The party is finally over.

We managed to enjoy this blogiversary celebration for nearly two whole weeks!!

I am still in amazement at how much fun it was and how wonderfully gracious and generous my bloggy friends have been.

This week, for me, has been an extraordinary wrap-up to the celebration.



How to receive God's blessing - Photo Scripture - Jeremiah 17:7 -


If you are a regular reader of Joy Day! posts each Sunday, you might have remembered seeing this scripture photo among the  other spring flowers filling the post.  One of you has quite a Pinterest following.   I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I saw that it was pinned 289 times.   Wow!!  Two weeks in a row this kind of thing has happened.  I am truly humbled.  And grateful that so many have been blessed my ‘art.’


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It really was An Extraordinary Week on the blog!

On Sunday night, the week of Giveaways, began with the iTunes gift card for a magazine subscription to Celebrating Everyday Living with Jennifer Carroll.   And the winner was Sheila!  Monday night Barbie won the “You Are Extraordinary” fine art print from Studio JRU.  Katherine won the book “Inspired You” from Miss Mustard Seed on Tuesday night.  Then Wednesday night our random generator selected Mel to receive a 12×12 cafe mount art print from Red Letter Words.   And Thursday night, Nicole was over-the-top excited to win the Longaberger Recipe Basket from Longaberger Lifestyle (that’s me!).  Nicole told me that she and her mom texted each other each day to make sure that they remembered to enter the day’s contest and do all the “requirements.”  Is that not cool?!


I guess all that excitement made it feel like it was a busy week on the blog.

Sunday’s Joy Day! post was a blessing to me to write and your responses blew me away.  God IS good.  Monday I revived a post I had written nearly a year ago.  It was a wee bit late when I originally posted it for those of you who want to start playing with plants between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.  And because I think I had all of five subscribers when I first published it, I decided to run it again with a little twist.

I meant to be back a few days later as I had been busy shooting and planning for a couple of posts, and then I wrote one that totally got me off my game.  You see, I had a post written one morning and then came back in the afternoon to give it a good ‘polish.’  It felt really good when it was done and much better than the first draft.  I was just about to start to add photos when I got called away.  The laptop was set down and I never gave it another thought.  That evening I picked up the laptop again to link up to a couple of my favorite parties.  I may or may not have closed up the post on my laptop.  Does it really matter?  After all, WordPress saves drafts every minute…so my draft would be in great shape…regardless.  Or not.  When I went back later…to put in the photos…well you already know.  By that time I was tired.  And I said I would work on it tomorrow.  So far tomorrow hasn’t come.  Once something is all tied up pretty, it’s hard to pick it up in the middle when you knew that it was finished.  Now, who knows if those good thoughts will return.  I’m sure you’ve been there.  Arrrgh!!  Anyway…that sort of brought the posts for the week to a grinding halt.  Sorry….hope you’ll forgive my silence.  And now on to happier news!!


Humbled and blessed.  

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Thank you for stopping by…. taking time to read, comment, and share.  And those of you who pray for the blog and me….thank you from the bottom of my heart…it means the world to me…especially during a personally challenging week.  I feel so blessed by this community and hope you do too.

Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!



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  1. It was fun celebrating with you!

    • Diane says

      Awwww….that is so nice of you. Same to you…Barbie!! [hugs]

  2. Mel says

    I won? I WON?!
    I won, I won, I won!!!!! *laughing*
    Oh my….I won. Something. LOL Lemme tell ya–I’m a winner just for having crossed paths with you here. So maybe that should be: I won AGAIN?!?! Holy cow…..LOL

    Oh…and I DO know the “geeze…..thought I saved that….how come the auto save didn’t save it…RAWR….Moofie at my post!” Yes, I’ve decided there’s a post eating monster out there doing it and I’ve named him “Moofie”. It’s kinda like “Delores”–ya know, the one who takes the last ice cube and fails to refill the tray? 😉

    If you get up the gumption to re-do the post Moofie ate, or not–it’s all good. Apparently there was something in there that needed to be thought of, thought through or maybe ‘heard’ twice, eh? (AND Moofie does have to eat yaknow!)
    I’m playing catch up…LOL Mostly cuz I’m a solo act and it requires a bit of time and energy on my part. Well, that’s SOME of the truth…..the other part is the sun was shining. LOL Hey–with frost in the mornings and 1.5 inches of rain–sunshine’s a BIG deal! (and the only excuse I could come up with….LOL)
    I won….AGAIN!! Woohoo!!

    • Diane says

      You totally cracked me up. You should see my face right now. 😀
      I am so happy that you are happy that you won. Be sure to send me an email with your details. 😉
      Haha! Moofie. Good name!! We don’t have a Delores at our house…we have an Esmarilda. We don’t use ice and she makes it evaporate-Ha!
      Congratulations!!! 😀

  3. a wonderful week! Thank you again for my win. I look forward to receiving the book ( do hope she signs it ) xox

    • Diane says

      It really was fun! I’m so pleased that you participated.
      Oh YES! I too hope she signs it. Maybe I should follow up on that. 😉

  4. John says

    I have learned through many life experiences that JOY from GOD that is beyond all “human” understanding is such a deep and amazing testimony. I am able to step into so many situations, where GOD directs me, that others are too afraid to even consider. One exceptional experience was at 14 years of age, 1 year after I had signed the prayer of salvation in the Gideon’s Bible I received in school. I was extremely shy and had a severely disabling fear.of what others may do to me. I was not accepted and relentlessly picked on. The kids at school had a ball sneaking up behind me and making me jump and showing that fear in sounds and action. One day after they were all laughing at me a thought came over me; “Why do I keep reacting like this?”. “I am only disabling myself and enabling the kids. I am doing this to myself and if it was a real emergency I will not recover quick enough to save myself. I never jumped again and after a time I started having an intentionally loud and delayed reaction which would scare the others every time. In later years I looked back and could clearly understand that GOD had directed that moment to prepare me for better things. The Blessing of Joy from our Heavenly Father is amazing when we have Faith.

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