Autumn has unofficially arrived! Each morning I get up in the dark and sit with my chair facing the window to the East, drinking my Chai, and drinking in the quiet and HIS "still small voice." The nearby fields are coloring golden and heavy with dew as that first light magnifies in each tiny droplet. What a contrast from last Fall in the mountains of Pennsylvania where the day begins shrouded in fog. I am seizing the beauty around me in this new season of my life....and the year.     One of the things about Fall Nesting is the aromas.  I love it when my husband comes home and says, … [Read more...]

  Want to bring the beach home or create a coastal or nautical feel in your decor? Create an Easy Nautical Life Ring Wreath. Hang it on a vintage window like I did here, on the wall, or even on your front door.   It's a super quick and easy wreath to make. You need a few supplies and in less than an hour, you'll have yourself some classy coastal decor.   Easy Nautical Life Ring Wreath     Supplies: A foam wreath form; mine came from the Dollar Tree. Ruler Scissors Straight pins Cream or white fabric cut into two and one-half-inch strips. An … [Read more...]

Want to bring the beach and summer to your tiny corner of the world? You really can enjoy coastal decor in small spaces. All you need is a spot to evoke the memory of wind on your face and waves splashing on the beach.     It could be the corner of your desk, a spot on your bookcase, or the top of your piano as I've shown here. There are just a few necessary ingredients. A container.  Beach or play sand. A sea shell or tiny piece of driftwood.     This is a vintage turquoise glass bowl that has been sitting in my cupboard, for years, waiting.  Waiting to show off. … [Read more...]

I couldn't wait any longer. It was time to get out my can of spray paint and indulge in a little coastal decor DIY makeover!     This summer I really started missing the Great Lakes. I'm a 'Mitten State' girl who grew up a bicycle ride away from Lake Michigan.  And more recently we lived 20 minutes away from Lake Erie and 40 minutes from Lake Ontario.  Spending time at the beach in the summer is one of those things that renews my spirit. Since I wasn't going to be making the trip to the beach, I decided to bring the beach home.  It may not be the same.  But, I have had a ton of fun … [Read more...]

One of my favorite things to decorate in my home is a vintage window. It hangs like a piece of art on my wall. The beauty of a vintage window is that it's a wonderful blank canvas for giving your room some seasonal decor. Its shabbiness provides a textural contrast in more traditional or contemporary decor. It's fun to be creative with ideas in just a small space. It can change with the season or your whim. It's great for whimsical paper-crafting projects that just don't 'work' elsewhere. Last November my friend gifted me with a lovely window.  It's perfectly imperfect.  And hung sideways it … [Read more...]

I'm so excited to share the Laundry Room Makeover Reveal with you!!     Some of you may have been impatient with me as I shared my laundry room makeover in bits and pieces.  It all started last summer and then finally a few weeks ago, I made up for lost time. Have you ever wanted to makeover a room, but had no funds in your account? Don't let that stop you.  My zero budget forced me to get creative with what I had around my house and proved to me, once again, that I don't need to let the lack of money prevent me from making my home extraordinary. My laundry room makeover was a fun … [Read more...]

Today we're talking laundry room art.   Art takes different forms. Art helps rooms come alive.  Art gives walls visual texture or color or tone. Art can help set a theme or style for a room. Every room needs some sort of art.  Even the most humble or utilitarian space benefits from something artful. Even my laundry room.   Yours too!     Is the smell of clothes hung on the line one of your favorites? Except for being at camp and hanging my wet towel or swimsuit on a line strung between trees, I have never hung laundry outside.  But, that doesn't exempt me from … [Read more...]

A long time ago. That would be last year.  [wink] Our lower level laundry room/closet and bathroom were completely gutted.  It was the biggest mess I have ever seen.  But, there was a silver lining in it.  We were able to make a few very minor changes to make the laundry space more comfortable to use and give the primed walls a few coats of sweet buttery yellow. Here's a photo of what it looked like before the mechanical renovation which I shared about here.  I quickly snapped a before photo because I thought the floor tile was going to be coming up.  It's not a terrific shot...but gives you an idea of … [Read more...]

