Ideas for Making a Warm and Cozy Black and White Buffalo Check Christmas Bedroom.


I Love My Cozy and Warm Buffalo Check Christmas Bedroom


It’s Christmas Eve!

My favorite night of the whole year!

The snow is falling ever so gently outside my window.  Yet, my heart is jumping inside with anticipation.

My home is squeaky clean and festively decorated.  Swedish meatballs are “marinating” in the fridge, there’s a pie in the oven, and soon I’ll be preparing our overnight French toast for brunch. And best of all, we’ll soon be celebrating with hundreds of others at the 11 pm Christmas Eve service at church.


Printable becomes a wall art with meaning for this black and white buffalo check Christmas bedroom


My heart is full.

How good is our God to send Jesus to take my place and then adopt me into his forever family!

Santa Claus is a terrific fairy tale.  Christmas decorations delight me on so many levels.  The familiar foods tie today to my past. And giving and receiving gifts is truly wonderful.  But, nothing tops being able to sing at the top of my lungs… “Joy to the World, the Lord has come!”  That, my friend, is the JOY of Christmas for me. All the other things are a yummy frosting on the best gift EVER!!!


A Christmas Tree, Wreaths, and Poinsettia help make this buffalo check Christmas bedroom coz


Because it’s Christmas Eve, I thought it would be fun to show you my bedroom decorated for Christmas.  It’s tiny, but with a few touches, I was able to make it super cozy.  And I love that even after the tree is down, it will remain warm and inviting.


A Merry Black and White Buffalo Christmas Bedroom


The funny thing is that I never had any plans to decorate my bedroom.  Actually, I didn’t even have any decor.  Minimalist is probably an apt description.

You’ll remember that I created some simple birch and pine cone Christmas ornaments back in October for the 31 Days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments that I hosted with my friends.  We enjoyed that so much that Mary Beth and I decided to host a Christmas Tree Tour in mid-December.  Plans were moving ahead for that when I received an email inviting me to participate in another Christmas tree celebration where I would be provided with the tree and the ornaments.  Of course, I said YES! But, then I needed to figure out what I was going to do with the tree I had that was decorated and sitting between my dining and living rooms. Fortunately, the tree I chose was a pencil tree or skinny tree and with just a bit of help, we were able to slide it right through the bedroom door.  Whew!  And that’s how the bedroom began to get dressed up for Christmas.


Rustic Christmas Tree filled with Handmade Christmas Ornaments fits perfectly in this cozy buffalo check Christmas bedroom


It then dawned on me… I’m going to share my Christmas tree… in my bedroom… with the world.  Just maybe I might want to dress up my space a bit.  Frankly, it didn’t take much of a push for me to do that.  However, I was crazy busy at the workshop, so coming home and sewing up a storm added to the fullness of my schedule.  In the end, it was so very worth all the extra effort.

First I needed to decide what my theme would be.  Hmmm… Fortunately, that didn’t take too long to figure out.  Since my tree had ornaments strung with tiny buffalo check ribbon, I thought I would see if I could find some economical fabric in black and white buffalo check.  My local fabric store was closed on Sunday night, but Walmart was open.  They had one option, fleece.  Now I have never sewn fleece before, but it was reasonable and available, so I took what was left of the bolt home.  In the end, I had just enough to sew two large pillow shams and a square throw.


Warm up with the homemade touches of simple pillow shams and a throw like in this buffalo check Christmas bedroom


I didn’t use a pattern for either.  In the past I’ve made pillow shams, using whatever was currently on the bed as a guide.  The summery one on my bed didn’t have flanges and was actually too snug for my pillows, so I tweaked things and voila! Shams were completed… following a trip the next morning to the fabric store for some stiff interfacing. Because this girl doesn’t like floppy flanges. 😉  And yes, I had to take the first one apart because of floppy flanges, but it was so worth the extra effort.


Little touches like this side chair with the seat covered in black and white check make this bedroom cozy in the buffalo check theme for Christmas


The little side chair was a garage sale find at $10.  I had thought about painting it, but it was in great condition, it just needed an update of the seat cover.  No worries there.  I had some fabric left over from making the buffalo check balls for the tree… just enough to cover the seat.  In less than ten minutes it was sporting a cute checked seat!

The only thing on my walls was a spring and summer wreath I made two years ago.  I stored that away and decided that the large picture frames that I picked up from Hobby Lobby for 90% off on clearance would be perfect.  Although I had to fill the frames with something.  Fortunately, I had purchased some black and white buffalo check wrapping paper and had plenty.  So I cut a piece of foam core board to fit the frames and cover with the check wrapping paper.


