not russet which the camera picked up because of the bright sun.
      Hope your week is off to an extraordinary start, Pinky!

  3. Thank you for the tips,they will be useful. Have a nice day.

  4. beth treaster says

    Beautiful! Idea I’ve not used before…2 pairs of different candlesticks flanking the focal point of a vignette…have done a pair on one side, and a lone candlestick of different design on other side…must try using 2 pair. Also noticed the candles in each pair were different. Though I don’t generally like everything matching, I would typically use the same color candles…but that worked on this mantle.

    • Diane says

      Thank you Beth! The candles work because, even though they are different color candles and different metals in the holders, they still are repetition of the same element which creates a kind of symmetry for the eye. I think it also works because the orange jardeniers provide a singular symmetrical element which ties both sides of the mantelscape together well. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful remarks.
      Best wishes for an extraordinary day!

  5. Gorgeous room! Love the simplicity of the mantel.
    Have a great week.

  6. Mila says

    Super cozy- I love it!

  7. Jann Olson says

    Your friend has some very unusual and beautiful leaf items. She has decorated everything so tastefully! Thanks for sharing her mantle with SYC.

    • Diane says

      Jann…she has a great eye for the unusual and an overall great eye for arrangement.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful remarks!
      Hope your day is extraordinary!

  8. Mel says

    Wow….now there’s a cozy room just awaitng a good friend and a cuppa coffee.
    I like there’s no television to be seen. LOL…seriously, maybe it’s to the left or hidden behind the firescreen. But I like that it’s not the focal point, wherever it is. And of course, I adore the cage with the wee pumpkins! 🙂

    • Diane says

      It is cozy, Mel. 🙂 We’d have a great chat there, I know!!!
      The TV is in another room. 😉
      I agree…the cage of pumpkins is sooo cute.
      Hope your day is extraordinary!

  9. Looks beautiful Diane!

  10. Kim says

    Your friend’s home is beautifully decorated for Fall. The leaves add a colorful and natural feel. I really enjoy these posts, Diane. It’s always nice to see and appreciate the ways other women decorate their homes.

    • Diane says

      Thanks Kim! I know she’ll appreciate your kind words so much. She is really gifted in home decor. You’d have so much fun with us.
      Good to see you… I’m so sorry I haven’t taken time to say “hi” lately. Keeping you in my prayers. [hugs]

  11. Beautiful and such great tips and ideas. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  12. Hi Diane, stopping by from Deborah’s sweet post of your meeting for lunch. So nice to meet you and enjoyed your post and blog. Great tips and gorgeous room.

    • Diane says

      Celestina Marie, thank you for popping by to introduce yourself and for you warm remarks.
      It really was a pleasure to finally meet Deborah. She truly is a wonderful woman.
      Best wishes for an extraordinary November!

  13. Carol says

    Oh, Diane, your friend did such an extraordinary job of decorating. She has truly made it look like everything was just effortlessly placed here and there, but we all know each item was placed purposefully in just the right spot. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Diane says

      Carol, thank you so much for you warm thoughts. Yes… everything is purposely placed, but she does it so easily and so well.
      Thanks for popping by! Hope your November is off to an extraordinary start!

  14. Such a pretty room…I love your mantel display!!

    • Diane says

      I love my friend’s mantel, too! So simple and elegant and so well put together. That’s why I HAD to share it with you!
      Thanks for popping by! Hope your week is off to an extraordinary start!

  15. Betty Brown says

    What stands out to me are the wall colors.Love the rich colors and the thing I would duplicate in my home is the way she accessorize the room.It is so warm and inviting.

    • I agree Betty… the room has a wonderful warmth about it and the wall color is so very rich.
      Hope you’re having fun decorating your new home. 😉


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