“With all my heart I praise the Lord.”

These words were penned by David in the Book of Psalms.


With all my heart  :: Psalm 103:1a :: AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Can I say them and mean it?

What does it mean to praise God with all my heart?  

I’m not exactly sure.  But I think it begins with emptying myself of all the stuff in my life.

In order to do that, I must stop my body and quiet my mind….put my agenda and cares aside.

All that so I there’s only me and HIM.  And only then can I fully be in the moment to praise HIM.


Read David’s words…

With all my heart I praise the Lord,
and with all that I am I praise his holy name!
With all my heart I praise the Lord!
I will never forget how kind he has been.

The Lord forgives our sins, heals us when we are sick,
and protects us from death.
His kindness and love are a crown on our heads.
Each day that we live, he provides for our needs
and gives us the strength of a young eagle.

Psalm 103:1-5 CEV


Let’s use these verses to meditate on…to remember and recall…

God’s forgiveness, His healing, His protection, His kindness,
His love, His provision, and His strength.

It seems that the result of this humbling of ourselves, and acknowledgement of our Great God,
is praising Him with ALL our hearts.

We can do this.

Consider making it an experiment.

Test yourself.  Test God.

Take some time during the day for this exercise.  See what it does for your attitude, your ability to trust God for tough things, and for loving those sharing the journey.

I think David knew something valuable for everyday living.

He concludes the passage speaking of  God giving us the strength of a young eagle.
It occurs to me that this strength, that we so desperately need, comes to us when we praise God with all our hearts.

Maybe this is an “ah ha” moment for you.  I think it is for me.

There are so many life principles woven throughout God’s word that really do help us live fully, if we take time to discover them, and choose to integrate them in our lives.

So what do you say?  Yes! to praising God with all your heart?

A great place to start is to join me for our weekly Joy Day!

Joy Day! :: Giving Thanks ::- AnExtraordinaryDay.net


Joy Day! is a time when we count just seven things from our past week…
good and bad…and give thanks for them.

I’ll start:

God, I’m grateful for…

  1. The promise of Spring in the brown Forsythia twigs
  2. Learning the job was filled without being interviewed or called despite my follow-up calls of inquiry
  3. The amazing recognition & features of my Spring Window on so many lovely blogs
  4. Colorful eggs…straight from the chicken…no dyeing necessary!
  5. Tangible expressions of love
  6. Being available to pray with and for a friend in distress
  7. Finding my groove

It’s your turn!  Simply scroll down to ‘Share Your Thoughts’ and share your seven.
Your Joy Meter will rise!  Your world will be set back on its axis.

Thank you for joining me each week for Joy Day!
For me, it’s the most important post of the week.  Maybe it is for you too.
By Grace may you find encouragement, inspiration, and HOPE…here.

P.S.  Last week I shared about my Lenten sacrifice of rising early to have extra time with God.  If you were nudged to do the same, will you let me know how it’s going.  I would be happy to pray for you.


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  1. Mel says

    JOY Day!!!!

    * finding three missed posts from you–that center me on a fine Monday morning, tyvm!
    * the noisy chattering birdies–oh what a glorious clamour!
    * Grandparents Day with the Bug….it was just so awesome to fingerpaint with her little self! 🙂
    * putting on Levis’ for the first time in three months! Healing progress is awesome!!!
    * the silence in my mornings that let me really HEAR
    * watching three year olds pray
    * bubbles–which I’m getting out and blowing today! Cuz I can! Wooohooooo!!!!

    When I read the passage, I put the emphasis on a number of words–which made it impact differently. ALL my heart. All my HEART…. For me, it’s that emptying myself of the worldly ‘stuff’ that brings the whole of me to My Maker. And He forever fills me with an abundance of love and joy and peace…. If I go in, hanging on to some of those bits — I don’t leave my time with Him ‘feeling’ the same. And when I go out into the world to be with others, I somehow don’t ‘feel’ as……genuine/present/connected/wrapped in my mission?
    LOL Not sure that I can put a word on that or if it makes sense to anyone but me, but there you have it.

