Back in my old stomping grounds, it’s tulip time.

It’s a fabulous celebration of tulips and things Dutch.


The funny thing is, usually before or after the big shin dig I’d drive over to see the tulip displays and fields of tulips.  But, I never attended the parade or any of the festivities.  I have a slight regret.  When you live in an area most of your adult life, you think you’re going to have plenty of time to ‘get there.’  After all, we had built our ‘forever house.’  We lived in one of the loveliest places in the country, a true vacation destination, of course there would be plenty of time.


This Moment :: Tulip Time :: Longaberger Woven Pitcher of Tulips ::


And then God does His thing and there you go selling the house that you insulated against the cold winds of winter, the house that you sanded and painted or stained every piece of wood, including the cedar siding and the floor boards, that house that had a pile of sand and sassafras seedlings for a yard until you transformed it, into an oasis for the spirit, and a home.

God does stuff like direct you to move 5 hours away, and then 3 hours away, and then 8 hours away,  and yet again another 8 hours, from fields of tulips and festivals that you will participate in someday, because you’re living in your ‘forever house.’


This moment :: Russian jar vignette ::


I love the first red tulips that pop out of the ground every year.  But, not in my yard.  Nope. I have always been smitten with May blooming tulips.  The ones that seemed to come on in a day and vanish, because of the unseasonably hot sun and dry winds that only visit for the duration of those lovely, but incredibly quick-lived, lily-flowering tulips.


This Moment on the Sideboard


Maybe it speaks to how so many things in life are fleeting.  Like the day I didn’t take my camera with me when I walked to the grocery store and noticed a sea of pale lavender crocus along my path.  In the moment I was overcome with the beauty of those delicate blossoms.  My husband even suggested that we go back home and get the camera…only 3 or 4 blocks.   I said tomorrow I’ll get their picture.   But, that night we had an incredibly hard freeze.

Do you do that too?  Put off something, thinking that it will be there forever, or feeling just a wee bit lazy, or just needing to do one more not-so-important thing, instead?


This moment :: Tulip time on the sideboard ::


Today is the day!

It’s the day to enjoy the tulips.  Whether it’s taking a drive down the road to gather with all the revelers in the greatest traffic jam ever, or putting aside the urgent for the meaningful, these tulips, this moment, will only be here today.


Vintage Vignette in This Moment ::


Tulip time comes around and reminds me that this moment is what I have.  

The past is gone, I can’t live in the future because, well, it’s in the future.  What I can do is live fully in this moment.  It’s easy to hurry, rush, or zoom around like I am known to do.  Or, I can talk with my friend, watch the clouds move over the mountain, stop and notice the blossoms on the maples as they swell, dance, and then fall, go for a tulip walk (Have you noticed all the colors and shapes and varieties of tulips?), or simply sit down and enjoy a leisurely meal and listen to my husband.


Audubon Print ::This Moment ::


Instead of hopping in the car to find a new treasure for the house, look in the cupboards, or those boxes you never unpacked after the move, hiding in the basement or attic.  Pick a spot…the sideboard, the mantel, the top of a chest…and decorate it in a new and fresh way with things you have.  I’m all for enjoying a shopping excursion and coming home with a new pretty.  But, unless that pretty comes from an afternoon shared with a dear friend, it just might be more satisfying to force the creative juices to work.  For me,  living in the moment is another way to live.  It’s not chasing after what could be when everything for a beautiful moment is already here.


This Moment in Tulip Time :: Vintage Ruby Red Vases ::


The sideboard was created with some giant silk tulips I purchased in that Dutch town famous for its tulip festival.  They spent several years resting in their cardboard bed.  But, when one of my friends shared a photo of fuzzy ‘wooden’ shoes on Facebook the other day, memories came flooding back and I decided to see what I could put together.  I’m a huge fan of red, yet I don’t usually decorate with it in the springtime.  And since this sideboard was an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project of mine about 6 months ago, I haven’t decorated it for all the seasons yet (you might remember this or this) so anything goes…the first time.  Yes?


 Tulip Time in the Dining Room ::


When I now look at the sideboard I see stories.  I remember the shopping trip to Holland where we happened on the giant tulips, the ruby-red glassware my husband surprised me with for my birthday and hid all over the house, the platter my friend who lives four hours away had delivered to me along with the sideboard, the hand painted wooden jar  I purchased in Russia for my mom, the stack of my dad’s vintage business books that you frequently see because they have the coolest red bindings, and the artwork on the wall that has its own long story and I should do a whole post about for you.

All of these things together may or may not look lovely to you.  But, to me, they are a lovely moment.  And together help me remember many other lovely moments.


