I just wasted two hours of a perfect day.


Pretty Pansy Vignette Spring Home Decor Decorating with Nature Pussywillow Nest of Pansies Rustic Elegant Vignette


The kind of day you wait for because it’s sunny and energizing and everything you need to get a lot of work cranked out.

You should have seen my goals for the day.

I even gave myself permission to take care of all the after breakfast chores at lunchtime today, just so I could knock out my work.

But, it didn’t happen. Instead, I allowed myself to easily be distracted.


Lovely Rustic Spring Vignette - Pretty Pansies are the Stars of this Sweet Vignette



Once I get focused on a project or my day, I can accomplish a huge amount of work.

But if I get distracted… it’s like a chain reaction… it almost always doesn’t stop until there’s a thirteen car pile-up.  And then it’s ugly.


Pussy Willow Bird's Nest in a Cement Urn Makes a Perfect Planter of Pretty Pansies


Today, I caught myself after just two hours.

At first, I wanted to get out my baseball bat.  You know, that imaginary one we all carry around hanging off the side of that invisible backpack filled with guilt.

And then I realized…. I already gave myself grace to have a messy kitchen so I could get started with the best energy of the day.  If I could do that once… why can’t I extend that grace?

I don’t know about you.  But, I’m much better at extending grace to others than I am to myself.

Sure sometimes we have to dig in to extend grace, but most of the time, it comes pretty freely and easily.


Birds and Moss and Twigs in the Pansy Vignette


Why do I hold myself to a higher standard?

Why am I so hard on myself?

That’s a hard question.  You might want to think about it a minute if that’s your issue, too.

It was a question I had to answer.

It didn’t require a long drawn out therapy session to figure out.

The answer came almost immediately.  (Remember how they tell you to always write down the first answer that comes to mind when you take a test?  Yeah… that one.)

I’m trying to please an imaginary perfectionist. 

There are two things about this that should jump off the screen immediately.

First… I’m trying to please “someone.”

Life rule #23… Don’t live to please others.

Second… The person I’m trying to please is imaginary.  

Yeah.  Imaginary.

Now that I’ve completed my 10-minute therapy session… I feel pretty silly for carrying around that imaginary knapsack with the ball bat and guilt.

Good grief!

Time’s a wastin’ and I’m not going to waste any more of it by beating myself up.

Instead… I’m going to lovingly give myself grace.

Funny thing… the minute we offer ourselves grace… we can breathe.  We quit being all bound up in guilt and we can relax.

What a good feeling!


Create Beautiful Spring Home Decor Simply Pussy Willows and Pansies with Greenery


Not that we’ve gotten that out of the way… how do you like this pretty pansy vignette I created on my lovely transformed roadside find side table?

Every month or so I have been changing up the vignette on this side table and the one I created for Easter was my most favorite… until this.

I knew this was perfect when I returned home from work and opened the door and a wonderful happy peace came over me as I looked at this pretty spring vignette with the pot of pansies.

Because I’m working with the smallest of budgets and thrifting nearly everything, all within the framework of this is just temporary, finding my temporary decorating style has been a wee bit challenging.


Quick and Easy Spring Decor Vignette


At first, I was going to go all coastal.  I love the colors and the feel and I have two huge armloads of driftwood that I’ve collected and dried.  But, frankly, between the hideous carpet in shades of puke and the plaid chair and ottoman in the popular 80’s mauve and green I could NOT get the coastal look to fly.  It’s okay.  Really okay.  Because if it’s not working, I’m not going to make it work. I’ll just change gears and go a different direction.  And this is a direction I LOVE.

I live in a wooded area with leafy tree tops right out my writing window.  The greenery is so relaxing.  And since ‘greenery’ is the Pantone color of the year I’m on trend naturally.  (A little punny, huh?)

This was such a fun vignette to put together.

I brought back this rustic door Tim found for me and kept the tea towel and the vase of pussy willows AND the cement urn filled with a pussy willow nest I created for Easter.  Sometimes the biggest changes are small changes and this change cost no more than a small pot of Johnny Jump-ups from Meijer.

Here’s a quick pictorial tutorial to see how I planted my pretty pansies bird’s nest….


Planting Tutorial for a Bird's Nest Pansy Container

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To prepare the nest for planting… cut a round from a plastic shopping bag and place in the bottom of the nest.

If you want to allow for drainage, make a couple of small snips in the bottom/center of the plastic round.

Fill the plastic-lined nest with potting mix.

My nest was much more shallow than the pot of pansies I purchased.  If yours is like that, use a sharp knife to cut the root ball down to size and then plant them in your nest.

Water your pansies.

Gently nestle florist moss around the pretty pansies.

Step back and admire your lovely new planting.


So Sweet Pretty Pansy Vignette is Rustic and Inviting


Do you struggle with giving yourself grace?

Do you have trouble getting focused or with time management?

I’d love to hear how you make the most of your day.

Thanks so much for popping by today!

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Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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  1. Gail TF says

    Person I’m trying to please is imaginary – if I could just tell my younger self that so much angst would have been avoided.
    On a more practical note, thanks for sharing step by step how you made the pansy vignette, esp. the waterproofing part,

    • Oh Gail, I hear you. I wish I could have told my younger self about so much that I thought was important and gave time to that really was unnecessary.
      You are so welcome. I’m so glad the little tutorial helped.
      Hope your week is filled with extraordinary moments!

