Is there anything better than Christmas decor that’s free and natural?  I think not!


Rustic Handmade Christmas Ornament for the Tree - Birch Wood Slices Display Pretty Hand Cut Pine Cone Flowers

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That’s why I’m excited to share with you my simple rustic handmade Christmas ornaments made from birch logs and pine cones.


But, before I do, if you’re here from The How To Home (Didn’t Mary Beth create the cutest retro vintage ornament ever?), WELCOME!  This is the 4th stop on our third annual 31 Day Handmade Christmas Ornaments Blog Hop. Just like each year past, you can expect to be inspired by all kinds of lovely Christmas ornaments created by 30 extraordinary bloggers, plus me.  So… how about we get on with the fun?!


31 Handmade Christmas Ornaments Blog Hop - Great tutorial for making rustic Christmas tree ornaments for Christmas home decor


Over the summer, a crew of men sliced and diced their way along our country roads, cutting a huge path through the brush and trees for the benefit of the power lines.  It was like a team of madmen, wildly waving chainsaws instead of arms, executed this swath of devastation, leaving behind the carnage of mutilated trees and debris.  When severe storms come, they say we will be grateful that no tree was left standing. But the aftermath still gripes my heart.  I can’t say anything good came as a result of those evil marauders.  However, I did manage to rescue a couple of small birch trees after they were struck down and left like toothpicks for the teeth of the giant chipper.


DIY natural rustic Christmas tree decorations. Don't miss the tutorial for making these pretty birch and pine cone ornaments


Several years ago, following a horrible windstorm, I came into possession of some thin birch limbs which I used to create a lovely birch Christmas wreath,  pretty winter centerpieces, and napkin rings.  At that time I had some leftover birch which I sawed into slices and used to make Christmas ornaments as a special gift for a friend. I wish I had the forethought at that time to have taken pictures of those pretty Christmas tree ornaments to show you.  How about I make up for the faux pax by recreating them with my newly rescued birch?


Learn to make these simple rustic birch and pine cone Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree. Great for gift-giving, too!


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I’ve created a very simple tutorial so you can easily make a dozen or more of these handmade lovelies for your tree….
give as gifts… or use to dress up all your Christmas packages.


Decorate the tree with unique Christmas ornaments for a simple natural look. This birch slice and pine cone handmade ornament is easy to make with this how to tutorial. Great for gift-giving and package topping too.


How to Make Birch and Pine Cone Ornaments


Supplies to Make Birch and Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments

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  • Birchwood slices (2″-3″ in diameter) – fresh cut from logs or purchased pre-drilled wood slices
  • Power drill and drill bit
  • Pruners / Snips
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Pine cones (small, black spruce pine cones are my favorite, but an assortment of small to medium sized pine cones are what I used for these ornaments)
  • Ribbon for hanging


Assembly Instructions

To begin, drill a hole for ribbon or twine in your wood slice. (Unless you purchase pre-drilled wood slices.)  You’ll see I placed a piece of tape on my drill bit to indicate the thickness of the wood slice so that I didn’t drill too far and damage the board under the wood slice.

Cut the ribbon at a hard angle and roll up the tip to thread it through the hole.  It can be tricky, you might use a toothpick or something similar to help push the ribbon through.  Tie up the end of the ribbon to form a pretty ornament hanger.


Learn how to make simple rustic birch and pine cone Christmas ornaments with this tutorial


This next step is a little challenging at first.  It’s not hard, it just feels a little bit cruel to cut into a beautiful pine cone.  However, it’s through the cutting that we’ll see the beautiful flowers begin to emerge.

First, cut the tip of the pine cone off.  These tips will be so pretty among the flowers you create.  You’ll be able to tuck them in just like little flower buds.

Keep moving down your pine cones cutting flower slices off as you go.

This takes a little practice.  You may have to sacrifice a few pine cones or flowers while you perfect your craft.  However, you may be able to use the pieces thought unusable for additional petals in creating your flowers.


Cut flowers from pine cones with a good pair of sharp snips to make Christmas ornaments


Take a flower you have created from cutting your pine cone, add some hot glue to its base and place in the center of your wood slice.  At this point, you could use a group of small flowers or tips and surround the main flower, or you can do what I did here and use individual pine cone “petals” and hot glue them around the main flower.  Usually, I have two layers of petals that I glue around the first flower I applied to make a larger more striking flower.

TIP: The pine cone petals, when cut, have little spikes on their bases.  Trim those off before gluing to the ornament.  That’s why the end looks flat in the photo below.


Make tiny wood flowers from pine cones for these handmade Christmas ornaments


This is where you get creative and have fun creating your little works of art.

I really liked working with the Fiskars snips.  They made it easy to cut the spikes off the pine cone petals and for doing a little bit of trimming in the center of the flower where there is, inevitably, a torn petal.  My perfectionist tendencies take over at this point.  And the snips aid in my efforts to create the perfect flower.