    • Diane says

      My dear friend….you embraced the verse perfectly. I so much want my own way. And sorry to say…I want it more than his way some times. Once I get that ‘settled’ it’s a very good thing.
      I love the joy in your ‘seven.’ God is so good. Rejoicing with you in your blessings…especially your healing! Yay!!!!
      I just know your day is going to be Extraordinary!! 🙂

  2. Gwen says

    *i can read this and Gods Word
    *i have a peppy sweet Christian friend to help me out once a week
    *in my deep cries from a broken brain and broken heart I can go to Jesus
    *my Mom and I could pray for my sweet sister–her birthday–and under heavy stress and workload at work. We prayed for her, her situation, for angels hands to come in and make the work go quickly through God sending their help, that the devil get out of that office and peace fill it…and Mom at 95 and I disabled, say, maybe we are still alive this day to pray?
    *sunshine is so pretty
    *my severe head pain is lessened
    *i have books and Bibles and magazines to look upon to keep from feeling lonely

    • Diane says

      Oh Gwen…you do have so many wonderful blessings this week. 🙂
      There isn’t anything more important or powerful to do in life than to pray for another. Your sister is so very blessed by you and your mom.
      I rejoice with you in the lessening of your head pain. Thank you Jesus!
      May you experience God’s love and presence in new and fresh ways this week. {hugs}

  3. Laura says

    Stop my body and quiet my mind.

    Two very good points, and two that I have a great deal of trouble with! Thank you for giving me pause tonight, Diane. I think I will try this exercise…

    • Diane says

      Unfortunately, Laura, I have spent too many years training my mind to be ‘on’ continuously. The “untraining” is going slowly.
      I’m blessed that you found a tidbit here. Glory to God.

  4. Scudds says

    What a lovely post. You are an inspiration. I love how you embraced the verses.

    God bless and hugs x


    • Diane says

      And you blessed me Scudds with your kind words.
      May your day be overflowing with JOY!

  5. Susan says

    Oh my…how beautiful! Love that verse…

    Enjoyed my visit today.


    • Diane says

      Thank you Susan… To God be the Glory!!
      May your day be filled with His JOY!

  6. Ann says

    Oh, how I find so much to praise God for, when I see His creation!! The beauty of a colorful, delicate flower. The expanse of the mountains and the sea! The Psalms express such praise and describe His glory! Sometimes, I can hardly contain my joy, awe, and gratitude!! I also shared a post on giving Him praise and being so thankful! Thanks for sharing!!
    In His Love, Ann

    • Diane says

      He is so worthy of our praise, Ann!
      Thank you for taking time to join in the praise here today!

  7. Loved your photos! The words that went with them on your blog were blessings, too!

    • Diane says

      That is the nicest thing to say Esther Joy. 🙂 Thank you!!
      Hope your day is overflows with JOY!

  8. Stephanie says

    Came to find you as your post was before mine on SITS… so glad I did..Love your blog! I will be back..So refreshing to click on and find a wonderful sister in the Lord!!



    • Diane says

      And Stephanie….what a blessing to have ‘discovered’ you too!! 🙂

  9. I love your pictures!! They are so pretty. 🙂

    Our Father is worthy to be praise all of the time because He is just so amazingly good! Even when all is crumbling down around us, He is worthy to be praised.


  10. Mia says

    Hi Dianne
    I have found tat when my heart touches God praise just whelms up in my heart all by itself!!

    • Diane says

      Isn’t that the most beautiful thing, Mia!
      Thank you for your sweet words. 🙂

  11. “Until there is just God and I.” Sometimes I find it hard to get that quiet. Seems like life pulls at body and mind. This was wonderful and certainly needed. Happy Joy Day!

    • Diane says

      Why is it so hard? I am grateful for that time every day.
      May your week overflow with JOY!!

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