One Year Blogiversary ::

I can hardly believe it!

TODAY is the anniversary of the very first day I hit ‘publish and entered the world as an official blogger.

You might say that I am slightly excited.  This is a milestone.  Maybe even a standing stone.

Now I am probably going to sound like every celebrity or sports star you have ever seen on TV when they give their words of appreciation.  [grin]


Thank YOU for choosing to read and following my tappings into the cyberworld each week.

You give what I do purpose and meaning.   You make my day when you respond and tap back your sweet thoughts.  I love reading and responding to every comment.

This blog has been a God thing for me.  From the dream, through all the hurdles, to its birth, God made a way.  When I create or when I sit down at the keyboard, He is my inspiration.  To God be the Glory!!

Now, I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude to my husband.  He has been patient with me on my photo journeys…never saying anything when I turn the house upside down working on a project or shoot…and allowing me to use his laptop for two months of evenings – through the entire 31 Extraordinary Days – while mine was in the shop.   And most of all, he has been an amazing encourager.  Believing in me and nudging me on when I had major doubts and misgivings.

My heart is full.   Actually…my eyes have just welled up as I realize how this blog and you have helped me through the challenges of this past year.  How I have learned to live out JOY.   The words ‘thank you’ can hardly express my gratitude to all of you.  Thank you!


Before we move on to the fun and celebration of the day…

I am excited that tomorrow…not today….an extraordinary VIP will be coming by to help me celebrate.  I’ll have more to say then.  Haha!  I know I told you she would be here today.  But…good things come to those who wait…or so they say.  So…pop back tomorrow.  You won’t be disappointed!


Today I’m celebrating Extraordinary friends!


One of the things I love about the blog world is meeting people.  We may only meet through words and images on the screen.  Yet, somehow our spirits are still able to connect and friendship and caring results.

No matter what it is in life, it’s all about our relationships.

Cherish your human connections –
your relationship with friends and family.

Barbara Bush


As part of this blogiversary, I want to celebrate two beautiful ladies.

Though we have never met, we have developed caring friendships.


A celebration of outdoor dining by Jennifer Carroll of Celebrating Everyday Life magazine


Jennifer blogs at Celebrating Everyday Life.
I met her last summer when she published her first magazine.  It was stunning.  She has amazing creativity.  I left her a comment to express my admiration and congratulations, and shared her link to all the fabulousness on my Facebook page.  She, like the very gracious southern lady she is, thanked me.  That day I visited her blog, loved it, and subscribed.  Often I would leave a comment.  And this is how our friendship began.


From Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll


In October she did something that completely blew me away.  She featured my little known blog on her’s.  I couldn’t believe it!  Truly that was the nicest thing I could even imagine.  I know you’ll want to check out that post.   Since then, we have continued to encourage one another and she has taken time in the midst of her busy life as mom of a little one, blogger, stylist, designer, photographer, event planner extraordinaire, dream catcher, and magazine publisher, to answer my questions and read my blog.  Jennifer is even helping me celebrate this blogiversary by giving away a year’s subscription to her magazine, Celebrating Everyday Life!


Artist's Retreat :: Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll


Your comments really do make a difference!
Another blogging friend is a gal that faithfully leaves a thoughtful comment to every single one of my posts.  Everyone needs a cheerleader in their corner and Mel has been the best.  I know that she has gone through her own personal struggle this past year, but you would never know it the way she laughs and jokes, sees the goodness in her life and mine, and cheers me on with her encouraging words.  I appreciate her intelligence, her wit, and her perspective.  Mel is a longtime blogger in her own right…tapping thoughts into MelsDream since 2004.  Good grief, I sure am late to the party!   Haha!

A bouquet of fondant roses from Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

And though I only mentioned two extraordinary and lovely ladies today….