Do you live in the moment?

Have you created any moments?

When I talk about moments missed…what comes to mind?

What do you allow to get in the way of living in the moment?


I’m reminded that today is all we have.  This moment.  

We can savor it.  We can live in it to the full.  We can use it to bless others, to create, to show love, to relish the beauty around us, to say thanks, to laugh, to lie on the grass, to breathe, to tell a story, to see shapes in the clouds, to share a drink or a meal, to speak up for someone who cannot speak for herself, to be generous, to smell a flower, to light candles, to hold hands, to snap a picture, to give a hug, to eat from the good dishes, to walk in the rain, to watch the sun set, to wiggle toes in the sand, to walk on the shoreline or up the mountainside, to just. be. in the moment.


Those tulips sure helped me learn an important lesson about this moment.  You too?


Seizing the moment!



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  1. I love living in the moment – when I actually do it! Haha 🙂 Have a lovely day, Diane!

  2. JaneEllen says

    I so enjoyed your excellent post. We all need to be reminded to enjoy things while we have them available. I’ve learned to let the dust gather and do crafting with my hubs. Believe me the dust is there the second I try to banish it for just a few minutes. I have a pile in the hallway to be gone thru, it might be there for a few more days, it’s finally gotten springy and I’m going to enjoy it now. Took me lots of years to learn this, you younger gals are lot smarter than my generation, good for you all.
    I try to pass this on to my daughter who works full time has 2 teenagers and a great hubby. She really needs to destress. We only have one life, lets not waste it at end of it wishing we’d done differently. I’m 72 so believe me I’m getting the idea. Happy Mother’s Day

    • Diane says

      Thank you JaneEllen. 🙂
      I’ve learned that our culture has delivered a lie to us…that being busy and running like crazy is the high goal and value in life. It’s not and I’m grateful for my lesson. Enjoy your springy weather…we got up to 43 degrees today…brrrr.
      Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Kim M says

    I think your display would be beautiful to anyone, whether or not it held meaning to them. Tulips are my all time favorite flower! Something about the simplicity of their shape and the vibrant color. They are actually my avatar! There simple beauty always takes my breath away…btw, love the plate too! 🙂

    • Diane says

      Wow….thank you Kim!! 😀 You just made my day!!
      I think tulips have a sort of ‘stately regalness’ to them.

  4. Such beautiful tulips, Diane! They have always been one of my favorite flowers. I remember being in college and coming back to my dorm room the day I found out I was accepted to pharmacy school with a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips waiting for me from my roommates. Such a special memory!

    Thank you for sharing your lesson with us as well. It is an important one to be reminded of. I find myself having to stop and put that perspective back in place at times when it feels like certain chores are more important than playing with the kids. No! Chores are never more important . They will always be there but someday sooner than I would like my children will be grown. Thanks for the gentle reminder!

    • Diane says

      What a lovely memory, Jessica! And what wonderful roommates, too!!
      Sometimes we need to run against the grain of culture and live in the moment. Relationships are always #1…especially family. 🙂
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Week!

  5. So true…we need to live in the moments when God prompts us to do something. I love your decor…especially the old books with the wonderful embossed covers and the piles of unbound pages. I’d love to have you link this up to my new blog hop T.G.I.F. at Bible Love Notes.

    • Diane says

      Thank you Gail. Yes…we do need to work on keeping our ears tuned to His small voice….
      Thank you for the invitation!

  6. Mel says

    “It’s not chasing after what could be when everything for a beautiful moment is already here.” If THIS is the post Moofie ate–I’m glad you bothered a second time. I absolutely needed that little sentence above.
    I’m a shaker and a do-er. I don’t do ‘still’ very well. And I’m not so great at ‘prioritizing’ either….I let G-d do that for me cuz I surely make a silly choice every time. Do I always LISTEN to Him? *sigh* Oughta–but the answer is ‘no’.
    The tulips are gorgeous–fact is, that little space is just awesome. I love the pages set on the table for a simple ‘runner’ and the combination of treasures in your life with those pretty FREED tulips.
    I really do need to bother with just ONE little place. Yup–still stuck the bunny place mats back..and failed to steal another or dress up the coffee nook. NOT because I’m running around warp speed with my hair on fire either. *sigh*

