Mason jars are wonderfully versatile and fun to decorate with...especially at the holidays. Make it a coastal Christmas with hanging mason jars, this year. Don't miss the


There’s no doubt about it.  Lately I’m “into” mason jar lids.  Within the past several weeks, I’ve added knobs to lids here and here. And I’ve even created Christmas ornaments with mason jar lids.  So, it should be no surprise to you that I’m doing something fun with lids again.

This time, I’m “hooked” on hanging my Ball mason jars.


Mason jars are wonderfully versatile and fun to decorate with...especially at the holidays. Make it a coastal Christmas with hanging mason jars, this year. Don't miss the


I have this fun wall art that hangs over my sofa.  It kind of reminds me of a seaside fishing town… albeit a very simplified version.


Make it a Coastal Christmas with Hanging Mason Jars - Before -


This year I decided to go with a coastal vibe for Christmas and pulled out my stash of aqua and clear Ball pint-sized jars and started dreaming.

After my little gray cells sprang into action, I had a bright idea!  Why not put a hook into the lids of the mason jars and hang them filled with Christmas pretties.  Why not?


Make it a Coastal Christmas with Hanging Mason Jars in Blue and Clear Glass -


The jars are fairly reflective…especially since the glass has embossing on all the sides.  That made it difficult to see what I placed in the jars if you were standing a little ways away from them.

It took a some playing around with the jars until I settled on how to fill them, but I decided on two ideas.  Using silver and shades of aqua blue Christmas balls in the blue jar.  And… creating a beachy Christmas tree scene in the clear jars.


Mason jars are wonderfully versatile and fun to decorate with...especially at the holidays. Make it a coastal Christmas with hanging mason jars, this year. Don't miss the


These are super quick and easy to put together.  The most time-consuming part of the process was thinking up what I wanted to do.  Plus, painting the lids and the hooks.  Aside from that, filling the jars was super fast, maybe 15 or 20 minutes, tops.  The lids and hooks required a couple of coats of paint, but within 45 minutes they were ready to go.


Make it a Coastal Christmas with Hanging Clear and Blue Ball Mason Jars -


Just in case you’re thinking you’d like to create a fun coastal theme for Christmas with hanging mason jars… you’re in luck.  I’ve created a little tutorial for you.

Coastal Christmas with Hanging Mason Jars


Coastal Christmas with Hanging Mason Jars Supplies -

Supplies for Hanging Mason Jars
  • Blue and Clear Ball Pint-Sized Mason Jars with Lids & Rings
  • Hooks (appropriately sized to whatever you are using to hang your jars)
  • Small Washer
  • Silver Paint and Paint Brush (not pictured)
  • Filler (assorted small Christmas balls ~ beach sand (or Epsom Salt), tiny piece of driftwood (or tiny sea shells), small bottle brush Christmas tree, baker’s twine)
  • Scissors
Assembly Instructions

After selecting the hook that is the proper size for your project, hammer a small starting hole in the center of your lid.  Then screw the hook into the lid, catching it on the back side with a small washer so that it doesn’t slip.

If your hook is gold and your lid silver, like mine, you’ll want to paint your hook with some silver paint.  Also, I didn’t want the Ball words showing, so I chose to paint over those too.  It creates a nice finished look.

Creating a Coastal Christmas with Hanging Mason Jar lids -


Fill a clear Ball Jar with an inch or so of sand (or Epsom Salt).  Make a garland around the bottle brush tree with the Baker’s Twine.  No need to glue…just stick the twine ends into the tree and it should hold.

Then lay the driftwood (or shells) on top of the sand towards the front of the jar and then insert the Christmas tree, being careful to snug it into the sand so the base disappears.

Screw the lid with the hook onto the jar for hanging.

Assembly Instructions - Coastal Christmas with Hanging Mason Jars - Filling Clear Jars with Holiday Decor -


Fill the blue jars with small silver and blue Christmas balls about 3/4 full. Screw the lid with hook onto the jar and you’re ready for hanging.

I’m pretty sure you don’t have a wall hanger like this one.  But, I’m guessing you might want to know how to create a cute little mini wreath, or two, or three.  And since I’m having so much fun with these artificial pine stems… well… why not give a brief tutorial.  It’s just a free little extra because I think you’re so special.


Miniature Christmas Wreath -


Create a Miniature Wreath

Supplies to create a miniature wreath -


Supplies for Mini Wreaths
  • Artificial Pine Crafting Stems
  • Wire Cutters
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Scissors
  • A Small Jar for Round Wreath From (I used a mini candle jar)


Assembly Instructions

How to create a mini wreath with evergreen tie-ons -


  1. Take your artificial pine stem and wrap it around a small jar as shown in the first image.
  2. Snug it tight to the jar and give it a single twist.
  3. Then release it from the jar.
  4. Bring the two ends together and re-twist – completely.
  5. With your wire cutters… clip off the long end at the twist.
  6. Then clip off the short end at the twist.
  7. Pinch your twist so it’s smooth.
  8. Take a length of baker’s twine and tie it around the wreath at the twist.
  9. Make a pretty bow with your baker’s twine… and you’re done!


This really is a fun project.  I spent more time thinking about it than I did in creating it.  Then again, I have a tendency to over think things.  [ahem]

Be sure to pin this to your Mason Jar Board or Christmas Board on Pinterest.

Pin it NOW! Save for Later -

Mason jars are wonderfully versatile and fun to decorate with...especially at the holidays. Make it a coastal Christmas with hanging mason jars, this year. Don't miss the


I’d love to know how YOU fill and hang your mason jars now that you have the secret.

What’s your favorite way to use mason jars in your Christmas decor?


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  1. So clever and so cute, Diane. I love how you made the tiny little wreaths. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at #MasonJarMonday. xxoo, Barb *pinned and shared

  2. Tammy says

    So cute Diane…What a great idea using the cup hooks.

  3. Debbie says

    Diane, these are adorable!!

    • Awww… thanks Debbie! They were super fun to put together. 🙂

      Have a blessed week!

  4. Such a clever idea — love it! Pinned!

  5. Diane these are absolutely adorable! I love everything about them and the mini wreaths are definitely a bonus. I wouldn’t want to put the jars away after the holidays.

  6. Sarah says

    What a great idea for displaying little treasures. I love your aqua jars and those tiny wreaths are adorable!

    • Like tiny toys from the past, maybe? Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words, Sarah!
      Have a blessed day!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  8. Malia says

    This is beautiful, Diane!

    • Thanks friend! I knew I wanted to hang the mason jars… but I wanted to do it a little differently than the usual. I’m so glad you like it.
      All the best for a wonderful weekend!


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