I am truly grateful for you and the friendships that I have begun through this year in the wonderful world of blogging.  If you haven’t guessed it by now.  My hope is that this blog will not only be a place where you find joy and inspiration, but will also be a community of joy-seekers and inspirers.  Life is richer and fuller because of our relationships.  Thank you for being extraordinary and joining in the community.


Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll Magazine :: Cover

And now for our Giveaway!

Today Jennifer Carroll of Celebrating Everyday Life is providing one lucky reader with a $25 iTunes gift card to be used for a one year subscription to Celebrating Everyday Life Magazine206 pages of glorious eye candy and inspiration.  Check out this video preview of the first issue.

NOTE: All photos courtesy Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer

If you can’t wait to win…order your iPad version here or your web version here.


It’s easy to enter this giveaway….

Leave a comment and tell about an extraordinary friendship you have…blogging or ‘real life.’

Want an extra chance or two to win?

“Like” An Extraordinary Day on Facebook and leave me a comment letting me know you do.  If you already are a follower, just leave a comment saying so.

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Contest ends Sunday, May 5, at 9 PM EDT.  The winner must have a U.S. mailing address and will be chosen at random and notified by e-mail.  Thank you Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll for graciously providing the iTunes gift card (magazine subscription) for the blogiversary.  I was not compensated for this giveaway.

My fingers are crossed…I hope YOU win!  

The Giveaway is Closed!

“Congrats on your one year anniversary. Mine is coming up in 19 days. You have a beautiful website. I’m visiting from Saturday Sharefest. Your title, The Day I pushed the Publish button caught my eye. Sheila Skillingstead”

Congratulations Sheila!!


Thanks for stopping by and celebrating the first day I hit ‘publish’!
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  1. What a lovely post! Happy Anniversary! May I say I always get a smile on my face when I read your posts or facebook postings! Know that you reached this new blogger without even knowing it! I hope you have a blessed day!~~Angela

  2. Gail F says

    Congrats on 1 year blogging anniversary, on new skills learned, and on forging new friendships. I can hardly wait to see God’s hand at work in your blog in upcoming 2nd year

    • Diane says

      What beautiful words of encouragement! Thank you Gail! [hugs]

  3. Why is it we forget to do all that stuff automatically when we start following someone? I seem to do the basics but forget the Facebook or Pinterest stuff. I took care of that just now, liked your FB page, and I, Kim Hood, Curtain Queen am now following you on Pinterest, as well. What a beautiful magazine! Thanks for the awesome contest, and happy anniversary! You bring JOY to all your readers! 🙂

    • Diane says

      And you Kim Hood, Curtain Queen, are Extraordinary! [hugs]

  4. Diane! You make me HAPPY!! I can ALWAYS count on you to show up to my parties with something fantastic and beautiful! I’m honored and blessed to know you! Happy Anniversary! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    • Diane says

      Kathryn you just blessed the socks off me. Thank you!!! 😉

  5. Elaine says

    Congratulations, Diane! Thank you for all the loveliness and kindness you offer here.
    My extraordinary friendship is with a lovely lady named Penny. Penny has offered me so much love and encouragement after our “chance” meeting at a conference several years ago. I think she is one of the main reasons I have continued blogging. She is not a blogger, we live in different states and snail mail is our communication style.

    • Diane says

      Snail mail friend! I love it! How blessed you both are.
      Thank you for your sweet and encouraging thoughts Elaine. [hugs]

  6. Congrats Diane! What a beautiful post! I know what you mean about those connections we make blogging – they may not be in person but it doesn’t take away from the lovely connection made between people who care. You have definitely been an inspiration to me with your positive attitude and words of encouragement. One of my dear blog buddies, Lauren, has encouraged me with every post and now with emails and phone calls too. I am thankful for all my blog friends!

    • Diane says

      I love hearing about your special blogging friend. What a blessing from God. I too have enjoyed our bloggy friendship. You are such a lovely person and I feel so blessed to have made your acquaintance, too Jessica!

