Have you given much thought to God being our provider?



It is one of the names that He gives himself.

What does He provide?

Maybe the answers are quite obvious to you.  Maybe not?

Usually we think that we provide for ourselves…
generally through the work of our hands, or our own cleverness.


You go before me and follow me.
     You place your hand of blessing on my head.  Psalm 139:5 NLT


This verse reminded me that not only did God provide a position for my husband when we moved to Pennsylvania, but he provided our home as well.  As we consider how blessed we are to live in this home, in this tiny town, in this beautiful area, we realize that it was God’s hand of blessing that went before us.

When we came to the area, we had a very limited time to find a home.  One day.   My husband scheduled numerous appointments to look at houses.  While we were driving around going from place to place, he received a message from his new boss that he had just walked past a house with a sign out front and gave us the name and phone number.  This place seemed to be a longer drive than all the others we had looked at, but we weren’t happy about any of them, so we made one last appointment and were shown the house.  The town was lovely, and we could see ourselves living there more than any other spot.

What’s interesting is that the man who owned it, had it on the market for 9 months and didn’t get any offers.  Yet, when he put a ‘for rent’ sign in the front yard it rented it almost immediately.  To us.  He was amazed that happened after no previous interest.  Hmmm…  Do you think that God reserved it for us?  I do.


You go before me and follow me.
     You place your hand of blessing on my head.  Psalm 139:5 NLT


Going through this time of waiting on God, for the next job, we have come to realize how fortunate we are to live where we can walk to virtually everything we need.  The grocery store, the bank, the post office, etc.  And in such a picturesque area.   The psalmist was right.  God does /did go before me.  And his hand of blessing is on my head.    I am so very grateful to live in this spot.  Almost every day one of us mentions how blessed we are to live here.   It even came up in conversation with a friend today, and she talked about it, too.


Provider God :: Biblical truth ::  Philippians 4:19 : My God will meet all your needs ::AnExtraordinaryDay.net


We had a huge need to find a house to make our home, a year and nine months ago.  God not only met our need.  But, we can see that he went before us, and his hand of blessing is on us.   It’s evident that he goes beyond meeting the need we have to providing the extra things that make our hearts smile, too.  What an extraordinary Provider God.  Isn’t he just the best?!!

These days we are still faith-walkers.  We have come to realize that we can ‘try hard’ to make things happen, but, really it’s futile.  When we recognize that he goes before us, when we acknowledge that our Mighty Creator God is our Provider, we can wait for his blessing to be upon us.

The waiting period has its own challenges.  Yet, I am discovering that I am the one who makes it challenging.  Not God.  I need to remind myself of these truths, his truths.

As we wait on God for his next provision I can be certain that God has already gone before me.  He has  prepared the next steps in our adventure, and he will meet all my needs.   He proved it in our moving here.  And he will prove it again in the days ahead.

I’m grateful for Paul’s letter to the people in  where he wrote…

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:19 NIV


What is it that causes you to lay awake at night and fret?

What is it you really need?

Can you trust that Provider God is already at work to meet that need?

Will you thank him for meeting all your needs before you even see his blessing?


Remind yourself of the truth and promise of Philippians 4:19.   God will meet ALL your needs.

Keep in mind that all of this will be on God’s timetable, not ours.  I know this well.   But, I do know that he will do some amazing things, if you let him, to meet all your needs.  And for this, I give thanks!


Provider God meets our needs :: Count HIS gifts to us on Joy Day! :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Today is Joy Day!


The day when we take a few minutes to look back over our week and count ‘seven.’

Seven things you are grateful for….the things that are easy to say thanks for and those that just aren’t.

Will you join me in the counting?  I can guarantee you that when you take the time to count your blessings your attitude will change and the hand on your ‘joy meter’ will fly soar.

I’ll start!

I’m thankful for…

  1. a friend who faithfully prays for me.
  2. a God who loves me, goes before me, and provides my every need.
  3. being available to pray and talk with a friend going through a difficult time.
  4. the provision of rent for one more month.
  5. blueberries.
  6. a kitty who wanted to sit on my lap when she didn’t feel well.
  7. a God who is trustworthy and true.


It’s your turn!  

It’s a great exercise to think back over your week and hit the reset button.  You’ll be glad you did.   Just scroll down to ‘Share Your Thoughts’ below and tap in your seven.  Want even more joy?  Take the Joy Dare here.


Thank you for stopping by today.  I appreciate you and your sweet comments make my day.
May you know God’s amazing blessing and provision this week and be filled with JOY!



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  1. Judi says

    This has moved me beyond words ~ I have been having worries ~ fears ~ I was excited to find your blog the other day when you showed your Patriotic window and your ‘fail” project and it’s not often to see bloggers showing that and it made the page more “human” to me, if that makes sense? And now, to receive this message makes me know it was all planned this way, if this were the first post I’d seen, maybe I would have turned back, not read, I don’t know. I don’t think I got an email from a response on my comment, but that is ok with me ~ I’ve visited for inspiration and it seems it has come in several forms ~ thanks! Judi

    • Diane says

      Sweet dear Judi….I’m sending you a ‘hug.’
      Isn’t it just like God to do something like this. I love how he uses each of us to speak love and truth when we need it. I will pray for your right now…that you are able to cast all your burdens on HIM because HE CARES for YOU!!
      And know I am humbled that he would use me to inspire you. It’s a mutual blessing. Knowing this encourages my heart, too.
      May your heart be filled with JOY!

