Make this Easy Trick or Treat Mason Jar in a Flash


Trick or Treat is always a highlight as October begins her slide to November.

It’s always fun choosing candy (that I would like) and giving handfuls out to the princesses and supermen that ring the door bell or call, “Trick or treat!“at my door.

Since I’m all about the treats and not the tricks (I’ll leave the tricks to those of you who are naturally practical jokers), I’ve come up with a fun gift or treat container to keep on your desk or display somewhere in your home.  And yes… it’s in one of my favorite containers… a mason jar.

Today I’m joining with a wonderful group of bloggers
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Mason Jar!

At the end of this post… you’ll have an opportunity to visit all these fabulous blogs taking part in this month’s event – Halloween Mason Jars.

Skip the tricks and treat someone with these so easy trick or treat Mason jar and fill it with your candies. Mellowcreme pumpkins are a favorite at our house. What's your favorite? | Mason jar craft for Halloween... or switch up the season with ribbon, tag, and candies.


Most home decor or crafty creations I make are usually made from scratch.

But, since everyone does not have the time or inclination… today’s project is actually an assembly of items you can pick up at your favorite craft store, mine came from Hobby Lobby.

You’ll want to make several of these Trick or Treat candy jars.  One for you and several to give away.


Easy Trick or Treat Mason Jar Candy Holder


Supplies to Create an Easy Trick or Treat Mason Jar Candy Holder



  • Pint-sized Mason or Ball Jar
  • Black lid
  • Black knob
  • Orange Trick or Treat Ribbon or Pumpkin Ribbon
  • Paper Cupcake Topper or Halloween Tags
  • Scissors or Small Paper Punch
  • Candy

Note: I purchased all the items, except the candy, for this project at Hobby Lobby.
For your convenience I added my Amazon affiliate links to all the supplies, they may
be slightly different than the items in my project.  I may a small commission from
all purchases make through these links.  Thank you! 

Assembly Instructions

  • Poke a hole in the center of the lid,  the size of the knob’s screw shaft.   A drill and bit is quickest.
  • Slip the knob shaft through the hole and attach the knob snugly to the lidEasy Trick or Treat Mason Jar Candy Holder Lid
  • Fill with candyEasy Trick or Treat Mason Jar Candy Holder filled with Pumpkin Candies
  • Carefully wiggle the wood pick from the Trick or Treat cupcake topper until it’s released and you have a tagEasy Trick or Treat Mason Jar Candy Holder with Trick or Treat Cupcake Topper Tag
  • Poke or punch a hole in the top of your Trick or Treat tagEasy Trick or Treat Mason Jar Candy Holder with Trick or Treat Tag
  • Wrap your ribbon around the neck of the jar to see how much ribbon you’ll need. Allow plenty of extra for tying.
  • Thread the Trick or Treat tag on the ribbon, add a strand or two of ribbon as shown and tie the ribbon snugly around the jar.Easy Trick or Treat Mason Jar Candy Holder with Hanging Trick or Treat Tag
  • Treat someone with a Mason Jar filled with candy treats.


Make this Easy Trick or Treat Mason Jar in a Flash


These Trick or Treat mason jar candy holders are so fun and easy to create, be sure to pick up supplies to make several.

This project was almost free for me.  When we went to the store to purchase our candy pumpkins we discovered they were on sale this week…. two bags for $6, regularly $3.99.  They aren’t Godiva Chocolates, but they aren’t free either. After we went through the check lane, we looked at our receipt and realized that we were charged $3.99.  Because the store wasn’t busy, we took the time to go to the customer service desk to ask if we needed to purchase two bags to get the sale price.  (I so dislike that policy.) But, to our surprise, at 9 PM we were the first to notice that the mellowcreme pumpkins were not in the “system” at the sale price.  So… because Michigan has a law for these kinds of retail infractions… we were given back our ninety-nine cents AND five dollars.  Wow! What a treat!  Thank you Lord!!


Make this Easy Trick or Treat Mason Jar in a Flash Candy Jar


This isn’t the first time that we’ve been blessed this way… but it was a long time ago.

One year we went to the store on Saturday to do our weekly shopping and to pick up items for our church’s food pantry drive.  I think there was some sort of weekend sale because it was close to Thanksgiving.  Again… we were on our way out the door and I was scanning the receipt and I noticed the sale items were not rung up at the sale price.  At first I was frustrated.  But, the person at the customer service desk proceeded to give us back the cost of each item, that was rung up incorrectly due to a computer error, and then some.  When we got home from the store we realized that all the food we purchased for the food pantry did not cost us a dime.  I know… amazing.  I love how God delights in giving good gifts to his children. That was the beginning of our realization that even if it is a sacrifice to give… God has a way of blessing us for our giving.


Take some time this week to bless someone.  It might be gifting someone with a fun Trick or Treat mason jar like this one… treating someone to lunch… or surprising a busy or sick friend with a pot of chili or an easy fall meal that will bless her and her family.  Funny how it is… when we do the treating… we get a blessing as big if not bigger than the recipient.

Who will you treat?

Thanks for stopping by today… I can’t wait to hear your lovely thoughts!


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Now it’s time to be inspired by my friends and their creative Halloween Mason Jar ideas!

Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!
It's time to get your Halloween Mason Jar Craft on!! Check out these 8 crafty bloggers fun ideas for making your spooky day spectacular! | It's part of our monthly Mason Jar Monday blog hop. Won't you join us?


  1. Tammy says

    So cute… I love this idea and the handle on top is just perfect!

  2. Malia says

    Great project Diane! I especially love the lid!

  3. Diane I love this! I am totally going to use your trick with the knob. It makes a mason jar look so much more elegant and expensive. I love it!

    • Thanks Michelle! 🙂 With the 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby it makes it affordable to ad a fancy knob too.

  4. Diane, this is one of my favorite mason jar crafts ever. I love how you added the knob to the top – that is genius! These would be great to giveaway but I would also love to make a bunch of these for a dessert party and display them all on a buffet (I don’t have a buffet but that would work nicely!). hugs, mb

    • Oh that would be fun Mary Beth! You always have great ideas!
      Don’t get too carried away with the genius thing though. I remember seeing knobs on jars some time ago… and today when I went to Jo-Ann Crafts they actually had a few lids for mason jars with knobs already attached. Though… that sort of takes the fun away… yes? Thanks for your kind words. {{hugs}}

  5. Sarah says

    This jar is just precious, I am all for making things from scratch too but sometimes it’s nice to have it all ready to go for you. Your retail story was very uplifting, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Sarah! I realize that many of my readers only have time… or the inclination… to assemble things and not create… so when I spied these items in the store I knew it was the way to go. DIY comes in a variety of ways. Glad you liked our story. I love how God works.
      Be blessed!!

  6. Diane – this is one of my fave projects for this Blog Hop. I even think this same idea could be employed in the pantry with larger jars to hold non-perishables. :-O But what a great gift and I love how you repurposed the pick. Brilliant. Thanks for joining me for #MasonJarMonday. xxoo, Barb *pinned and sharing

    • You are such a wonderful encourager Barb! Thank you for your kind words.
      My wheels are spinning on other possibilities, too! It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a big impact.
      I’m loving being a part of this blog hop!! Thanks so much for ALL you do! You are amazing! [[hugs]]

  7. You brought every embellishment together into such an adorable package. What a cute gift it would make!

    • Awwww… thanks Steph!! You are so sweet.
      If I could I’d send it to you. 🙂 Thanks for your warm encouragement and partnership in this big ‘ol blogging world. [[hugs]]


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