Day 16

A  few years ago I was surfing the web and looking for Fall Decor ideas.  I was amazed at all the very talented people “out there.”  One of the websites I came across was The Inspired Room.  I was very new to reading blogs back then and was fascinated by Melissa Michaels’ blog.  The Inspired Room lived up to its name. It was inspiring.  But, not simply because of all the lovely vignettes and seasonal arrangements which graced her home and my computer screen.  It’s the honest and approachable spirit with which Melissa writes, and her virtual hospitality of welcoming her reader into her home and helping us to feel “at home” there.  I love how she encourages readers to be authentic in their home decorating…to work with what’s at hand…and to make our decor an expression of ourselves and our families….not a duplication of the latest home magazine. {Day 16} 31 Extraordinary Days |  Pumpkinscaping on the Sideboard | glass blown pumpkin


The Inspired Room had a linky party that year.  It wasn’t the first.  I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how much time I spent going from link to link and year to year to see what all those talented people had created.  Somewhere through that journey I thought that I too would like to join in that fascinating world. {Day 16}  31 Extraordinary Days | Pumpkinscaping the Sideboard | Silver & Orange


And here I am today…photographing my “mantel” to link up to The Inspired Room’s 5th Fall Nesting Party ~ Mantel’s & Porches!  This is the third week to link to the Fall Nesting Party and I haven’t missed one!  Seriously I am over the top in excitement in being able to participate in something that seemed like only a dream not that long ago. {Day 16} 31 Extraordinary Days | Pumpkinscaping  the Sideboard | close up of  the pumpkinsticks


There is just one thing though.  I don’t have a mantel.  Nope.  You may remember I shared about my Wannabe Mantel here.   Due in part to Melissa’s encouragement I feel confident pumpkinscaping my sideboard.  I’m not sure that pumpkinscaping is even a word, but at the very least it describes what I’m attempting to do.  I know I’m not original to the idea of topping candlesticks with mini pumpkins.  However I prefer to call them my pumpkinsticks.  Candlesticks…pumpkinsticks.  I do hope you’re laughing with me here, though I am probably amused sufficiently for the two of us.  😀   If you’re a regular reader, this might all look a bit familiar, but different.  Just a week ago I put together a Fall Fluffing post with my sideboard and all its fall iterations this year.  I think I’ll keep this one.  At least for another week!!!  {big grin} {Day 16} 31 Extraordinary Days | Fall Mantel | Pumpkinscaping the Sideboard


Why be Ordinary when You can be Extraordinary!


Melissa has surely exemplified living an Extraordinary life over and over on her lovely blog.  I’m pretty sure that’s why I was drawn to spend so much time there a few Falls ago.  So thanks Melissa for all the extraordinary inspiration!


Who has inspired you in your decorating journey?


Here’s to Extraordinary Fall Nesting!


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  1. Oh, ok, Diane that was the sweetest post anyone has EVER written with my name all over it. Seriously, I’m crying. So unexpected and I’m so unworthy, but I’m just so honored to have you as a reader of my blog and to know that you too now have a blog so you can share with your readers. Blogging is a beautiful thing. And so is that pumpkinscape on the sideboard. I love it! 🙂 Thanks for being such an encourager, Diane. You are the best.

    • Diane says

      It’s a joy to send a blessing your way!
      Thank you for your kind words too. 😀

  2. your story
    and your heart
    (and your pumpkinscaping )
    are just stunning beautiful:)

  3. Barbara (WA) says

    “Pumpkinscaping” ~ the perfect word to describe my favorite fall decorating item! I popped over here from The Inspired Room. Her blog is one of my very favorites, too. She is so kind and gracious and has great ideas! I love following all the links for fall, too, even though I don’t have a blog (am I the only one ??) Thanks for sharing your wanna-be mantel. I don’t have one, either. . .

    • Diane says

      Yay!! Barbara, I’m so glad you love my made up word!!! It really does fit doesn’t it!! Thanks for stopping by from Melissa’s fun “party.”
      I highly doubt that you are “the only one” without a blog. I am the only one of all my friends who’s blogging….so I think that’s a pretty good indicator of things.
      Enjoy visiting all the links and Happy Fall!!!

  4. Donna says

    I love your sideboard. It looks very pumpkiny or is that pumpkinie? Well, it looks great. I especially adore the glass pumpkin.

    • Diane says

      Haha! I’ll go with pumpkiny…it looks cuter! 😀
      Thanks Donna! My husband and I went to Corning Glass Museum in Corning NY a few years ago where you can pay to make things on your visit. My husband blew that one….with a ton of help from the “real” glass blower. It was so fun. We both made one…his was much nicer than mine.
      Happy Fall!


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