  7. Donna says

    One year…..woo hoo!!! Although I don’t have a blog, I love checking in with my ‘friends’ to see what is up in their lives. Looking forward to seeing what year two brings your way. Happy Anniversary!

    • Diane says

      Awwwww…that is so nice of you. I’m blessed that you are a part of this extraordinary community, Donna! Hugs!

  8. Oh my congratulations!!!!! One year is indeed a wonderful milestone. What a lovely post today paying tributes to friends and your DH too. It does take a lot of help to publish a blog for a whole year and a lot of creativity and energy on your part. I too have had so many show me the ropes and lend a helping hand with my blog, just way too many to count and they still do it every day. I believe that bloggers are a fabulous community of people. Congratulations again. Hugs, Marty

  9. Gwen says

    Yes I enjoy your blog. I like the seven blessings days! And your recreating out of something else–like that 80’s frame….I’ve prayed for jobs for you. And you’ve encouraged me too. I did follow you on Pinterest. I too forget about that. Plus thank you for introducing me to other bloggers I do not know.
    My extraordinary friendships do not ever overlap. One is a no nonsense friend but loyal for 28 years. Another has become a spiritual encourager now that our kids are grown and we talk only once a month. That’s been a 32 year friendship. Next is a friend of 33 years who has helped and been there lots of times that were not easy times. My other best friend has lived abroad since almost right after marriage but we’ve stayed the closest. Her faith has skyrocketed and our friendship is loyal and true–nearly 40 years old now. Finally is a friend of 17 years and we share similar childhoods and we laugh and take life fun and simpler with each other!! All unique. All important!!!

    • Diane says

      That means so much to me Gwen…thank you! What a blessing you are to me, too. 🙂
      You have a wonderful treasure of deep and steady friendships. God has blessed you richly!
      You are Extraordinary!

  10. kathy t says

    Congratulations on your one year of blogging! My friend is too good to be true ! Always encouraging , full of fun and always ready to experience life. She keeps me happy and certainly makes me a better person.:-)

    • Diane says

      Thank you!! 🙂
      Kathy your friend sounds like a wonderful blessing. You couldn’t ask for more. Treasure her always!

  11. i can’t pick just one! as you know from my recent posts… i have been blessed by so many amazing friendships through blogging! 🙂 awesome giveaway today!!

    • Diane says

      Haha! I do remember that! The best blessing of blogging is the relationships!
      Thank you for your friendship, too!! 😀

  12. i follow you on facebook… had missed making that connection until today!

  13. i already follow you on pinterest! 🙂

    • Diane says

      I haven’t been too Pinteresting lately…but don’t tell anyone! 😀

  14. So SUPER-DUPER excited to be part of the celebration Diane!!! Thank you so, so much for inviting me to share in this JOYOUS occasion!!! What a TREAT!!! You are such a blessing to me!! 🙂 It’s hard to believe how fast the time is flying! Can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you!! BLESSINGS AND HUGS my dear friend!!!!

    • Diane says

      I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm and encouragement Jennifer!!
      You’re right…this has been one fast year.
      Thanks for being an Extraordinary friend!

  15. Congratulations on a year in blogging, Diane. Your blog is lovely.

    • Diane says

      You are so sweet Pat! Thank you for your kind words!
      Hope your week is Extraordinary!

  16. Glenda Kremer says

    congratulations on your first year!!! I did follow you on Pinterest just now but did not see a place to leave my name but then again I do not know what to do with pinterest so not really sure why I’m there! I’ve followed your Extraordinary Day for a long time! wish I’d written down when I started and look forward to next year! you are definitely one of my web friends I’d really love to meet for real before heaven!
    Glenda Kremer

    • Diane says

      Oh Glenda, I would love to meet you in ‘real life’ too!
      Regarding Pinterest: You don’t need to leave your name there…but you could leave an extra comment here on the blog for an extra entry saying that you’re following on Pinterest. About Pinterest….I think you’d love it, though it can suck you in time-wise.
      Thanks for your always encouraging words! {hugs}

  17. Happy Anniversary, Diane ~ and many many more years of happy, creative, blessed blogging. I enjoyed reading your story.