  2. Judy says

    Dear Diane, It is always such a “Joy” to read your blog… and I have to say this one fits me to a tea.. or is it a tee? All I know is that it spoke to my heart! Bless your heart for all that you do… Love and hugs, Judy… p.s. the Pansie vignette is so charming…

    • Judy, you are always such a wonderful encouragement to me! {{hugs}}
      I’m not sure what kind of tea/tee that is either… so let’s abbreviate and say “T.” LOL
      Thanks always for popping by and for your kind words. Hope your day is blessed beyond imagination! xoxo

  3. That’s so true. I often get frustrated by not accomplishing what I wish I have but then, who am I pleasing really? God is merciful and loving and will not judge me according to what I’ve finished for the day.

    Beautiful project, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I couldn’t agree more. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ultimately our lives are meant to please and glorify the Lord and yet we so easily place the emphasis on pleasing others and ourselves, don’t we? What a wonderful reminder that God doesn’t care about my “to-do” list…. He cares for me (and YOU!!!).

      Thanks for popping by and for your kind words. xoxo

  4. Lisa says

    I love your spring vignette. Because the violas look like they have little faces, it puts me in mind of baby birds waiting to be fed in the pussy willow nest–too cute!

    • That’s such a fun way to look at those little violas, Lisa! I LOVE it!!
      Thanks for popping by and for your kind words! xoxo

  5. The activity and thought process you described I call, “stream of consciousness cleaning”. I go to do one thing and then notice another and the rest is history. Although I like your version better where you notice something fun to do. lol.

    Your pansies and the planter you created for it all came together so beautifully. I love pansies. They are such happy looking flowers, and I love purple flowers.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Oh my goodness, Karen, I do that all the time, too!!
      Thanks for popping over and for your kind words. You are so sweet!!
      Hope your week is off to an extraordinary start!

  6. I try not to go to that place – so much to do so little time with the guilt rolling in. Mostly, I do what I love and then squeeze in the have tos.
    Love that Viola planter. Just adorable.

    • I hear you!!! It’s too easy to go down that road. So glad you are purposeful to do what you love and enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for your kind thoughts. It means a lot, Beverly! xoxo

  7. Your plantar is so pretty! Spring time is so nice and I love to see flowers everywhere. I’m just not very creative when it comes to live plants. Sadly, I do not have a green thumb. I would love it if you would share this post at the link party I co-host. It’s the Family Joy Blog Link Party. Hope to see you there!

    • We need friends who can enjoy the beauties of what we do with our plants… that’s part of what makes it all worthwhile. So thanks, Melissa for enjoying it with me and for your sweet and thoughtful words. I will pop by soon. {hugs}

  8. Jess says

    So pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  9. This is so pretty Diane and I love pansies. Thanks for sharing your idea with us at #overthemoon link party. I’ve pinned and shared.

  10. I love your vignette Diane and my favorite flower plant too. Thank you for sharing this lovely idea at Dishing it and Digging it link party. It’s great having you.

    • You are so sweet Vanessa! Thank you so much!!
      Hope your week is off to an extraordinary start!

  11. This is so pretty! Thank you for sharing it for Waste not Wednesday Link party!

  12. Such a sweet vignette! Pansy’s are one of my most favourite flowers!! Your post was so lovely to read and reassuring to know that it does happen to not only me. Love the way you think!

    • Maybe we’re kindred spirits!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Thanks for your kind words, Sam! You made my day! xo

  13. Diana says

    Diane, your centerpiece is stunning! In my mind, nothing says spring like pansies ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the pussy willows creating a nest for the main attraction. I agree, we are often too hard on ourselves–good thought for the day. Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm–

    • Awww… Diana, you are so kind. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Made my day!! xo

  14. Mary says

    Diane your temporary style is absolutely gorgeous. And really there is nothing temporary about it. I’m glad you found yourself some grace and enjoyed the moment.

    • Mary, you are the best encourager! Thank you so much for your kind words! xoxo

  15. I love your vignette and offering ourselves a healthy dose of grace every day. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, and have a great weekend.

    • Thank you so much, Sandra. I’ve spent too many years carrying around that ever too handy bat.
      Our weekend is going to be a bit gray and cold… hope yours is warm and sunny. xo

  16. Cindy says

    Such a beautiful (and tranquil) vignette! Thanks for introducing me to my “imaginary perfectionist”; I’ll be tossing out my bat!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

    • Thank you so much, Cindy!
      You’ll be so happy to have sent that bat packing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Have a blessed, blessed week!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  18. annie says

    Diane, I’m so thankful you wasted two hours of a perfect day to create this lovely, whimsical gift (with instructions) for your readers. Believe me, your time wasn’t wasted at all, I have been wanting to create a pretty, natural-looking nest for months and had no idea where or how to start. Thank you for sharing your creative surprise…now I can make one! Happy Friday!

    • Thank you Annie for your encouraging words!! I hope you’ve been able to play around and come up with your beautiful creation, too!
      All the best for an extraordinary summer!

  19. Linda chauvin says

    Hey!! I donโ€™t know how old this post is but Iโ€™m responding on two items and I totally love the vignette.
    #1. Did you buy or make the pussywillow nest. Info requested on whichever.
    #2. I am a pleaser too. Thank you so much for the mini class on grace for oneself. Itโ€™s what I need today and always. โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

    • OOPS! I’m so sorry Linda, somehow I missed your kind comment and questions.
      First… Yes, I did create the pussywillow nest. I have a very brief sort of DIY, here: I would say that if you have ever woven a basket or made a grapevine wreath from vines you’ve got this. It’s not hard, just tedious. You’ll see that I made up for not filling in the bottom well in this post by filling the bottom with moss and then adding the plastic to hold the soil. It held up well for two seasons and if storage wasn’t an issue I might still have it for this year. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Second… Sorry to hear you struggle with people-pleasing too. I’m learning. Baby steps here. So happy that you were blessed by the post and taking the time to leave your thoughts.
      All the best for an extraordinary day!

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