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It was an Extraordinary week here on the blog.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s posts…

  1. Vintage Flow Blue Thanksgiving Table Setting ::  The Week at a Glance 11/29
    Last year’s Thanksgiving table with some easy how-tos for creating place card holders and napkin rings.  Plus a quick review of the past week on the blog.
  2. Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart :: Joy Day!
    Exploring this grateful heart “thing” and then counting our blessings from the week, together.
  3. Thanksgiving Tablescape :: Creatively Using Woodland Elements
    Who knew a Wood Duck could make such an interesting centerpiece?
  4. Taking Time to Breathe :: Observing Advent
    Maybe instead of staying in the hectic Christmas flow we can take time to breathe with a new tradition.
  5. Advice for Making Your House Your Home
    Do you find yourself being critical of your home and not doing certain things…just because?
  6. Thanksgiving… Because His Love Never Quits
    Taking time to reflect on more than the feast.


Humbled and grateful.

I was so surprised to discover my Pampas Grass Wreath had been featured at…

Roadkill Rescue

As you know I enjoy doing a little partying at other blogs…a few of my posts were included in the features from the weekly link-ups here:

Cedar Hill Farmhouse    ~    Oh My! Creative    ~    Dwellings

Rose Chintz Cottage   ~    Embracing Change    ~    Green Willow Pond

Plus, my Christmas Sweater Stocking tutorial was mentioned at Chicken Scratch NY

  Please be sure to pop over to these extraordinary spots!!


On a Personal Note

I just returned from a three-day trip with my husband to visit his family for Thanksgiving.  I am grateful that we had clear roads on the way out and our return trip.  Some of you prayed for that…thank you!  It did snow about 8 inches between Wednesday night and Thanksgiving Day while we were there, but we had very little driving to do then.  Though I am not a fan of driving in snow, it was a beautiful sight as all the trees looked as if they had been frosted with fluffy cotton candy.

As I was finishing up this post I wanted to begin with some Christmas ideas….I have several from last year that I took photos of but never posted.  As I went from one to the other I realized that I am tired.  The energizer bunny’s batteries must have lost their charge. [wink]  I guess, I’ll just have to share those with you at another time.

Are in the midst of decorating for Christmas, are just thinking about it, or are you all finished?  Last night I helped my friend a little bit…it was nice to play.  And I might even share it with you later.

So tell me…what good things have made your week?


Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


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  1. Mel says

    8 inches of snow….oy…. I’m good with just two, tyvm. LOL Welcome to winter! (well, almost…..)

    Definitely a busy week with a lot of going and doing–and on top of that you’re posting nearly every day. I’m good with ya being tired and needing a bit of rest and rejuvenating. Good grief, who wouldn’t need some of that.

    Yes, we’re in the midst of decorating. Seems every day I come home to another bit that’s been transformed. Interestingly enough, that which needs to be ‘moved’ to make room for the festive decorations….finds its way to the bedroom. LOL Which is a total disaster at this moment–which leads me to today’s project……finding the floor AND getting some prezzies wrapped.
    I like the second task better! 😉

    • Diane says

      Haha!! I’m not a fan of 8 inches either. But, we only needed to drive a few miles between Wednesday night and Thursday night and on Friday all the roads were wet or dry. Yay!! The highway drive, bookending our trip was dry almost all the way. WooHoo!! I must say it was incredibly beautiful to look at snow on the evergreens, though.
      We’ll see if I get back on that schedule….I doubt it as I’m doing a wee bit of struggling with Christmas and my role in it this year.

      Yay for decorating!! And for a room to stash the stuff that needs to be ‘moved.’ 😀 Okay…maybe it’s not so cool to have to organize and find a place for that stuff. But….presents…already….you go girl!!! How fun!


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