Poppy was feeling rather patriotic here.


Being Patriotic :: AnExtraordinaryDay


She wasn’t sure which was more important, looking pretty though hardly able to keep her eyes open on the snazziest of chairs, or making her furness comfy on a matelasse cushion.


Patriotic Choices :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


I think the sleepiness and a soft cushion won out.  We can all identify, yes?


Poppy's Patriotic Choice  :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


How did you spend your Fourth of July?


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  4. Decorate a Vintage Window with a Patriotic Wreath and Garland for the 4th of July
  5. Fourth of July in Small Town America
  6. {Refreshing} Watermelon Salsa


It was another Extraordinary Week on the blog!

Saturday’s weekly wrap up was a stunning photo of dewdrops on a daisy with the sweetest quote.    Sunday began with Joy Day! and some thoughts about how to find rest.  Then I jumped on the patriotic bandwagon and shared my sweet blue and white sunroom waving her stars and stripes.  After that I whipped my vintage window in shape for the holiday.  Oh, do I love dressing that old window.  For the Fourth of July I took you on a little photo flag tour of my little town, along with sharing a few great quotes from some amazing people.  On the Fourth we were invited to dinner and enjoyed a delicious salsa, made by a good friend, which I just had to write a post about.  I think you’ll really enjoy it.  And that brings us to today.   I hope you can take time to grab your favorite beverage and settle down for some light reading and lots of photo eye candy.


Humbled and blessed.

Though I confess to ‘doing’ my best each week, I am always amazed when this little blog gets a bit of recognition for a post.  It really is a thrilling thing for me.  I am so grateful for the love at these wonderful places this past week:

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Please take a minute to stop by these extraordinary blogs for even more inspiration.


On a personal note.  This week has been good, yet rainy.  It’s been a bit of a challenge for my husband who has been working on getting the house prepped and painted when it rains every day.  But, boy is our garden growing!  Monday we were grateful to receive a phone call following up for employment.  Yes, it’s just an initial call, but if you’ve been in our position, you’ll understand how grateful we are for a response.  There are two potential ministry positions that are possibilities.  Now, it’s up to God how far these conversations go.  In the meantime, we are grateful for a little bit of breathing room.  Please continue to pray and trust with us.  We are anxious for God’s next step in this journey…but we don’t want to get ahead of God in any way.  His timing is always best.

Have I told you how much I appreciate each of you?
In this weird kind of  place we are in life right now…away from most of our friends and family….I truly appreciate this Extraordinary community.  Thank you for your words of encouragement and for joining in the conversations, even if they are only about our favorite felines.  I always love hearing from you.

Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


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  1. Mel says

    Oh–that news made my heart smile. I’ll continue praying…and trusting.
    The kitty looks like she’s all about comfort, no matter where she lands. Gotta like that bit about cats, they make it work.
    And it’s been a hectic week here–another outing today. Not sure I’ll ever get those 4th of July decorations back inside. LOL Maybe by September? 😉 That’s okay–we’ve only got a couple weeks before the county fair makes the town explode with activity. It’s a good thing–a fun thing for everyone. I’ll watch from the sidelines and celebrate from the patio covered in sidewalk art. Unless it rains of course (which it hasn’t)–but that just means a fresh canvas!
    Stay cool, enjoy the summertime breezes and keep praying! 🙂

    • Diane says

      Thanks for those prayers… 🙂
      Hectic…good or hectic not-so-good? We’ll hope for the good. Hope you have a great time out and about.
      Well there certainly is a big difference between small town and big town when it comes to a county fair. We lived just a couple miles from the largest county fair in America. It’s big for sure…but the only impact that it has on the area it seems is the endless traffic and how for 10 days you have to think about how to get where you need to go if you must go anywhere near the fair. I bet your version is wonderful….and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for the tickets.
      BTW…if you lived here, you might have a fresh canvas every day. Haha!!
      Hope your day is blessed in every way! [hugs]

  2. Pinky says

    Hi Diane, we had a fun 4th, went to our daughter and SIL’s for an INDOOR picnic since it was so stinkin hot:) Your furbaby is adorable. Have another good week. XO, Pinky

    • Diane says

      Oh I hear you about hot! It’s not as hot here as it is in your neck of the woods…but I’m glad our plans were inside as after the storms it felt like a sauna. And so bad for the hair!! Haha!!!
      Glad you had a terrific 4th, Pinky!!

  3. Lori McMahan says

    I LOVE your blog and web site!! It is on my list of my top 5~ I thank you are godly and a wonderful lady, who seems like an old friend, ok, not old, but you know where I am coming from!

    Always keep it coming because you are making an impact on a lot of women in all walks of life!!

    Blessings and deep peace,
    Lori McMamahan

    • Diane says

      Lori….you just put the biggest smile on my face!! 😀
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. You have no idea what you have just done for me.


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