    Mary Beth

    • Diane says

      Thanks Mary Beth! And thank you for reaching out my way. I have enjoyed getting to know a fellow “PAer” and have learned from you too.
      You are Extraordinary!

  18. Happy Anniversary. I just pushed publish in February. I blogged, but was too afraid to push publish. I asked my friend Debbie at Confessions of A Plate Addict to look at it, and she said why the false modesty, so I just jumped. It has been so much fun and people have been so kind to me.

    • Diane says

      Thank you Madonna! Welcome to this wonderful world of blogging!!! I am so excited for you, too!

  19. Congratulations on one year of blogging! Woo-Hoo! And you known I love your giveaway – that magazine is rather dear to my heart! Let someone besides me win though 🙂

    • Diane says

      Thank you Jill! 😀
      Message heard and noted! Feel free to enter today’s giveaway and the rest this week. There’s lots of goodness to go around.

  20. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. Look at all you have accomplished in just one year. Imagine what lies ahead of you. I look forward to reading lots more.

    • Diane says

      That is just the nicest thing to say, Christina! Thank you soooo much!!!
      You are Extraordinary!!

  21. Bonny @ says

    Happy Anniversary! I just celebrated my blog’s first year too.

    • Diane says

      Thank you!! Happy Blogiversary Bonny and best wishes for many many more!!!

  22. Carol says

    I would love to win a subscription to Celebrating Everyday Life.

    Today is my first visit – on the first day of your second year. I am new to the table also – my blog was 1 in January.

    I just liked you on facebook and am now following you on Pinterest. I can be found on Pinterest at

    I’ll be back.

    • Diane says

      Thank you for coming by Carol!! Happy Belated Anniversary to you too!
      To give yourself extra official entries…tell me you’re following on FB and Pinterest each on a separate comment….for a total of three for this giveaway. 😀

  23. Mar says

    Congratulations on your 1 yr. of blogging. I have enjoyed reading and exploring your extraordinary journey. I am so new to blogging (just started in January) and still trying to implement even the technical requirements. There are days when I feel like giving up, but the inspiration from reading wonderful blogs such as your keeps me going. I’m sure I will learn as I go. Again congrats!!

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much!!
      Stay with it Mar, ask others for help when you need it, and keep plugging away….you will soar!! You know the old adage Practice makes Perfect? That’s true for blogging too! And….I’ve tons to learn too. Maybe that is the beauty of this…there always something more to learn. 😀

    • Diane says

      Thank you so much!!
      Stay with it Mar, ask others for help when you need it, and keep plugging away….you will soar!! You know the old adage Practice makes Perfect? That’s true for blogging too! And….I’ve tons to learn too. Maybe that is the beauty of this…there is always something more to learn. 😀

  24. Congratulations on one year of hard working blogging:) It is a milestone! I love your ideas and am now following you on Pinterest! Have a wonderful day:)

    • Diane says

      Awww…Shannon! Thank you so much!!
      You are Extraordinary!!

