This is just the second day in our #InspiredFallNesting series.

When I decided to embark on this series it was a very big step for me.  As I am living in the “inbetween” and not my own home, I wondered if I could really do this.  And then I thought, “Why not?!”


Better Homes & Gardens :: Half Globe turn Fall Basket



This is not going to be a show-off series.  It won’t be filled with bunch of my crafty accomplishments.  Or views of my home decor.  But, my gracious friend, will let me do a little playing with her decor.  If all goes as planned, I will share a few recipes and a few updated posts from the past that really only a few people have seen.  I may even get in a craft idea or two of my own, and hopefully you’ll find plenty of inspiration from my “inbetween.”

And though the theme is…

Fall….It’s Extraordinary!


In reality it will be about fall nesting with joy in the “inbetween.”

We all will live in the “inbetween” at point in our lives.  It will look different for each of us.

No matter the season, no matter the reason, we will be faced with a choice.

Either we can draw up into a fetal position, or we can choose to live.

We can choose to make the very most of where we are.

We can be Extraordinary!


BHG - sweet peppers and flowers for fall



I hope you’ll join me for each day of this #InspiredFallNesting series.

And…I hope you’ll leave a few words, too.

My desire since the beginning, has been for this blog to be a place where we all interact with each other.

A few ladies who faithfully follow the Joy Day! series encourage and pray for each other on occasion.  It would be great if we can notch it up here on the blog and on Facebook for the series.  I think it would be wonderful if you would share and ask questions.  You all are the best and leave the most kind and thoughtful comments.  Big [hugs] to you!


Ramsign house sign on thatched roof cottage


It’s a Giveaway!


I was recently contacted by RAMSIGN, a small company in Scotland, that specializes in manufacturing and selling classic enamel signs (house signs and house numbers) based upon original designs and techniques, and asked if I would like to do a giveaway of their product.  Ramsign plaques are seriously wonderful architectural elements which I’ve been smitten with for a very long time.  So, it was actually very easy to say yes.   They kindly will send me a number sign in exchange for this post. Giveaway ends 9/30/2013 :: Ramsign=house numbers


I know you would love to win one of Ramsign’s striking signs.

The winner can choose among all house number signs (valued up to $99) from the Ramsign website.  Visit their Facebook page as well for inspiration.  These signs are great for more than just announcing to the world your address.  How about attaching them to a basket with your anniversary date.  Or placing them on an antique piece of furniture with a birth date?  What other way would you utilize a beautiful number sign?


Choose to do one or more of the following to enter.
The more you do, the more chances you get.

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The giveaway will end at 9 PM EDT on Monday, September 30, 2013.  Good luck!!
A WINNER has been randomly selected!!  
Congratulations to Carolyn!

Thank you for stopping by today.  I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.

Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!


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  1. I love your pinecone bowl centerpiece. I’m also getting ready to do some fall nesting.

  2. I just noticed your bowl was half a globe…love it even more.

    • I think it is the cutest ever!! But, I can’t take credit for it, Kathy. [sigh] It’s from BHG…Better Homes & Gardens. 🙂
      Hope your week is Extraordinary!!

  3. I follow all three. I shared the giveaway on pinterest -

  4. I’m a faithful follower of yours and follow all pages 🙂

  5. Nevelyn Schooler says:

    I follow your blog.

  6. Nevelyn Schooler says:

    I liked AnExtraordinary Day on Facebook.

  7. Nevelyn Schooler says:

    I follow Diane Miller on Pinterest.

  8. I have been a subscriber for sometime now.
    Love your little bell pepper vases.
    They are adorable

  9. I do 1-3 already….thanks!

  10. I subscribe by email and your “Joy Day” on Sundays is one of the highlights of my week. :O)

  11. I already like your FB page. :O)

  12. I already follow you on Pinterest and girl, I have some catching up to do. I’m fairly close to you in number of boards 48 to 65, but my measly 157 pins PALE in comparison to yours. I may have to troll your pins and re-pin some to mine. :p

    • Haha!! I’ve been on Pinterest for a very long time. And I’m small potatoes compared to many. Did you know there are people with more than a million pins? That would be too much to handle. Yes? Fun browsing my boards. But…watch the clock! Or…you’ll discover it’s one in the morning. Yes…I lost a couple of hours one night. 😉

  13. Hope I win!!! Already subscribe!

  14. oh i love these signs! what a nice give away. but i think you should keep the sign for your new address…when it comes cause i believe God has great plans for you. i am a follower.