    Do you live in the moment?
    I self correct a LOT–cuz I find myself ‘borrowing troubles’, ‘getting out of today’, ‘not seizing the moment’. Oh, but I have my days when I’m right in the minute! And I gotta tell ya–they are the MOST awesome days. WHY I’d resort back….apparently it’s a human condition that we all battle. It’s one I’d like to win, tyvm.
    Have you created any moments?
    Oh–now THIS is my gig! I create all sorts of moments, every day. I change agenda’s, turn something into something else and just manipulate the heck out of the circumstances. It’s just what I tend to do. Seems I’m always creating and using the circumstances as ‘teachable moments’–for me and for others. Which really says a lot about how the big Guy intends HIS moments with me to be used, huh? LOL I know, I know–LISTEN!
    When I talk about moments missed…what comes to mind?
    Yesterday–when I plopped on the couch after planting flowers in pots….and remained there. LOL Yes, talk about missed moments! Seems I have a tendency to do that lately. Honestly, that is NOT my norm. *sigh* It’s becoming the norm though…..hmmm……that’s NOT necessarily what I want to BE the norm–
    What do you allow to get in the way of living in the moment?
    *laughing* Yesterday it was physical ‘tiredness’….and a touch of laziness and self pity. And what I didn’t do from a sitting position probably speaks volumes, too.
    The pattern for me is ‘selfishness’–I think I’ve done enough and I’m ‘entitled’ to just be lazy. Seriously?! I’m ‘entitled’?!
    Yes….I know–I’m still growing, but geeze…LOL

    Ya know–I think Moofie ate the post for a reason. *laughing* And I’m starting to think that reason was ME. 😉
    (Oh…..And still sending prayers–it’s what I do, dontchaknow)

    • Diane says

      Yes…this is the ONE! 😀
      Oh I know about being a shaker and a doer…but then again…God seems to have changed just a few things in my life so that isn’t even remotely in this ‘season.’
      You make me laugh…you arrange 142 pots on your patio and plant them with flowers and such while wielding two sticks and then think that you haven’t ‘done’ anything. HAHAHAHAHA! That was your moment. Creating. Arranging. Sculpting with living stunningly beautiful God hand-crafted living things. One of my favorite moments!! In my best ‘whirling dervish’ days I was either all outside or all inside…because even at 25…the body and mind and the sun and the moon can only accomplish so much. Not to say I didn’t try hard. 😀 Ah…and quite a few moments were lost in that frenzied lifestyle. Except one. My favorite garden memory is working in my shade garden under the pines on a drizzly day. Everything slows down in the drizzle, and digging in the dirt is almost a magical experience. I miss that shade garden and those moments.
      So you think Moofie was on to you? Haha! Remember often times our words are written for ourselves. 😉 Isn’t it interesting how that is? Hmmmm…..
      Thanks for those prayers….feeling “hard pressed on all sides” these days. [hugs]

  7. Bev says

    Love the tulips… I’m enjoying some this week too!!

    • Diane says

      They certainly are happy flowers. 😀 Glad you’re enjoying some too!

  8. This is so beautiful and I love, love, love the tulips. Beautiful vignette. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    • Diane says

      Thanks Marty!! What is there about tulips….they just put smiles on our faces. Yes?

  9. VERY beautiful and thought-provoking inspiring post 🙂

    • Diane says

      Thank you Debra!! I appreciate your thoughts and your blessing of stopping by! [hugs]

  10. You sideboard is decorated so beautifully! What an inspiring post ~ God has taught me to live in the moment as well…so many moments I didn’t appreciate and will never get back…but God is good and now I stop and enjoy those little moments. I used to work about 70 hours a week {single mom} and made good money….but then, as God would have it, I am now down to one part time job and supporting a family of 5…yet, every month the ends meet…and it is HIS goodness and blessings that I see every day. Thanks for the lovely beautifully worded post and for sharing at Project Inspire{d}.

    • Diane says

      Awww…Mary Beth…you have encouraged and blessed me.
      I had a hard lesson about working too much…it really isn’t God’s design for us.
      He really does want us to observe a rest.
      Hope your week is filled with many extraordinary moments! 🙂

  11. oh…and pinning! 🙂

  12. Kathe says

    I love this post Diane! Thank you for the reminder to seize any time that we have! Just this past weekend, I should have spent some time cleaning the house but, it was just too nice outside and the sun and warmth called to me louder than the laundry and dishes did 🙂 Thank you for sharing this post at my party this week. I am featuring it on my Facebook page as well as pinning it on my You’re Gonna Love It Tuesday board on Pinterest!

    • Diane says

      You are so kind…
      Oh I’m so glad your choose the better path, Kathe! 🙂
      Thanks for the blessing of two lovely shares as well!

  13. Dawn says

    There so pretty, they sure brighten up your side bar. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin’s BUDGET DECORATING PARTY.