  25. Mel says

    Awwwwww.. I’m humbled–and blessed to have such a fantastic opportunity, EVERY time I show up. *laughing* Even if it is late.
    ((((((( Diane ))))))))
    HAPPY HAPPY Blogiversary! (or whatever it is we call it….LOL) Truly, it’s been an adventure and a half–stopping by this bit of cyberspace just fills me with great joy. How can it not be encouraging?! And I adore your human-ness. There’s not an ounce that doesn’t happen here that doesn’t speak to all that you are–I aspire for a BIT more of that, ya know.
    There IS a connected-ness that happens here, in this lovely medium that I so desperately tried to keep out of my life for a very long time. “NO we’re NOT getting a computer–BAD things and BAD people happen on the internet!” ROFL That was me, wayyyyyyyyy back when. And time revealed the direct polar opposite. Wonderful things and wonderful people happen here. I get opportunities to cross paths with the most delightful, affirming, LOVING human beings…..and it’s folks like you that bring great abundance to my world. So thank YOU.
    And it’s been AWESOME to watch the transformation, to see this little place blossom because of YOUR goodness and desire to bring to the lives of others, to speak truth and to celebrate life and G-d’s loving grace(s). A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
    LOOK at the people you get to share all of that with! And if they stop for the messages, fill their senses with the beauty and never return again—oh, dearheart…..neither you, nor I, have any CLUE how that ‘one stop’ had ripple affects. THAT’S the power of the extraordinary who ‘bother’….cuz they KNOW “it matters to this one”. (think starfish story!)
    ((((((((( Diane )))))))))))) Pleasure is all mine. ALL mine. I look forward to another year–to many MORE years. And thank the hubby for all of us. I don’t think he gets how many lives he helped you touch by those kindnesses.
    I think he must be AS humble as you.

    • Diane says

      My eyes have just welled up Mel! I am overwhelmed with your warm and lovely words of encouragement. Oh but I could give you the biggest hug! You ARE extraordinary! I praise God for all that He has done and will do in this small pocket of cyberspace. I want so much to “get out of the way” and be His vessel. But…that is not an easy thing to do!! LOL
      Thank you Mel!! You are bloggy BFF!
      p.s. Yes…he is a servant leader…and I am blessed.

  26. Congrats! We just hit our 1 month mark and we thought that was an accomplishment! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us for our first year! Keep up the great work!

    • Diane says

      The first month is a huge accomplishment Susan! Congratulations!! Thank you for your kind wishes and encouragement.
      You ARE extraordinary!

  27. Kathy says

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! So much fun to celebrate – it has been a delight visiting and sharing with you. My most extraordinary friendship has to be my Dearest – our hearts are so knit together in our love for each other, our children and our LORD – we share our daily delights – oftentimes saying the same thing at the same time – He’s the one I can always count on and know will have my best at heart.

    • Diane says

      My dear Kathy…you are truly blessed!! How wonderful to have such an Extraordinary marriage.
      Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot!

  28. Sandi says

    Congratulations, Diane, on your first blogiversary! It is a pleasure getting to know you and I am always inspired by your creativity. You do come up some really great ideas.
    I remember well my first year and the folks that befriended me. A couple of ladies really went out of their way to make me feel welcome in the land of Blog. I’m so glad I took that step and hit ‘publish’ too. It has changed my life. Thank you for stopping by my HOME and participating each week.


    • Diane says

      Sandi you have blessed me so many times with your kind words. Thank you!! I’m so glad that you hit ‘publish’ and now our paths intersect. Yay God!

  29. Diane,
    What a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary, I love coming to your blog, for the recipes, the pictures, your writing and everything in-between. Here’s to many, many more. Thank you for sharing at Tuesday Trivia too! I’m sharing on google+ and pinning.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

    • Diane says

      Wanda, you always say the most encouraging things. Thank you!! And thanks for the shares too! [hugs]

  30. Congratulations on your 1 year blog anniversary Diane! Your post is so beautifully written. I too have made many blog friends, only two of whom I’ve met in person. I would rather not single anyone out, but suffice it to say, there are a handful of lovely women who are always there to encourage me.

    • Diane says

      Thank you, Deborah 🙂 I’m so happy for you to have gathered a network of bloggy friends. Yay!

  31. Happy Blogaversary to you Diane! I consider you an extraordinary friend – you are such a blessing to me! 🙂

    I already follow you on Pinterest. That magazine sounds awesome!

