Raise your hand if you saw a beautiful photo on Pinterest and just had to make it?

Keep your hand up if you actually went through with the project.

Hold your hand high if that Pinteresting project was an epic craft fail! 

You are in good company.


Heather Mann even wrote the book on it…

Reviewing the book, CraftFail, when homemade goes horribly wrong by Heather Mann.


When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong 

It’s a humorous compendium of real-life attempts to re-create the inspiring images seen on the internet or elsewhere.

I shared the book with my friend and she laughed all the way through it.

Most of us will relate to miss-reading instructions, skipping the instructions completely, or discovering there’s a missing ingredient in the recipe or tutorial resulting in a hot mess.

It’s a fun coffee table book or gift for a crafting buddy.  One that will get picked up often.

Author of the humorous book CraftFail, Heather Mann.



Heather Mann, the founder of CraftFail.com and DollarStoreCrafts.com, has been crafting with middling success all her life, but blogging expertly since 2000. She is also cofounder of The Blueprint Social, a social media consulting company and network of influential bloggers, and co-host of the web show Get a Little Creative. She lives and crafts in Salem, Oregon.



Today I’m giving away a copy of CraftFail for those of you
who love crafting and can identify with the occasional fail.
All you need to do is share your biggest or latest craft fail in the comments below.
A winner will be selected next Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 9 PM EST.
(Edited: U.S. Addresses Only.)


Reviewing the book, CraftFail, when homemade goes horribly wrong by Heather Mann.

Get ahead on your gift-giving…
Purchase your copy of CraftFail through my Amazon Affiliate link* today!

  ~~ I received an advance copy of CraftFail to review.  All views and opinions are my own. ~~

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  1. Auntiepatch says

    I’ve ripped out many a seam while sewing clothes AND re-beaded necklaces and bracelets that JUST didn’t look right. Thanks for asking…….

  2. Homemade chalk paint. Painful memories of blotchy clumps and furniture re-dos that went awry!

  3. End of tenancy cleaning Sidcup says

    I really enjoy watching crafts fails on internet and that book is awesome!
    My personal DIY fail is whan I desided to make one kind of friendship bracelets and after hours of hard work they just didn’t look right.

  4. This book looks like it was taken directly from my life…Hoping to get to win it. One of my more recent craft fails was an attempt at making those pretty coastal ornaments with modge podge, food coloring and glass balls… I put them in the oven the same time I was doing jars with chalkboard paint and the heat was higher than recommended….I know…Clearly there is a reason they recommend very low heat. The stuff dried on the inside all clumpy and goofy…I am actually planning a blog post on it soon…

  5. End of tenancy cleaning Ilford says

    Sounds like interesting book. I should read it 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  6. There have been many, but the one that haunts me is crochet. I can not figure out where the hook goes… such a failing…my mom and both sisters excelled at this craft. I could not, in all conscience, even send my “scarf” to Goodwill. Nothing helped me to “see” what I needed to do. I could not even unravel it so the yarn was not saved!

    I learned how to “fix” – “redesign” mis-stitched cross stitch and needlepoint and then there was the quilt – the totally finished gift – when I saw the block turned the wrong way – I appliqued a lot of butterflies across that area…
    This confession is too painful…I’ll just stop now 😉

    • Diane says

      Oh my friend….I know that feeling…of trying so hard to be perfect and then realizing…it just isn’t. I’ve had to work hard at NOT picking up the proverbial baseball bat and whacking myself for my “failure.” What I love…is that you have not just attempted the craft… you’ve worked it and put your heart into your handwork. There is so much beauty in that, Elaine. And there is beauty in imperfection, too. That’s a lesson that I’m still learning… over and over again. Thanks for popping by Elaine and for sharing you heart! [hugs]

  7. Mel says

    Ohhh….is this where I humble myself with the tale of my attempt to put paper flowers on a tree branch that turned out looking like a fungus infested piece of wood? LOL. Nahhh….I’ll keep that AND the fact that it was your pretty branch that I was trying to replicate!! I adore honest spouses….show ’em pretty pictures and watch their faces tell you yours doesn’t quite match. LOL. AH well…it was good fun busting up the branch for firewood. LOL!!

    • Diane says

      NO!! I can’t stand it! Oh how I wish your branch would have turned out pretty too. 🙁 That makes me sad.
      I agree… a truthful spouse can be a good reality check. Sometimes I need him to help me not throw everything I make into the garbage…as well as agree it needs to hit the trash can. 😉

  8. Sayid Mansour says

    Yeah. And it sucked. LOL

  9. Thank you so much for checking out my book! xoxo

    • Diane says

      My pleasure Heather!! And thank you for the book! 😉


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