What a great week!

I’ve had so much fun sharing Fall Nesting ideas with you the past 12 days!

We’re nearing the close of our 14 day #InspiredFallNesting series, but, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end….

I’m excited to announce the perfect Fall Giveaway!

My sweet and inspiring friend, Denise wrote a terrific Kindle book:

Autumn Bliss – Over 200 ways to celebrate the Fall Harvest Season
through faith, home, and family a “Family Celebration series”

It’s filled with delicious recipes, memory-making activities to do with family and friends, autumn nesting and home decor ideas, and underlying it all…uplifting scriptures and encouragements for your heart.


Autumn Bliss - Kindle book GIVEAWAY at AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Don’t you want some Autumn bliss?

I’m excited to be able to give away a copy to one blessed person!!

To enter…leave a comment telling your favorite way to celebrate Autumn!
For an extra entry…”Pin” the photo graphic above and leave your “pin link” in the comments.

The giveaway ends Monday, September 30, 2013 at 9 PM EST.  One winner will be chosen randomly from comments and notified by e-mail. 


A WINNER has been randomly selected.  Congratulations Tracy!!


In case you’re wondering…you don’t need a Kindle to enjoy this book.  Like me, you can download a free Kindle app for your computer or other devices.

Autumn Bliss is just $3.99.  If you can’t wait to see if you win, feel free to purchase your copy from my Amazon link here.  (Note: I will make a small commission from any purchases you make through my Amazon link as I am an affiliate.) 


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It was another Extraordinary Week on the blog!

We jumped on the #InspiredFallNesting bandwagon and we’re having the time of our lives!  We wrapped up last week with apple picking and started the week with gratitude and the knowledge that we aren’t doing “this” alone.  God is just waiting to rescue us from our troubles.  The next day we jumped back into nesting as I asked the question, “What’s your style?” and chatted about the evolution of my style.  We then moved outdoors for fun and inspiration, and the next day went completely faux.  Seriously…what was I thinking?!! I had so much fun putting together another fall tablescape.  Especially since this one involved two birthdays.  [wink]  And though I got to the party a little late…I finally got around to putting together a fall mantel.  Whew!  That is quite a lot for one week.  Hope you found a little bit of joy or inspiration.


On a Personal Note

I’m so blessed to have such awesome friends to hang with during this “inbetween” time.  Can you even imagine a friend saying, “Sure, use whatever you like…move stuff around…whatever you want to do.”  And that’s pretty much what I did in putting together the fall mantel.  Did I say I was blessed?

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” ~writer E. B. White

My conditions may not be ideal….but I’m glad I decided to plow ahead anyway.  And, I am so grateful for the wonderful support of my friends and you for those encouragements to keep going in the “inbetween.”

Thank you for praying.  The “first” phone interview went well.  Now we wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to see about a next step.

We’ve had another week of unbelievably gorgeous fall weather.  Raise your hand if you’d like to see two more months just like this!

So tell me…are you doing any Fall Nesting?

How are you enjoying this wonderful weather?

If you haven’t entered the giveaway for a beautiful Ramsign
house number sign….you’ll want to do so here!

 Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


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  1. Kathy Hawkes says

    Autumn for me begins with that first smell of crisp cool air… I’m ready to pick some apples and make a beautiful Apple pie. Served up with some vanilla bean ice cream and steaming coffee, what a perfect treat to welcome friends!

  2. Kathie from CA says

    I love all things apples in the fall-spicy cider, carmel apples, baked apples, picking apples, apple fritters, and just eating one every day.

    • Diane says

      Me too!!! You’ve got me drooling now, Kathie!! 😉

  3. Jackie Wadsworth says

    I just love the cooler weather when it finally arrives here in Texas! I love decorating our front porch!

    • Diane says

      I bet you are excited for cooler weather. Enjoy it!!
      Happy Fall!

  4. Cookie says

    I decorate for fall all through my house. Would love to win the ok.