    Thanks for including me in your celebration. Be sure to stop by and enter my current giveaway as well! 🙂

    • Diane says

      Awwww…Ramona…that is the sweetest thing you could say! Thank you so much! [hugs]

  32. Hi Diane,
    Congratulations on your blogaversary!
    I remember not long a go I celebrated one year of blogging. Yours is so much merrier than mine. But I am happy I have gone this far of blogging. I amazed to have met such kind and talented lady like yourself even though through a cyber world. I believe true friendship can be found here in blogging.



    • Diane says

      Thank you Ellya! And belated congrats to you too!
      Haha! You know, I enjoy getting people together and entertaining…so I guess that pretty much explains why I set up the celebration this way. It has been fun for me…and I hope for you too!
      You ARE extraordinary! It’s such a pleasure getting to know you Ellya. Blessings!

  33. Happy Anniversary! I have a special blogger friend from Prairie Flower Farm, Linda. She is the sweetest lady you would ever want to meet. She loves the Lord and is such an inspiration to all who follow her blog. She has been there for me when I was caring for my sweet granddaughter who had Trisomy 18 and needed much prayer; and she was with me in spirit and prayer when Delainey went home to Heaven. Linda is a very special lady and I love her dearly.

    I have already liked you on Facebook and now am following you on Pinterest. My name on Pinterest is Susan Roquet.

    Thank you for the giveaways. They are quite spectacular! 🙂

    • Diane says

      What a lovely bloggy friend! You are blessed!!
      Yes…I remember you on Facebook Susan!
      Thank you for everything!!
      Wishing you an extraordinary weekend!

  34. H, Diane! Congratulations! That’s an exciting milestone, and I wish you many happy years of blogging.

    One of my favorite things is meeting bloggers in person, and several years ago, I got to host at my home a very special birthday party for a friend from Canada. We had bloggers who came from Canada, NC, Georgia, and Florida to celebrate with her, and we had the most marvelous pink day as we all met on Pink Saturday. I have also met and gotten together with other bloggers from Florida since, and I love every one of them.

    I don’t do Pinterest or Facebook, but I would love a chance to win that magazine. I’m just getting back to blogging after a bit of a hiatus, and I would truly enjoy it.

    Thank you for a chance to win.

    I’m dropping by from Claudia’s blog for her blog party. I featured an etsy artist who has the most adorable mice I’ve ever seen. I’m not being compensated for it and wouldn’t want to be because I enjoy paying it forward.



    • Diane says

      Thank you Sheila!
      And thank you for sharing your wonderful story! I think that would have been an amazing extraordinary time for sure!!
      Thanks for popping by…hope your weekend is extraordinary!

  35. patty says

    Congratulations on your one year of blogging! I celebrated mine not too long ago and feel the same way as you. I have made so many wonderful friends through my blog I couldn’t name just one! I would love to meet a blogger in person, maybe someday!

  36. What a sweet post and a lovely way to highlight two special blog friends. I’ve been an admirer of Jennifer’s work for a long while.

    • Diane says

      Thank you, Paula! Jennifer really is a talented gal. 😀

  37. My friend Suzanne is the best. If I said, “Let’s go dig a ditch!”, she’d say “Ok!” and make it a fun time.

    I followed you on Pinterest and I liked your FB page. Looking forward to getting to know you better. I found your blog through Amanda’s party at Serenity Now.

    • Diane says

      Your friend sounds like a gem!!
      Thanks for following and letting me know how we connected, Paula!
      Wishing you an extraordinary weekend! [hugs]

  38. Lovely post and happy anniversary to you! 🙂 Mine is coming up towards the end of May and it’s a good feeling, I know ! So much fun in Blog Land! 🙂

    • Diane says

      Thank you for your kind words Debra!
      Happy early Anniversary to you, too!!

  39. Robin says

    Happy Anniversary to you. What a beautiful blog and magazine!!

  40. Sheila Skillingstead says

    Congrats on your one year anniversary. Mine is coming up in 19 days. You have a beautiful website. I’m visiting from Saturday Sharefest. Your title, The Day I pushed the Publish button caught my eye.

