It all started with some branches from a flowering tree in our yard.

One of the most lovely surprises you can have in a new-to-you home is the discovery of flowering trees and bushes.


Create a Vignette with Flowering Branches


We had no idea what this white blooming beauty was, but the branches were many and heavy laden with blossoms, so I decided to cut a few and bring them inside.

I will have to say, the blossoms did not have the most pleasing fragrance.  But, their beauty was spectacular.


Today I want to give you a little inspiration, so you too,
can create a vignette with flowering branches.


My vignette was actually a little bit of a process.

Sometimes I have an entire vision in my mind.

But most of the time…. I just play around with a few objects until it ‘feels’ right.

Sometimes my pragmatic mindset spills out into my creativity.

Like it did here.  Boring!


Simple Vignette with Flowering Branches (Before Photo)
When you look at the photo above, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a nice assembly of items, but lacks pizzazz.

A day later, the creative juices started flowing.  In that moment of inspiration, I turned around the burlap table runner and added a table runner I had earlier made of book pages for my book club-style tablescape, a stack of deconstructed book pages, and finished things off with my old cement bunny.  Additionally I trimmed some blooms from the branches.


Tips to create a flowering branch vignette, perfect for a spring or summer tea or luncheon.


Don’t you agree, it was a huge improvement?


3 Quick and Easy Tips to Create a Vignette with Flowering Branches.  Perfect for a spring or summer tea or luncheon.


Three elements that make this vignette more pleasing to the eye.

1 – Texture

Originally the main piece of texture came in the form of the burlap runner, but adding the book pages created another layer of visual interest as they look strewn across the top of the cabinet.  The contrast of the concrete bunny also helps the silver pop a little more.  Plus, the fallen flower blossoms and petals add a wee bit of textural interest too.

2 – Varying Heights

Of course the obvious height variation is the vase of flowers compared to the silver pieces and china plates. However, the only big change from the first photo to the second is the addition of the bundle of deconstructed book pages.  They raise the silver creamer in the perfect proportion over the sugar bowl and bunny.

3 – Odd Numbers

Even if this is your first time putting a vignette together you’ll tend to create a more pleasing vignette when you group items together in odd numbers.  The first vignette had four items, while this one consists of five items. Technically, there are more than five items in the vignette, but there are essentially five groupings.  Threes, fives, and sevens are the easiest to arrange.  I wouldn’t tend to use more than that in a vignette.


Tips to create your own simple flowering branch vignette for your new tea or luncheon.


This vignette is lovely as it is, but very easily the small cabinet tops with the plates, sugar and creamer, and stone rabbit could be used as a serving vignette for a light tea or luncheon.

The next time you get together with friends, consider setting up something similar and wait for the sweet comments. Truly it is the little things that make an ordinary spot, extraordinary.


Think outside the box and create your own vignette with flowering branches.
  • Look outside and see what trees or bushes are flowering.  Judiciously trim some branches and have fun creating a large arrangement.  It only took 5 flowering twigs to create this beautiful centerpiece.
  • Shop your house for elements with differing textural interest.
  • Don’t forget to have a mid-sized element or create a platform to give varying height interest.
  • And arrange your items in odd-numbered groups.
  • Lastly… have fun!  Let your creative juices flow!


Now that everything is all set, I wish I could invite you to join me for an informal tea.

Hmm… what’s your favorite tea and what do you enjoy as an accompaniment?

Thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to reading your extraordinary thoughts.

Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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  1. Kim says

    You got me at the book pages, Diane. You know that always happens! The flowering branches are so pretty, and everything you added is interesting and just the right combo of all three necessary elements. Thanks for sharing your talent and valuable tips. 🙂

    • Diane says

      Thanks friend!
      What is it with book pages that makes our hearts sing?
      You are always such a blessing!

  2. The flowering branches are so pretty and the vignette lovely!

    • Diane says

      Cathy… you are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words! [hugs]

  3. Suzan says

    Great tips Diane !
    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the first ” vignette ” until I saw the next one – just gorgeous !!!

  4. I love this Diane. It is so much more interesting with the book pages and the burlap runner. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Diane says

      Thanks Patti! It’s funny how we can quickly put something together and then step back and realize that we can very easily notch it up a whole lot with little effort. It reminds me to not be in such a big hurry all the time. 🙂
      All the best for an extraordinary weekend! 🙂

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