As the seasons change, I like to feather my nest in small but big ways.  Creating little vignettes in the areas where we live, or major traffic areas in the house go a long way to making our homes and their inhabitants feel loved.  Today I have 5 easy steps to help you make a spring vignette.

How to Put Together a Simple Spring Vignette.


Quick and Easy Simple Spring Vignette in Greens -

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First… Choose a theme for your vignette.

Because we’re so anxious for spring after a long cold winter and because we also want to give a nod to St. Patrick’s Day, today we’ve chosen a green and white theme for our little vignette.  Color is an easy theme, but don’t hesitate to choose another type of theme, like nests and eggs, nature finds, seasons, holidays, etc.


Second… Select a variety of items in your color scheme.

It’s easy to get stuck at this point because we may think our colors don’t match perfectly.   Look outdoors at God’s creation, have you ever noticed the countless shades of green?  Whether it’s green or some other color, when in doubt, let nature be your guide.

For this vignette, we’ve assembled green ironstone cups and plates, green and white paper luncheon napkins, a white pedestal, faux green sprouts, some faux mossy rocks, and a small pot of faux English daisies.

Shop your home and choose items of different sizes, heights, and textures for your vignette.  Keep in mind that you can layer items.  Here the pedestal raised the dish of sprouts so they would be an intermediate height between the stack of cups and the flowers, plus it allowed for the mossy rocks to be tucked beneath.  If you like the feeling of this vignette, but don’t have these items in your stash, you can shop for some similar faux plants online.


Quick and Easy Going Green for Spring Vignette -


Third… Although not necessary, a tray is a perfect spot for creating a vignette.

It’s super handy because you can then place a vignette on a table and take it off at dinner time if it’s in the way.  It also helps give parameters in case you’re unsure how large it should be.  I guess you could say it keeps the vignette from sprawling.

This vintage aluminium tray was a thrifted find.The beauty of a tray is that doesn’t require lots of storage space and can be put into use for parties when needed. Plus, it often will create and extra texture for your vignettes.


Quick and Easy Tray of Green Spring Vignette -


Fourth… Have fun.

Right at the beginning of assembling a vignette is where it’s easy to quit.  This is the point where we second guess ourselves.  Don’t do that!!  Instead, have fun seeing how you can vary heights and textures.  And even better, see if you can tell a story with your vignette.

In this vignette, the cups, plates, napkins, and cookies tell the story.  They hint at a couple of friends gathering for tea and conversation.  Your story can be more complex or it can be something that brings back memories from a day spent away.  I love vignettes that help us remember special events and vacation spots.  And yes… I do leave cookies out just to look at.  


Quick and Easy Spring Green Vignette on a Tray -

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Fifth… Make it quick and easy.

Don’t over think things.  A vignette shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to put together.  Okay, I grant that it might take a few more minutes than that to find things stashed away.  Yes, it happens to all of us.  But, don’t belabor the process.  A vignette is a simple gathering of themed objects.  Quick. Easy. Simple.


5 Quick and Easy Steps to Making a Spring Vignette

  1. Choose a theme for your vignette.
  2. Select a variety of items in your color scheme or theme.
  3. Create your vignette on a tray.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Make it a quick and easy and simple process.  10 minutes!!

I hope this inspires you to shop your home and create a vignette for your entryway, kitchen table, coffee table, or corner on the counter or buffet.

If you’ve been inspired… I want to hear all about it!

Check out this post for more seasonal ideas for creating vignettes.

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  1. Mrs.T says

    I love this, Diane! Beautiful vignette, and I love your easy steps to making one. Thanks!

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much Mrs. T!
      All the best for an extraordinary day!

  2. What a pretty arrangement… the colors are wonderful. 🙂

  3. So beautiful. I love green for decorating! Thanks for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday! 🙂 Julie

  4. Jann Olson says

    I agree Diane, a tray is such a fun way to pull a vignette together. Love your spring green! Very fresh and has a beautiful Spring feel! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Love the green tones! I’m just gearing up toward putting together a spring vignette for my coffe table as well… but first, gotta clear off the clutter!

  6. Ada says

    all so pretty!!!

  7. Karen says

    Such a lovely and fresh feeling vignette! I hope you will stop by my blog tomorrow and share this on the Something to Talk About link party !
    Have a great week!

  8. Susan says

    This is lovely. So fresh and organic.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. Beautiful Diane! Thanks for joining HSH!

  10. Cindy says

    Great tips, love your vignette.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  11. Linda says

    Thanks for your easy tips. Now if my creation will turn out as well……

  12. Love your thought process here…I am going to apply it to some decorating at home. Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  13. Mila says

    Love all the lively greens! 🙂

  14. gorgeous! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  15. Soooo pretty, sweetheart! I am wishing you a wonderful Easter and hope that you’ll have time to come pay us a quick visit at the SHARE IT sunday linky party at, as the party isn’t the same without you!

  16. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Good Morning Diane! Love your pretty green vignette – so fresh and pretty. Featured you at the party this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much Sharon!! You just made my day! [[hugs]]

  17. Debi says

    Diane – I love your 5 Quick and Easy Steps! … And I love your use of green and white – one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I have featured you on my Tuesday Favorite Things Round Up. Hope to see you again at the Blog Hop again!

    • Diane says

      Thank you soo much Debi!! You just made my day! [[hugs]]


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