2014?  Yup… you read that right.

I am sharing a glimpse from 2014.  But why 2014?

Can you believe that I put together this top 10 list and never published it?  Me either.

Today I spent a little time going through my drafts… a year-end clean-up of sorts when I discovered the list.  It might have seemed appropriate to let it go and move forward to 2015, but I couldn’t.  You see, there’s something different about these Sunday posts.  First, they require more effort than any others, except maybe some sponsored posts. The reason they take more effort is because I’m sharing my heart and the heart of God, and I don’t have any Bible or theological education.  Writing these means that I dig down and lean on God to make his word come alive for me and for you.  I want these posts to make a difference for me and for you.  I want these devotionals to give hope, to challenge, to encourage. My desire is that some will be nudged to step towards God and find life and joy.

I call these weekly times together, JoyDay! because gratitude to God produces joy. When you join me in looking back over your past week, counting the good and the not-so-good, giving thanks for it all you will get joy.  To know that I can encourage you in that way, makes my day. And finally, I write these faithfully, no matter what, because I believe that doing so is a tithe of my blogging time and it honors God.

To me it’s always interesting to see what posts are popular from the previous year.  Usually I share an overall list of readers’ favorites.  After I did that last year, I realized that JoyDay! posts don’t usually make the top ten.  I get that.  The top ten become popular because you share them and pin them and they get repinned and also appear in Google searches.  I’m pretty sure that people aren’t often Googling for the topics of these JoyDay! devotionals as they are home decor ideas.  I felt they deserved their own category in the favorites.  So here they are…
10 JoyDay! Favorites at AnExtraordinaryDay.net


10 JoyDay! Favorites for 2014 

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An Everlasting Love | Chalkboard Printable | Joy {Love} Day!

Cleaning “House” for Christmas :: Joy Day!

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How to Win the Mind Battle :: Joy Day!

Life is hard. God is good. | Joy Day!



Don’t worry… I will be back with a list from 2015 as well.

But, in the mean time…

  • I’d love to know what nudges you to open these posts as they appear in your email or reader?  
  • Has there been a post that has touched your life or encouraged you?
  • By chance… was one of the top 10 a favorite of yours?
  • And… if I could write about anything of a spiritual nature… what would you love to see and read?

JoyDay! - A look back over the week to count and give thanks

It’s JoyDay!


It is wonderful to be grateful and to sing your praises, Lord Most High!

Psalm 92:1

Thanks for joining me to look back over the past week and count just seven… seven things that happened… good and not-so-good for which we want and need to give thanks.

Let me start…

Thank you God for…

  1. Advent and your inspiration in writing a brief devo each day for those who visit the AED page on Facebook.
  2. Christmas… this incredible, indescribable GIFT and how this glorious and humble start begins the walk towards Easter.
  3. the peace you have given me in spite of unexpected challenges.
  4. friends who pray.
  5. this mild December weather.  I love it!!
  6. the hope you’ve placed in our hearts.
  7. working on our behalf, even though we can’t see it, yet.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Please join me by tapping in your ‘seven’ in the ‘share your extraordinary thoughts’ section below.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to leave your sweet thoughts.

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  1. Debbi Saunders says

    Thank You God for…
    1. “Joy Day ” Posts! I love them and they have been so meaningful in my Life so full of Hope and Inspiration and Encouragement!!! The Highlight of my week that I so look forward to each week!
    2. for Peace this beautiful week before Christmas!
    3. For a wonderful lunch with 2 Dear friends and met some new friends!
    4. for a Peaceful, joyful Christmas with my Son!!
    5. for allowing us to truly experience the true meaning of Christmas in our present circumstances!
    6. for the “Miracle” that I experienced this summer !
    7. for the challenges of working with a new young principal!
    Can’t wait to get quiet and read these top 10 “JOY DAYS” from 2014!!

Please Share Your Extraordinary Thoughts!


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