I have one of those rooms that many just dream about.  A Studio. That's what I call it.  Most would call it a craft room. A tiny 9x9 room in my house that is totally dedicated to my love of papercrafting. I have dropped hints that I might show it to you.  Some time. And all these months later...I'm pretty certain that you wondered if I even had a craft room.  Um.  Studio. So without further ado.... Welcome to my Studio!  Ahem.  Craft Room.     May I offer you a glass of ice water, lemonade, or lightly  sweetened tea?   Let's begin our tour of this modest … [Read more...]

Some call them rosettes... I do, too. Some call them medallions... I did here. And others call them pinwheels... but that really is something else entirely. Regardless of what you call them... a lovely rosette or medallion puts the EXTRA in extraordinary!   And....because you asked...I've put together a pleated medallion tutorial for you: How to Make a Rosette...     It all started with the bolt of ribbon that I picked up in my travels.  Somehow, somewhere, a gal will find a use for American flag ribbon when it's marked down drastically.  So after carting it around the … [Read more...]

Do you decorate your home for Fourth of July?   Generally, I add a few simple touches of red, white, and blue to my kitchen and great room.   American flags are key to my decor inside and out.  Then I pull out my Longaberger Baskets with red and blue accents, along with like-colored pottery.  It's a fairly uncomplicated look, but evokes the spirit of patriotism for this fun, but very important national holiday.     This year, I went all out in the sunroom.  It might have something to do with the One Day, Three Ways :: Restyled Space Challenge.   Yes, the one where seven fabulously … [Read more...]

Have you ever gone for a walk only to come back with a treasure from the roadside? Last spring I went for a lunchtime walk on an unseasonably warm and bright day. About a block and a half from my house I noticed a pile of disassembled furniture and other sundry items at the curb of a home that had recently been sold.  Evidently the home was part of an estate and the remaining items had to be disposed.  As I walked by slowly, I noticed some tall French provincial cabinet doors stacked on top of each other amidst the partially deconstructed cabinetry.  As I continued my walk down that very long cul-de-sac, I … [Read more...]

Whenever I see my blue Mason jars I think of... sparkling blue waters of the Big Lake, summertime, and sea glass from the Mediterranean*. Decorating Mason jars can be one of the easiest ways to add a bit of summer to a corner that needs brightening, or even the table.     Recently I created an extraordinary tablescape with my vintage Mason jars and book pages.   That got me thinking that most of you didn't see this post of decorating Mason jars with burlap that I wrote late last summer.  If you're looking for a splash of coastal color in your decor, you'll enjoy a few of these ideas.  Be … [Read more...]

Do you have a framed print that you like, but the mat needs to be refreshed? Several people have commented about this wall art which makes an appearance whenever I share a new vignette on my piano. This is the latest iteration.     Today I'm going to show you an Easy DIY Book Page Mat Tutorial. Last year I picked up a typical pink floral print with a mauve mat in a gold frame from the thrift store.  It screamed early 90's and I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  So it sat in my studio whispering my name. By now, you must know that I am smitten with book pages.  Is it because … [Read more...]

There isn't anything prettier than streets lined with Bradford Pear Trees in early spring. One of my good friends in Western New York lived on one of those streets. I would drive out of my way just to see the glory of all those flowering pear branches sporting their stunning white blossoms. Ahhhh....the beauty. My small town is not lined with them, but the few along the tree line bring brilliance to Main Street.     We haven't lived in our current house very long. Last year was our first spring here and we were more about trimming the jungle in our yard than in reveling in the beauty. This … [Read more...]

  I'm loving this dramatic moment on my cabinet. It's a simple tulip wreath DIY project anyone can do. And by now, you must know I love quick and easy DIY projects. What is it about spring?  Are we so staved for color after a long cold gray winter that we are more than willing to put together such a glorious mix of colors?  I surely am.  In my sun room, anyway. Do you gravitate towards color in the spring, too? Summer...that's a different story.  Though many plant reds and yellows together in the summer garden, mine will usually be filled with white, purple, pink, blue, and a dash of soft yellow. … [Read more...]

I love the word metamorphosis. You too? This weekend, I had a sun room metamorphosis of sorts, as I notched up my spring decor. You'll remember I talked about it last week here.  And before that, I decorated it with red and snowflakes for winter here, and for Valentine's Day here, and for Christmas here.     The biggest change is the addition of flowering branches. Do you see them? They were so. very. difficult to photograph.  Seriously impossible. In my quest for decent pictures I took photos on multiple days.     You'll notice that some of the … [Read more...]