The deeper your love, the higher it goes;
every cloud’s a flag to your faithfulness.
Soar high in the skies, O God!
Cover the whole earth with your glory!
And for the sake of the one you love so much,
reach down and help me—answer me!
~Psalm 108:4-6 The Message


Psalm 1085b :: Cover the whole earth with your glory ::


One of my favorite things to do is to go for a walk and take in the beauty.

Today, the sky was brilliant blue, the sun was intense, and the white crusty ground reflected both.

Though the wind was biting I was warmed by the glory all around me.


Do you ever go for a walk expecting to see the earth filled with God’s glory?

His glory covers the whole earth.

Next time you go…count the many ways and places his glory shines all around you.


Joy Day! :: Brilliant Blue Sky with Barn and Tree ::


Today is Joy Day!


The day when we take time to look back over our past week and count the gifts and blessings from the week.  I’m reminded that some gifts aren’t exactly pleasant…but because of them our character is developed.   In all things we are to give thanks.

Please join me in counting just ‘seven’ from the past week.

I’ll start…

God, I’m grateful:

  1. for the challenges that test my character.
  2. for a no snow drive to Indy and back.
  3. for our car functioning well for our trip.
  4. for eyes and ears open.
  5. for friends who pray.
  6. for knowing you know when I don’t.
  7. for brilliant skies and sunshine.

Now it’s YOUR turn!!

Join me in counting ‘seven.’  Scroll down to the comment section…Share Your Extraordinary Thoughts….and list your ‘seven.’  I guarantee your JOY meter will soar.

Want even more joy?  Take the Joy Dare here.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.



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  1. Suzi says

    Oh I know what you mean about seeing His glory in creation. We attended in a beach wedding yesterday in 80 degree, breezy, sunny weather! Glorious. My seven this week are being grateful for how His Word makes my journey make sense, being able to dance again after my joint fusion foot surgery! the sacrifices those in uniform make to allow America to remain free, strawberry season in Florida, regular work hours and paycheck for our son, life long friendships, getting my closets cleaned out. Was a good week 🙂

    • Diane says

      A beach wedding….how beautiful. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your ‘seven’ Suzi! I rejoice with you at your healing and all the other goodness God blessed you with this week.
      May you JOY splash everyone you meet!!

  2. Debbi Saunders says

    1. For the challenges and trials that test my character ( this one is hard!)
    2. For the “postcards” from God on Bumper stickers and church signs when I need encouragement.
    3. All Gods’ beautiful creations!
    4. That the Lord has expanded my small ministry…
    5. That the Lord protects me and my family.
    6. I thank the Lord that even in the midst of my trials that I am still Excited about Life and the Journey!
    7. That he loves me even when I am weary!

    • Diane says

      Dear sweet Debbi….
      As I read your seven, I was overwhelmed with the goodness of God in YOU. What a joy your are to HIM. You life is a fragrant offering. 🙂
      Big hugs to you….keeping you in my prayers.

  3. Mel says

    “And for the sake of the one you love so much, reach down and help me—answer me! ”
    I pray to hear Him…sometimes it’s “put Your arm around my shoulder and Your hand over my mouth” (sometimes I’m better at talkin’ than listening, go figure…). I’ll practice listening. And praying my thanks.

    * oh, those things that build my character!
    * the chilly wander around when the sunshine fooled me
    * the Bug, once again ringing, to thank me for her ‘colour the butterfly’ card
    * this mornings’ meeting where I got to catch up with some folks I’ve not seen for a year
    * the chalkboard art himself leaves me to discover in the morning
    * the fun WE had creating our coffee nook wall
    * more birdsong in the morning (spring IS coming!)