    • Diane says

      Thanks for popping by with your sweet words, Dawn! 🙂

  14. Tulips make me so very happy. They look great on your sideboard. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much!!
      I think tulips must rank in the top 10 of flowers. 😉

  15. This is gorgeous! I would love for you to share this beautiful vignette at

    Thank you,

  16. So you’re vignette is so lovely. Every aspect of your vignette is so lovely and your buffet is beautiful. Isn’t that a Duncan Phyfe piece?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Diane says

      You know, Sheila I have no idea what the style is. I have wondered that too.
      Thanks for stopping by with your sweet words. 🙂
      Hope your day is extraordinary!

  17. Karen says

    How fitting it is that I read this post today. This morning I took a picture of my Dutch iris that are in bloom right now. Then I texted them to my daughter. Why? Because about 10 years ago she was headed back to college after weekend at home. She asked if I would cut some of the iris to take along back with her. I refused saying they’d die by the time she got back. Ever since that I think about her request and my refusal Giving her those flowers would have been living in the moment and a small reminder of her parents who love her. Now she’s moved 2000 miles away and I won’t ever get that chance again. May God bless our efforts to live in each moment that He gives us.

    • Diane says

      Thank you for sharing your story Karen. I wonder how many times we are faced with small things like that and dismiss them. May God erase your regret and help you to live fully in each moment. [hugs]

  18. Diane!!!! So well-written! And totally from the heart! I love it!

    Yes, we all think things will be here tomorrow when today is the day we need to embrace whatever it may be. I have done that far too often. Rather than live my life regretting those missed moments, I have tried to do better. “Tried.” Not sayin’ I’m doing all that well. 🙂

    I totally agree that we should search high and low in our homes to seek out inspiration for new vignettes or tablescapes or general decorating. Many times “the perfect thing” is right there under our nose…or under the bed…or the couch…or the stairwell. Whatever, it’s almost always right there, and it’s something really terrific into which we can breathe new life. When we travel and bring back “souvenirs”, too often those mementos get put somewhere never to be seen again. That’s too bad. They are meant to remind us of happier times when we’re sad, mad, or lonely. Or just to remind us every day when things are going great. Doesn’t matter. We should honor those things we buy with our hard-earned money by using them often and remembering from whence they came.

    Great post today, young lady! GREAT post! I hope it inspires lots and lots of people to grasp the here and now, and save tomorrow for tomorrow.

    • Diane says

      Alycia, you always give such wonderfully thoughtful responses. Thank you!!
      I’m pretty certain that you have captured the essence of where we need to be…TRY. We don’t need more pressure on living well, but we do need to try to live in the moment and not the past or chase into the unknown future. It’s interesting you mention the travel mementos. Do you notice that when you visit someone’s home and notice a souvenir that wonderful conversation ensues? So often we learn things about people that would never otherwise come up in our usual interactions.
      Thanks for you kind and encouraging words. You are an Extraordinary blessing! [hugs]

  19. Lovely post Diane. It kind of smacked me between the eyes. Too often I get focused on the future and what could be. Thanks for the gentle reminder to really live in the present and look at things in a fresh way. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

    • Diane says

      I’m blessed that you found it encouraging. It’s too, too easy to keep our eyes on what’s ahead and miss the current view.
      Wishing you many extraordinary moments!

  20. Sandi says

    Good morning Diane,
    I so enjoyed your post! God does things like that to everyone but many of us do not realize the hidden blessings. Your tulips are a bright and beautiful touch to your vignette; such special things displayed on your gorgeous sideboard. I’m so glad you shared this with us at my HOME. Hope you have a delightful weekend.


    • Diane says

      Thank you so much Sandi. I guess God has led me down a path that has opened my eyes. Now if I can only keep them open to what HE wants me to see.
      Wishing you many extraordinary moments this weekend! 🙂

  21. Beautiful vignette – love the colours! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

    • Diane says

      Thank you!
      My father was all Swedish…so I’m one half. I was raised to be 100% though. Haha!

  22. I love living in the moment! I too have wished I had my camera with me many times! Still if I enjoyed it then I’m blessed to have seen it! This was a great post. I also agree that it’s fun to shop your own home and create new vignettes! Diann and I thank you for joining TTF this week!


    • Diane says

      Sometimes we miss the moment because we’ve had our eye behind the camera too! There’s so many ways to look at it. I guess the key is to just live in it. Thanks for your encouraging words…Linda! Blessings to you and Diann!

  23. Diane, I’m dropping in from Claudia’s, and I kept shaking my head “yes” to your question. Yes, I have missed moments, and I think I did it again the other day. I intend to do something and get distracted and think “tomorrow” which doesn’t come. I forget or get busy, and I have lost the moment. So yes, I understand this sentiment and try to live more in the moment. THIS is the day which The Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in IT. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, now is. Great to contemplate.



