Have you ever been sitting absolutely still but found your body trembling?

Were you trembling from excitement?  Anticipation? Anxiety?  Or maybe fear?

How to Pray When Doubts Fill My Mind : A Prayer from Psalm 94:19 :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Lately that is a state in which I often find myself.

Some days it’s much better than others.


This week has been a mixture of joy and sadness.

Over three days I was blessed to have out-of-town guests.  My friend and her daughter came for a brief overnight visit, and another friend and her husband came to spend the day with us.  I can’t tell you what bright spots those days were in my summer.

It was so good to see far-away friends whom I have not seen in two years.

But, between and following the visits, my roller coaster plummeted.

A realization that a door, which we fully expected to be thrown wide open, has been closed.

Disappointment is a daily part of life.  Yes?

How, after spending significant time in quiet with the Lord, could my spirit fall to such depths?


[sigh] I think it was because I allowed my spirit to fall.


I got tired.   Actually more than tired.

Weariness has been overcoming me for some time.

I confess that standing against it and fighting some days seems too difficult.

Have you been there?

Maybe that is the spot where you live today.


Frog Image :: When Doubts Fill My Mind a Psalm 94 devotional by AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Here’s what I’ve come to realize…

Even if we know better, sometimes we unconsciously quit leaning on God.

We can be guilty of that especially in times when the results we’ve been praying for do not materialize.

We withdraw within ourselves.


We can’t walk this journey alone.

I have a dear friend who said “Yes!” to praying for me.

When we find ourselves in those spots, we need to ask another to cover us in prayer.

That extra, specifically directed, prayer is powerful in helping us overcome our slippery downhill decent.

The prayer of a friend fills the gap when we need shoring up.

I needed shoring up, not because I didn’t pray prayers of complete trust and belief, but because my prayers were tired and weak.

I know that sounds impossible…how can we have weak prayers and still believe with our whole heart?

My best answer is that when you or I are in that state, we reduce the size of our God.

God never changes.  He is always exceedingly abundantly able to do more than we can ask or imagine.  But, when things seem to continuously “go south” it’s easy to unconsciously expect less.  And when we expect less we receive less.  God’s word tells us that we have not because we ask not.

In that place we probably are not saying, “God I need more of you.”  Usually we’re praying, “God get me out of these circumstances,” or something similar.  That inward focus on how we feel and therefore how we see, messes with our minds and places us in that place of weary, fruitless prayer.

And that is precisely the time we need another brother or sister in the Lord to come alongside us and pray us through.

God may even touch their heart to reach out beyond prayer.

That ministry of prayer does so much to lift us up and get us back to the place God desires for us.


Do you feel all alone in your situation?

You very well may not be alone, but you know that despairing place.

Don’t hesitate to lean on a friend to pray you through until you get resituated and your eyes opened again to seeing God as your shelter, your defender, faithful friend, restorer, rebuilder, the Almighty One.



How to Pray When Doubts Fill My Mind

Last night I posted Psalm 94:19 on Facebook for my nightly “G’nite/Sweet Dreams” mediation.

God reminded me of it between those 30 or more times that I looked at the clock piercing the darkness in my bedroom during night.   He wanted me to share it with you.

And…because he wanted me to know for sure that this was a special verse for you…he pulled out all the stops to get my attention.  There were flashes of light, arrows pointing towards the verse, and even a heavenly chorus.

Okay, maybe not.  But, when I went to Bible Gateway to “pick off” the verse for today’s post….it was the verse of the day!!  Though in a different translation/version.


Psalm 94:18-19 : Bible Gateway snapshot


Coincidence you say?  No.  I say it was a divine appointment.


Lord....quiet me :: Scripture Quote :: A Prayer for When Doubts Fill My Mind :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil,
quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer.
Psalm 94:19 (TLB)


This verse is a prayer.

  • A prayer we can write down on a card to read and think about.
  • A prayer we can print out (enjoy the FREE printable here) and frame, and place on our desk or kitchen windowsill or bedside table.
  • A prayer that speaks of a trustworthy God who will meet every single need we have in Christ Jesus.


Sunflower Printable :: Psalm 94 :19 :: A Prayer When Doubts Fill My Mind :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net

FREE 5×7 Printable of Psalm 94:19


If that trembling inside is too great…ask a friend to pray that prayer on your behalf until you can fully pray it in faith.

Or you can cry out with the psalmist, “I’m slipping, Lord!” and he will save you.

I screamed, “I’m slipping, Lord!” and he was kind and saved me.

Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil,
quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer.
Psalm 94:18-19 (TLB)


Frog Photo at Sunset :: Joy Day! a time to give thanks :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Today is Joy Day!


Another way to gain perspective through the ups and downs of life is to develop a grateful heart.

Join us for Joy Day! as we look back over the past week and count seven…. the good and not-so-good things from the week and tell God thanks for every one.

I’ll start!

Thank you God for…

  1. passing the 500 mark for posts published here on the blog.
  2. perfect weather for spending the morning, on the paddle boat and enjoying pretty waterlilies, sunning turtles, nibbling muskrats, and so much more of nature’s beauty along the water’s edge, with my far-away friends.
  3. hopes dashed….but knowing you have something much better.
  4. sweet, sweet blueberries picked for me by my husband and the resulting deeeelicious “buckle.”
  5. how you use my friends to be Jesus “with skin on. “
  6. this painful issue with my wrist and knowing you are my healer.
  7. knowing you love each of us with your everlasting love.

 Now it’s YOUR turn!

Join me in counting seven!
Scroll down to the comment section and list your “seven.”
I dare you!

Want even more joy?  Take the Joy Dare here.



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  1. Carolyn says

    Diane, you are a survivor! You will do more than survive; you will thrive! You are like a beautiful climbing rose, planted by the streams of living water, & you are producing lovely blossoms, wafting forth the precious fragrance of Christ! Abundant blessings be yours as you cling to the infallible support of Christ!

    • Diane says

      Carolyn…you are the sweetest gal ever. I feel so unworthy of your beautiful words. But know, Carolyn, that you greatly encourage me to press on, trusting God to do something amazing ahead.
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I cherish your visits.

  2. Shirlene Weber says

    God bless you for your transparency ! I can say I need that prayer daily. I have been in this place of dryness for so long and little glimmers of hope come through with post’s like yours 🙂
    I thank you.

    • Diane says

      My sweet friend, thank you for your words of encouragement. I pray that you’ll be able to sense God’s loving arms wrapped around you, holding you close. He loves you dearly, Shirlene! [hugs]

  3. Debbi Saunders says

    Thank you God~~~
    l. for friends who shore us up in prayer….when we are weary!
    2. that my brother was not seriously injured when his ATV rolled over yesterday!
    3.for all the promises in your word; especially those pertaining to the situation with my Home that I have received for many months now from many different sources!
    4.that yesterday the 23rd of August 2000 you took my Husband ,Denis Home to be with you, making him whole again!
    5.your promise that you would be a judge for the widow or some translation as a husband to the widow !
    6.that I have come to seek you first and totally rely on you for every need great and small in my life…
    7. that when I rushed to you last Thursday, that you quickly resolved a painful encounter with a co-worker and all was well!

    • Diane says

      Debbi….my heart swells as I read your seven and see how your faith has enlarged and your God has become more personal and way bigger than ever before. I just want to add a big AMEN! to your words of gratitude! [hugs]

  4. Gwen says

    Diane I prayed for you as I got the note to be able to read your blog which comes hit or miss but came today Alleluia!! And I prayed for a weary soul in a path our humanness cannot feel nor understand but I was reminded as I asked You a Lord about this for Diane, Your answer in Your Word: Gwen My ways are not your ways; My ways are higher than your ways. And I then dropped my why at Your feet Lord. With a prayer for getting to know another person to pray for and who even prays for me. God is so good. I can’t even explain all this in words to others.
    A weary week of weary days of weeping I do not understand. Much moments of feeling so out of place and known as That a Handicapped Wife
    But memories dim when the moments pass and I will tell of joys
    1. Laughter over comments in a string of comments on the worst gift you’ve ever received. I had deep giggling laughter reading it and laughed as I read it again!
    2. A visit with family
    3. Sweet neighbor to watch the cat
    4. We gave her such a simple gift of an assortment of succulents from a garden shop on our trip and she my neighbor almost cried! She said it was the nicest gift she’d ever received!
    5. Curt had a wonderful wonderful peace filled time learning from Gods Word plus kindness shown him everywhere at our “camp” in the redwoods with a deluxe room with wonderful handicap access and decor so lovely
    6. Seeing the ocean again
    7. Home again
    8. A 20 year old who keeps in touch–I mentor–that was my neighbor–and we got caught up, I showed her the YouVersion app, we watched church on TV together–it was really good about stuff she’s going through–I pray I don’t mess up–my brain injury makes me blunt sometimes–about stuff that does not matter–and pray that part of me is forgotten
    9. At our week retreat as I felt tortured by the overload of stimuli–and wondered oh Lord I can see no good thing–I feel a noose around my young husbands neck who weighs him down and wears him out. He deserves better. But all the while people told Curt I touched their heart and they would be praying for me….covering me with prayer in the days and weeks to come.
    Diane I will continue to pray. And what does a muskrat look like??? Now the rare and endangered kit fox I see all the time but I’ve never ever seen a muskrat!!! And did you take the frog photo???

