Want to know a secret?

I just figured on how to make the most beautiful… yes… perfect mossy eggs.

Even better… I’m going to share the secret with you.

But, first… let’s just look at this pretty spring vignette.


An Elegant Mossy Spring Vignette & How to Make Perfect Mossy Eggs


It’s filled with some of my favorite things… pussy willows, an old cement planter, moss, birds, eggs, bunnies… and even a little gold.  Okay… maybe a lot of gold.


Elegant yet whimsical Spring and Easter Vignette


This year I am all about moss for spring.  It’s a great way to infuse life and spring into my home decor without spending a lot of money.

A bag of moss, depending on style and store, can cost anywhere from $4 to $12 and it goes a long way.  Or at least it can if you utilize some of my tricks.

Before I share those tricks, let’s talk about this side table which is making, another seasonal appearance on the blog.

When I first started dreaming about what I was going to do for spring and Easter on my side table I knew whatever it was, moss would be involved. I’ve been crazy about moss this year, using it in small ways in my decor. It all started at Christmas when I put moss in pretty tea cups for my Advent candle “wreath.”  I cannot tell you how much I loved that “wreath.”  There is even a turkey roasting pan on my deck that has become a beautiful moss nursery… just waiting for me to include those clumps of green velvet somewhere in my home decor.

One day I was at Hobby Lobby with a friend when I spied these golden birds and eggs.  The price was right at 40% off.  I had planned to cover the gold with moss.  But, then there was a happy ‘accident.’


It all started with these golden eggs which in the end did not end up as perfect mossy eggs


It all started when the pussy willows I had gathered a few weeks earlier were placed in this interesting jar (which I found on clearance at Meijer for $2). All I wanted to do was see what the birds and eggs would look like hanging on the stems of my pussy willows.  I arranged them in a way I thought looked nice and planned to take them off the pussy willows one-by-one as I made them into mossy eggs and birds and re-hang them in their chosen spots.  But, they caught the light and glowed and really were an elegant contrast to the natural woodsy pussy willows. I was in love.  Usually, I reserve gold for Christmas.  But, the longer the gold eggs and birds were up… the more I was happy with my unexpected gold Easter and spring decor.


Elegant Spring Vignette with Mossy Eggs


One day before work, I popped into a local thrift shop.  Just inside the door was this cement urn and it was only $5. The clerk at the store wanted to know if I knew what I would do with it and I told her I was going to put a bird’s nest in it. That actually sounds easier than it was. I live in a woodsy area which would seem to have lots of gatherings that would be perfect for making a bird’s nest.  All my exploring and I only came up with some grapevine… most of which were a little thick and some twigs from the bushes.  They were all a little bit brittle.  And yes, it was challenging.


Nest frame


Fortunately (or not) I have done a fair amount of basketweaving in the distant past, so that helped me to set up a little form for my nest. But, frankly, I lost patience and didn’t fill it all in with twigs or grapevine.  It really doesn’t matter, as the bottom of the nest isn’t visible anyway. I provided enough support to create a mossy interior, so I was all set, anyway. My favorite feature of the nest is the tiny pussy willow twigs I cut to weave around the outside.


Pussy Willow Nest filled with Golden Eggs and Chocolate Bunny from Aldi


A few weeks earlier I explored stores for inexpensive eggs that I could cover with moss.  I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband was sure I was going to coat our whole apartment with moss.  Everywhere I looked I wondered if the object I picked up would look better covered in moss.

Because repetition is always important in decorating, I knew I needed to have golden eggs snuggled into my pussy willow covered nest. Those eggs which are a fairly large were a dollar store splurge. They are metal eggs and they contained two “Smartie” rolls of Sweet Tarts. If I were a little kid and opened up that large egg to find two small rolls of candies and a whole lot of empty space in that egg… I would be incredibly disappointed.


Sweet Tarts Eggs become Decorative Golden Eggs


But, for golden eggs.  They are perfect.  With just a little spray from the best gold spray paint, they look amazing.


Pussy Willows Set the Stage for this Lovely and Elegant Easter Vignette


Of course, I couldn’t have only eggs in the nest.  This sweet gold bunny from Aldi (so much cuter than the Lindt chocolate bunnies and much less expensive) was just the whimsical touch needed.


Lovely Mossy Spring Vignette & How to Make Perfect Mossy Eggs


You’ll notice I pulled a little moss out between the cement urn and the nest.  It repeats the moss in the bottom of the glass vase holding the pussy willows and the mossy green of the bunny on the wall and the eggs. Gotta have that repetition thing going.

I brought back the tea towel I had draped over the table in my winter vignette because I need some visual interest to break up that long table and it complements the white polka-dots on bunny’s bow and flower as well.


Spring vignette with a nature theme Mossy Eggs Tutorial Pussy Willows & Handmade Nest


This mossy bunny was so much fun to make and so easy too.  I’ll be back with the tutorial.  It’s a great way to make a big visual statement, doesn’t take a lot of craftiness, and my favorite part, is super inexpensive, too.

Are you still interested in knowing the secret to making perfect mossy eggs?  

I thought so.  Here’s a little tutorial…


How to Make Perfect Mossy Eggs for your Spring and Easter Home Decor


How to Make Perfect Mossy Eggs


Supplies for Making the Perfect Mossy Eggs





After placing plastic over your work surface, pull out a small “chunk” of moss, tear it apart so it’s loose, and with your scissors, cut it into small pieces 1/4″ to 1/2″ pieces.


Tear apart the moss


Make a little mound of moss on your plastic sheet.


Cut the moss into tiny pieces for gluing


With your paintbrush, heavily “paint” Mod Podge on a section of your egg.


