Make an eye-catching Irish centerpiece with this easy to make St. Patrick’s Day basket and the following day… a few quick change-ups and you’ll be ready for the next spring holiday!


Don't get pinched! Dress your house for the holiday with this Easy to Make St. Patrick's Day Basket filled with Moss, Shamrock Picks, and Gold Coins. It's super easy and low cost, too. Plus... this basket will turn into a lovely Easter Basket very soon. Pin now to remember for later.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

I know you’ll want to at least decorate a corner of your space with this

Easy to Make St. Patrick’s Day Basket.


With Swedish and Dutch roots, I had never gotten into the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.  In fact, it was barely on my radar… until I moved to Buffalo where there is a large Irish community. Many of my non-Irish friends became Irish for a day or weekend enjoying corned beef and cabbage, the big St. Patrick’s Day parade, and of course the wearing of the green.

For some, it’s a time to party and enjoy good food and drink. For others, it’s a reason to celebrate and add a little green around the house. St. Patrick was a good man who changed the state of Ireland through his sacrificial lifestyle and by sharing Jesus with many people.

If you Google St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll find legends behind the day.  I love the legend of the shamrock.  A three-leafed clover still is a great way to explain to a child how the Trinity… Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One… yet distinctly separate.

To celebrate, I decided to put together a simple and fun decor project could easily duplicated for St. Patrick’s Day.  


St. Patrick's Day Basket filled with Shamrock Picks and Gold Coins


At first, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do… that is until I saw this mossy looking basket…

It was among the Easter items at my local TeeJay.  I fell in love with its earthy look and its low price.

The next challenge was how to use my cute basket for St. Patrick’s Day.

I had a few projects I was shopping for that day, so I visited a couple of my favorite places and came up with the following supplies.


Supplies for Making a St. Patrick's Day Shamrock and Gold Basket



Affiliate links included for your convenience. 

  • Moss – Hobby Lobby
  • Gold Coins – JoAnn Craft
  • Floral Foam (pkg of 2 rounds–not pictured and 1 rectangle–which is actually a pack of 4) – Dollar Tree
  • Shamrock Picks – Hobby Lobby
  • Basket – TJ Maxx
  • Wire Cutter
  • Long Knife
  • Wallpaper Cutter
  • Glue – optional


Here are the quick and easy steps to creating your own mossy basket filled with shamrocks and gold.


Tutorial to Make a St. Patrick's Day Basket

  1. The oasis foam disks I purchased at the dollar store came with two in a pack.  Very convenient.  I placed one on the bottom of the basket.
  2. The dollar store offers two rectangular packages of dried flower foam.  The one I used here actually has 4 pieces of foam in the package.  Note… I did NOT unwrap the package.  But, I did trim the corners so that it would fit into the basket on top of the round foam.
  3. Place the trimmed rectangular foam on top of the round foam in the basket.
  4. Trim the second round of flower foam in half.  Additional trimming may be necessary depending on the width of your basket.
  5. Place one half of the round on each side of the foam rectangle.  It should snug in tightly.  If not… add your trimmings to snug things up.
  6. Top your foam with moss.  Part 2 Tutorial for a Mossy St. Patrick's Day Basket
  7. My shamrock pick contained 3 wired shamrocks.  They are tightly wrapped with paper to form one pick.  I used my wallpaper cutter to easily cut through the paper to separate the shamrocks.
  8. If your shamrock stems are too long, trim with a wire cutter.
  9. Shamrocks ready to be planted.
  10. Moss basket ready for new life.
  11. Plant shamrocks in the basket by poking the wire into the foam.
  12. You’re almost finished… just one more stepSt. Patrick's Day Basket with Shamrocks Tutorial
  13. Arrange your gold coins among the shamrocks on the moss of your basket.  If you wish, you may hot glue your coins in place on the moss.  I chose not to do that because this basket won’t be around for more than two weeks.


Gold and Shamrocks fill this Easy to Make St. Patrick's Day Basket


I love this fun St. Patrick’s Day Basket and hope you do too.

Look in your stash for a smaller basket and stop by the store for a few supplies.

I purchased my moss with a 40% off coupon and aside from the dollar items, everything else was discounted at 30 or 40% off.  This project including the basket was about $13.

The best part… I have another plan to makeover the basket for Easter… it, too, is quick and easy and I think you’re going to love it because it really maximizes your time and your budget.

Watch for all the details this weekend!


Don't get pinched! Dress your house for the holiday with this Easy to Make St. Patrick's Day Basket filled with Moss, Shamrock Picks, and Gold Coins. It's super easy and low cost, too. Plus... this basket will turn into a lovely Easter Basket very soon. Pin now to remember for later.


It makes my day when I can take a project and plan to use it with a slight variation for two holidays or seasons.  I made a transitional wreath for Thanksgiving and Christmas that you’ll want to pin it for later.

And… don’t miss checking out my book page St. Patrick’s Day wreath and mantel.


Have you been inspired to splash a little St. Patrick’s Day green around your house? 


Thanks for stopping by today… I can’t wait to hear your lovely thoughts!

Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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