In a few days the calendar will turn to the 14th.

Valentine’s Day.

The day when the florists’ couriers have the best job in the world.

The day when we all have an excuse to do something amazingly kind and loving for our co-worker, our neighbor, our parent, our spouse, our child, our significant other, the person in line before or after us, almost everyone with whom we brush shoulders.

Or not.


It’s a day that makes it abundantly clear that how we live our lives is all about choices.

On this day, we can choose to receive the love of God and in turn, demonstrate it to others.   Especially those who are alone. 

Or not.


Valentine’s Day, based on a wonderful legend which we assume is true, is all about love.

It reminds us that there is one love that is always faithful and true.

This love is not about romance.  It’s about the purest most wonderful sacrificial love.

It’s a love that never let’s us down.


I Will Sing to the Lord ::  Psalm 13:5-6 :: Free Chalkboard Printable :: #EverlastingLove ::


But I trust in your unfailing love.     I will rejoice because you have rescued me.
I will sing to the Lord because he is good to me.  Psalm 13:5-6


Let’s sing to the Lord.

Let’s tell him how grateful we are for his unfailing, unconditional, everlasting love.
For a free 5×7 download of this chalkboard scripture…click here.



Love Day - Joy Day!


Joy Love Day!


Today, I thought it would be fun to do something just a little bit different that is sure to put joy in your heart and your week.

Instead of counting our regular ‘seven’ things for which we are grateful…

Let’s count ‘seven’ things we love about God.

You know….it just might make your joy meter soar off into outer space!!


I’ll start!

God…I love that…

  1. are always with me…you’ll never leave me.
  2. you are an amazing creative creator of everything.
  3. that you love me with an everlasting love.
  4. you are full of grace and mercy and show it to me every day.
  5. you wait in eager anticipation for me to spend time with you.
  6. all of creation in its intricacy and artistry reflects your beauty and majesty.
  7. you are my hope, my joy, my peace, my life, my all in all.


Now it’s your turn!

Scroll down to the “Share your Extraordinary Thoughts” box below and tap in your ‘seven.’  When you do, you’ll feel that unfailing love.  Join me and “sing to the Lord because he is good.”

If you want even more joy….you’ll want to take the Joy Dare here.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.



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  1. Mel says

    Ah LOVE!

    G-d…I love that…

    ….You chased after me sooo hard and for sooo long.
    ….You orchestrate the most amazing things to ensure I’m taken care of.
    ….that sunrise with the fog over the river You delivered JUST for me….well done! 😉
    ….You hear when You listen….and You always listen.
    ….You rescued me from myself. Thank you.
    ….You’re patient with me, and that You think I’m worth the wait.
    ….You love me exactly as I am, with no agenda and no expectations…I’m beyond good enough as is.

    ((((((( G-d ))))))))

    • Diane says

      His love is amazing. Steady and unchanging. And that’s all the words I can remember at the moment. But…those words from a worship song came flooding in my mind when I read your first two words. 😉
      I praise God for how he loves you and how you love him, Mel! [hugs]

  2. Debbi Saunders says

    What I love about God:
    1. He Loved us so much he gave us his beloved son so that we could have a relationship with him.
    2. He created the breathtaking beauty of nature in all its many forms.
    3. He provides for all my needs.
    4. He has become the center of my life, omniscient.
    5. He is the only one I can rely on, omnipresent.
    6.His Grace, Love and patience for me when I stumble, fret and fear and am weak!
    7.That he has become my best and dearest friend.

    • Diane says

      I love all that about God, too, Debbi!!! He is truly everything we need…the air we breath…our rock and our salvation.
      Celebrating and rejoicing with you! [hugs]

  3. Gwen says

    God…I love that…
    You have a greater plan than mine
    You will never leave me nor forsake me–never abandon me
    You have forgiven me of all my sins
    When you designed the flower pansies I can see Your brushstrokes. I love to look at each individual one for no two are alike–just like no two people are alike yet fearfully and wonderfully made
    I can see you answer prayers.
    You guide my footsteps to place me in the exact place to minister to a friend or even a stranger–
    My blessings lead to me blessing others
    You have a sense of humor! And say Laugh!!! It’s good medicine!!

    Curt and I took turns making our list. Together:-)

    • Diane says

      Dear Gwen…your praises bless me too….especially how you can see God’s brushstrokes on the Pansies. What delight HE must have in knowing your wrote that. It made my heart sing, too. Your Curt must be the sweetest man. [hugs] to both of you. 🙂

  4. Love what you write. Thank you.

    My 7 things:
    1. He’s so patient. 2. He loved me when I was a sinner. 3. He saved me 4. He was the one Who kept me in difficult times 5. He is my Helper, 6. He is the one who stayed with me when my son left us 7. He waits for me in heaven

    • Diane says

      My sweet friend…your words bless me. [hugs]
      I rejoice with you in the goodness of our God in your beautiful life. 🙂

  5. Carolyn says

    1. God, I love that You are a holy God. It would be awful if You were not.
    2. God, I love that You are just. Justice is in such short supply. It would be even more awful down here if You were not just.
    4. God, I love that You are patient. Beyond belief! Sometimes I’m ready for You to zap people who deny Your existence, push ungodly agendas & commit heinous crimes, but You are being patient…
    5. God, I love that You never change; You’re immutable & that means I can count on You to always be You.
    6. God, I love that You wrote my days in Your Book before ever 1 of them came to be. You are sooo gracious to this poor sinner-saved-by-grace! You chose me!
    7. God, I love that You gave me my terrific husband because that meant I would be a wife, daughter-in-law, mother, missionary homemaker, mother-in-law, & grandmother. In tandem with my hero-hubby!

    • Diane says

      As I read your 7 loves for God I was reminded of the scripture that tells us that we bless HIM. I am certain that you have just done that Carolyn. And your husband is a blessed man to have you speak so well of him.
      Carolyn, may your week be filled with many joyful moments.

  6. I will sing to the Lord because He is so good to me!! Oh yes, with my last breath! Thank you for such beauty rendered here. And thank you for joining our little family at Recommendation Saturday! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

    • Diane says

      Thank you for inviting me to join in your special community, Shelly. And thank you for your thoughts.


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