The PERFECT easy to make ice skating centerpiece for your impromptu Winter Olympics party.


Beautiful and Easy White and Blue Floral Ice Skating Centerpiece -


Are you following the Olympics?

Growing up in Michigan, I started ice skating when I was a little girl.  There wasn’t anything better than the freedom of skating as fast as I could at our local ice arena.  And then my dad signed me up for figure skating lessons.  JOY!  That meant that I could be on the ice nearly every single day!


Beautiful Centerpiece Make of a Pair of Ladies Figure Skating Boots Filled with Flower on Epsom Salts -


As a mitten state girl, I enjoy winter sports, but between the weather and my schedule and life, I’m not doing them so much anymore. I still I LOVE figure skating, but now I observe it from the sofa during the Winter Olympics.

Watching ice skating alone is good… but how much more fun is it to be an armchair participant with a group of friends?

Why not invite a few good friends over for a late dinner or dessert?


Dark Blue + Teal + White Table Cloth and Place Setting with Figure Skating Centerpiece -


AND… to make things even more festive… set a pretty figure skating themed table with a pair of ice skates taking center stage.

If you don’t have a pair of ice skates in the garage or basement, you can pick up a pair at the thrift store, or the second time around sports store.

This really is a super simple centerpiece to make and comes together quickly and easily, too. 


Ice Skate Boot filled with White Mums and Blue Sea Holly for a Winter Olympic Centerpiece -

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Here are the necessary ice skating centerpiece supplies…

You’ll want to give your ice skates a good cleaning if they are the least bit dirty.  Afterall… they are going to be on your table. [wink]  If they have dark mars, a little white craft paint can be a good coverup.


White Mums and Blue Sea Holly Fill the Tops of Ladies Figure Skates for a Winter Table Centerpiece -


Let’s talk about shoelaces.  If they aren’t nice and clean, I would suggest you replace them with yarn or ribbon.  Before I added the yarn for my shoelaces, I used some paper to fill the inside of the boot so they would have shape.  Be careful to not lace the boot too tightly… that just looks wrong.  Leave plenty of space at the top of the boot for your flower stems.  The stems do not need to be long… 4 to 6 inches will be about right.


Pretty Ladies Figure Skate on Epsom Salt Makes a Floral Vase -


Fill the tray with Epsom salts. I love how sparkly the salt is.  And then arrange your skates on the tray of salt, leaning them against each other so they aren’t too high on the table… you’ll want to still be able to see your dinner partners.

I need to be right up front with you about the fresh flowers.  For this centerpiece, I simply arranged the flowers in the opening of each shoe.  I didn’t use floral foam or water tubes.  You could… but I didn’t and my flowers lasted a few days.  I would strongly suggest you assemble your centerpiece the afternoon of the dinner party.  That way it will be its perkiest.


Stunning Winter Centerpiece of Ladies Figure Skates and Pretty White and Blue Flowers - Perfect for a Skating Party or Olympics Celebration -


Please don’t worry that you’re wasting money by not putting the flowers in water.  Spending ten dollars on fresh flowers for a party or dinner that are wilted tomorrow is not a waste. You just blessed friends and family and yourself with the centerpiece for the evening.  If that becomes a stress point for you, pick up some faux flowers at the dollar store.

When it comes to choosing flowers, I selected sea holly for the blue.  It’s fabulous for staying power as it’s often used dried for floral arrangements.  The daisies, chrysanthemums, and carnations are especially long-lasting sans water.  Especially the mums.  I’ve had mums last a week or more easily without water in an arrangement like this Thanksgiving centerpiece.

My flowers came from the grocery store… where the flowers are $3 for a small bunch of individual flowers. I used two bunches of sea holly and one bunch of mums.


Dark Blue Winter Tablescape with a Ice Skate Centerpiece -


Now let’s talk about the table.  

Back in the fall when Joann’s was transitioning from fall to Christmas, I discovered this lightweight dark blue plaid throw for 75% off.  I love deals like this.  Actually, I never buy anything at Joann’s that isn’t substantially marked down.  The throw makes a perfect winter tablecloth as well as looking nice over a chair.


Inexpensive dinnerware in turquoise and white make a lovely table setting for this Winter Olympics dinner table -


Notice those pretty turquoise lines in the plaid?  They are a perfect match to the plates I picked up some time ago at the Dollar Tree.  When I realized those two matched so perfectly I did the happy dance.