  2. Renee says

    This was a great post today!!!!I am so grateful and blessed for the following: 1. My Dad is ok after a scare that he might have had a stroke, 2. My daughter had an interview, and now has a second one . 3. We have had rain two nights in a row 4. It is a beautiful cool morning with a breeze 5. My husband is such a wonderful man-takes care of me 6. I found two neat candle holders and a Longaberger basket at goodwill for less than 6.00 total 7. A quiet evening at home last night watching Lifetime Movies! Simple pleasures and blessings are the best!!!!

    • Diane says

      I’m rejoicing with you in ‘seven.’ 🙂
      You do have seven true JOYS!
      God’s blessings are the best, aren’t they?
      May you see his hand a work in your life each day this week.

  3. Marie says

    When we start thing of the joys in our lives we begin to see the world through different eyes.
    1-Helping good friends with an overwhelming project
    2-Fun photo shoot
    3-Beautiful day lilies blooming in my garden
    4-Coffee on the patio on sunny summer mornings
    5-My best friends
    6-Enjoying time with my sister

    • Diane says

      Oh Marie….it really does change everything. 🙂
      Thank you for counting ‘seven’ with me.
      The Lord has blessed so richly.
      May your new week overflow with HIS joy!

  4. Gail says

    So much truth in what you wrote. I will return to today’s lesson many times. I know God provides, but I must ingrain this into me into a deep molecular level

    Re your response, if I don’t check one of the 2 buttons below comment box, I don’t know you respond, of course. But the few times I have checked the box, I always get a polite response from you.

    • Diane says

      Isn’t it interesting how we may know the truth, Gail, but it takes effort to weave it into our lives so we can truly live it? I’m glad that God takes our small efforts and increases them as we lean into him.
      May HIS joy be yours this week.

  5. Gwen says

    I like Joy Day Best!
    1. Getting back in touch with a dear friend
    2. One difficult thing behind me now
    3. A caring husband
    4. My girls, Mom, sisters, brother, grandson, cousins and my Dad who always said
    The Lord Provides
    5. Sunshine and blue skies and I just saw a butterfly
    6. My son in law preached today
    7. A home that has not one step anywhere, inside, getting to outside…a miracle!

    • Diane says

      Oh Gwen….life would be so empty without giving thanks and receiving His joy!!
      There is so much blessing in each of your ‘seven.’ My heart rejoices with yours. 🙂
      Praying that the JOY erases the sadness.

  6. Gwen says

    Oh. And I must say memories of long ago. For God let me have those. I can remember all about my dear Dad, gone to heaven three years ago this week, and my Mom is lonesome …as I’m lonesome. But I do thank God I can talk to my 95 year old Mom daily. She’s sharp in the mind. She loves me even now

    • Diane says

      How wonderful to have to memories stored up in your heart to treasure and share with your dear Mom.
      Praise God!

  7. Glenda Kremer says

    I definitely know He is my provider and daily one of my first prayers is thanking Him for all He has blessed me with! so thankful for His providing your house which obviously he still provides right? still looking for a job? Maybe the Lord has a different job in mind for your hubby? just a thought as of course I know nothing about your situation! praying for Lord’s job provision.

    • Diane says

      And really, Glenda….without him we have nothing….for he provides the very air we breathe. 🙂
      Yes…we are blessed to still have this house. It goes on the market this week….it will be interesting to see how God moves in this. And…we wait on two jobs in the midst of the interview process. God has amazing timing….we will wait and watch and see him move.
      Thanks for your loving concern. 🙂

  8. Mel says

    Still praying..and hoping!
    And I’m one of those ‘imperfect’ human beings….*sigh* I KNOW He provides, but.. I’m an impatient booger. And I have a high need for orderliness (which means NOW and in the package I’d like tyvm….). Demanding little booger, too, apparently. I’m notsogood at letting things unfold–bit of a mover and a shaker, I want things to keep movin’ along.
    Now, that being said, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve looked to SEE Him working ahead of me. So if He’s taking it ‘slow’, I really have nothing to complain/worry about. It’s all worked for the good so far……but THIS time it might be different dontchaknow. *sigh* Yes, I know–you’ve reminded me. It’s tough, this faith in the midst of the storm stuff. I’m pretty clear I make it tougher than it needs to be.

    My seven Joys:
    * Cool mornings in the 70’s…..amazing! Almost fall like.
    * Flutterbys in the garden–they’re so pretty.
    * The many exits of Skippy the Ground Squirrel! Hahahaha….ya never know where that little fella will pop up!
    * He-who-had-walking-pnemonia feeling much better now. YEAH!!
    * The jungle on the patio where I take my coffee/suntea.
    * Fair week–sights, sounds and smells of the fair, period.
    * Being available to help others. Somehow that brings me great joy!

    • Diane says

      Oh Mel….thank you…your prayers make a difference…I have no doubt. 😉
      You might have guessed….but I really have come a long way in the “waiting department.” I’ve pretty much always been the, “what do we need to do to make it happen” kind of gal. 😉
      Hang in there….we are praying with you through your current challenge.
      And I love your seven joys today. Good stuff. All from a really good God.


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