Have you noticed it?

Hearts and cupids are popping up all over.

Well actually I haven’t seen any cupids.  Which is okay.  I’m not a fan.  Are you?


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As you may know, I’m supposed to be packing.  But, really it is much more fun to pop on here and have a chat with you and share a very easy little idea of mine for heart day.   But, first off I can’t resist sharing a few extra bits of inspiring sweetness, also.  Most of these inspirations are quick and easy to create on a budget.


Spreading {Valentine} Joy & Blessing….


Do you enjoy making little sweets to share with friends and co-workers?

Mini loaves of bread are really thoughtful, plus they don’t take much time to create, and are oh-so-yummy.

This copycat Starbuck’s Lemon Loaf from Ann at On Sutton Place has me drooling.  I understand that it is the lemony-ist lemon you’ve ever had.  Yum!   If you’re going to make some up for Valentine’s, put a few drops of red in the glaze for a pink blush.  It’s Extraordinary!

Starbucks Lemon Loaf - Copycat Recipe - On Sutton Place

 On Sutton Place




Gift presentation is everything.  

Your sweet treat might be totally amazing and made with love.  But, wrapped up in simple clingy wrap belies the goodness that awaits.  [Ah hem.] I have passed by some treats that might have been delectable, just because they looked very ordinary.

When I came across this idea, I knew it was worth a pin.  How fun and easy…punch out tissue paper hearts and seal them between two sheets of waxed paper.  Don’t you love it?  It certainly ups the presentation of your sweets to Extraordinary!!

Martha Stewart - Creative Waxed Paper Wrapping for Valentine' Day

  Martha Stewart




Is your sweetheart or friend a tea lover?  

Select a favorite tea with a string on its bag.  Punch out a heart in red or pink cardstock/construction paper and attach to the tag.  If you’re serving the tea…it will be the sweetest touch dangling from the teapot or cup.  If you’re gifting the tea bags, use a small cellophane pouch or create a paper pouch.  Make it Extraordinary by using a white pen to write a sentiment on your heart tag.


Martha Stewart - Hearts on a string Tea Bags

 Martha Stewart




How about a fun Valentine cookie treat for the milk crowd?

Jennifer Carroll of Celebrating Everyday Life made these sweet heart-shaped cookies with ready-to-bake cookie dough.  Now that is super easy!!  Kids of all ages are going to be thrilled having a cookie decorating their milk glass.  Keep in mind…you don’t have to make the cut-out for the glass on all the cookies…just the ones adorning the milk glass.  Um.  I would be the one to know that reminder is an important one.  [teehee]

Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll - Cookies and Milk - Valentine Hearts

 Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll


Of course you’ll need to get some cool Red & White Striped Straws or Light Pink &White Striped Straws to complete this Extraordinary treat!




Valentine art is always a sweet touch.

Kerry Doyle from Super Swoon created this whimsical Be Mine print.  It’s free to download.  Why not print one out and frame it?  You might want to create a Valentine’s vignette with it.  Or, set it on your sweetheart’s dresser or bedside table.  That’s being Extraordinary!

BE MINE - Free Printable from Super Swoon

  Super Swoon

 All you need to do is download the print, copy and paste it into your program (I used Microsoft Publisher), size it to your frame, and print it out.  So easy and so cute!

Note: Looking for the recipes, tips, tutorials, or printables for any of the features?  Just click on the link under the photo.


Are you feeling inspired?

What’s your favorite way to share the love and make Valentine’s memorable for the special people in your life?




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  1. Carol says

    What delightful ideas! I never was a big Valentine’s Day person, but do enjoy it now with my romantic hubby!
    We love lemon cake, so I am off to check that recipe now, and the presentation is wonderful. Also checking out the download printable.

    • Diane says

      You just put a great big smile on my face Carol! I’m so glad you’re finding it useful.
      How blessed you are to have a romantic husband! 😀

  2. Glenda Kremer says

    so where is recipe for lemon bread?

    • Diane says

      Oh Glenda….while I was at small group tonight it came to me that readers might not know how to get it or the printable. I’ll edit the blog…but in the meantime…click on the picture of the lemon bread and it will take you to the post with the recipe. Hope you enjoy it!!

  3. Mel says

    Oh my gosh……the mini loaves look and sound sooooooooooo good–and wrapped up in the waxed paper–what a brilliant idea.
    I’m gonna haffta share the recipe just so I can smell the finish product.
    How cute.

    And I’m going to steal that waxed paper idea for some of the goodies that get baked/passed around by the daughter–she’ll love it with all the baking she does!
    (great distraction from packing, btw……LOL)

    • Diane says

      Oh, I haven’t been very good in the packing department….you’ll see! LOL!!
      Glad you’re enjoying the tips!! Hope your day is fabulous! Even on the couch!!

  4. My BF is a tea drinker… might have to make some of those tea bags to add to his Valentine’s goodies.

    • Diane says

      That’s wonderful Andrea!! He’ll love your thoughtfulness for sure!!
      Wishing you an Extraordinary weekend!


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