Easy homemade wooden pine cone Christmas ornaments to DIY with this tutorial


Just like a snowflake, no two pine cone flowers you create will be exactly alike.  That’s the beauty of God’s creation and handmaking your own Christmas ornaments.  Each is unique and different and beautiful… just like you.

I hope you sit down and get your creativity on for a couple of hours.  You’ll be thrilled with the results and have the beginnings of a simple natural Christmas that’s absolutely gorgeous.

Do you prefer decorating your home for Christmas with nature’s beauty?  I’d love to hear what you do.

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Simple Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments Made with Birch Slices and Pine Cones - Handmade and Beautiful


Before I send you off to visit all the other participating bloggers, I want to express my appreciation to Mary Beth of Cupcakes and Crinoline and Malia of Yesterday on Tuesday.  Thank you, ladies, for all your help and encouragement in hosting this amazing blog hop.  I couldn’t do it without you!

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  1. Hi Diane-
    Such a clever way to use pinecones, which I have a ton! Your ornament is so cute and I love the fact that you made it using items from nature.

    • Thank you, Diane! How fun to have pine cones at hand for the holidays. It’s amazing how many ways they can be just that little extra touch in our home’s decor. Maybe we’ll see you do something extraordinary with yours, soon… ?!
      Have a blessed day!

  2. Kim says

    Diane, this is truly outstanding. What a gorgeous ornament. Thank you for your very clear tutorial. I really thought this one was way more complicated…but I think I could do this! Off to collect some pinecones. 😉

    • Thank you, Kim! That means a lot to me.
      It’s not at all complicated to make… getting comfortable with cutting the pine cones is the hardest part. Just take your time and be sure to have plenty of extras to practice with.
      Enjoy your gathering!

  3. Patti says

    Love this idea. One of my favorite things. Make and decorate with nature, because it’s always beautiful. The black and white ribbon looks perfect for hanging, and I also really like your idea of adorning gifts. We had several trees cut down last year, and a birch is getting the ax soon, so now I have the perfect project mind. Thanks!

  4. What a beautiful, rustic ornament – super creative with the pinecones!

  5. I love this rustic look for a Christmas ornament. Pinecones are a fun way to decorate for Christmas. Love this idea. Thank you Diane.

  6. Gail says

    Adorable. Thx for step by step

  7. Susie says

    Oh, how I love this idea!! It totally never occurred to me to snip the top of the pine cone and then make a little flower. Love the birch slice, too. Sad you lost the tree, but oh wowza the fun things you have made! Sharing out of course! The world needs to see this. XO …Susie from The Chelsea Project

  8. Oh wow this is so beautiful! Just the perfect rustic touch, love it!

  9. Oh Diane, now I can finally see what you’ve been hinting at with pinecones! I love how you incorporated them into these ornaments! They look like flowers, yet you can see they are pinecones — brilliant! I would love an entire tree filled with these! Not sure I could replicate these, but you’ve given me another way to use my never-ending supply of pinecones!

  10. Oh my goodness, Diane! These are so pretty and absolutely perfect. I can’t get over how cute they are.

  11. Diane, Diane, Diane! Those pinecone flowers are totally SPECTACULAR!! I love, love, LOVE these!! I’m thinking of doing a woodland tree and these would be precious!! Thank you for inspiring me!! AND, thank you for your incredibly hard work pulling this tour together and allowing me to be in it!!! I’m so proud!

    • Oh, Jennifer! You really know how to make a gal’s day!!! Wouldn’t we have fun creating a woodland themed tree together?!
      It really is a joy to host this blog hop and I’m so blessed to have you a part of it!! {{hugs}}

  12. I love natural décor and like you can’t stand to see good trees go to waste! These little “flowers” are precious, I am going to make these with the kids!

    • Thank you, Kim!
      I just about cried when I saw the devastation, but I’m grateful that I could take a little bit of it and create some beauty for our home and the world to enjoy.
      Have fun making them with your kiddos!

  13. These birch ornaments are totally adorable Diane and are a happy project after the sadness of having all those trees cut down. The pinecone flowers are too cute…. I’ll be trying those for sure.
    Thanks for organising this fun event again xx

    • I’m with you when it comes to the pine cone flowers. They are so sweet. But I really can’t take credit. God is an amazing creator… I just get to have fun playing with his beauties.
      I’m so glad you’ve joined us again, Kerryanne, and for your sweet thoughts here. xo

  14. Diane, this is just so creative and beautiful. I never thought of using pinecones to snip off the little flower shapes. Who knew? I’m definitely going to remember that. The little wood slices are a perfect combo with the pinecone blooms.

    I have an affinity for rustic decor and this is adorable.

    • It’s so much fun to experiment with Mother Nature’s bounty. I can only imagine what YOU will create, my new creative friend!
      Thanks for the sweet thoughts. xo

  15. Paula says

    Diane, your ornament is absolutely lovely! You had me when I saw the Birch combined with the blacked checked ribbon but when I saw the pine cone flower, I was smitten. These are going to look so good on your tree this Christmas!