    • Diane says

      Yes! I’ve been noticing the birdsong too. Oh it makes my heart glad!!
      Mel….you ‘caught’ that portion of the verse too. It’s so tangible…and so is your prayer. I wish I was a better listener….but it’s not that I don’t try…that I do. 😉
      May your week be filled with JOY moments and may your joys abound. 🙂

  4. Gwen says

    Joy Day
    1. A sermon on Life and Joy tied together. We are given this new life within us and the pastor said, look for the JOY of the Lord, and if everything seems really hard, one can always rejoice our name is written in The Lambs Book of Life!!
    2. I will probably have much human difficulties but these past three weeks have been hard on my body. I even got a bit afraid for new things happening in my head. And I interpreted someone as short with me and not right to me, Curt agreed, and I felt sad. But that Very hour, when speech and walking and even talking grew hard, two different ones insisted on visiting. It gave me half an hour to rest and the first group of a mom and four children from 18 mos to ten were all entertained and happy but I was not able to play. But I directed them and slicing apples, eating a sucker and playing blocks, and blaying Barbies with me interacting well with all four, even making up a silly story–it lifted me. My head and body not normal, eyes not able to focus but I felt like a teacher again and that it was confirmation that I’d been good with kids. The Mom was amazed. But I was not.
    3. My next guest was my former neighbor girl now 20. We chatted, and she’s not given her life to Christ so I wrote out verses and benefits only for Christians. That the time has come. She must choose. We read her opening and choosing a page and both perfect for us, poems by Helen Steiner Rice. We prayed. She gave me a gift! A cross necklace!! And then I found on my hallway board (hubby pointed out) she wrote I love you Gwen. On a day I was after the incident of the morning left me crying on my knees by the kitchen sink I do not understand my brain injury. I do not understand. Please help me. Weeping. Turned to joy!
    4. I slept soundly for several hours after the young girl left. My brain was healing. Resting. My vision and speech better.
    5. Curt bought me a good veggie low cheese pizza and it was good!
    6. My childhood neighbor ALSO wrote and her long letter came that day to read after my long nap!!
    7. I slept long today. My head is finally better somewhat. Time to stop writing. I’ve written much for a study and an urgent prayer request.

    • Diane says

      Dear sweet Gwen….my heart hurts with yours at the difficulties you face daily. I pray for healing and restoration…and in the meantime….God uses you in amazing ways. The eternal impact that your BI life has on so many is truly amazing. I rejoice with you at how you have found JOY in the Lord in the smallest and most significant ways and how your Curt is such a kind loving husband.

  5. Kim says

    Yes, Diana, it is wonderful to take walks and take in God’s beauty! Thanks for sharing your walk and thoughts and inspiring me to take a walk. (Haven’t done it in a couple of weeks!) I am thankful for fellow Christian bloggers – like you, my church, spiritual renewal of our men’s ministry at church, a renewal of women’s prayer groups (I think due to the men’s influence), a blessed weekend with family, a blessed night watching my daughter perform in a play and seeing her blossom, and most of all, I’m thankful for God loving me in spite of myself. He is amazing! Prayers for you and your hubby, Diane!

    • Diane says

      My dear friend….I’m blessed that you’ve been inspired. Maybe you’ll take your camera along and snap some beauty too! 😉
      Thanks for sharing your ‘seven’ too! I rejoice with you at God’s goodness in your life and church. And thank you for your prayers! [hugs]

  6. Carolyn says

    1. My sensitive husband who made the effort to notice some changes in décor: Up in the attic went the Valentines; now there are birds’ nests, tiny eggs & early spring buds here & there in our house.
    2. A Bible-believing church
    3. A Bible-preaching pastor
    4. Good friends sharing lunch w/us on Sunday at Cracker Barrel
    5. My computer, however slow & aggravating…
    6. Mr. Robin who made a very welcome visit to my back yard this A.M.!
    7. The season of Spring, my favorite! It’s coming! It’s surely coming!

    • Diane says

      Carolyn, you are so blessed with a wonderful soul-mate. 😉
      We too have seen Robins the past few days. Poor things….it’s so cold and windy and the ground is covered with layers of snow.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your ‘seven’ and for celebrating the goodness of the Lord.

  7. Annpauley says

    Hello Diane,
    I love your beautiful photos!!! So very inspirational
    Ann pauley

    • Diane says

      You just made my day Ann! Thank you !!
      Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments.

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