This week I came across this quote:


Quote about doing the Extraordinary -


The true genius lies not in doing the extraordinary things,
but in doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well.

~ Major General Louis H. Wilson


When I came across this quote I truly felt that it spoke of my heart.  Not that I am any genius.  Far from it.   But, I truly believe that every day  we can do very ordinary things in an ordinary, ho hum kind of way, or we can do those ordinary things extraordinarily well.

As much as I can….I will seek to do the later.


How about you?

What is it that ‘makes’ you will go the extra mile?


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It was another Extraordinary Week on the blog!

Saturday’s weekly wrap up featured a few photos of our tiny feline friend (who has been under the weather all week).  Sunday began with Joy Day! and some tender thoughts about loving each other and God in the church.  Then I became a foodie and shared with you an impromptu dessert I whipped up.  And then, I finished the week with a grand tour of my wee studio.


Humbled and blessed.

I could hardly believe my eyes as I received notice that my posts were being featured in so many link party round-ups this week.  Truly…I am so encouraged and blessed by these acknowledgements.    My heart is full because of the kindness of each of these wonderful bloggers:

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Please take a minute to stop by these extraordinary blogs for even more inspiration.


On a personal note.  Whoa. We’ve had a few ‘good’ storms this week and lots of rain, which sort of cramped our style.  This painting the house project has really slowed down because of it.  But, it didn’t stop me from deciding on Monday, after I spent a good chunk of the day in garden and catching up, that I could join in the fun of ‘Where Bloggers Create.’

There was a little work involved in deciding to write that post.  You see some time ago (maybe a year ago?) I painted the walls that gorgeous shade of warm, yet pale, aqua blue.  And I painted all the window and door trim and the shelves and what were black wrought iron supports, white.  But, because we were having overnight guests, we put the room together and made everything look good…and didn’t paint the baseboard trim.  Yeah I know.  Really who does stuff like that?

So…Monday night when I decided that I could join in the fun for Friday, I made the commitment to empty the room, paint, and then put everything back.  Oh…and make the table skirt of my dreams.  And I might have had other things to do too.  [wink]  So…on Tuesday I emptied the room, crawled around on the floor and put one coat of paint on the trim, wrote a post for Wednesday and called it a day.  Then Wednesday, I put the second coat of paint on (which was much harder than the day before because now my muscles were protesting), made the table skirt, and returned everything to it’s rightful spot in the studio.  Whew!  Then Thursday, I took more than a hundred photos…over three tries….trying to get a few decent ones where the color was correct.  It wasn’t happening, so you got the best I could give.  With very little daylight coming in a window that faces North and under a porch overhang, it is, well, challenging to say the least.  It took all day and night to put that post together because of the photo issue.  It was the hardest post yet.  But, I did it!  And in just THREE days!!

Don’t tell anyone that the rest of my house fell apart during that time.  [wink]  Tomorrow morning I need to get it all whipped in shape for an important visitor.  I guess it’s a good thing I have been so busy.  We are playing the waiting game in the job process.  You’ve probably heard these words, “We appreciate _____ and will get back to you on the next phase in a week or so.”   Wait.  I’m grateful that God holds us in His hands and that we can trust Him.  And believe me….that is not a ‘pat’ sentence…I’ve heard them all.  This ‘trust walk’ we’re on takes daily, active trust, and faith.  And lots of deep breaths.


Are you still here?
If you are…let me know you stayed this long.  I want to give you a BIG hug.  You are Extraordinary!!  And thanks for sharing your Extraordinary self with me.  Thank you too, for joining in the conversations, here.  Your words help me to get a sense of who I’m talking to.  Because as I get to know YOU…I write to you.  Not some made-up person.  But, YOU!!

Wishing Extraordinary YOU an Extraordinary weekend!


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  1. As always, your inspirational and beautiful blog helps my day have a beautiful beginning!

    • Diane says

      Mary Lise….that is absolutely the nicest thing you could say!!! Thank you soooo much!

  2. The first thing that caused me to be attracted to you was your extraordinary smile. You have taken that smile and put a glimmer of extraordinary in every part of our home. Not with money, ’cause we have none, but in every corner there is a glimpse of extra-extra ordinary.
    Thank you.

    • Diane says

      Awwww….I love you! And I love that you notice and appreciate the things I do. xoxo

  3. Mel says

    Awwwww…..what a sweetheart!

    And I had a chuckle with that picture you painted. Had that been me, it would have taken a derrick crane to get me back up off the floor. I’da probably told himself to not bother…LOL Somehow I can imagine! Boy, but you persevered well! And as one who destroys the whole house when she cleans, I can smile and nod in understanding the ‘mess’ before the end product.
    Hey–it takes what it takes, yes? Which is why the boxes in the livingroom with the crafty stuff is a non-issue at this given moment. Yes? (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL) A few boxes–NOTHING in comparison to the mess that’ll happen when I start actually producing! 😉

    • Diane says

      Yup! “it takes what it takes.” Mel, you are so right. Glad I could muster it up. But, once Sunday hit…..good thing it was Sunday and I didn’t have to do. [wink] But, today I have to get it in gear because tomorrow a troop of real estate agents will be tromping through the house. :-/
      I bet you will be producing….soon. 😉



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