Easy Valentine Table Decorations You'll LOVE


Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but my dear husband and I aren’t very romantic.

I think I would like it if he was and I think he’d like it if I was.

But we aren’t.

Not that we haven’t tried.


Red Roses and White Mums take center stage on this Valentine Table Decor


In our early years, we thought we were being romantic by purchasing pretty new sheets for our anniversary. We’d go out to dinner dressed to the nines. We’ve had fancy foods at our bedside.  And my dear husband has sent me countless gorgeous floral bouquets.

All romantic sounding things to do…. but bells don’t ring and birds don’t sing.

He brings me flowers and chocolates… because he loves me.

He has even been known to hide chocolates and gifts around the house for me as little surprises to be discovered.

And I do special little things for him… because I love him.


Easy inexpensive Valentine table decorations


As I was thinking back to some happy memories, I remembered one of our visits to Niagara Falls. There we were… awed by the power of the water and thoroughly chilled to the bone until we found refuge in steaming cups of cocoa and the warmth of a surprisingly nice restaurant overlooking the falls.

On other occasions, we’d plan a day or an afternoon at Letchworth State Park. One of my all-time favorite spots often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the East.  Once there, we drove between the different waterfalls and scenic lookouts, did a little hiking, and enjoyed picnics near the picturesque upper falls. One anniversary, we even stayed a night at the Inn overlooking the middle falls and listening to the roar as we drifted off to sleep.


Make Valentine's Day special with simple inexpensive table decor


Traveling together is such an adventure. We started exploring together when we were in college while on a European travel study program.

If time is not an issue we will take the backroads as often as possible so we can see more and stop more and discover more.  Together.  More times than I can count, a 2 or 4-hour drive turned into an all day adventure.

There are those countless evenings we’ve spent at the beach until way after the sun has set.  Often we’ll stay for the “credits” long after everyone has left so we don’t miss the beauty God has for us beyond the initial setting sun.

And there are all those hikes we regularly take through the woods… hand in hand or hand in hand in camera.  Yes… I always have a camera with me when we hike and Tim patiently waits for me as I stoop to take a photo of a wildflower, or ten.

I could go on and on…


So very easy Valentine table setting


We may not be the romantic type, but we enjoy God’s creation with abandon. We soak up every bit of beauty and thirst for more. Together. When I walk by myself I always wish he were with me to see what I see and when he walks alone he always has a story of a “sighting.”

We may not be the romantic sort, but we know what it’s like to be each other’s best friend…. to have a special way our fingers entwine while we walk hand in hand…  along the hard roads and the easy roads… together.


An easy to make centerpiece is a stunning addition to these valentine table decorations


This year, we have already started to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It started with a quick trip to Walmart.  I forget what I was looking for, something for a project and while we were there I decided to pick up a few items from the grocery section. In the back of my mind I was thinking that I’d love some fresh flowers for a simple Valentine tablescape I was creating, so when I saw a beautiful selection of fresh flowers I stood there commenting about this bunch and that bunch.

Finally, I pulled from the display a small bouquet of large white chrysanthemums.  They even had a tiny bit of sparkle on them.

And then Tim said to me… “What about those red roses?”

I looked at him and he said, “I think you should get those, too.”

And I did.


Create an easy tablescape for Valentine's Day


And I’m so glad he suggested it.

Together the red and the white make a stunning little centerpiece.


Alone they each are lovely.

Together they make a centerpiece.

We’ve been enjoying them daily.  By day, they sit on a small stack of black bound books on our end table and at dinnertime, they grace our dining table.

And when I re-create the Valentine table you see here, we’ll enjoy them again with a special dinner we’ll make together at home.

Sweet, simple, and fun.

Like us, I guess.

Click here to learn all the super easy details for making your own pretty centerpiece like this one.


You'll LOVE these Easy Valentine Table Decorations from Walmart and Dollar Tree for your Tablescape



This tablescape… it really is something that you can create yourself in mere minutes.

Usually, I’m making things for table decor, but I know that not everyone has the time nor the inclination to do that.  So, this is a sweet tablescape that anyone can pull together.  It’s quick and easy and inexpensive, too.

See those cute red heart placemats with the cute cutouts?  Dollar Tree.

Those cute scalloped hearts on the dessert plates? Dollar bin at JoAnn’s… the extras I didn’t use when I made this Valentine vignette.

The red plastic hearts scattered across the table? Dollar Tree.

And those clear plates? Walmart.  I think they may be about $2.


Decorate the table for your valentine with these easy ideas


TIP: you always want to have a stack of clear plates in your cupboard.  That way you can set a pretty table for Valentine’s Day with pretty placemats you don’t want to completely cover up, or maybe in spring set a black and white polka dot table, or maybe host a spider party in the fall, or never have to worry that your tablecloth doesn’t match your plates.

The white dessert plates? 88 cents at Walmart.

Did you know you can inexpensively purchase silverware by the piece?  They have some at Walmart, but these I picked up at Tarjay along with the white napkins as props for a food photo shoot. (Blogger thing… who else shoots their food?)

And finally, the goblets are from the dollar store as well.

I did not break the bank to create this tablescape by any stretch. Even the fresh flowers were less than $10.

Whether you’re a romantic or not…  create a special memory by setting a pretty table.

Do it just for fun.

Because you love your husband, mom, dad, sister, friend, child….

Do it for one of them.


Easy red and white valentine table decorations from the dollar store and walmart make a pretty tablescape


It couldn’t be easier to set a pretty table for Valentine’s Day.

Do it now…. at least plan it… before all the red hearts and red roses are gone.

And if those easy valentine table decorations are gone… a plain red or pink placemat… or even a piece of cardstock cut in a heart shape will work for a placemat.

Have fun… be creative… but most of all…

Make someone else’s day!

Love big… love lavishly.

Love with all your heart.

And that my friend is the way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Have a happy one!


Are you the romantic sort?

I’d love to hear one of your memories.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for more details on the Valentine centerpiece!

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