    • I hope my tree comes together. 😉 First I have to find a tree! My new spot for the tree is pretty small, so I’m already on the lookout.
      Thanks for your kind thoughts, Paula! You truly make me smile! {hugs}

  16. Minnie McCoy says

    So for some reason my crazy tablet would not send out anything yesterday. Maybe its haunted, for Halloween.
    Anyway I just had to say, I am in love with these darling little ornaments. Can’t beat free. And pinecones are on My Favorite Things list. Guess what I’ll be making with my grandson for my tree.
    Once again you hit a home run! ?
    Blessings to you!

    • Awww… I hate when I have technical glitches like that. Glad it’s working today, Minnie!
      Oh, I hope you have so much fun making these with your grandson! You’re right! Free is best! Especially Mother Nature’s kind of free. 🙂

  17. This is such a pretty ornament, Diane! I love those pine cone flowers. <3

  18. Laura says

    These are so creative! I love those little pine cone flowers and of course, that burlap ribbon! So pretty!

    • I went to the store hoping to find a gray velvet ribbon… but couldn’t find what I wanted. So I ended up using something that I had in my stash all along. 🙂 Sometimes we over think things and what we already have is just perfect. 🙂 Thanks so much for popping by and leaving your kind thoughts, Laura!

  19. susan says

    I love pinecones so I love these!! Simple but beautiful!

    • Aren’t pine cones just the best for fall and winter decorating?
      Thanks for your sweet thoughts! [hugs]

  20. These are beautiful! Pinning!

  21. Malia says

    These are really fabulous Diane! I love that you saw the possibilities in those branches… so rustic and chic!

    • Thank you, Malia! Finding those birch branches was a wonderful blessing. Now if I can just find the time to make more for my tree.

  22. Good thing those guys came through with chainsaws! I love these beautiful ornaments and all the handmade ones being shared as part of this event. Thanks for letting me join in.

  23. These are so pretty and I love the black and white ribbon. So unique.

  24. This is absolutely darling, Diane! You had me as rustic and birch…. HUGS!

  25. Oh, Diane, you’ve outdone yourself! Truly, these are just magnificent. Rustic is just my speed, and using pine cones in this way is brilliant. Thank you for the tutorial!

  26. I agree. Free and natural are perfect for Christmas and your ornaments look beautiful. Pinned!

  27. I love birch ornaments! They are always beautiful! Love the ribbon you chose to hang them!

  28. This is one of the sweetest ornaments. I love anything with birch pieces and this is perfect. The gingham ribbon was the perfect touch, too. When I started my ornament brainstorming, I ordered a bunch of birch pieces, but then went another route. Looks like I have a way to use them all now.

  29. These are gorgeous and so unique! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Cindy says

    Hello, do you bake the pine cones first for critters? Love these ornaments. Absolutely adorable. ❤️

    • Cindy, sometimes I do. But, I didn’t bake the tiny pine cones and they were fine. I have a tutorial on the blog for how to bake them. Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s amazing how a pine cone has so much hidden beauty.

  31. Cami says

    I was shocked when I saw you made those flowers out of Pinecones. You are such a clever girl! I absolutely LOVE your ornaments NdI might even make some myself, SOOOO CUTE!!!! Love it!


  32. Pat says

    Beautiful I love the natural look

    • Thank you so much, Pat!! It is my favorite ornament creation ever. Hope you get a chance to make some for yourself! Thanks for taking the time to say hello! Hope your week is extraordinary!

  33. Daralynn Wagerle says

    Diane, loved the tutorial. I too am in love with pine cones and there are so many different kinds to work with. I’m going to do this ornament with the birch, they will also look great with other trees branches( I live where the trees are abundant plus we own a Landscape & Yard Maintenance business) that I come across often. I have chosen to gather up Pondarosa and Sugar pine cones for my creative mind I’ve been creating cones that are for ANYTIME of the year. I uniquely paint them in many colors for a beautiful way to display nature and all the colors we love..they each are painted with choice spray paint and love..I have no exact process. I just pick a cone and get the feel of it chose a can and begin. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to post to show and share..

  34. Ella Woodward says

    I really loved pinecone ornaments and yours are just amazing. The flocking really puts me in the mood for Christmas…even now! 🙂

  35. Sheila Russell Fow says

    What do you use to cut the pine cones with? Mine are tough and I have not found a pair of scissors or wire snips that will easily cut them. by the time i get them cut, they are broken.

  36. Patricia says

    I plan on making your adorable ornament as a favor at the women’s Christmas luncheon at my church this year. I already have my branch rounds cut and pinecones collected.

    Just an fyi, if you use washi or painters tape on the end of one side of your ribbon, twist it to a point, it’s so easy to thread the ribbon through the hole. In general you can use a smaller hole if desired. Then take off the tape, I usually snip it off.

    • Thanks so much Patricia for your wonderful tip!
      Hope the ornaments are a hit for your Christmas luncheon!!

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