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Did I ever tell you that I used to weave baskets?

What a great art to learn.  I pretty much gave away every basket I crafted for gifts, I might have three or four left.  During that time I was introduced to Longaberger….a basket woven of hardwood maple, unlike mine that were made of reed.  I was smitten.  My creations were beautiful, but they were not capable of the abuse, nor of holding all the weight a Longaberger basket can hold.


This love affair with Longaberger baskets has gone on a long time.  I can’t imagine living without them.  They’re great for storing, toting, and displaying all kinds of goodness…at home or on the go.

Sometimes I hear people say that Longaberger baskets are expensive.  It’s true, you won’t be buying these from the dollar store.  That’s because they are handmade in Ohio by Americans who earn a good wage, and they are crafted of the finest materials.  I compare the purchase of a Longaberger basket to that of furniture.  You can buy usable furniture at mass merchandisers, or you can purchase handcrafted furniture from small American companies who specialize in quality and craftsmanship.  If we can…we choose the latter.



Longaberger Sort & Store Baskets



When January rolls around, it seems that everyone is interested in getting their homes and offices organized.  There’s something good about starting the New Year without clutter and disorganization.

With that in mind, I’m going to be right up front.  In case you didn’t know it, I’ve been a consultant for Longaberger for a long time.  As a reader of An Extraordinary Day, you’ll see me share some Longaberger ideas or news from time to time.  But, not often.  This is just the third time in eight months I’ve been blogging here.



Sort & Store Baskets clear the clutter and create beauty in your life…

The TV Time Basket
has been in constant use at our home.  We’ve used it for keeping remotes and pads of paper and pens handy in the family room….at a party it’s held silverware and paper napkins….on the desk it organizes envelopes, note paper, and assortment of pens, and stamps…just to name a few.

The Large Desktop Basket was a fabulous organizer on my desk when I was in professional ministry….filled with memo pads, pens, pencils, letter opener, directories, note cards, and more.  I love it too as a handy bill-paying station.  Without the wood dividers, it’s great for a desk top file filled with colorful file folders.  My friend keeps hers in the bath with magazines and toiletries.

The Extra Small Rectangle Basket is just the right size to catch keys, wallets, and whatever else comes out of coats and pockets inside the door.  You’ll love putting a lid on it so that no one can see all the goodies you’ve conveniently corralled.

The Small Rectangle Basket

Two years ago (that was a blink of an eye!) Melissa at The Inspired Room featured my Sort & Store Basket Small Rectangle Basket.  She found it perfect for storing….and hiding….video games and controllers.

Sort & Store Small Rectangle Basket - Featured at The Inspired Room - AnExtraordinaryDay.net

Melissa also commented on how difficult it is to find baskets with lids in the marketplace.  She was pleased to discover that Longaberger was the place to go for hand crafted baskets with lids.  Longaberger stands above the crowd when it comes to lids.  Our lids do more than make a good cover…they are like a fine piece of furniture.  A lidded Longaberger basket will be lovely to use in any room of the house, no matter how dressy or casual.

The Sort & Store Large Rectangle Basket is popular for teachers and scrapbookers.  It attractively organizes items you want to keep at hand, yet on a shelf or in the open.  The Large Rectangle is also great for games and toys in the family room, and for hats, mittens, shoes, and more in the mudroom.


In addition to all the Longaberger goodness I shared, there is another reason I’m writing about this great SALE today.

Due to unexpected unemployment on January 2, we are in a really tough spot.  It would bless me, if you have the financial ability, to purchase Longaberger products from me.  I know you have a choice in making purchases for your home or office or for gift-giving.  Would you consider taking a look at my Longaberger website first?  And if you like what you see…please shop with me.

We all love the opportunity to win something.  When you order from this link and the grand total of everyone’s orders exceeds $350, I will give away a Longaberger product, up to $50 in value, of the winner’s choice.   This will be a random selection.  As the orders come in, a number will be assigned.  The winner will be selected via Random.org.  This giveaway is only open to those placing an order at this link.  If you order directly from my website…without going through this link…I cannot add your order to this group and you will be ineligible for the prize.  If you have questions, please e-mail me or message me on Facebook.  Again…the total of all orders together must exceed $350. before there will be a giveaway.  Feel free to share the link with friends and family.  The giveaway will be open until the last day of January, 2013. Your order will begin to be processed immediately after you place the order at this link and shipped soon after.    Note: On February 1st, the winner of the up to $50 item will be randomly selected (from the group who place orders as this link).

You’re going to love this!!  As the order total rises…there may be additional giveaways.  I will announce that on Facebook at Longaberger Lifestyle & An Extraordinary Day ~ A Place of Joy & Inspiration.  I’m excited.  I hope you are too!

Thank you!!


Baskets of gratitude!


(Note: this post was edited of the one-day Longaberger sale.)

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  1. Mel says

    Ohhhhh……I’m a basket freak. LOL Where folks use paper sacks, I’m inclined to find and dress up a cute basket. Dunno why …..but I just do.

    And now–I’ll go follow links!
    I hope this is a wonderful adventure for you and many others. It’s scary putting yourself out there, but when you’re convinced through experience after experience of a product, then it really is a good thing to pass it on to others. I read a lot of ‘negative’ endorsements–it’s good to hear one that’s positive!

    • Diane says

      I think it’s because you’re Extraordinary, Mel!!!
      Thanks for your encouraging workds!!!! 😀


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