  5. Julia says

    Love your words of encouragement – will pray for you today!
    1. Answered prayer!
    2. God’s faithfulness!
    3. A refreshing rain in the heat of the day!
    4. Quiet moments at work!
    5. Even when I can’t hear Him calling my name – He’s still calling out my name!
    6. God’s provision!
    7. The peace that passes understanding!

  6. Dear Diane,
    What a beautiful post. I always enjoy my visits here, and feel inspired when I leave. I’ve shared your website with my little sister and a few friends, as I find that your encouraging words can be of help to so many.
    I’m so grateful this day for you. Thank you for taking the time to share your insight and wisdom with others, but especially . . . I appreciate your reminders of keeping God first and foremost in our lives.
    He is my strength, always.
    Sending you a big, warm hug,
    P.S. I’m off to write my “7” :0)

  7. Kathy says

    Beautiful post, Diane. I will be featuring your post in this week’s Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Diane says

      Kathy…you just made my day!! Thank you!!
      See you tomorrow! [hugs]

  8. Thank you for sharing this. The printbale is great!
    I would be honored if you would hop over and share with us at Inspire Us Tuesday. (http://twolittlecavaliers.com/2014/09/inspire-us-tuesdays-happy-fall.html)

  9. Bless you, Diane! Life is full of joys, as you know, but also disappointments. You are wise to remember to pray even in the midst of the most trying times.

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful post at Grace at Home. I’m featuring you this week!

    • Diane says

      Thank you Richella! It’s a blessing to share God’s grace at “your” home! [hugs]

  10. Mel says

    To say I’m late would be a no brainer…..but I’m reading this at just the right time. I even had to pause when I wanted to comment yesterday. Seems the Kindle had another idea and refused to load. But I don’t believe in coincidence, that’s just G-d wanting to remain anonymous. But I know He has perfect timing, and that’s what it all is about for today. I’d say I don’t go inwards, I keep myself around people and being ‘quiet’ isn’t something I do well. But being secretive is. I try to call it ‘private’, but that’s a part of the secretiveness. You’ve reminded me to let others help. And I struggle with that, prideful person that I am. Weary is my clue. Seems I have to run it til the wheels fall off, sometimes.
    So thank you for sharing this. A problem shared is a problem divided. And letting others help, letting them pray for me….tough for this gal.

    • Diane says

      Haha! Like I’ve never been late! LOL
      Sometimes we forget that God’s time economy is different than ours. It’s a good thing, isn’t it?
      I’m keeping you in my prayers Mel. 😉

  11. Elly says

    Thank you – I really needed to read this today. This verse was my lifeline many years ago and I found myself saying it this morning again after several years. I’m feeling very overwhelmed and in turmoil. Pressed from all directions. This was a timely read even though you posted it years ago. Bless you

    • Isn’t it amazing, Elly, how God places people and even old blog posts in our path, just when we need the encouragement? Thank you for the kind thoughts and taking the timeliness in spite of the posting date. Lifting you up in prayer right now. May you know God’s peace and sense His presence today. {{hugs}}

  12. Alyson says

    I just read this devotion this morning. At 5:43 am you have no idea how much I needed this. It may be months later but it impacted me so much.
    My mom and dad just recently started the adoption process recently after seeing the profile of two boys. I live in the home because college ate most of my money. We just met them a little over a week ago at an adoption event. Our hearts are already connected to them because we all pray daily for them. But at the event we hit it off instantly with them. They even asked for us to please hurry up and get our paper work done so they can come home with us. They’re 11 & 13. We said we will, we promise. Not even a week later, they were pending placement for a different home. We were so close to being able to get matched to them. Our hearts were broken, I’ve been asking God why and where are you?!
    I’ve been getting signs from him a lot about it. And not to worry.

    And this is one of them. Yes, he made sure you shared it because it would effect so many people just like me. Who’s heart is broken and are weary.

    We’re going to continue on with our paperwork and pray over it that God brings us home our boys if it’s his will.

    Thank you again.


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