Bringing the warm simple coziness of Hygge home this Fall to create that wonderful sense of well-being we want and need.

Fall Destination by Wayfair - Bringing the Warm Simple Coziness Of Hygge Home -

Cozy throw from Wayfair and thankful cup on magazine - Hygge for Fall -

“Regardless the destination, all roads lead home.” 
― H.L. Balcomb


Home is my favorite place to be in the fall.  Looking out my window to the changing leaves, admiring my pots of mums and piles of pumpkins, and drinking a mug of hot spiced apple cider next to the fire…  that’s my idea of Fall coziness.

Recently I posed this question on Facebook…  What’s your favorite thing about Fall?

I got all kinds of answers but these topped the list… lighting a fire in the fireplace, drinking hot spiced cider, lighting scented candles, wearing cozy sweaters, eating a slice of apple or pumpkin pie, and cuddling with loved ones.

What’s interesting to me is that engaging in these simple, cozy, and charming activities is a great example of what the Danish call Hygge (pronounced hue-guh).

It’s an acknowledgment of a feeling or moment where you’re feeling warm, comfortable, and safe.


Chair with pillow and plaid throw next to lamp and end table - Coziness for Home with Hygge -


Anytime you’ve snuggled under a cozy warm throw with a cup of cocoa and your honey or a good book… that feeling of well-being you experienced… that’s Hygge.

Hygge is all about getting cozy, living simply, and spending time with family and friends.

Think about how you can make your spaces cozier.  Like the Danes, light lots of beeswax candles, warm your space with natural elements and rich textures, and spend your time doing the things that bring joy to your life and loved ones.

I chose this heavy textured woven throw from Wayfair to add a little Hygge to my small apartment this fall.


A cozy throw from Wayfair draped over a chair for Hygge at home -


As the temperatures drop, it’s so comforting to curl up under a warm cozy throw like this to read my favorite magazine and drink hot cider.

Because I live in a very small apartment, multitasking my things is a high priority to me… even warm casual throw blankets.

For me, Hygge also means inviting a few friends over and setting out some simple but yummy treats and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

But first, to give that extra special cozy feeling, I draped my richly woven throw over the table.  It set the tone of comfort and warmth perfectly.


Gray plaid woven throw is tablecloth and backdrop for a cozy Hygge style fall party with drinks and treat -


And it’s a cozy textural backdrop to the pumpkins, mums, and delicious treats.

Speaking of multi-tasking, my thrifted champagne bucket makes a fabulous holder for a pot of pretty mums and my breadboard becomes a serving tray for the beverages.

Using elements from nature such as the pumpkins, mums, and a wooden breadboard are also Hygge.

They help ground us back to nature and to a simpler slower pace.


Cozy Fall party table with hot cider drinks to experience Hygge -


The next time you have your besties over to watch a movie, and you light some candles, snuggle up under a warm cozy throw like this one from Wayfair and enjoy your favorite hot beverage, know you’re keeping Hygge.

It may have started as a trend… but Hygge is here to stay.

Yes, you may have heard about còsagach (Scotland) and Lagom (Sweden), but nothing has been able to halt the love of coziness the Danish call Hygge.

I’m grateful to the Danish for setting this example of living simply and well.

You, too?

  • How have you (unknowingly maybe) experienced Hygge.
  • What’s your favorite way to make your home cozy for Fall? 

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  1. Well that’s a new word for me! Love the idea . . . and love that throw! I’ve been looking at throws online because I really simplified my fall (and all decorating) and just added a few touches around the house here and there, including some pillow covers over my existing pillows instead of buying more pillows to store. I thought a nice, cozy throw would be my only other addition.

    • It’s amazing what a throw can do to make a space feel cozy. I hope you find just the one that gives you and your home the perfect touch of Hygge! Have fun with your fall nesting, Lauren!! And have a blessed day!! xo

  2. Minnie says

    Well Diane you have shown us a few things to FALL in love with!
    Cozy and warm and homey. You always make things look welcoming and very inviting. Your gal pals must feel blessed and loved when you have them over!
    And the oh so cozy chair and blanket look like the perfect spot for reading, sipping tea and listening to my beloved classical music.
    In making ready for fall I have been busy. I do my spring cleaning in the fall because for the next several months we will be behind closed doors and windows and I want to know things are clean, dusted and organized. Also I took on a pretty big project. All by myself I built a new surround for the family room fireplace. And I did it for free using re-claimed everything. This is what happens when I give myself the stern talk, Minnie, use it or loss it! I always use it.
    So now our family room is all ready for fall and winter.
    So..warm slippers and robe clean…check
    Assortment of tea… check
    Books… check
    Fireplace clean and waiting…check
    House clean and organized… check
    All ready, see you next time
    Blessings to you!

    • YES! It is a lovely spot to enjoy classical music… what we LOVE, too, Minnie!
      I love that you spring clean in the fall. I usually do that around the 1st of November after the leaves have dropped and been carted away in preparation for Christmas and our LONG winter. 😉
      Congratulations on your BIG DIY project! I bet it looks phenomenal.
      Thanks for your always thoughtful and encouraging remarks. You always make my day! xo

  3. Carli says

    What a beautiful post, your photography is gorgeous! Love the throw you chose!

    • Thank you so much Carli! This time of year the lighting gets tricky for photography on our North facing rooms.
      Hope your day is extraordinary!

  4. That throw looks beautiful on your chair! I love all the shades of blue and patterns in that cozy spot.

    • I didn’t notice that pretty blue when I ordered it, so I was thrilled when I opened my package and saw how perfectly it went in my space. Thank you so much for your kind words, Melanie! Hope your week is extraordinary!

  5. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, it has been hot and with so much rain, everthing is strangely lush green.
    This morning the house is chilled and I’m bundled in fleece and thrilled with my cup of hot coffee.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful table scape! I’m sure it made your friends happy to be so welcomed.
    This week, I’m going to shop the house and pull out a cozy quilt or two and enjoy this new season.
    It’s just a few days till my sister and her husband will move back after being gone from the area for 19 years.
    Now I’m thinking about how to create a simple, cozy afternoon for them!

    • You have gotten more than your share of rain, Elaine. Here in Michigan, we’re in a rainy patch too. And if it doesn’t rain, the cloudy sure are thick and gloomy. Not exactly good for photography. Oh, the challenges of a blogging life. 😉 😉
      How exciting to have your sister move back. Have fun fluffing for fall and creating a special cozy afternoon to greet them. xo

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