    • Diane says

      I’m so pleased that you would come by Sheila!
      Thank you for you kinds words.
      Wishing you an extraordinary weekend!

  41. Happy Blogiversary to you!

  42. Carey says

    I love reading your posts. Happy blogaversary!!
    I look forward to reading your future posts!

    • Diane says

      You have no idea how much it means to me to have your say that Carey. Thank you!!!!!!!
      Blessings to you my friend!

  43. Sylvia says

    Congratulations! Love your blog and I have liked your FB and Pinterest page. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Diane says

      Thank you for your kind wishes and ‘likes’ Sylvia!
      Best wishes for a win and an extraordinary weekend!

  44. Ann says

    Congratulations! I just came across your blog last week and am looking forward to reading more.

    • Diane says

      Thank you for your kind words, Ann! Please be sure to stop and chat again so that we can get to know each other!
      Wishing you an extraordinary weekend!

  45. kesha says

    My extraordinary friendship is with my mom! She is a truly amazing woman that loves the Lord and she is my best friend!

  46. kesha says

    I like you on Facebook

  47. kesha says

    I follow you on Pinterest

  48. Good morning! This is my first visit as I’m coming over from Mockingbird Hill Cottage’s Favorite Things Saturday. I understand your friendship with Jennifer…she is what Claudia at MHC has become for me. A blogging friend? Yes, but also a FRIEND, one who shares life’s high and low moments. I’ve discovered that many times my ‘blogging friends’ are more quick to respond than our ‘real life friends’! Congratulations on your first year of blogging–I’ll celebrate the same thing in a couple more months. Who knew the blessings that could come to us through reaching out to the world this way? I hope you have a perfect celebratory weekend.

    • Diane says

      Oh Martha! How wonderful that you and Claudia have such a sweet friendship! What a blessing!!
      Thank you for your warm and encouraging words! 🙂
      Wishing you an extraordinary fresh new week!

  49. Happy Blogiversary! I know very well how momentous the first blogiversary is. I think starting a blog is a very brave thing to do. We’re putting it out there, we become more public, more open. But the return investment is priceless. The friendships, the support, the wonderful giving community that we are part of – all of it is so wonderful. I, too, was greatly encouraged by my husband as I started my blogging journey 5 years ago.

    Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing with us this week.


    • Diane says

      Thank you Claudia!! I appreciate your seasoned thoughts and encouraging words. Five years is a long time…I am in awe. I notice that you have a wonderful community. Such a credit to you, your heart, and your style.

  50. Susan Kellam says

    My best friend and I share a love of quilting and antiques. We share everyday’s ups and downs and are always there to copmfort or encourage each other.

    • Diane says

      How special to have a best friend to spend time quilt and antique with. That is an extraordinary treasure!

  51. Tracy Parker says

    Congratulations on your first year! You have truly done a wonderful job with your site. You bring a special touch of pretty into my life. FYI – you have been like, commented on, shared and pinned (tracymisiewiczparker). Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    ~ Tracy

    • Diane says

      Thank you Tracy!!! You have been a good friend and encourager in this process too!
      You ARE extraordinary!!

  52. Kate says

    Stopping by from SITS! Congrats on your milestone!!

    • Diane says

      Thanks Kate! So nice of you to stop by!
      Hope your week is Extraordinary!

  53. Patti says

    Congratulations on your one year mark! We are the ones who have been blessed with getting to share
    life with you! It’s been a fabulous year and I’m looking forward to many more.

    • Diane says

      Patti, that is just the nicest thing to say!!!
      It’s so fun to learn everyone’s stories and celebrate their joys and passions.
      Thanks for being an Extraordinary friend!

  54. What a nice post about friends and what lovely blogs including yours! Happy anniversary! Come link this post to my party Centerpiece Wednesday

    • Diane says

      Thank you for your kind remarks and invitation!!


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