Hope Decor Tips for Creating Christmas Memories with Vignettes.

Manger Scene Memories


I am happy to join Diane for Creating Christmas Memories with Vignettes.

She asked if I would create a vignette and tell a story and the first thing that came to me was to share this manger scene.  This was the manger scene of my childhood.  I happened to inherit it last Christmas.



The thing I remember most about this was how crazy I was about Baby Jesus. I used to sit and look at this manger and stare and play with Baby Jesus; I was maybe four, it is one of my earliest memories.



I have always been enamored with babies.  I went on to become an RN and I worked in the newborn nursery at a hospital.  It was nothing for me to keep up to 12 babies all tucked in, fed, and, diapered for a 12 hour shift.  New babies just sleep all day anyway, they are so sweet.
I have another funny revelation.  When I was just four months old I was going to play Baby Jesus in our church’s Christmas play but, I got chicken  pox from my Aunt, who was just two, and I didn’t get to be Baby Jesus.  Later I went on to play Mary in the Christmas play years later.  I remember being really nervous and I hardly ever looked up at the audience.



No reason to be nervous really for there is always a guardian angel looking over us, just like in my little nativity here under the tree.


May your Christmas season be filled with blessings and visits from angels.


It is a delight  to have Sherry from The Charm of Home  joining us here today.   Sherry shares the most delightful teas on her blog.  Vignettes with beautiful china and always a delectable dessert.  Truly charming.  Pop over to her “house” for Christmas Tea, a Snow Cottage Dining Room, and Sugar and Spice on My Christmas Buffet.

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This is the third in our series, Creating Christmas Memories with Vignettes.
If you missed it, the series began here.

I want to remind you that the beauty of decorating with vignettes, is that you can place as many or as few as you like in your home.  It will reduce your stress because wherever you complete a Christmas memory vignette your decorating is done until you have the time or desire to create another.   If you’re time-starved this method of decorating is very freeing.

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  2. Lovely table, gorgeous backdrop, and those leaf chargers….wow!! Definitely pinning your tutorial for future reference! Thank you for sharing. Visiting you from Tablescape Thursday.


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