Apply moss to thickly applied Mod Podge


Dip the Mod Podged section of your egg into the mound of moss and press down… firmly.  Make sure to continue until all the Mod Podge is covered with moss.


Apply Mod Podge - Press Moss into Glue - Repeat


Repeat… section by section… until the whole egg is covered in moss.

You may not have enough cut moss… cut more as you go… however, the moss really does go a long way.

Once the egg is covered, keep pressing the moss into the Mod Podged egg with your hand until it feels pretty secure.  You’re trying to make sure that all your moss is in contact with the Mod Podge so that it will stay glued in place.

Look for any spaces that don’t have moss and dab a little Mod Podge into that area and press moss into that spot.

Set aside your egg to dry for a few hours and then check to see that everything is in place.  Feel free to press the moss down on your egg again. If you have any errant pieces… trim them off.


Moss Covered Egg Tutorial


Don’t you just love these mossy eggs?


Be watching for another tutorial as I’ll be back to share how I made my cute mossy bunny.  Every time I glance her way, she makes me smile.


Create An Elegant Mossy Spring Vignette and Check Out this Perfect Mossy Eggs Tutorial



The springy vignette is such a bright and happy spot in my little apartment.  I’d love to hear what caught your eye and I hope you’ve been inspired to bring a little spring into your living space, too.

Thanks so much for popping by today!

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  1. Pinky says

    I love this! The bunny and the eggs are fabulous! I wish I had a pussy willow bush too. I get mine at the grocery WHEN they have it, now always:( Your vignette is beautiful!

    • Thank you so much Pinky! You just made my day! I’m not sure if there are fields in your area that are damp or if you have any wetlands, but I keep my eyes peeled for those areas in the early spring and don my boots and grab my pruners to get my pussy willows. They aren’t as big and fluffy as the ones you get in the shop… but they’re free and I can get all I need from one bush usually. You know I’m always up for a rendezvous with Mother Nature. 😉

  2. Julia says

    Your mossy bunny wreath caught my eye! So cute! And I love all the gold you have on the branches and in the cement urn.

    • Oh, Julia… thank you for loving the gold with me. Usually, we think of pretty pastels for Easter… but this was so fun for a change. Thanks for popping by and for your lovely kind words. Hope your week is filled with extraordinary goodness. xo

  3. Love your spring/Easter vignette. I so enjoy seeing what others do with their lucky finds. I love the gold touch, instead of the pastel look everyone else does. One of my favorites is pussy willow, which I used to have at a previous home. Now I use the artificial ones. Living I. Florida for part of the year, we are snowbirds, there isn’t much pussy willow for sure. I also like the birdnest. I am a huge bird fanatic so that caught my eye. Thank you for your delightful blog, ideas and inspirations.

    • Cookie… it’s been a LONG time! It’s so nice to see you again. 🙂 Thank you for enjoying my vignette with me… especially the gold touches… and for your warm and encouraging words. {{hugs}} Wishing you a blessed Easter.

  4. What wonderful finds Diane! I have a thing for moss too and used to gather it easily from our yard in WA State. Your cement urn is fabulous, as well as those golden birds and eggs. I love that you wove the pussy willows into your nest. You’re giving me ideas girlfriend. Happy early Easter. Hugs, Patti

    • Awww… thanks, sweet friend! Wouldn’t we have fun “playing” together? Hope you can find live moss in your new neighborhood.

  5. This is such a beautiful display, Diane! I love the complementary colors and tones – stunning as usual.

    • You sweet words are so encouraging. Thank you, Mary Beth! It really was a fun project!

  6. Jen says

    Your spring vignette is gorgeous! I’ve been loving the golden touches to my Easter decor as well. I love how you mixed the gold in with the moss. Beautiful!

    • I’m so glad you love it too!! This year I’m totally nuts over moss. I guess I’m starved for green!!! 😉
      Hope your weekend is extraordinary, Jen!

  7. Jann Olson says

    The golden accents are really pretty, and what a great score on the urn! I made some moss covered eggs last year to go in a large nest I made. They are fun to make! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    • I know that moss eggs aren’t anything new… but I sure had so much fun making some this year…. despite the MESS!! 🙂
      Happy Easter Jann!

  8. Kelly says

    This is so cute and festive! I love all the moss 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Kelly!! I think it’s one of my favorites. I’m just loving all the green and moss.

  9. This is lovely! I’d be so pleased for you to link up at my new linky party, Support Your Fellow Crafter at Support Blog for Moms of Boys! Hope to “see” you soon 🙂

  10. So pretty!!! Thanks for linking with Monday Funday xo

  11. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing at the Pleasures of the NW’s DIY party!

    • Thank you Helen! My neighbor kids were over today and LOVED it too! That made it all worthwhile. 🙂

  12. Love your Easter display. The urn is great and your eggs turned out so lovely.

    • Thank you so much, Beverly! Now to decide how to tweak it a bit again as I want to use it beyond eggs and bunnies. 😉 XO

  13. Carol says

    Love your whole vignette and those moss eggs are amazing. Featuring when my party opens up!

    • Awwww… you are so sweet Carol! Thank you for your kind words and the feature! {hugs}

  14. Cindy says

    Love it all!
    Thank so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  15. Gorgeous and really stylish for the home. Love your work. Found you posting at Wonderful Wednesday Link Party .

  16. Sheri says

    Love the gold and moss together! Thanks for sharing in the To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and More Link party! Hope to see you again next week!

  17. Mother of 3 says

    Such a pretty vignette; I love the contrast of the shiny eggs with the natural moss. Pinned.

  18. Happy Spring! This post has been selected as one of my Features from the Welcome Spring party! So glad you shared with us! Watch my FB page for the share. Pinned it too. Love the idea of using natural elements for Spring Home Decor and Moss Covered things are so elegant.

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