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Coffee Table Vignette


I was honored and delighted when Diane asked me to share a Christmas vignette here at An Extraordinary Day. I love her heart and her penchant for creating beautiful vignettes from nature.  I must admit, I haven’t decorated for Christmas yet as I am getting ready for a craft show next weekend. Once that is over, then I will be decking the halls!

However, I did put together a coffee table vignette that holds some very special memories for myself and my family.


Create Christmas memories with vignettes like this sweet coffee table vignette tray.


When the children were little, I purchased a special Christmas story book each year, early in the season. Each night before tucking them in, they would climb up next to me, snuggle in and I would read a section of the book in the two or three weeks leading up to Christmas. We would usually finish the book a day or two before Christmas.


A Wintry Night became a Christmas memory for this coffee table vignette


One of my favorites was “One Wintry Night,” by Ruth Bell Graham. The story not only focuses on Christmas, but the whole plan of redemption from the time of creation. I adore the illustrations too. They are absolutely stunning!


Handmade Merry Christmas tag takes promience on this coffee table vignette.


It was my way of centering our thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas. The children looked forward to it each night and it was a peaceful way of ending a sometimes stressful day during the busy holiday season.


Pretty Christmas package are a special part of this Christmas coffee table vignette.

 White Christmas bird in the evergreen tree completes the look of this Christmas coffee table vignette.


The kids are older now, and we haven’t read the books in a few years. I decided to get them back out and use them not only to decorate, but to encourage rereading of some wonderful stories.


Coffee table vignette filled with memories and meaning at AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Another thing we always loved and still do, is to turn all the lights off except for the Christmas tree.  We would sit and just enjoy the warm glow.  It was a time for me to reflect on the day and the true meaning of Christmas.  This time at night has a way of centering my scattered, often stressed thoughts, and bringing me back to the Reason for the season.


A miniature tree lit up for Christmas in this Christmas coffee table vignette.


May your Christmas be merry and bright, but most of all, may the One who we celebrate bless you and yours this Christmas season and all year through.



What a wonderful tradition!

Thank you so much Deborah for sharing with us this beautiful vignette and treasured memory of reading the stories of Christmas with your children.  I too have enjoyed this wonderfully illustrated and touching story of “One Wintry Night” by Ruth Bell Graham.  It does such a magnificent job of telling the true story of Christmas.  (Readers… for your convenience I’ve added an Amazon link to the book.)

Deborah and I were able to meet in person a short while back.  It was a joy to meet my dear sweet blogging friend and hear more of her story over breakfast.  I hope you’ll take time to stop by her blog, Green Willow Pond, and check out her lovely makeovers and handcrafted items for the home.  I love her creativity and thoughtfulness and know you will too.  Deborah also has an Etsy shop that you’ll want to visit for Christmas gift-giving.  Every gal I know would love one of her pins.

“What We Accomplished” is a bi-weekly link party, Deborah hosts on her blog.  I wouldn’t miss it!

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This is the fifth in our series, Creating Christmas Memories with Vignettes.
If you missed it, the series began here.

I want to remind you that the beauty of decorating with vignettes, is that you can place as many or as few as you like in your home.  It will reduce your stress because wherever you complete a Christmas memory vignette your decorating is done until you have the time or desire to create another.   If you’re time-starved this method of decorating is very freeing.

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Best wishes for an Extraordinary season of Christmas!

P.S.  I recently put together a fabulous gift guide for the hostess and entertainer.  It’s filled with thoughtful and practical gifts at various price points.  (I’d love them all!!)  And it’s okay to gift yourself, too! 😉

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  1. Thank you again Diane, for allowing me to participate in your Christmas vignette series. Thank you also for your friendship and kind words. Have a blessed and merry Christmas season!

    • Diane says

      The pleasure is all mine, friend! 😉 I’m so glad you were able to share your lovely vignette with us. And now… you have one area decorated for Christmas. One vignette at a time and you’ll be done before you know it!

  2. Awww, I love this 🙂 The reading books each night and basking in the warm glow of the Christmas tree… these little gestures really do emphasize the true meaning of the holiday. Lovely 🙂

    • Diane says

      It is a lovely way to quiet the spirit and anticipate.
      Thanks so much for stopping by Charlotte and leaving your kind words.
      All the best for an extraordinary Christmas!

  3. I love how you incorporated a lot of your Longaberger into your displsys. Our trays make the perfect place to display our favorite things. I am taking a day and catching up on your holiday posts!


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