This vintage plant stand basket filled with greens and the buffalo check art give this Christmas bedroom a rustic feel


A few years ago, I created this free printable “A thrill of Hope the Weary World Rejoices,” which I LOVE.  It was just perfect on the black and white check background.  The only thing, in my haste, when I adhered it to the check paper I forgot to trim off the white area first.  Tim said he thought it looked good.  Good thing because I would have had to start over with all the paper.  I reminded myself that perfection is overrated and moved on to the next print.

This little corner with the printable and the basket of boughs is my favorite.  I absolutely adore it.

It’s funny how it came to be.  Last summer I was winding my way down the curvy roads in our neighborhood when I spied a yard sale.  It was late in the afternoon, so there wasn’t a lot there, but this vintage plant stand was standing there all alone.  The gal was asking $12 for it.  As I stood and studied it, she offered $10 and I bought it!  At that time I had a different idea for using it which didn’t pan out and it has been just standing against the wall in my bedroom looking forlorn. But, not anymore. Once I grabbed some fresh greens and filled the basket, wove some battery operated fairy lights among the boughs it was… Perfect.   Just to tell you how much I love this moment… I can be found standing in the doorway just looking at the print and basket of evergreens.  It soothes my soul.


A simple free printable can become the wall that makes a room come together like in this black and white buffalo check Christmas bedroom


I wanted to find something quick, so I went to my Christmas Pinterest boards to see what I had already pinned and this printable, “good tidings of comfort and joy” was just the thing!  The red lettering, the words, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  So, I downloaded the free printable on my stick, hopped in the car, and took it to Staples to be printed.  They are usually really helpful there, but I guess they’re extra busy in December because the guy didn’t really want to help me.  However, he came through and got it just the size I needed for just 97 cents!!  I did have to go back the next day to pick it up because he was behind.  Small price to pay for some great Christmas art to match my bedroom’s Christmas decor!


Tandem for Two Christmas pillow and a trio of faux wreaths bring this black and white buffalo check bedroom a Christmas look


A few weeks earlier I had been to Michael’s. I rarely go there because of its location.  Guess I went the right day!  They had these faux evergreen wreaths for just $2 each.  I already had the ribbon I had originally purchased for the tree, but didn’t use so happy day!  There was plenty to trim the wreaths with pretty bows.  You just can’t beat all that decor for less than $10!!!

Sometimes I refer to my work at the workshop.  One of my super talented friends has become an entrepreneur, designing, creating, and selling beautiful items for the home. Her shop is called Tandem for Two and everything is made to order.  I do various tasks like packaging to help ready our products for shipment.  So as I was decorating my bedroom for Christmas I couldn’t resist bringing home a couple of pillows, a mug, and a cute little greeting card.


This Trim the Tree pillow from Tandem for Two is the perfect decorating accessory next to my handmade Christmas tree


I love how our Trim the Tree pillow is perfect next to my tree filled with handmade ornaments.


This Tandem for Two Green Truck Merry Christmas pillow is the perfect touch for the buffalo check Christmas bedroom


How much cuter could my bed be with this sweet Merry Christmas pillow with the vintage truck!

Maybe you can identify, but I didn’t have a real nightstand next to my bed.  What I had was a tiny table that you probably saw in my balcony garden earlier this summer.  Once the furniture came in for the season, I put that little table next to my bed, piled it with books, and then set this lamp on top.  The lamp was a garage sale find at $2.  The only thing was that I had to purchase a lampshade.  You know… lampshades ALWAYS cost more than lamps.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so particular.  But I digress.


A cozy Christmas bedroom calls for a cup of cocoa - LOVE this greeting card from Tandem for Two turned art print


I had forgotten that I had a folding bistro table for the balcony which we didn’t end up using much for various reasons.  Fortunately, I remembered and it became my new bedside table.  Previously I would never have thought to use it because it’s black.  But, with the addition of some black and white check to the room, it looks fabulous.  And don’t you love my “drink hot cocoa” greeting card clipped to the little black clipboard?  It’s perfect with my cup of cocoa… which my dear husband makes for me on a nightly basis.  I know… I’m so blessed.


Drinking hot cocoa is a must at Christmastime especially from a Tandem for Two drink hot cocoa mug when you're cozy in your bedroom


At the start of the Christmas season, I created a modern farmhouse tray from a cabinet door.  That tray is so handy.  I’m crazy about it.  And it’s perfect for the bed, too.  Especially when it’s got a stack of Christmas magazines and the cutest cup of cocoa waiting for me!!