  24. Diane, I’m dropping in from Claudia’s, and I kept shaking my head “yes” to your question. Yes, I have missed moments, and I think I did it again the other day. I intend to do something and get distracted and think “tomorrow” which doesn’t come. I forget or get busy, and I have lost the moment. So yes, I understand this sentiment and try to live more in the moment. THIS is the day which The Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in IT. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, now is. Great to contemplate.

    I finally had to escape my house this week due to workmen, and with them, I keep living for the future. I dream of the day the work is finished. But in the mean time, I stop to smell the roses, I pay attention to the little things, and I dream of a good night’s sleep.;-)

    Thank you for sharing.



    • Diane says

      I love that verse Sheila!! Maybe we should remind ourselves of it each day.
      I’m sorry that this time has been so challenging. Sometimes these disruptions in our time and space in the end help us to have a different view and even change our habits. Thanks for popping by and leaving you thoughtful words. [hugs] I do appreciate it!

      May your weekend be Extraordinary!

  25. Poppy says

    Hi Diane,

    Visiting via Claudia’s. I so enjoyed reading this heartfelt post! You communicated thoughts that we all have had, time and time again. But do we actually act on these ambitions? I find that as I get older (nearing 50), I get wiser (thank goodness!), and I HAVE consciously slowed down to truly appreciate life’s natural gifts. How can you not? They’re everywhere! Being a 12 hour flight away from family in Toronto, I have had to cherish what surrounds me here, in Greece, and, aside from all the hardships we have had to deal with, especially in the last 5 years, my own ”forever” house and Mediterranean oasis have made me feel blessed to always be living in the moment. ..for NOW.

    Hope you are having an extraordinary weekend!


    • Diane says

      I am so blessed knowing that you enjoyed this post. For quite a few years I was the ‘energizer bunny’s’ cousin. I accomplished a lot, planned even more, and often failed to enjoy the fruits of my labors. A change of events caused an awakening in me. It is wonderful that you have made a conscious effort, Poppy to slow down and appreciate and live in the moment. I think that is the way to live.

      May your weekend be filled with many extraordinary moments.
      p.s. your comment went to spam…I have no idea why…at least there is an answer. 😉

  26. Your sideboard is beautiful!

    • Diane says

      Awwww….thanks so much Pat! I consider that a wonderful compliment coming from someone as talented as you. Blessings!

  27. Sally says

    Thank you for your lovely post and the oh so important reminder to live in the moment, this very moment and not put things off – something I need to hear every day, I’m such a lazy bones and putter-offer. And such lovely images to go along with your sweet words.

    Happy weekend to you!

    • Diane says

      I’m blessed that you found inspiration here today. Thank you for your sweet words, Sally.
      Hope this week is one filled with extraordinary moments.

  28. Your sideboard is a breath of spring, Diane!

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much Marigene!
      Wishing you An Extraordinary Day! 🙂

  29. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    I love this post! I also try very hard to appreciate the special moments and savor them!

    • Diane says

      Thank you Sharon!
      Wishing you a week filled with extraordinary moments. 🙂

  30. Tammy says

    I can totally relate! I also miss things because I say I’ll do it later. My hubby is better at the “enjoying the moment” thing than I am 🙂 Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

    • Diane says

      A kindred spirit! 🙂
      Hope your week is filled with extraordinary moments…that you take time to enjoy. 🙂

  31. A wonderful reminder to enjoy life to the fullest wherever you are! Thanks for sharing this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop! Hope to see you again today!

    • Diane says

      I’m so glad you liked the post, Lisa Lynn!
      Hope your week is filled with many extraordinary moments. 🙂

  32. Lovely post. It’s so hard to live in the moment, isn’t it? I try to, and most often, I fail. But I think that if any of us can find even a little pocket of time spent in the moment, our lives are renewed.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


    • Diane says

      Thank you Claudia.
      As you write…I sense that you do savor many of those extraordinary moments. 🙂
      Many days I think I need a flagman to get my attention and direct me to them. ;-/
      Hope you are able to savor many extraordinary moments this week.

  33. What a beautiful post! Living in the moment can be so hard to remember, but how much happier we would all be. I am sending this post to my mother, because she really needs to grasp this with what she is going through. Thank you so much for sharing this timely word. Your tulips are beautiful, and I am in love with your gorgeous sideboard!! Oh, how I love it. Everything looks amazing.
    Hugs precious friend!

    • Diane says

      I am soooo blessed that you would find encouragement in the post for your mother.
      And thank you for your sweet words. [hugs]


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