In order to carry out the winter theme, and pick up the white line also in the plaid throw turned tablecloth, I brought out the white chargers and placed the turquoise plates on them.  They really made the table pop alive with all the other deep rich colors.

I placed a dessert plate that I picked up at Hobby Lobby last year for a dollar and pennies (90% off on clearance) on top of the turquoise dinner plate.


Silvertone Napkin Ring with a Sprig of Sea Holly Dress up a White Napkin in this Ice Skating Themed Table Setting -


A simple white napkin is perfect with a silvertone napkin ring that I found a few months back on clearance at Meijer.  Originally I was going to paint those napkin rings for another tablescape, but changed my mind and went another direction.  Glad I didn’t as the silvertone picks up the silver from the skate blades, as well as the water tumblers, and flatware.  Repetition is our friend in decorating and even on the table helps form a more cohesive feeling.


Pretty Winter Table Setting with Silver Napkin Ring and Tumbler -


You’ll notice that I tucked a sprig of sea holly under each napkin ring.  It’s that little extra and again brings the blue into each individual place setting.


Sea Holly - Winter Figure Skating Table Setting -


The snowflakes were a find a year ago at the tarjay dollar spot.  They were natural wood-toned snowflakes that had been laser cut.  Using my handy foam roller, I applied a light coat of white craft paint on each one and they were ready for the table.  I sprinkled a snowflake by each place setting and again on the centerpiece.


Beautiful Winter Figure Skating and Flowers Centerpiece -


Finally, I added a tall clear mug of hot chocolate to complete the winter theme, because EVERYONE loves hot chocolate.  Especially, me.  A cup of cocoa it is my ultimate comfort food.

This really is a quick and easy table setting and inexpensive, too.


Dark Blue Plaid Throw Sets the Tone for this Ice Skating Themed Winter Tablescape -


If you’re a figure skating fan like me… why not invite your bestie or a couple friends for dinner and enjoy watching the Winter Olympics.  If you don’t want to deal with a meal, skip the meal, and create the centerpiece for your coffee table and serve desserts and beverages.  Make it easy!

This table and centerpiece idea would transition well for a winter themed party or a birthday party too.

Do you have a favorite figure skating event?

And because you asked… I love ice dancing, but of course, enjoy it ALL!

Thanks so much for popping by today!

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  1. NWA Plumber says:

    So pretty! Perfect for the olympic season right now too!

  2. So fun and festive!! I even like this for Christmas. I have those plates too. I bought them for an autumn party when I had 12 here. I did not think to put them with white and or navy. Inspiration!!!

    • Thank you, Gwen! I bet your party looked gorgeous with those plates! Everything you talk about always sounds so creative. I love it that now you are inspired to experiment with new colors with your plates, too. Have fun creating!! xo

  3. Just as pretty and fresh looking as can be! Love the figure skating too… you always have such delightful ideas!

  4. Oh, Diane, your centerpiece and tablescape is beautiful. Perfect for the remaining days of winter. I have NEVER ice skated, but when my oldest son was little, my dad paid for him to have skating lessons and he had those lessons for several years. I think he was 3-years-old when he started and 8 or 9 when they ended. Other than that, I have no idea about anything skating though I did buy a pair of ice skates once at a flea market because I thought they were pretty and I use them for Christmas decor usually on my front porch. Thanks so much for the inspiration! xo

    • Thank you, Mary Beth for your kind thoughts!! I really had so much fun putting this all together.
      I’m sorry you never skated, but how fun for your son. It’s such a great sport.
      I bet your skates look great decorating your porch for Christmas and winter.

  5. SO pretty, Diane! Photos are lovely, too! Great idea for a centerpiece!

  6. A great idea to celebrate Olympic skating. Growing up in Canada I had an opportunity to skate outside the back door on a creek that would flood and freeze in winter. I could skate for what seemed forever on this ice. We have been enjoying the Olympic skating this year. It is so beautiful.

    • What a blessed girl you were!
      The Canadians have had some terrific talent this year. It has a been a thrill to watch.
      Thanks for popping by, Barbara! Have a fabulous weekend as the games close out.

  7. Diane,
    The first thing that caught my eye was colors. The turquoise in the blanket and the plates is a perfect match. I is a perfect table for hot chocolate! Dianne

    • Thank you, Dianne!!! I’m so glad you love the colors too! My heart leaped when I realized how well everything was coming together. It was the happiest of coincidences. 😉 Wish you could have enjoyed the hot chocolate with me!! xo

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