Every home needs to have a connection with the outdoors through the seasons…
even if all you have is a small apartment with a tiny patio or balcony.

Is your home summer ready?

As I prepare my home for summer, one of the first things I love to do is to make my little apartment balcony both an oasis and an extension of my indoor space.

No matter how large or small your spaces are, making them ready for summer enjoyment is worth the doing and I’m here to help.


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Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this post. I loved choosing all these lovely items that make my small outdoor space so fun and relaxing.


Small Space Summer Living Outdoor Dining Area with Yellow Tablecloth - AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Tips to help you seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor spaces together.

Give yourself permission to create indoor and outdoor spaces you’ll love to come home to.

No outdoor space is too small or shabby to enjoy. Give yourself a place to get some fresh air, recharge, and enjoy all that summer living has to offer you.

My balcony is only 42 inches deep and 19 feet long. Super skinny and only about 78 square feet!


Narrow Outdoor Balcony Decorated for Summer Dining with Bistro Set


How large is your space? Little spaces can live LARGE so don’t let its size prevent you from dreaming and scheming. 

Sweep it off… wash it down if necessary… and start envisioning yourself relaxing and maybe even entertaining on your little patio or balcony.


How Do You Plan to Use Your Outdoor Space this Summer?

Will you enjoy it as a sitting area? A place to relax, read, and enjoy a beverage? Maybe you want to enjoy dining alfresco after work or sip your coffee and croissant in the cool of the morning before you rush off for the day?  Knowing how you plan to use your space for summer will help you decide what’s most important.  


Treetop Balcony Garden and Small Space Dining Spot - AnExtraordinaryDay.net


We wanted our space to feel like we were in a garden. And because our space is narrow and long, we decided to squeeze two distinct areas into our tiny oasis… a dining area with a bistro set AND a sitting area.


Small outdoor balcony sitting area styled with pinks, white, and black accessories.


What Look are You After? 

Because I knew I wanted a bistro set for dining and entertaining I decided to create the feeling of being in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Now I have never been to that part of the south, but I have seen photos which have been stored in the recesses of my mind. With those mental images, I reimagined my space with that feeling in mind. My treetop balcony was the perfect spot to let my creativity go. 


Upstairs balcony with ferns and pink flowers for summer enjoyment


You can do the same with your space. Maybe you would love a beachy coastal flair for your space? If you’re more traditional, a simple park-like feeling with a garden bench and potted shrubbery might fit your style? Or how about a colorful and relaxed Boho theme? 


Think of Your Outdoor Space as a Room

The best used and decorated outdoor spaces are viewed as rooms when they are created. 

What are the dimensions of your outdoor room? Something as simple as measuring your space and giving it visual parameters will help you in your decision making and decorating process.  Plus, it will help you when you make purchases. It can be hard to visualize if a chair will fit your space, but knowing your measurements empowers you to make great choices that are perfect for YOUR small outdoor space.


Small outdoor balcony and tiny sitting area decorated in pink for summer with a French Quarter garden theme.


Every room needs a focal point and so does your outdoor space. My French Quarter balcony came to life with the addition of a set of bi-fold doors I picked up for just $10 at the Habitat ReStore shop in town. Secured with brackets to the end of my balcony deck I now have an end wall and a style backdrop for my “room” as a whole and especially my sitting area.    

This wall also gave me a place to decorate with art that I made.


Stylish outdoor rug with shades of pink, yellow, and cream sits under a color bistro set in coordinating colors


Consider adding a rug to your space if you can afford it. A rug will go a long way towards making your patio or balcony feel like a real room. I’m so pleased with the way my long runner rug under the bistro set draws your eye away from the tired and worn decking that needs power washing and actually helps pull all the pinks, yellows, and cream colors together and contrasts perfectly with the bright green color in the bistro set and all the plant greenery.

The same is true for the small rug in the sitting area. It gives that space a foundation and makes it truly feel like a room. 


Choose a Color Theme

Depending on how you plan to use your space, your color theme can focus on hard pieces like furniture and accessories OR on your outdoor flowers and plants. 

Do you decorate your indoor space with blue and white? You might select outdoor chairs in a pretty blue and add pots of white flowers.

To make your small space live big, add one more color for contrast or a pop of color? Red, white, and blue? Yellow, white, and blue? Pink, white, and blue? All of these are fabulous whether they be pillows, flowers, or something else. By duplicating a color from the indoors on your patio or balcony you are visually mingling your indoor and outdoor spaces beautifully.

At the risk of having you think I’m throwing all this color advice I just gave to the wind… here’s how I came up with my color theme.

To begin, my main indoor decor scheme is cream with light grays and dark indigo blue accents against bright white walls. Last spring and summer I punctuated that color theme with pink flowers and pillows. This year I decided to liven it up with yellow in my living room and in my dining room, both of which have windows on to the balcony. 


Simple Balcony Sitting Area with a Pink Door for Backdrop and Black WI Chair for Sitting and Ceramic Garden Stool for Book or Drink


Because my balcony is on the north side of our building, I get very little direct sunlight in the early morning. That means that my choice of flowering plants is very limited. In the few years I’ve lived here I’ve been most successful growing (or keeping alive!!) geraniums and impatiens. Yes, geraniums are considered sun-loving plants, but for some reason, they do just fine here, even better than impatiens. There are but a few color choices in these flowers… white, red, coral, and various shades of pink.

