Do you love fresh flowers but think arranging them is just too hard? Think again!

I’m here to show you that you can create a stunning Valentine’s Day centerpiece with zero experience or skill. 

Once you see how EASY it is to do, you’ll be making table arrangements for every holiday and occasion.  In fact, you don’t need a reason other than… Fresh flowers!


Simple Quick Easy Table Decor ~ Stunning Valentines Day Centerpiece with Red Roses and White Mums


I created this beautiful floral arrangement for an intimate dinner for two on February 14.

You can see more of my Valentine tablescape here.

Let’s get started!

To begin you’ll need a few supplies:
  • Pruners or sturdy scissors or a sharp knife and cutting board (I prefer pruners.)
  • A waterproof container, I used a beautiful and inexpensive glass vase.
  • Flat marbles (in your color choice) often referred to as vase filler.
  • Fresh flowers.
  • Water & Floral preservative.


Roses Chrysanthemums for centerpiece


Look no further than your grocery store for fresh flowers. I have always been very successful with supermarket flowers and their price is usually very reasonable.  I happened to pick up two bouquets — 5 roses and 5 chrysanthemums for only $4.84 a bunch.  If you have an Aldi near you, I think they have the very best prices, find out when they get their flower deliveries to get them when they’re fresh.


Square glass centerpiece base for Valentine's Day


For this arrangement, I chose a short squatty heavy glass container.  It was less than three dollars!  Who would guess?  Not me! I would have thought it would be double or triple the price.

I also picked up a bag of beautiful ruby red flat marbles to use as a vase filler.  I hadn’t planned on it, but when I saw the bag near the vase I selected, I knew it would be perfect for my table.  With red and white flowers it made my grocery store flowers look even more stunning.

Flower arranging is something I love to do.  Good thing, because my husband loves to bring me bouquets.  There are so many ways to arrange flowers, but this is hands down the easiest arrangement I’ve ever made.

Fill your vase with the flat marbles.  My vase took the whole bag.  If your vase is taller, I’m sure it will still be plenty.

Add water and floral preservative.


Mums - first flower in Valentine Centerpiece


Start with one color of your flowers.  If you purchase a mixed bouquet, sort the flowers by color.

For a nice low arrangement like this, that mounds around the top of the vase, you’ll want to cut the flower stems fairly short.


Red valentine roses cut for a small centerpiece


A good rule of thumb is to place your vase on the edge of the counter and then hold your flower stem next to the vase in front of the counter. Eyeball where you want the top of the flower to be and then cut the stem an inch or two shorter than the bottom of the vase to give a little leeway in placement.


Beautiful mums pair with roses for Valentine's Day


Start by placing the larger flowers in your vase by first spreading them out as I have done here. And then fill in between with the next color. If you’re using a mixed bouquet, continue with your flowers until all the sizes and colors are uniformly dispersed in the arrangement.


So simple and easy to make Valentine's Day centerpiece


Be sure to check the water level and refill as necessary.  There isn’t as much water in a vase with marble filler, so make sure it doesn’t go dry.

And that’s it!!  See how quick and easy it is to create an absolutely stunning Valentine’s Day centerpiece?

You CAN make one too!!


Stunning Valentine's Day Centerpiece that's easy to make in a flash


Treat yourself to a centerpiece… Valentine’s Day or not.  

When your flowers are finished, wash your marbles and your vase and start over with more fresh flowers.

A good friend of mine who immigrated from the Netherlands told me that including fresh flowers in the weekly grocery budget was an important thing to do.  I confess I don’t get flowers every time I get groceries, but that sage advice has given me permission to pick up fresh flowers and know that I have fed my spirit as well as my stomach.

This little red and white arrangement of mine is gracing my dinner table every night and will do so again on Valentine’s Day.

Do you go out to eat on February 14 or do you stay in?  Do you make it a special dinner or not?

Whatever your plans… include a fresh flower arrangement that you created!

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  1. Lovely and so inexpensive! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    • Thanks, Carol! It’s amazing how such a small thing can be such a bright spot.
      Looks like a good weekend… feels so springlike this afternoon. XO

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