  15. I’m with Suzi!! Keep the sign for that special place.
    And I just….ya know….hang out and terrorize you at will.

    Well, that’s sorta true. 😉

  16. Debbi Saunders says:

    I have followed you on pinterest since I discovered and subscribed to your blog which is one of my very very favorites!!!! I love how you always acknowledge comments we make to you.!!! Not many bother.

  17. I already transcribe to your blog and love it. Thanks for a very cool giveaway!

  18. Mmmm… beautiful ideas… thank you for sharing…. hope that ‘inbetween home’ is ok for you??!! Does not sound so comfy…. Hope you are OK….

    btw, what kind of miracle do I need to pull off to get onto that ‘Extraordinary Blogs’ list?? (smile)

    Have a great day! ~ Rose

    • Hmmmm…..I’ll go and look for my wand. 😉
      Thanks for your thoughts, Rose. 🙂 Comfy…maybe not. But, I’ve been reminded that we don’t grow strong physically without working out and a little pain. Personal growth doesn’t come out of comfort, either. Gotta keep my eyes on ‘the prize.’
      Hope your day is Extraordinary!

  19. I’m a follower and always am anxiously awaiting your lovely photos, decorating ideas & faith-fueling words. May God bless w/continuing provision, peace & His Presence! Prayers!

  20. love your ideas of how many ways you could use one of these signs! i follow you on facebook! 🙂

  21. i follow you on pinterest! 🙂

  22. Put me down for all 3. What a unique give away. Blessings and hugs.

  23. shared on my facebook page!

  24. Leslie McNeil says:

    im a new follower! great signs, and cool ideas.

  25. I already subscribe to your posts by email. I love your positive attitude and love for our Lord.
    Thank you for thinking about a giveaway for your friends during your “between times”.

  26. Hi Diane, I did, today, start following your pinterest boards.

  27. It’s me again. I started following you on Facebook.
    I have always wanted to win one of these Ramsign house numbers. They are such fine quality.

  28. Hi! I’m a follower of this awesome blog. I secretly have always liked this style of numbers! It’s striking! Thank you for introducing me to this company!

  29. I’m a follower of Diane on Pinterest. I didn’t think to do this! Now its all in one place and easy to look up postings you’ve made along with checking out other things on your board!

  30. Oh Diane I also liked you on fb. I don’t do fb much. It gets hard but it was fun to look at you there today too. The emails and Pinterest are easier for me. I’m still glad to see all your followers!!! And more ads on your sidebar!!! Praise God!!!

  31. I’m following Diane on Pinterest!

  32. I’m a recent follower of you blog and I’m enjoying it very much.

  33. great post! Love your blog..just found you!

    I email subscribed before I knew it was an entry lol..I didn’t wanna miss any posts!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  34. I “Liked” An Extraordinary Day on Facebook

    Joey J.

  35. Following you on pinterest

    My pinterest name: JoeyfromSC

  36. I shared this giveaway via a tweet on twitter here:

    Twitter name: JoeyinSC

  37. I am already a member to your blog but would love to win.

  38. Tracy Parker says:

    I have met all the requirements and would love to add this little details to our craftsman style home!

  39. I liked your facebook page.

  40. I am following your Pinterest boards.

  41. I subscribed to your blog via email. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Hi Diane, this is a wonderful giveaway, I would love (and really could use) one of their number signs! I subscribe to your blog. xo

  43. I liked you on Facebook a while ago!! xo

  44. I followed all your boards on Pinterest. Thanks again. xo

  45. I’m a follower and always am anxiously awaiting your lovely photos, decorating ideas & faith-fueling words. May God bless w/continuing provision, peace & His Presence! Prayers!

  46. I think God appointed you to be my personal cheerleader, Carolyn.
    Thank you for your warm words…


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