Do you love to decorate with gold at Christmas?  I confess that I love a little glitter and a LOT of gold.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you this super EASY project that YOU can make…

A Stunning Gold Leaf Tabletop Christmas Tree


Decorate for Christmas with this Easy to Make... Stunning Gold Leaf Tabletop Christmas Tree! Pop on over for the detailed tutorial...


It’s really eye-catching and guaranteed to get lots of rave reviews.

Plus, it’s a super inexpensive project and fairly quick to do.

If you make a gold oak leaf wreath like this, then it will be even quicker to complete your Christmas tree with the same supplies.


Gorgeous Handmade Gold Oak Leaf Wreath -This post contains affiliate links.

If you’re  like me, you just might be blessed to have lots of oak leaves floating around the neighborhood and nearby woods.  After about 15 minutes of doing deep knee bends/squats I had all the leaves I needed.  My favorite kind of exercise is the exercise I get while I’m doing something I love. It’s a double win! Yay!

If winter’s snow has already arrived in your neck of the woods, you can just as easily use faux leaves for this project.  Ready to get started?


Add Gold to Your Christmas Decor - Make an Easy, Stunning Gold Leaf Tabletop Christmas Tree


Gold Leaf Tabletop Christmas Tree Tutorial



Create a spray booth, lay the leaves out and spray one side carefully.

Allow to dry and flip and spray the other side.

Repeat the process until you have completed all the leaves.


Gild oak leaves with gold spray paint for a classy Christmas wreath


Now it’s time to get the fun started!

Lay your cone on its side.

Grab a gilded leaf and begin by trimming off the leaf’s stem.

Next, apply glue to the upper portion of the leaf’s backside.

Press the leaf to the cone allowing for an inch or so to overhang at the bottom of the cone.

Overlap horizontally with the leaves, making sure to cover the foam cone. Don’t hesitate to trim a leaf to snug into a spot where the foam is showing.


First steps to creating a stunning tabletop tree made with gold oak leaves


Once the first row or two are completed, stand the tree on a recycled large tuna can.

Continue gluing and placing the leaves on the cone, overlapping the tops and sides of the leaves as you go, continuing up the cone as it narrows.


Apply gold oak leaves to the Styrofoam tree bas


When you reach the top, DO NOT cut the stems from the oak leaves.  Leave them attached to create a nice finished look at the top.


Stems of the oak leaves become the points of the tree


And now you have a gorgeous handmade and stunning gold oak leaf tabletop tree to give your Christmas decorating that little extra pizzazz!

There is one more step… which you could do first or last.  I obviously thought of this as I was creating, so I placed my tree on its side for this step…

Remove the label from your clean recycled tuna can and give it a couple of coats of paint.  I actually spray painted mine first with a primer paint I had, but I doubt it is really necessary. If you want, you can spray it with the gold paint you used on your leaves, assuming you don’t use up all the leaves like I did.


Paint a tuna can to serve as a base for this tabletop tree -


Stand back and admire your finished creation!


Beautiful handmade gold oak leaf Christmas tree for the tabletop and Tutorial from


If you love the idea of creating a pretty tree, but would rather purchase a tabletop tree, here are some options for you…


Pin It to remember for Later because it's so good - AnExtraordinaryDay.netEASY Gold Tabletop Christmas Tree TUTORIAL. Create a stunning and low-cost handmade Christmas Decoration. Click for tutorial and details...


This really is an inexpensive project.  You can always make a tree cone with poster board with this tutorial to save more money.

I hope you’ll have fun creating gilded decor for your Christmas celebrations.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas!!

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Wishing you... An Extraordinary Day!

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  1. Oh my, the golden leaf decorating fun continues!! What fun ideas Diane!! Thank you for inspiring us!! xoxo, Jennifer

    • Awww… thanks, Jennifer!! I have one more idea up my sleeve… but I’ll have to save that for next year. 😉 {hugs}

  2. Vevette says

    I will do this but use glossy white paint instead.

    • Now that’s a fabulous idea, Vevette!!! Thanks for stopping to let me know!! xo

  3. That is gorgeous Diane! Do the leaves deteriorate at all since they’re painted? Just wondering how long it keeps…I love it though! So beautiful & it makes quite a statement! Pinning. Visiting from BF

    • Florence, the leaves have not deteriorated one bit. In fact, I have some leaves that I have painted and used in various ways for more than 10 years. They do get brittle over time, but oak leaves are tough. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. You made my day! xo

  4. I love the gold leaf trees! Great idea.

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