Sweet and simple ways to decorate a small space living room for Valentine’s Day in a French country style.


Pink Ranunculus Bouquet - sweet and simple small space French country Valentine decor - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


So tell me… do you decorate your home for Valentine’s Day?

It’s something I’ve usually done in some small way.


French provincial decor with a bouquet of ranunculus - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


This year after the Christmas decorations were all put away my living room felt so empty.  This year’s Christmas tree was so dramatic that once those sparkling lights with the stunning ornaments were gone I just had to do something.

Tim isn’t a fan of artificial flowers, but I really felt that I needed something of scale that would transition from Christmas into January, February, and maybe even spring to summer.

A “fact-finding” trip to Hobby Lobby was taken and I quickly skipped from “fact-finding” to project accomplished.

What’s better than finding just what you need within minutes and at 50% off, too?!

I didn’t exactly purchase the pink ranunculus for Valentine’s Day.   In my mind’s eye I knew I wanted some flowers… but what color?  With my cream sofa and chairs, furniture painted in SW Useful Gray, and rug and pillows and ottoman in dark blue, I needed a color that would contrast and bring life into the room in a fresh way.  That’s what got me thinking about what my favorite flowers are in the garden.  Typically I design my gardens with white, pink, and shades of lavender-blue, but my happiest flowers are most often pink.  So pink it was and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Valentine decor living room corner with couch, love pillow and coffee table - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


If you’re wondering, I did not purchase a special pillow for Valentine’s Day.

Nope.  This “Love” pillow is the same pillow you saw on my sofa at Christmas… without the words.

These pillows were not my first choice… but the color was perfect and the price was incredibly low at $14.99 each for a zippered pillow with a really nice feather insert.  When the two most important features are working, it doesn’t make it hard to simply keep the pillow flipped around with Love on the backside. And it’s kind of fun for Valentine’s Day, too.


Coffee table tray filled with flowers, bon bons, and tea for Valentine's Day in this Small Space French country styled living room - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


I’m still loving the farmhouse tray I created to top my ottoman at Christmas.  It’s perfect for a tiny jar of fresh carnations, a plate of cherry cookies, and a cup of relaxing herbal tea to enjoy while I indulge in my Martha Stewart magazine.

It just occurred to me that I never mentioned my DIY makeover of the ottoman.  It used to be a dated mauve, cream, and green plaid, but I painted it to go with the rug.  In real life, it goes very well with the rug (but because it is a wee bit reflective and there’s the thing about blues not always being perfectly photogenic it seems a little bit bright).  This makeover wasn’t hard to do… but it was time-consuming and a bit challenging.  I need to remember to explain the process to you sometime soon, since it’s a great way to take what you have and make it work.  And the best part… no sewing or reupholstering needed!


Small space living room decorated in French country style in cream, navy, and pink for Valentine's Day - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


As I look at these photos, I realize that I have many projects that I’ve failed to share with you.

This wall sconce is one.  It was another 50% find at Hobby Lobby — in green.  The color would not work so I quickly painted and put it up at Christmas, just after getting my beautiful Balsam Hill Christmas tree.  The tree was so dressy and I had a galvanized pail filled with evergreens hanging on the wall which just did not “go” with the tree.  So… a little makeover was in order.

This tall sconce is really a better fit for the space and helps with the French country style I’m trying to achieve, albeit loosely.

Does the picture frame look familiar?  It’s the same one that framed the “O Holy Night” graphic at Christmas.  I still haven’t decided what I want to hang on the wall for the rest of the year, but I think this pink wood heart hung directly on the wall has worked out pretty nicely for the last several weeks.


Simple pink heart DIY Valentine wall art hangs over a French country couch in this small space living room - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


It was a laser cut natural wood heart I found at… yes, Hobby Lobby for 40% off ($3 I think).  Using craft paint, I mixed pink and cream and orange colors to get this warm shade of pink which closely matches the pink ranunculus flowers.  I have a firm foam paint roller and used it to roll on the paint… quickly and evenly.

And then, I hung it on the wall with a quilting pin.  It’s my go-to method for hanging small light decor on the walls.


Sweet Simple French Country Style Living Room Decorated for Valentine's Day in Cream, Navy, and Pink - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


So there you have it! Small space Valentine decor… sweet and simple.

After Valentine’s Day, the pillow can get flipped and the wall art heart can get exchanged for something else.


I’m not exactly sure what I should do to transition this space into spring.  What are your ideas?  Your suggestions just might be the inspiration I need.

Thanks so much for popping by today!


  1. Gwen says

    Such a cheerful spot!!! The flowers look very real. Great for spring!!! My only thought to bring spring? I have no suggestions!!! It looks very welcoming as it is. I like the pillows. Me? I always have a light throw handy. But now that defeats the word Spring!! Love the ottoman.

  2. Mary Anne Komar says

    Very sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Cute look! Love the matching flowers and cookies!

  4. Patricia says

    You’ve got a gift Dianne; thank you for sharing it. I am inspired by your posts.

    I have to decorate the Living Room of our home shortly. I’m using older furniture which I had stored away for ages and looking forward to taking my time and being on the look out for inspiration (and bargains 🙂


  5. Love those ranunculus, and the tray! Beautiful!

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