Today I want to show you a fun and

Inexpensive Winter Vignette

that evokes a soft and cozy feeling and can be put together for just pennies.


Create an inexpensive winter vignette with simple items from the house


Once we had our little Valentine’s Day celebration with our neighbor kids, I was so ready to switch up the wall and side table in my living room. When I first put it together I absolutely loved it and it made me smile every time I walked in the door. But, once Valentine’s Day was over… I was ready to get my creativity on and have fun making over that spot.


Inexpensive wintry wall art can be made with flat gift boxes


One of my favorite color combinations is really not so much about color, it’s more of a tone on tone look.  It’s not something I do very often, but wanting to focus on white and neutrals for the last part of winter just felt right to me… and it will allow me to easily transition to St. Patrick’s Day if I choose and maybe even into Easter.

Once I finished my vignette on the side table I was more than pleased… it evoked the perfect feeling. Peace.


Pretty snow covered branches in this wintry vignette


You know how you look out the window on a morning to discover a beautiful fresh blanket of snow on everything and the world seems so quiet and still?  That’s what this vignette feels like to me.


Snowy winter vignette features book page hand cut snowflakes


With all the craziness in the world around us, making our homes that place of peace is so important.

Our homes need to be a sanctuary from the world.


Tea towel picks up the hint of the hand cut snowflake design in this wintry vignette


As homemakers, we give our families an incredible gift when we purposefully make our homes into warm, welcoming, peaceful environments.  Our family members benefit… but so do our guests.

The term homemaker often gets banished these days and the assertion is that homemakers are unfulfilled and disenfranchised.  In my humble opinion, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Easy Inexpensive Winter Vignette You can Create, too


Homemakers are women who highly value their homes and their family life. Though many homemakers work outside the home, they all work on and in their homes daily, and many also work from home.  Being a homemaker isn’t about what women do or don’t do vocationally, it’s about the making of a home.

Being a homemaker isn't about what women do or don't do vocationally, it's about the making of a home.Click To Tweet


Some of us LOVE to decorate our living spaces.  I do for sure.  It’s an expression of my creativity as well as what I do to make my home more visually pleasing and pleasant.


Create a soft and peaceful wintry vignette for your home


Sometimes I’m troubled that our emphasis may be placed on the appearance and decor of our homes at the cost of hospitality.  I’m guilty. Totally.  That doesn’t mean that it’s okay to have a disheveled house that lacks a pleasing decor.  No matter how simple our lifestyle, no matter how small our budget, we must do what we can to create a warm, restful, and inviting home.

That might mean that you keep your surfaces clear of clutter.  It might mean that the kitchen sink is empty and clean every night before bed.  Or it might mean that you create pretty vignettes like this one that may seem unnecessary but serve to make your home feel loved and welcoming.


Sweet vignette created on the side table featuring a handmade wreath, wall art, snowy branches, and hand cut snowflakes


Right now I’m temporarily living in a small apartment with almost everything thrifted.  This unexpected bump in our long journey is not what we had anticipated when we put everything in storage in anticipation of a job change to another state.  Yet, through these circumstances, I have learned that I can take what I have… as in the furnished beach house apartment… or my current apartment thriftily furnished, and make our space homey and pleasant. I’ll admit it can be challenging, but choosing to live beautifully on a few pennies, creatively, is so much more pleasant than not.


Handmade book page envelopes complement the hand cut snowflakes in this tone on tone wintry vignette


Some of the things I have done in this small space might not have been done if I didn’t have this blog and an excuse to create and share my creativity with you.  However, all of it has been done on the tiniest of budgets, which does prove that homemaking is more about the value we place on our living spaces than it is about the money we have in our pockets.


Hand cut book pages snowflakes become wintry wall art on these flat kraft gift boxes


With Mother Nature’s free gifts to everyday simple household items repurposed, my space is beginning to feel homey.  Sure I long for my stuff that is warehoused several states away, but I have also come to realize that choosing contentment is important regardless of where we hang our hats or lay our heads at night.

Our contentment doesn’t come with the plenty or the lack, it comes from choosing to live fully in the moment with gratitude.


Wall art makes a great thermostat cover in this wintry vignette


One thing I am grateful for is that heat is included in the price of our monthly rent.  I am pretty miserly when it comes to spending dollars on heat and keep my thermostat set pretty low.  Not now!  I’ve pushed the limits by setting the temperature between 66 and 68.  I know!!!

Another thing I’m grateful for is that I’ve been able to cover up an ugly thermostat with a simple and inexpensive piece of wall art. It really is the little things that make our homes sweeter and more comfortable.

I’m so grateful for the table in this vignette which was a roadside find and the fancy chair (I’m hoping to get up the nerve to recover it soon.), was an incredible free discovery as well.  The table made its first appearance on the blog here and will make a regular appearance every season for sure.  I’m thrilled with this gift God provided for me.


Thoughts on Homemaking and an Inexpensive Wintry Vignette


The only true purchases are the cake stand which I picked up for a recipe photo shoot and didn’t end up using and the tea towel that adds a lovely textural interest to the display.  I purchased it at the supermarket for less than four dollars and used it in another photo shoot which has yet to appear on the blog.  It is perfect in my eyes because it mimics the hand cut snowflakes and gives a repetition of threes with the snowflake wall art, the snowflake hanging from the vase, and then again the pseudo snowflake design in the tea towel. Everything else was handmade or thrifted which mean there’s a story.

Life is full of stories and incorporating those stories in your home decor is a way to make even the simplest home decor meaningful.

I’ll be back to share how I made the wreath, the snowflake wall art, and the snowy twigs.  This post is already pretty long, so saving those details for later seems like a good idea.  Yes?


Make an EASY Inexpensive Peaceful Winter Vignette
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The key to creating a pretty wintry vignette or any home decor is to focus first on making your home a warm and welcoming place using what you have and exercising your creativity.  Yes, I love creating things with my hands and my imagination, yet these projects are all possible even for those who think that they look too complicated.  I’m all about quick and easy.  So, if you love the look and read that they are easy projects you’re in for a treat… watch for upcoming posts with all the details.

On a side note… this post is about a week late.  I’ve been extraordinarily busy these last several days.  In this time we have gone from having snow on the ground to fifty-degree weather.  It will be warm for a few more days and then the reality of winter will return with the usually thirty-degree temps.  I have to say I wouldn’t mind an early spring, but I know the cold temps are necessary for the farmers’ yields and enjoying a plentiful supply of farm fresh fruits and veggies in the upcoming spring and summer months.

Late February and early March is often wrought with high snowfalls, which is why I originally decided to embrace winter with my vignette. If you’re already past winter’s embrace, please pin this post to remember for next year.

What do you do to embrace winter after the holidays are over? 


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  1. Gail says

    Ei like the bright and shiny of Christmas but enjoy the serene decor, like yours, afterwards

    • We really need our after holidays peace to regroup, don’t we? Thanks for popping by Gail. Love ‘seeing’ you! {hugs}

  2. Malia says

    I have to tell you, Diane, I literally felt my blood pressure go down, looking at your peaceful vignette! I am crazy for that cozy wreath and those branches. And I love how you incorporated the snowflakes into the theme as well. Lovely!

  3. Ivory says

    What beautiful ideas. Thank you!

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