Simple rustic decorations make this buffalo check Christmas bedroom so warm and cozy


On that same trip to Michael’s, I made a mad dash into Tarjay’s dollar spot.  Okay… my find wasn’t a dollar, but this miniature olive bucket was a find at just $3.  It’s perfect for holding a small plant like this Poinsettia Tim surprised me with.  Who knew that Home Depot had such great prices on Poinsettias?


There isn't anything more magical than going to sleep by the light of the Christmas tree - Rustic handmade Christmas tree in a buffalo check Christmas bedroom


With the all the pretty decorations, I just might go to sleep by the light of the tree tonight.  It feels absolutely magical.

I hope you enjoyed my warm and cozy buffalo check Christmas bedroom.

More importantly, I hope your Christmas Eve is filled with warmth and goodness to delight your soul and your senses.

Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!!

P.S. If you love what you see at Tandem for Two, please enter the code AED at checkout and get 10% off your order.

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  1. Bobbi Duncan says

    What a beautiful project! You are so very talented and everything coordinates perfectly. I can’t believe you accomplished all this in record time–WOW! Merry Christmas and all good things in the coming year.

    • Bobbi, you just made my day!! Thank you so much! I truly can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this little makeover. Hope your Christmas is filled with JOY and peace! xo

  2. Minnie McCoy says

    Merry Christmas!!
    The room is oh so Christmas cozy. Will be sad to undo any of it so I vote for leaving it all up. Not forever, maybe just till June or July.☺
    Anyway I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I know some people just toss around the words, but I truly wish you Joy, Love, Contentment and Peace.
    Blessings to you!

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much, Minnie! I don’t think I’ll have much trouble giving it a wee tweak for winter. I’m also entertaining the idea of leaving the tree up for a bit without the decorations. We’ll see. 😉
      Thank you, also, for your heartfelt Christmas wishes. They mean so very much!!

  3. Judy says

    Dear Diane and Tim! Merry Christmas wishes and may God’s richest Blessings be yours in the New Year! Over the years my husband and I have stayed at some beautiful Bed and Breakfasts… and I have to say that your your cozy bedroom is First Class! It has all of the charm … very fresh looking and … decorated so lovely..even including the hot cocoa! I enjoy your blog so much… I love the color blue so your Christmas tree and decorations all dressed up in your living room were a delight to see too! We have sold our lake home of 32 years … and will be starting a new adventure.. kind of bittersweet but we feel that this is what The Good Lord wants for us! Love and hugs, Judy

    • Diane says

      Judy, that is a big step selling your home after 32 years. I truly understand how it must feel bittersweet. So many beautiful memories were made in your lovely home. (Don’t be surprised if you grieve it when you leave… that happened to me with the “forever” home we had built and lived in 14 years… never expected that.) There is no doubt that God has something special for you ahead. I’ll pray that you will have clarity and HIS perfect peace in the days ahead as you strike out on your new adventure.
      Thanks for the holiday wishes. (We had a lovely day hosting a small brunch and dinner.) And your kind words about my bedroom and living room Christmas decor… you have no idea how much I was touched by your words.
      I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus and may your New Year be blessed beyond imagination! xoxo

  4. Oh, Diane! Your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous and so very warm and Christmasy! I love everything you’ve done with it. You are so talented!

    • Thank you so much Mary Beth! I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun making a room feel so cozy. I also didn’t realize how much I NEEDED it either. God is so good!!

  5. Julie Briones says

    Great post, Diane! Love the room, and your photos are so pretty! (The hot cocoa ones are exceptional!)

    Hope you have a blessed CHRISTmas!

    • Awww… Julie, you are so sweet, thank you!! It means so much to me to know you liked my photos. It was truly a challenge with the heavy clouds we had to darken the day.
      I had a wonderful Christmas. 🙂
      May your New Year be filled with God’s peace and JOY!

  6. Debbie says

    Diane, I had no idea you were so such an awesome decorator/crafter! Beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Awww… thank you Debbie! That means so much to me!!
      We had a wonderful Christmas this year. God is so good!! I hope you did too!
      May you know and experience God’s blessing in new and rich ways this in the New Year! xoxo

  7. Gwen says

    I love it all!! I do hope you keep decor out until January 6th. It’s too pretty to put away!! What a treat to see all your clever creations from simply this and that yet it ends up looking so beautiful and modern. Merry and Happy to you!! I love it all. Your room is actually quite large!!! It’s a perfect size!!!

    • Diane says

      Somehow I missed your reply, Gwen. It’s a bit late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope that in spite of the craziness of this world you and your sweetheart were able to enjoy some special moments celebrating the birth of our King. <3

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