Pink flowers are my favorite in the garden, so of course, given this narrow option of color, I selected pink. And then I couldn’t resist painting my louvered door/wall the prettiest shade of pink that brings the whole space together truly giving it that lovely French Quarter feel I love.


Colorful Bistro Set in Yellow, Pink, and Bright Green for Breakfast


But the yellow? I was careful to duplicate the yellow from my indoor decor with the single yellow stripe in the bistro chairs, the tablecloth, and the pillows. You don’t have to do a lot to bring the spaces together. Paint a few purposeful strokes with your decor brush and you’ll give your indoor and outdoor spaces a cohesive feel you’ll love.


Add a Bit of Fun and Whimsy to Your Outdoor Room

There are so many ways you can add fun and whimsy to your space with decorative accessories. The bistro set I chose definitely is fun and whimsical with the bright green and colorful slats on the chairs, plus the totally 70’s flowers adorning the table top.


Whimsical 70's Style Bistro Set Makes Small Ourdoor Space Decor Fun and Whimsical


Because every room needs lighting, I couldn’t resist hanging a string of lights along the edge of the overhanging roof. It makes me smile every night and I get to enjoy the look whether I’m inside or out. 


Night view of a colorful apartment balcony with bistro set illuminated with outdoor string lights


Garden stools are the ultimate whimsical decor pieces in an outdoor room (or indoor room for that matter!). They aren’t necessary, but they are a feast for the eyes and can serve a very practical purpose, holding a book or beverage. Oh so fun! And of course, artwork is always a special addition! Even if made from a shopping bag, like mine hanging on a pair of pretty pink doors. 

Keep your eyes open for those little touches that personalize your space in a fun way. 


Tell me about your outdoor space!

What do you have to work with and how are you going to mesh your indoor and outdoor spaces together to create an outdoor space you truly will want to live in… all summer long?

If you have questions, I’m here to help! 

More than anything I want you to love your space! 



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  1. Stacey Keeling says

    This is such a beautiful little oasis on your balcony! Love the colors you chose, all the details you included, and the plants too. Gorgeous!

  2. Minnie says

    Oh how happy you just made me when I saw a posting from you!
    I have thought of you and prayed for you and I’m thankful to hear from you.
    I see you have been busy making a beautiful spot for your summer days.
    Perfect, beautiful and peaceful. Lovely little place for prayer, relaxing, reading, eating or just chair snooz’n.
    Please do whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourself to be well and happy, just know you are missed and loved in blog world.
    Blessings to you and lots of hugs ? and kisses ?

    • I can’t tell you how very much it means to me to know that you missed me. I missed you, too, Minnie!! Thank you for your prayers… they have been so needed. I wish I could send this sweet spot your way so you could enjoy it, too! {{big big hugs}}

  3. tim miller says

    Thanks for the reminder that we can call wherever we lay our head home, and with just a bit of effort we can MAKE it home as well.

  4. Lucy Beliveau says

    Oh, my, Diane, I am totally overwhelmed with what you have done to your patio! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Every single inch is lovely, my friend! I can only imagine how much you all must enjoy being out there! The bistro table is so inviting and your sitting area begs for a quiet reader. Your floral choices are perfect! I am a big geranium fan and can’t wait to put some on our little patio as soon as we move in. The ferns really caught my eye as well! Yours are beautifully full and placed in just the tight spots! I enjoyed your lesson on continuing the inside colors to the outside “room”. Great decoration tip!! Oh, and the $10 panels you painted blush pink and used as for a little privacy was a terrific idea! They give your patio that cozy feel I long to have!
    I’d say your patio project was a complete success! Thank you so much for sharing your exciting inspiration with all of us! I know you and your Sweetheart will spend many joyful moments out in your lovely tree tops this summer! Much love!?

    • Lucy, you always say the nicest things! My fingers are crossed that your new home patio will look all this and better once you get settled in. (Although I know this was a little bit more than what I usually do. HeeHee) Geraniums are THE BEST! The tag said these were a “sturdy” variety. I hope so because they might take a beating when it rains. That $10 louvered door is my favorite, too! And who knew I’d love it in pink as much as I do! Thanks for all your kind words… you definitely put the biggest smile on my face. {{hugs}}

  5. Diane, you did such a wonderful job with this beautiful space! It really does feel like a magical French Quarter balcony! I love everything you have done…and those PINK DOORS…So unexpected and whimsical!

    • Linda, I’m thrilled that you could “see” the look I was after! Thank you for your encouraging words! It was a fun project and my husband comments often how much he loves it.
      All the best for an extraordinary weekend!

  6. I came back to look at your beautiful outdoor space and realized my original comment never went through. I was hoping somehow it would magically appear! 😉 The area you created reminds me of a secret garden. Somewhere to go and just dream, and soak in all the lovely and experience a true peace…I think I need to come and sit there! Seriously.

    • Mary Beth, it would be a dream come true if you were able to join me in my “secret garden.”
      Sorry that your comment disappeared, but thank you for visiting again and taking the time to again leave your lovely thoughts which mean so much to me.

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