Have you ever had a panic attack?

I’m sure everyone has at some time or other.

Except for that time when I was eleven and sightseeing at the Treasury Department in Washington D.C. with my mom, I’ve never had one.

That is until the last several years.  I’ve been dealing with mild panic attacks on and off.  They seem totally random.  However, it seems that there is a trigger at a particular traffic light which takes an unusually long while to get through.

Today… it hit me again.  It’s crazy.  I had a great day with no stress.  Late afternoon I popped up to the workshop to do a little stuffing and sewing.  You might remember the pillows on my dining chairs in my post, Make a Small Space Live Big with these Easy Decorating Tips.

I left the workshop just before 5 and got stuck at that traffic light.  Feeling pretty relaxed, I was prepared for the long wait.  But for some reason, I was feeling a little trapped, and then I felt like I was having trouble breathing and I had a hard time swallowing and…. UGH!  And then… for some reason… I felt the urge to sing.  I wasn’t in a singing mood… obviously.  But, out of nowhere the song, It is Well with My Soul, came to mind (I haven’t heard that song in YEARS) and I opened my mouth and I was amazed at the strength and clarity of my voice.  Seconds before I didn’t feel like I could breathe… but somehow… I could sing.  Praise God!  I sang or hummed all the way home.  How or why it helped to sing… I don’t know.  It helped me so much that I wanted to share my experience with you… so there you are.

If ever you’re hit with a panic attack… sing!  


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  1. Wow, it sounds like that stoplight is triggering a memory of some kind. Feeling trapped. It doesn’t sound like a fun experience but singing, especially faith songs, causes the devil to flee! Stand believing that it is well with your soul through every circumstance and He will transform your emotions to match your words.
    Thanks dear friend. It is always a lovely party.

  2. I am so sorry to hear you had a panic attack, Diane, but knowing that all was well with your soul when you opened your mouth to praise God…well, that makes so much sense! Praising God pushes away those things that cause our hearts to panic. Praying for you and sending big, big hugs! xo

    • Awww… thank you, Mary Beth! Sitting there in my car with oncoming traffic to my left and lines of cars ahead, behind, and to my right didn’t give me a way out. So thankful God did. Hope you’re off to a wonderful start this week, my friend! {{hugs}}

  3. Gail says

    Diane, too bad about your attacks. Just a thought(& remember I got my medical degree from a famous mail order company;-), since a light seems to be the trigger, sounds more like a mild epileptic event. I have a friend diagnosed in her late 40s who cannot watch TV if someone is flipping quickly thru channels. She just mentally disappears and has trouble breathing just for a brief bit. Regardless of the cause, hope you’re better soon.

    • Gail… don’t worry… I’m not even close enough to the light to see it…I think it’s more like claustrophobia. I feel trapped with two lanes to my right and one on-coming lane to my left and cars in line before and behind me. However… thank you so much for caring and for your kind words. {hugs}

  4. Gwen says

    What a wonderful gift God gave you at just the right time! When I was at a major University we were told that singing actually does something in the brain!!!!! That makes what you’ve explained happen!! And I’d forgotten that science part but I always find it fascinating when science runs study after study and finds what God’s Word says is true. Thank you for sharing this. And possibly a reader doesn’t need this info now, but there is someone who will. I’ve used hymns lots in help at those times.
    Oh and I truly enjoy your gift of photography

    • Gwen, it IS fascinating how studies prove the truths of God’s Word. 🙂 One thing I know for sure. It worked!!!
      Thanks for your sweet comments about my photography. You just made my day!! {hugs}

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