    • Diane says

      I bet your decor is beautiful. Especially with all your Longaberger. 😉

  5. Lori P says

    I love decorating for fall and cooking with pumpkin 🙂

    • Diane says

      Pumpkins to decorate with and pumpkins to cook. Lori, they are delightful all around!! 🙂

  6. Tracy Parker says

    October is usually our vacation time for the year. Our favorite destination is the western most part of the NC mountains. We found a cozy inexpensive cabin that fits us perfectly. We bring our kayaks, fishing gear, hiking equipment and spend endless hours outdoors. The weather is what I call “perfect heaven weather” and always is in the 60 to low 70’s with cool nights. The water always calls to me and so many days we are in our kayaks for 8 to 10 hours. I take my camera and photograph the beautiful uninhabited national forest shore line. Most days we never see another human being. Our kayaks are outfitted for fishing and so we paddle, fish, explore, and sometimes nap. It is a perfect time to be still and experience the full beauty and wonder of God’s creation. He speaks softly into my heart and fills it with rest and rejuvenation. It’s two weeks without cell or internet. Glorious, peaceful, restful and truly a blessed time by God.

    • Diane says

      Tracy, your time sound absolutely perfect! Next time you go, I’m going to hide in your suitcase. 😉

    • Diane says

      Congratulations Tracy!! You are the WINNER! Be watching your inbox for your new book! 🙂

  7. Sylvia says

    Fall is my favorite time to bake, go to craft fairs, visit the pumpkin patch, and go on a hayride!
    Pinned it! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/94646029642296292/

    • Diane says

      I want to do all of those things too, Syliva!!! Fun is afoot for you!!

  8. Cindi says

    Fall is a time I prepare for all that comes in the coming months! Love it!

    • Diane says

      I hear you Cindi! There’s a garden to put to sleep….for starters!

  9. Gwen says

    I got to feel fall first hand. It’s warm and nice. I pinned my pin but as soon as I pin it quickly changes to a page of others pinned also this. Brain too tired. Maybe Un-enter me? I think its a little too hard on me to try to keep pace with my ideas. For my brain is so tired.
    I was happy to read to pray about a specific interview. I missed reading it earlier. But I prayed this week specifically for an opening…..yes, God cares for us…and as I read the seventh book chapter seven verse seven I thought, okay this is it but goodness, its kind of depressing. Joshua face down in the dirt crying to God discouraged. My neuro physical therapist pointed out that even Joshua was human and God let us see that side too. But where did Joshua go? When he felt low? To God…and your blog has been a testimony to that. Praise God for understanding us and caring for us.
    To everything there is a season…. This season is autumn….where even water cannot stop pretty fall colored leaves from drying out. Their season is done….and their change is actually their prettiest show…

    • Diane says

      Sweet Gwen…I’m delighted that you are enjoying the beauty and warmth of fall and yet my heart is sad that you aren’t able to do all the lovely things you dream about doing. [hugs]
      We’re waiting for a call or e-mail tomorrow to hear about a next step. Praying and trusting God for good things.
      I’m ready for my season to change just like the colors on the trees.

  10. Mel says

    Oh, hands down, it’s the insane preparations for the invasion of trick or treaters. LOL. We’ll have our 200+….which means treat bag making, pumpkin patch visits and dressing up the house and adults therein. LOL. It’s then the total restfulness of giving thanks and keeping our eyes on the great abundance we really are gifted with. It’s about enjoyment and reverance, hand in hand….with splendid colours and scents to boot.
    And you, dearheart, have had a busy, grace-filled week. I don’t have to look hard to see where G-d’s been!! 🙂

    • Diane says

      I can only imagine the bright spot you are in your community and neighborhood. Joy must exude from you house….along with fun and laughter and blessing. I know you are going to be having a ton of fun getting ready. Gotta love that big purple spider!!!!
      Thanks Mel…God is good!
      Bless you my friend!

  11. i love making apple pies with my family! i also love to celebrate by spending as much time outside enjoying the beautiful weather! 🙂

    • Diane says

      A few years ago I taught my husband to make apple pies. That was so fun. Now he loves to make them and I have to make a way to get in there too! 🙂

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